IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2013-05-08

timcowchipIs this a question for the crux-devel channel?00:00
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tuxhat i got lxpanel sorted00:04
timcowchipnice, what's the bar at the top?00:05
tuxhatwith my config00:06
tuxhatu want the .xmobarrc200:06
timcowchipso xmonad with lxpanel?00:06
tuxhatwith xmobar + lxpanel00:06
tuxhatthe dark alloy is a theme from enlightenment 1600:07
tuxhati ported to a fluxbox style00:07
tuxhatthe dfspace is a script my buddy took from AT&T unix00:07
tuxhati mode the Total space titled00:07
tuxhati put the tab on top giving it a sort of BeOS look00:08
tuxhatthe dark alloy has a risc os GUI to it i consider it a "midnight" risc os gui00:09
timcowchipever use BeOS?00:09
tuxhatthe problem with lxpanel is that i dont see my .desktop shortcuts00:10
tuxhaton the menu00:10
tuxhatyeah i used beos back in 199900:10
timcowchipI had haiku installed for awhile00:10
tuxhati use the personal edition BeOS 4 and 500:10
tuxhatalso around that year i was using QNX as well00:10
tuxhatdidnt really used it as a desktop00:11
tuxhatmore like just getting it to work on my desktop00:11
tuxhatjust playing with OS's00:11
timcowchipI used to use QNX at work00:12
tuxhatone of the oldest micro kernel out there00:12
tuxhatsince 198200:12
tuxhatqnx is also a canadian OS00:12
tuxhatits bought by blackberry now :P00:12
timcowchipyes it was Canadian as I remember00:13
tuxhatyeah i'm canadian as u probabley figured yep another unix geek from canada :P00:13
timcowchipI used to live in Derby Line, VT.00:14
tuxhatwheres that00:14
tuxhati live in new brunswick00:14
tuxhatnear nova scotia00:14
timcowchipjust south of Stantead, Quebec00:14
tuxhatyeah i use to live in montreal00:15
tuxhata few years back00:15
timcowchipgo HABS00:15
tuxhathaving the tabs ontop the window border also when the window is maximize i can still see my xmobar00:16
tuxhatand i done a shell script for deadbeef now playing00:16
tuxhatand i . run the "sh" in xmobar00:16
tuxhatand it display the NP on the statusbar00:16
tuxhatand even shows the seconds going on realtime00:17
tuxhatif u put 10 at the end00:17
tuxhatyeah i work with haskell alot over the years00:17
tuxhatwhich alot of people tend to put a blind eye on00:17
tuxhati can even exec the np on irssi00:18
tuxhatstarting deadbeef 0.5.600:18
tuxhatcrux system is very much like unix00:18
tuxhat:) i hope the developer keeps the system always like this and not change it00:19
tuxhati like the "keep it simple" philosphy in the system00:19
tuxhatits coming from UNIX philosphy00:19
tuxhatthe core is totally like unix00:19
tuxhateven linux kernel is much like a clone of unix kernel00:20
tuxhatTorvald uniX00:20
timcowchipI never thought of that00:20
tuxhatthe logo penguin is name is tux00:20
tuxhattux stands for torvald uniX00:20
tuxhatwhen he was doing his kernel he was basing it on unix systems for pc00:21
tuxhatpretty much00:21
tuxhati look at linux to be today unix core00:21
tuxhatwith crux and gnu software00:22
tuxhat= :)00:22
tuxhatbut i dont get why the menu on lxpanel doesnt show any of my programs00:22
tuxhati do have lxmenu-data and menu-cache00:22
tuxhatwith a pimped up dfspace00:23
tuxhat/                    : Disk Space: 233G  of 457G  Available (47%)00:23
tuxhat/media/sdb2          : Disk Space: 160G  of 241G  Available (30%)00:23
tuxhat/media/sdb1          : Disk Space: 7.7G  of 209G  Available (97%)00:23
tuxhatsorry :(00:24
tuxhati wont do that again00:24
timcowchipits ok00:24
timcowchipdo you have any ports?00:25
tuxhatnot yet00:25
tuxhati will do my own  repo soon00:25
tuxhati'm just trying to resolve issues with some apps00:25
timcowchipyou seem to be very knowledgable00:26
tuxhatwhat im doing now is i'm testing ... after i'm done building up my system and everythign is stable .. i will sort all the <DEP> and make my own Pkgfile for them and will contrib my repository00:26
tuxhatwhy thank u i guess i am00:27
timcowchipsounds good!00:27
tuxhatthats because computer is my life :)00:27
timcowchipI have to step out for awhile, bbl00:28
tuxhatrlight mate00:28
tuxhati'm thinking of doing a port of haskell platform
tuxhatso crux user can get cabal-install00:30
tuxhatits easier to get xmonad and xmobar from the haskell port system00:30
tuxhati notice they have the port for the lastest haskell but its not a platform base which the lastest platform base is 7.4.2. and its binary00:31
tuxhatu can do like cabal update00:31
tuxhatand cabal install xmobar xmonad and it puts it in /home/USER/.cabal/bin00:32
tuxhatso i think that would be cool to contrib to because its a nice source :)00:33
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tuxhatfix the menu01:17
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Romstertimcowchip, i'm planning to do lua51 in opt02:22
Romsterit's half done already02:23
Romsterunlike you i have very little time between friday evening too tuesday night02:24
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prologicwhy lua51?03:47
prologicwhy not the latest lue03:47
prologicand just "lue"?03:47
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joacimnot everything works with 5.2, they require 5.105:30
frinnstanybody ever setup/used open atrium?
