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brian|lfswhagt is gstremaer-app qt4 says its mjissing?03:51
brian|lfslet me try that again what's gstreamer-app qt4 says its missing?03:52
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brian|lfshello himynameisphil04:53
brian|lfsgot any ideas for qt4 I keep getting an error I"m missing gstreamer-app04:53
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Romstergstreamer is a optional dependency for qt408:12
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frinnstjaeger: do you guys use vmware's vShield?08:50
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frinnstugh. junkfood coma12:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] mplayer: 2013-03-22 -> 2013-05-1312:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] mplayer: 2013-03-22 -> 2013-05-1312:54
jaegerfrinnst: we don't13:13
frinnsthave you evaluated it?13:14
jaegerNope, never even looked at it, to be honest13:15
jaegerIt's being replaced anyway13:15
jaegerby vcloud networking and security13:15
frinnstyeah but they still call it vshield in some places13:15
frinnstits just a marketing rebrand or something13:16
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frinnstthe vcns appliances are still called "vShield" :)13:16
jaegerAh, ok13:17
jaegerWhat does it do for you?13:18
frinnstwe have just started the evaluation last week13:18
frinnstwe were supposed to have a meeting regarding it today, but stuff happened so no meeting :)13:19
jaegerI'm awaiting NAS move fallout this morning13:20
jaegerWe made the switch from our old oracle NAS to the new one Friday night13:20
jaegerI'm going to have to figure out a decent way to nuke 96 drives soon, heh13:23
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frinnstheh, its going back?13:24
jaegerThey replaced it with the new one for pretty close to free so I don't mind giving the old one back13:25
frinnsthow kind of them :)13:25
jaegerIt was hell to get them to do it :P13:26
jaegerTook a couple years13:26
frinnsthehe, patience is useful sometimes :)13:26
jaegerThe new one is so much more stable, though, it's a huge improvement13:26
jaegertakes up less space in the racks and we have more usable storage, too13:26
jaeger20U -> 14U, 57.6TB -> 129TB13:26
frinnstah. so maybe it pays off for them with less support?13:27
frinnstwe have a 10th of that :)13:27
jaegerI imagine it does, we spent SO many hours on call with them about the old one13:27
jaegerSaves us a ton of work and time, too. There was a period of about 2 months where I was fixing our VMs for about 2 hours every morning13:27
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frinnstouch. not really what you want when its related to storage13:29
jaegerThere's a longer story behind that but the short version is don't use deduplication in production, even if they tell you it's stable13:29
jaegerWhen your dataset's dedup table can't fit in RAM it fucks up ZFS' world13:30
jaeger128GB RAM was NOT enough :P13:30
frinnstholy hell13:30
frinnsthow widespread is that zfs "feature" i wonder13:31
jaegerWe weren't even deduping many shares but we were using it on the largest one (~36TB at the time) because it's got a lot of MRI scan data and it's often duplicated to run different analyses13:31
jaegerThe dedup itself worked great, the problem came when deleting old snapshots later13:31
frinnstsince there are lots of storage appliances that runs it13:31
jaegerThe dedup table is pool-wide instead of specific to the fs on which dedup is enabled13:31
jaegerSo when old snapshots were deleted, if there were original blocks in the snapshot to be deleted they had to be preserved elsewhere13:32
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jaegerI'm not sure exactly how ZFS handles that underneath but the result was that the NAS dropped SMB and NFS connections periodically13:32
jaegerevery morning13:32
jaegerbecause it was deleting an old snapshot every morning :)13:33
jaegerOur vSphere infrastructure is mostly using NFS to the NAS so that caused problems13:33
jaegerIf I was lucky it was just a VM that went read-only and needed to be rebooted. Otherwise I'd have to boot a rescue environment and fix filesystems13:34
jaegerNot too hard until you're doing it for 30+ a day13:34
jaegerIt could have been worse, we had about 90 VMs and I only had to fix a third of them usually :P13:35
retard_we had A Very Bad Time Indeed trying to isolate the cause of some serious performance issues on zfs at work13:36
frinnstwe started routing some unused ip addresses to our firewalls recently13:37
frinnstshitload of portscans :)13:37
retardhoneypot time!13:38
frinnsthinet again.. how surprising13:38
frinnstfucking china13:38
jaegerfor the most part we've had great luck with ZFS, it was that specific NAS and dedup that bit us so much13:38
jaegerThe new one has been great13:38
jaegerI also ran a FreeBSD ZFS server for the IT group for a while that worked rather well13:38
jaegerI like ZFS enough that I'm even using it as a home NAS. Removed the last platter drives from my main system this weekend13:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: glib: updated to 2.36.216:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk: updated to 2.24.1816:07
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doomicideupdating gtk gives a footprint mismatch16:50
LukcCan you show it?16:53
LukcAre there only new files in the new footprint, or stuff missing?16:53
teK_that's usually from additional libraries on your system. Set in pkgmk.conf: PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes"16:54
jaegerI prefer the default behavior16:58
jaegerAs a package maintainer I always want to know when and why a package changed, whether it's an error or just new support, etc.16:58
jaegerIt's just personal preference16:59
