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timcowchipgot my repo published and synced00:44
timcowchipnow when I ports -u, all my commited changes are updated00:45
timcowchipand when everything is working, I can commit to
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diversetimcowchip: if you think about it, every web browser is in a form of an OS. You can program software on them and run them as if you were running software on your OS.00:54
timcowchipOS is defined as the interface between the user and hardware00:59
diversesometimes you can have an OS within an OS or01:02
diversean OS within an OS which that one is also within an OS.01:02
diverseand that "software" can hold another "kernel+software"01:03
timcowchipI guess vm is an OS within an OS01:04
diverseyou can make it as complicated as you want it to be01:05
diversewith all that overhead in processing01:05
timcowchipmy hardware doesn't support vm01:05
diverseyou mean kvm?01:05
timcowchipIntel Atom01:05
timcowchipthe no can do processor01:06
diverseyou can still run VMs, even if your cpu doesn't have builtin virtualization, it just means that your VMs won't run at near hardware level performance.01:07
leetspete1Depends on the VM in question.01:09
timcowchipyes, I have tried that and its so slow01:09
leetspete1One with a design that can do good enough on-the-fly instruction translation (e.g., Inferno) can do great.01:09
leetspete1There's actually a really good set of articles on this done by a former Intel guy:
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rukiriHey, is anyone there?01:55
leetspete1rukiri: Some people are here, I think.02:00
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rukiriI was looking over at crux as possibly my next distro but I noticed only gnome 2 was in ports not the latest stabke which is 3.6, would it be difficult to add 3.6?  As I see kde 4.10.3 is the latest in the ports tree,  I currently use Gentoo but I feel it's becoming bloated.02:08
rmullrukiri: The crux community isn't huge, and nobody has the motivation to package or stay up-to-date with the gnome ports. If you think you are up to the task you're more than welcome to it.02:09
rukiriI have no issues packaging gnome and also getting cinnamon 1.8 over to crux my issue is writing ports, is there specifics? If I remember correctly gnome 3 has a lot of deps.02:11
rmullYeah, there are a lot of components02:11
rmullPorts themselves are pretty straightforward. You can check out some examples to get a feel for what's involved.02:12
rmullAnd the documentation for exactly what needs to be done can be found in the wiki02:12
leetspete1rukiri: 90% of the time, if you want something newer, you just edit the "version" line in the Pkgfile.  It's all pretty straightforward, which is what makes it a nice distro.02:13
rukiriGnome's straightforward as to what are all the deps, I just generally don't package often and what kernel is in ports? I couldn't check at work the latest stable is 3.9 and git is 3.10-rc102:13
leetspete1(Well, you've got to update or rm the .md5sum file.)02:13
rukiriOh, that would make things easier.02:14
leetspete1Sometimes there's additional fiddling, but overall it's really easy to have a different version.02:14
leetspete1The packaging is just tarballs, and the Pkgfiles are all really simple.02:15
rmullrukiri: You can get your kernel from wherever - I don't even think there's one in ports02:15
rukiriare the tarballs from upstream, and the pkgfile is just a set of instructions?02:15
diversekernel is not in ports. You manually update and build the kernel yourself.02:16
rukiriWell that saves time tracking down patches, gentoo is notorious for that!02:16
leetspete1Ha, yeah, packages aren't split up and you can see and edit the patches.02:18
leetspete1There aren't many patches.02:18
leetspete1It's pretty resilient.  All the times apt or pacman has messed up my situation, and they're a headache to fix when things go wrong, because it cascades into framework madness.02:19
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rukiriIt's not so much that packages aren't there, it almost seems too easy to create packages for crux.  I find ebuilds more stable than official PKGBUILDS but arch is uber up to date. I liked the idea of abs but to me it fails as I can't install a52dec...02:23
diversePKGBUILDs are just bloated and beated up versions of Pkgfiles. The idea of PKGBUILDs originally came from Pkgfiles.02:26
diverseyou can take a PKGBUILD and easily convert to a Pkgfile in comparison, just remove the excess redundancy.02:27
Romsterprt-get depinst liba52 ; easy as that nce you enable the contrib repo02:27
Romsterebuilds on the other hand are a monster of complicated hiding functions with lots of names.02:28
RomsterPKGBUILD also splits packages into sub groups of binary stuff. where crux is purely source based.02:29