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Dark_lightAre there plans to eventually port gnome3 ?09:23
nogagplzif somebody wants it so badly then somebody will do the pkgfiles for it09:29
frinnstI really dont see the point in running a fully blown DE on crux. yet some do :)09:44
teK_I suppose you don't just create a gnome3 Pkgfile .. it's a lot harder than that. Ask jaeger.10:40
frinnstyeah its never been easy. iirc slackware dropped gnome because it became unmanageble11:02
teK_I still don't get why it has to be/is that way11:04
frinnstbecause they use 2347823 libraries that are never used for anything else but gnome11:05
frinnstunlike kde11:05
teK_well that only explains why there are quite some ports in gnome/ but not why it's just a pain in the neck to glue all that together11:08
teK_maybe systemd could help :x11:08
frinnsti recall there being a project/script that built it for you?11:20
rmullIs there a way I can build gcc using ccache/distcc? It seems to be avoiding my cache and my distcc because during bootstrap it is running an 'xgcc' executable from within the work directory11:22
teK_frinnst: dunno.. there is :)11:23
rmullDoes arch package gnome3? Maybe you could adapt their build files11:24
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jaegerI did port gnome3 at one time. I used it for a week or so and didn't really like it much, so I dropped it12:45
jaegerNobody else had expressed any interest in it at the time so I didn't publish or keep the ports12:45
jaegerThe one feature it has that I wish I could get in MATE (which windows 7 and 8 also have) is the ability to maximize an app to half the screen12:46
jaegerYou can approximate it with something like tmux or use a tiling WM or something so there are alternatives, but I do wish that every DE had that feature12:47
Romsterrmull, STAGE_CC_WRAPPER="$CC"13:37
Amnesiajaeger: are there any plans to use a stronger hashing algorithm with crux's pkgutils?14:39
teK_although there is an implementation allowing for sha256sums (by Romster?)14:40
Amnesiahm ok14:41
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frinnstwoot, weekend \o/15:31
teK_holiday tomorrow \o/15:33
frinnst="squeeze day"15:34
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teK_what are you celebrating?15:47
frinnstsome christian crap i think15:47
frinnstdunno/dont care :)15:47
teK_here too15:48
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teK_+ , more importantly, father's day :->15:48
teK_6th hit on  google image:
frinnstfathers day is in november in sweden15:49
frinnst(just had to check, you scared the shit out of me) :)15:49
frinnstafk, procrastination15:50
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timcowchipHappy Ascension Thursday17:09
timcowchipI had to work on Easter Sunday once17:11
timcowchipa 12 hour shift at a silicon foundry17:12
timcowchipmust be nice to get Ascension Thursday off17:14
timcowchipof I can't complain, I have the rest of my life off17:15
timcowchipand nothing to do, except bug Romster17:15
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: thunar: fixed md5sum20:31
teK_yay sepen \o/20:32
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prologicyou guys noticed any significany gaps in the logs of late?22:23
prologici think  the recent changes made it more stable22:24
prologicvasically sending a null byte packet to the connected server every 60s to force an integrity check on the tcp connection/session22:25
frinnstwhat logs?22:36
prologicthe irc logs ;)22:38
prologicfor some reason i took over responsibility for them :(22:38
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prologici cant remember who complained and spotted the issue now ;)22:49
prologiconviously i cant solve metsplits easily22:49
prologicgah stupid on screen keyboard22:49
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prologicreckon i could steal a few subdomains on ?22:51
prologicirclogs and packages22:52
prologicsomeone who controls the domain let me know!22:53
jaegerfor some reason? heh23:33
jaegerthat reason was that you didn't care for the old ones23:33
jaegeror the bot, maybe23:35
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prologicjaeger:  heh i thought the bot was/is unmaintained? ;)23:59
prologici thought that was the main reason23:59
prologicand the old bot kept dying ir something23:59

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