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timcowchipjust committed tolua++01:12
timcowchipits not buildable atm01:12
timcowchipwhen there's a lua51 port, I can adjust that is read by scons01:13
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v33so my work place has like 12 pentium 4's they aren't using. i really want to take them, and set them up in a cluster lol02:04
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rmullthat sort of thing is almost hardly worth it except for an academic exercise02:06
rmullHmm, core/curl upstream has a broken URL02:08
v33really? why is that?02:08
jaegerbecause one i7-3xxx is faster than all 12 of them :)02:09
rmullv33: Because they're so much more inefficent than modern CPUs02:09
v33well i know that, i just thought it'd be a nice project02:09
jaegercould be educational, at least. don't let us stop you02:10
v33believe it or not, they have 20 computers only 3 of which are being used. all of them with the 2600 in it. now that would be fun to cluster up :P02:10
v33oh man,  more than 15 i7's set to compile software. that would be neato02:11
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timcowchipLua Lui, oh gotta go10:00
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frinnstthis 10" screen is a bit limiting11:59
diverseA cluster of 12 Pentium 4s! Think of the amount of energy that would consume...12:17
nogagplz7 watts per day12:20
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frinnstt'is a silly idea12:42
frinnstmight be fun though12:42
frinnstbetter to get a few raspberry pi's toghether and cluster them12:43
frinnstif youre into that supercomputer thingy12:43
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tuxhatstarting deadbeef 0.5.613:38
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tuxhat :)13:58
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AmnesiaI'm going to give a shot this evening15:48
frinnstRutger Hauer \o/15:51
Amnesiaever saw the film frinnst ?15:51
frinnstthanks for the tio15:52
Amnesiait covers quite an interesting subject:)15:52
frinnst320p might be a bit painful15:52
AmnesiaWe'd be speaking german if the Kratus won:P15:52
Amnesia<- 15.4 inch, so I couldn't care less:P15:52
Amnesia@ 1366x768 *15:52
frinnst40" 1080p15:54
Amnesiahehe get yourself another release16:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: llvm: honor $MAKEFLAGS16:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: llvm: honor $MAKEFLAGS16:43
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Doomicidehey everybody, I want to get my httpup-repo added to, but my mails don't reach the recipient18:34
Doomicidefrom what I understand my hostname seems to be the problem, maybe it's the mailhosts fault. I tried several configurations and --from flags to msmtp, but no luck18:35
jaegerDoomicide: got an error message or bounce?18:49
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jaegertimcowchip: if it's something you actively use then it's not too old... as an IRC client it's been around for a long time, certainly18:50
Doomicidesec I'll upload the reply from boston.localdomain18:51
timcowchipthanks Jaeger I'll build a port then :)18:51
jaegerhah! found a desktop screenshot from '97 :P18:51
jaegergood ol' window maker18:52
jaegerthe mail exchanger is denying your mail because boston.localdomain isn't a valid internet hostname18:55
jaegeryou should probably set up your local mail server to relay mail through your ISP's mail servers18:56
Doomicideso it's a mailhost problem...18:56
Doomicideok I'll try that thanks a bunch18:57
DoomicideDo you know any quicker way to test the setup than to send the mail and wait for a reply?19:01
jaegerIf the mail server on the other end denies your mail you should see it immediately in your logs19:03
Doomicideok makes sense, thanks again :D19:04
rmullcomcast shut down inbound traffic on TCP/25 to my residential connection19:08
rmullOne day I realized I had gotten very little mail and after some testing I determined I couldn't connect to anything listening on port 2519:09
rmullI mean, connect from outside my LAN to something listening on port 25 of my router's WAN interface19:09
rmullreally aggravating19:09
jaegerYeah, my ISP did that a few years back, too. Very annoying.19:14
rmullDid you ever get it turned back on? When I called in they kept trying to tell me how to configure my email clients...19:16
jaegerThey only allow incoming 25 to business connections, I have a residential one19:20
joacimmy isps never blocked ports, but one of them ships a router that routes port 80 to itself. you've got to use telnet to delete that rule, and the router resets itself after each crash (which happens often)19:20
joacimyou must use that one router too, the isp blocks the alternatives.19:21
Amnesiajoacim: there has to be a way to hack yourself around it19:24
Amnesiahow does it determine what router is being used?19:24
Amnesiasome daemon that's running on it?19:24
joacimno idea. it was an adsl connection19:28
Amnesiatcp/ip == tcp/ip:)19:29
joacimpeople used to set the isp-shipped router to bridge mode19:29
frinnstjoacim: they dont even block outgoing port 25?19:35
frinnstafaik all swedish residential isps does that19:36
frinnstgenerally a good idea too19:36
Amnesia25 outgoing is also dropped at all ISPs over here19:37
joacimno idea if port 25 is blocked. never had issues with email.19:39
frinnstwell you would only really notice it if you run your own mailserver19:41
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timcowchipstarted out making a port for BitchX and ended up making a port for quassel20:51
nogagplzweechat gets all the bitches though20:52
timcowchipyes it does20:53
timcowchipI like weechat20:54
frinnstthat name is so silly though20:54
frinnstthe weechat screenshots are giving me a migrane20:55
frinnstirssi is perfect :)20:55
timcowchipand its inopt20:55
timcowchipin opt20:55
frinnstcute, firefox is using ~70% cpu when im downloading a bunch of stuff20:57
timcowchipI never was able to upgrade firefox20:57
timcowchipusing UX again20:58
joacimI dont know what I prefer. weechat is nice, but i've used irssi for almost a decade20:58
tilmanfrinnst: hytter med naeven so hard21:04
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retardtimcowchip: if you really want to discuss my nick so badly, let's do it here21:23
retardtimcowchip: okay, how is your daughter relevant to me?21:26
retardtimcowchip: are you aware that there are languages beside english?21:26
retardi will be happy to explain this to your daughter if she takes such offense21:27
timcowchipshe's not home right now, why don't you explain it to me21:28
teK_retard (german)  =
retardthere are languages beside english21:28
timcowchipis retard a word in another language?21:29
retardit is a word in several other languages21:29
retardalso an english verb21:29
timcowchipyes it is21:29
timcowchipto slow21:29
timcowchipor impede21:29
joacimmy dictionary says the english word comes from latin and french21:30
retardalso retract21:30
retardas in retarding a gas pedal21:30
timcowchiphow do you mean it?21:30
teK_he can tell you anything now.. so why bother21:30
timcowchipwhen you use it as a name in irc?21:31
retardi am not sure why it is always americans who care enough to start doing geoip and asking pointed questions21:31
timcowchipwe're the world's cops21:32
retardseems that way21:32
retardheaven is a place where nothing ever happens21:33
timcowchiptek: I've seen that one, funny21:34
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timcowchipshould I try making a lua51 port, myself?23:57
timcowchipI'm not sure if Romster planned on making a lua51 port in contib23:58

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