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v33hello hello00:52
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leetspete1Anyone seen a 32-bit image for 3.0 floating around?02:29
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prologicI believe 3.0 is multilib02:56
jaegerleetspete1: nothing official; there's been some talk of it but nobody has stepped up to do it so far02:57
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leetspete1jaeger: Thanks.  I figured as much.  I have a couple of 32-bit boxes still, think I'll just use 2.8 for now.05:18
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diverseleetspete1: he was thinking that if you had 32-bit only programs to run, you can do so in 3.0, since has multilib capabilities. However, what you are looking for is a 32-bit OS and Crux 3.0 is officially x86-64 only, so it won't meet your requirements.05:26
leetspete1diverse: Yep, I read the announcement.  I've been rolling my own 64-bit builds every couple of releases and using the official ones for 32-bit libs.05:29
leetspete1But I've got some 32-bit machines, like this Thinkpad.05:30
leetspete1So I figured if someone had made a go at it, that'd be easier than building a 32-bit version.05:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php: update to 5.4.1506:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-fcgi: update to 5.4.1506:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-fpm: update to 5.4.1506:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-mysql: update to 5.4.1506:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-sqlite3: update to 5.4.1506:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mod_php: update to 5.4.1506:47
timcowchipNew Sweden, Delaware06:59
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Romsterleetspete1, i have done i686 packages for core but i haven't uploaded the repository for building them on a i686 system yet.07:38
Romsterjust using the 3.0 repos for opt xorg contrib07:39
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frinnsthm, silly usb mass storage14:48
frinnstvery racey when attempting to boot from one without a initrd14:48
teK_have tried using its UUID?14:49
frinnstyes, i ran with rootdelay=5 before changing to uuid, now i get kernel panic14:50
frinnstbump it up to 10 seconds maybe14:50
teK_I have this gem in my lilo.conf:14:51
teK_# wont work. not with append and not with root=..14:51
teK_#image=/boot/3.8.6  label=CRUX-3.8.6-UUID append="root=UUID=3ecd8b8e-1e37-4451-94f3-252b5971351a panic=4"14:51
frinnstI attempted to install syslinux on the sucker, but that didnt work either.. unable to find device crap14:52
frinnsthm, nope14:52
frinnstvfs: cannot open root <uuidnumber> something14:54
frinnstyou never managed to get it to work with lilo?14:55
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teK_don't think so15:19
teK_it is supposed to work, though15:19
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teK_17:19 < teK_> don't think so15:44
teK_17:19 < teK_> it is supposed to work, though15:44
teK_the boot= option works by using the /dev/by-uuid/... path. MAGIC ...15:45
frinnstyeah only if you use an initrd apparantly15:45
teK_and initrd that does what?15:45
teK_start udev?15:45
frinnstno clue15:45
teK_sucks :|15:45
frinnstyeah, inconvenient15:45
teK_I mean.. it's 2013, right?15:45
frinnstevery document i read just assumes you use an initrd15:45
teK_If I had the time to dig into lilo15:46
frinnsti guess the kernel doesnt do any blkid-scan-thingy at all15:46
teK_I have to tame a certain python instead15:46
frinnstsounds kinky :)15:47
teK_thought of that, too. But it isn't.15:47
joacimburp the worm?15:47
teK_it's a 2.7.4 python15:47
horrorStruckfrinnst: you can use UUID without initrd
frinnstah, gpt15:50
teK_You can ignore the next15:51
teK_horrifying warning15:51
horrorStruckcheers, now that's appropriate15:52
horrorStruckworking class cheap beer, high %15:52
teK_sounds nice, thanks horrorStruck15:53
teK_will give this a try soon..15:53
horrorStruckIIRC there's an easy way to cnvert mbr to gpt15:53
horrorStruckconvert even15:53
teK_maybe imagemagick's convert can do this too ;>15:54
horrorStruckteK_: DISCLAIMER: I neever tried :)15:54
teK_it's hell of a tool15:54
teK_I will :P15:54
frinnsthorrorStruck: indeed, time to go pickup a pizza first though :)15:55
horrorStruckhaven't read of course ^15:55
teK_yeah frinnst, stay classy15:55
horrorStruckhmmm pizza15:56
horrorStrucki'm doing an experiment, letting my 9 yo playing minecraft until he has enough. 11 pm now, still acceptable somehow. hope mummy will not screw up me doing science. paypal donations site to be announced soon15:59
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teK_I gave up on that :}16:14
teK_on the whole take care of the time in front of the computer thing I mean16:14
horrorStruckyou wouldnt be using CRUX anyway16:15
horrorStruckmissed that -> ;)16:15
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frinnstuuid success \o/20:52
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hhhhhhhhhi, i'm just curious how easy package management is in crux21:02