Romsterbut does build archives of the built ports.02:29
diversePKGBUILDS are now a cluster of many different functions for different purposes of packaging with many excess variables.02:30
Romsteri refer crux as to linux from scratch with a package manager attached.02:30
diverseCrux is linux from scratch with just a level higher above it.02:31
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rukiriI guess this would be my first package made for crux, I just did something simple as the kernel, with kernels I always prefer to build with options I chose so I remove pretty much anything to do with .config.02:40
rukiri# Description: Linux02:40
rukiri# URL: http://www.kernel.org02:40
rukiri# Maintainer: Erick Sitter, Latest mainline kernels02:40
rukiri# Depends on:02:40
rukiri   cp $name /usr/src/02:40
rukiri   ln -s $name linux02:40
rukiri   cd linux02:40
diverseDude, use pastebin...02:40
rukiri    02:40
rukiri    make clean02:40
rukiri    make menuconfig02:40
Romsterther eis a pstebin for pasting stuff ya know02:40
rukiri    make && make modules_install02:40
rukiri    install -m 644 -D arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage $PKG/boot/vmlinuz-$version02:40
rukiri    install -m 644 $PKG/boot/$version02:40
rukiri    install -m 644 .config $PKG/boot/config-$version02:40
rukiri    cd ..02:40
rukiri    cd $PKG/lib/modules/$version02:40
rukiri    ln -sf /usr/src/$name build02:40
rukiri    ln -sf /usr/src/$name source02:40
Romsterto bad i can't kick ppl in here02:40 or the many others out there02:41
Romsterbit old though.02:43
Romsteri just got lazy and do the kernel from source now02:43
Romsternote4 using a package for the kernel does not play nicely with binary nvidia. you have to cd /usr/src/linux... and make, so that the bianry blob will compile it's wrapper.02:47
Romsteranother reason why i stopped bothering.02:47
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rukiri__the latest nvidia drivers run fine, just a tip don't compile the nvidia stuff in the kernel and the nvidia driver will compile and install fine04:31
rukiri__quick question, how do I add gptfdisk to a custom iso as well as btrfs-progs? Thankfully btrfs-progs is the latest version.04:32
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niklaswefrinnst: ?06:34
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frinnstvmware's hardening guides are excell spreadsheets :(07:17
frinnstexcel asdf07:18
diverseyay excel, it can't possibly get any easier to follow! \o/07:23
diverse^sarcasm in case anybody didn't get the context.07:25
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timcowchip-- missing packages gtk1 from libdv08:02
timcowchipnm optional08:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
frinnsthm, i forgot the notify thingy for the firefox commit08:49
frinnstthe commit message :)08:49
frinnstguess ill manually write a mail to the ml08:49
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4-timer-plugin: updated to 1.5.009:15
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4-xkb-plugin: updated to 0.5.509:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nagios: updated to 3.5.0 and fixed bindir perms10:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: multitail: updated to 5.2.1210:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-gtk2: fixed missing dep10:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xerces-c: forced to use iconv transcoder (FS#889)10:46
teK_@seen mike_k10:50
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teK_hello sepen10:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nginx: update to 1.2.912:36
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teK_that was quick :)12:46
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sepenfrinnst: 8bit rocks!14:54
sepenahhh funny after 4:00 ;D14:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: nspr: updated to 4.9.615:38
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timcowchiplooking for a way to sync a local port folder with ports -u17:15
LukcLike copying a local ports folder?17:16
LukcIf so, it may be easier to symlink the port folder.17:17
timcowchipin the /etc/ports/*.httpup file17:18
timcowchipI want prt-get to find user ports that I've installed as dependencies17:21
timcowchipI don't know what you mean by symlink it17:22
LukcDoing a ln -s17:23
timcowchipwithout actually adding that user's sync file to /etc/ports17:24
timcowchipbecause that quickly becomes a mess17:24
timcowchipI thought about publishing all the dep ports on github then syncing to it17:25
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Lukcln -s /home/chris/repo /usr/ports/chris17:26
LukcBut you could also write a driver for ports that cp -r the port folder.17:27
timcowchipthey will show up in prt-get depends?17:27
LukcYou have to add an entry to /etc/prt-get.conf.17:31
LukcTo tell it to check /usr/ports/chris.17:31