doomicideyes new files, ty for the hint tek_16:59
jaegerMy point is that it's subjective16:59
jaeger"practical for users" doesn't mean the same thing for every user17:00
teK_am I a bad maintainer for using this? :>17:00
jaegerI wouldn't say that, it's just not my preference17:00
tilman_teK_: "you're not bad, you're just special"? ;)17:01
teK_as long as I'm not naughty :O17:02
teK_Lukc: there's no reasonable CRUXy way to catch them all17:02
teK_I think gentoo's solution is to not check for the result at all17:02
teK_but I'm not 100% sure17:02
joacimI dont think crux is all that user-practical =)17:03
teK_joacim: wtf.. it is in the end. What else might be the point behind it? Make dev's lives easier?17:05
tilmanteK_: i think he's talking crux in general. not footprint-new files in particular17:06
joacimi didnt go to crux to make my life easier as a user. I like it as it makes it easier as a hobbyist/maintainer/dev17:07
teK_most times life with CRUX is very easy, though I might be biased as maintained stuff for quite some time now17:08
joacimi hope that last comment didnt make it any worse :p17:08
LukcI find my life easier on Crux as a user. But, that *might* be subjective as well. :D17:08
joacimmaybe you're not just some user =)17:08
teK_over five years to be prices. (wow)17:08
teK_prices? precise.. :O17:11
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timcowchipso Tom just know that I will never address you by your IRC nick17:37
timcowchiphi Tom :)17:37
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Amnesiais anyone using color profiles over here?19:00
jaegerNot I19:06
AmnesiaI'm pretty curious whether it's worth the effort:)19:08
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fireglowI am, created with a colorhug19:12
LukcColor profiles?19:12
joacimcolorhug seems interesting. cheaper than the alternatives that i've seen. Are there any options cheaper than colorhug?19:13
LukcOh, that. Thanks for the link. /o\19:14
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Amnesiafireglow: I'm giving a shot19:16
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fireglowAmnesia: nice19:34
Amnesiahm can't really see the difference tbh19:42
fireglowuse it for a few days and switch back, see if you notice then19:43
Amnesiawell, I'm also using red shift19:53
AmnesiaI guess a colour profile is useless when that's used:p19:53
Amnesiaredshift's awesome though19:53
LukcRedshift rocks.19:54
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timcowchipI had to change the package name razor-qt to razorqt to get it to pkgadd razorqt#0.5.2-1.pkg.tar.gz20:02
timcowchipdo I need to change the folder name from razor-qt to razorqt in my repo?20:02
jaegerwhy did you have to change it?20:04
jaegerThere are plenty of ports with hyphens in their names20:04
Amnesiaany chem guru's over here by any chance:)?20:05
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timcowchip &
timcowchipclementine-player didn't work as a package name20:21
timcowchipI had to change it to just clementine20:21
timcowchipboth clementine and razorqt are built with cmake20:22
jaegerWhy didn't they work? Got any error messages?20:23
timcowchipI got pgkadd failed no such file20:24
jaegerdid the name= variable and the folder name Pkgfile was in match?20:24
timcowchipis what pkgadd was looking for even with the hypenated package names20:27
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jaegerare you 100% sure of that? I think you must have changed name= in the Pkgfile20:29
timcowchipI can't remember now, too be honest20:29
jaegercan you install p5-html-tagset in contrib, for example?20:29
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timcowchipboth razorqt and clementine are cloned from git20:30
jaegershouldn't matter where the source comes from20:31
timcowchiptheir wiki page examples both use hypens20:31
frinnst22:29 <@jaeger> can you install p5-html-tagset in contrib, for example?20:31
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timcowchipok I'll try it20:32
jaegerpackage files are created by pkgmk based on the name, version, and release defined in the Pkgfile20:33
jaegerregardless of the source origin20:33
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timcowchipyes I can20:33
jaegerso if name=razor-qt is how it's defined in the Pkgfile, razor-qt#version-release.pkg.tar.gz or similar would be the generated package file name20:34
timcowchipok I probably had mismatched names and corrected by removing instead of adding a hyphen20:34
jaegerwith that said prt-get can be confused if the folder name doesn't match the name variable20:35
jaegeryeah, possibly so20:35
jaegerprt-get would have called pkgadd with the wrong name20:35
timcowchipbut now that its corrected, does my package name need to match the folder name in my repo?20:36
jaegerIt should, yes20:36
jaegername=razor-qt for /usr/ports/timcowchip/razor-qt, for example20:36
timcowchipso the easiest thing for me to do is add the hyphen back20:37
jaegerwell, you can name it without the hyphen if you like, just make sure they match20:37
jaegerWith that said, I'd suggest matching the upstream name for less confusion20:37
timcowchipsounds good20:37
timcowchipthanks :)20:37
timcowchipactually razor-qt isn't cloned from git20:40
timcowchipI think I'm trying to make too many ports at the same trime20:42
timcowchipmarch=one brain cell20:44
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niklaswegood evning21:23
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timcowchiprevdepin' after sysupin'22:25
timcowchipis it tuesday in Australia?22:27
timcowchiprevdep lists razor-qt22:41
nogagplzyeah it's tuesday22:46
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timcowchipthanks :)22:59
timcowchiptimcowchip, esteemed packager23:24
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