hhhhhhhhcurrent archlinux user but the dev team seems to be driving arch into being completely stupid to use, deprecating things that work and replacing them with things that don't, etc21:03
hhhhhhhhand #archlinux has gone from being the nicest irc channel a few years ago to a circlejerk of worthless people21:04
hhhhhhhhBUT i still like some parts of arch, like the quick/simple package management and up-to-dateness of official repos21:04
hhhhhhhhand i'm curious how crux is in those areas.21:04
frinnstcrux is generally very up to date21:05
frinnstit would be easier to answer your questions if you could specify them a bit more21:05
hhhhhhhhon arch i like how you can typically pacman -Syu/y and ignore it for half an hour, and everything is upgraded when you get back21:07
hhhhhhhhbut it looks more involved on crux21:08
frinnstI dont know what that command does :)21:08
hhhhhhhhsyncs package lists and upgrades everything21:08
hhhhhhhhsorry :p21:08
frinnst"ports -u && prt-get sysup"21:08
frinnstwill do that21:08
hhhhhhhhok cool21:09
frinnstprt-get depinst webkit will download the entire internets and build webkit and its dependencies for you21:09
timcowchipdon't do it21:09
frinnsthehe yeah21:09
timcowchipnot webkit21:09
frinnstdependencies are evil21:09
hhhhhhhhhow about installing things outside the official repos, arch has its user repository which has basically everything ever, and nice cli tools for interfacing with that too21:10
hhhhhhhhcrux user repos are treated the same as official repos right?21:10
timcowchipcore, opt and xorg21:10
timcowchipare supported21:10
hhhhhhhhi mean you use the same tools for them21:11
timcowchippeople in this irc are very helpful with the other user ports21:11
timcowchipand contrib21:12
timcowchipcontrib is like community21:12
frinnstthe portdb tracks a couple of user-repos21:12
frinnst for example21:13
timcowchipthe user ports are like AUR21:13
frinnstthere are a nifty util called mpup that you can use to track/sync specific ports from 3rd party repos21:14
hhhhhhhhfor stuff that isn't in portdb, how easy is it to set up a package and whatnot so you can uninstall it with standard package tools21:14
hhhhhhhhand are there binary repositories/is it possible to host your own so i don't have to compile everything on a garbage netbook21:14
frinnsttake the example url i pasted: "rsync -aqz passwdqc && cd passwdqc && pkgmk -d -i"21:14
frinnst"prt-get remove passwdqc"21:15
frinnstno, nothing binary21:15
hhhhhhhhbah :p21:15
frinnstwell sometimes kind souls posts prebuilt packages for the bigger ones (kde, firefox, whatever)21:16
timcowchipI use ntebook hardware atom d51021:16
frinnstI run debian on my netbook :)21:16
timcowchipcompiling not so bad21:16
frinnstbut in general: crux doesnt try to do everything for everybody21:17
timcowchipwheezy just went stable21:17
hhhhhhhhis it feasible to do the compiling on a desktop and have that create binary packages for my netbook21:17
frinnstif we did that, then we would be like arch, fedora, whatever21:17
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frinnstsure, as long as you use compatible cflags between your cpu's21:18
hhhhhhhhok awesome21:18
timcowchipccache is your friend prt-get deinst ccache21:18
frinnstthe resulting package is just a tarball21:18
hhhhhhhhty for answering all that21:19
hhhhhhhhgonna try this on my desktop when i get back to uni :p21:20
timcowchipexport CFLAGS="-O2 -march=atom -pipe" in pkgmk.conf for dual core atom21:21
timcowchipshould be mush instead of march21:26
frinnst is always awesome21:27
timcowchipwhat is rice, besides the main ingredient of rice-a-roni?21:34
timcowchipis it some reference to Japanese cars (rice-rockets)?21:36
timcowchipok I get it21:38
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nrxtxhi, will git repositories also be accepted for the portdb or just httpup?21:41
timcowchipin user ports its httpup or rsync21:44
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timcowchiphas anyone thought of making a razor-qt repo?21:56
timcowchipsimilar to the E17 repo?21:57
nrxtxtimcowchip: thx for the information, so i have to create a httpup/rsync mirror21:59
nrxtxhm razer-qt isn't that the pure qt desktop environment?21:59
timcowchipand yes22:00
timcowchipdo you have web space for your ports22:00
timcowchipjust .footprint .md5sum and Pkgfile22:01
timcowchipusually just a few Kb's22:01
nrxtxi currently have them on github, but i can mirror them on my webspace22:01
joacimyou can use github directly22:02
joacimthere are a couple of examples of it in the portdb22:02
timcowchipif I made ports foe razor-qt and its dependencies could it become
nrxtxjoacim: ah i see, you also have yours on github :)22:03
joacimyes =)22:04
nrxtxjoacim: do you have a way to exclude .git or do you "manually" remove those entries?22:08
joacimi'm filtering it out in .httpup-repgen-ignore22:10
nrxtxjoacim: works fine, thx a lot22:12
joacimnp =)22:14
timcowchipit would seem that razor-qt source now contains everything necessary to bulid22:31
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timcowchiprazor-qt: initial commit22:50
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timcowchipanyway it works23:16
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