LukcBut you could also tell it directly to look in /home/chris/repo or whatever. :|17:31
LukcWhich in my opinion would be simpler and easier to maintain.17:32
timcowchipok thanks Lukc17:32
AmnesiateK_: I'm going to give "mpv" a shot:)17:57
Amnesia :D18:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: firefox: fixed footprint19:32
Amnesiaanyone interested in mpv-player?20:13
Amnesiaif so, I made a port for it20:13
doomicideAmnesia, yeah I wanted to check it out since some time. Do you have a repo?20:14
Amnesiajust a sec20:15
doomicidekk ty20:15
Amnesiaoh fuck20:18
Amnesiaforgot to add the dependencies20:18
joacim-looks interesting20:19
joacimi hate my isp...20:20
joacimis it compatible with mplayer guis?20:22
Amnesialibass expat, freetype, xorg-libxinerama, xorg-libxv, xorg-libxxf86dga, xorg-libxxf86vm, yasm, alsa-lib should do20:23
Amnesiajoacim: dunno20:23
timcowchipwhat is mpv-player?20:24
joacima fork of mplayer, by the looks of it20:24
Amnesiaa fork of mplayer(2)20:25
timcowchipis mpv the sames as mp4?20:25
joacim"Better MKV support (such as ordered chapters)" <- I need this for my transforming magical girl shows.20:25
Amnesiajoacim: lol20:25
Amnesia"transforming magical girl" :P?20:26
Amnesiahow should I interpret that?^^20:26
jaegeranime :P20:26
AmnesiaI see20:26
doomicideAmnesia, libass isn't in the repos you got a port for that too?20:26
doomicidenvm jaeger has it20:27
Amnesiabtw, adding the manpage is nasty..20:28
Amnesiabut imo it's even worse to add docutils as a dependency..20:29
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teK_Amnesia: why is it better than mplayer?20:56
Amnesiadunno whether it is20:56
Amnesiabut it does have some properties that I like20:56
Amnesiait's much smaller (the binary), it's output is much cleaner, it supports libquvi20:59
doomicideteK_, here's a list of changes and improvements over mplayer/2
teK_uh, thanks21:04
teK_not the internal OSD menu!21:04
teK_Removal of dust and dead bodies21:06
teK_the scary thing is.. that's listed for mplayer2, not mplayer-svn :P21:06
teK_sounds not too bad tbh21:07
doomicideI thought the same21:07
doomicideI wonder why it isn't known more21:07
teK_because mplayer is so well known + I dunno about the kde/gnome players+vlc,  but they may have more market share than mplayer*21:08
teK_maybe I'll have the time+motivation to play with it.. building libquvi now..21:09
doomicideyeah that's true, still mplayer2 is pretty whitespread and it too is just a mplayer for21:09
doomicidemaybe because it kept the name21:10
AmnesiateK_: I've also got ports of libquvi & script21:10
AmnesiaI chose not to use them though, since it requires lua21:11
teK_% portdbc search quvi   disagrees21:11
teK_lua is a hard dependency?21:13
Amnesiano, but imo it's overkill to install an extra interpreter21:14
teK_as long as you don't want to script it yourself..21:14
teK_then again.. lua==perl==python==ruby  I gave up on bitching about these, either21:15
teK_python for getmail, ruby for metasploit, perl for .. well GOD KNOWS21:15
teK_no really, I think our world must have been implemented in perl. It would explain a lot :>21:17
Amnesialol like what?21:17
Amnesiathat things don't make sense:P?21:18
teK_or seem hacky :o21:18
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.4521:30
timcowchipchecking whether build environment is sane... configure: error: newly created file is older than distributed files!21:35
timcowchipCheck your system clock21:35
timcowchipnot this again21:35
timcowchipCollection  Name    Port      Installed21:35
timcowchipxorg        libdrm  2.4.45-1  2.4.44-121:35
timcowchippkgadd libdrm#2.4.42-1.pkg.tar.gz21:40
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timcowchipFredrik Rinnestam <fredrik at crux dot nu>21:45
timcowchipWed, 15 May 2013 21:29:55 +0000 (23:29 +0200)21:45
timcowchipdo I have to move to Sweden to use crux now?21:45
timcowchipits only 14:46 in Oregon21:46
timcowchipI could just wait until after 21:29:5521:47
timcowchipin Oregon21:47
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frinnsthe's kidding, right?22:17
nogagplzfunny you should touch on that22:23
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timcowchipno he's not kidding22:44
timcowchipI'm sure there is nothing wrong with my system clock22:46
jaegercheck the timestamp on the file against your system clock22:46
timcowchipWed, 15 May 2013 21:29:55 +0000 (23:29 +0200)?22:47
timcowchipmodified: 2013-05-15 17:37:3022:50
timcowchipits only 15:50 now in Oregon22:50
timcowchipdate says Wed May 15 15:51:44 UTC 201322:52
timcowchipits been modified in the future22:52
jaegerthe libdrm source tarball?22:52
jaegermight as well just wait, then22:53
timcowchipI knew frinnst was ahead of the pack :)22:53
jaegerwell, I'm guessing frinnst doesn't make the source tarballs :)22:54
timcowchiptrue that22:55
timcowchipthanks jaeger :)22:55
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