IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2013-05-16

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diversejoacim_: mplayer2 is pretty good about rendering libass subtitles for your Mahou Shoujo anime00:43
prologicsounds nice00:56
prologicdo we have a port for it anywhere?00:56
diversenope, but I am kind of developing one.00:57
diversefor my niche tastes that is.00:57
prologicplease publish it somewhere in a public httpup/hgup/rsync repo00:59
prologicI may use this on my media setup at home00:59
diverseI can give you a pastebin00:59
prologicI'd rather you put it up on a git or mercurial repo01:09
prologicon github or bitbucket01:09
diverseWell once I the pkgfile to work, I can have Romster upload it to his repo01:14
diverse*I get the01:15
nogagplzdon't load romster up, host it on github or smth01:27
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timcowchiplibdrm finally was old enough to install02:40
timcowchipafter updating the footprint, that is02:41
prologicI'll host/maintain it if you can't be bothered doing so yourself :)02:46
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timcowchiphow often does update?03:21
timcowchipdiverse: you could do something like this
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SamanthaDCould someone tell me what features, if any, CRUX uses to ensure packages and ports haven't been corrupted or tampered with?04:25
SamanthaDI can't seem to find that information...04:26
leetspete1SamanthaD: The packages are usually built on your own system and the source downloaded directly from the upstream.04:27
leetspete1Ports repos have md5s of the source.04:27
leetspete1So tampering's pretty difficult.04:27
SamanthaDHmm... I supposed that would be difficult04:28
SamanthaDany kind of signing for the ports tree itself?04:29
leetspete1Well, they're in git so history can be verified.  There's no automatic verification that I know of.04:29
SamanthaDThanks! Now I've got something to research further on04:30
leetspete1No problem.  What are you researching?04:31
SamanthaDI'm researching to see if CRUX is a good replacement for Debian for me04:31
SamanthaDI like Debian but it's sometimes a pain to make it do things that the Debian maintainers didn't think of04:31
SamanthaD... and I like the idea of a minimally patched source distro04:32
leetspete1That's exactly why I use CRUX instead of Debian.04:32
leetspete1I liked NetBSD's ports system, for one.04:32
leetspete1And for another, when stuff invariably breaks, it's way easier to fix in CRUX than in Debian.04:33
SamanthaDyes, I'd be using BSD if it didn't thoroughly hate my hardware...04:33
leetspete1BSD hates my hardware so much, haha.04:34
leetspete1Plan 9 hates it worse, or I'd be doing that.04:34
SamanthaDthe frustrating thing is the only piece of hardware BSD hates is my wireless chip but my )$#&* BIOS has a damn whitelist04:35
SamanthaD... and I'm not willing to risk bricking my motherboard04:35
leetspete1Oh, that new, like...I forget the name.  The signed bootloaders.04:35
SamanthaDnope... Lenovo's BIOS chips have whitelists that check the hardwire ID of mini-PCIe cards04:36
SamanthaD... so they can sell you 10 dollar upgrades for 50 bucks04:36
leetspete1Wait, seriously?  That's kind of...the worst thing I have heard in a long time.04:36
SamanthaDyeah, I didn't find out about it till after I got the computer04:37
leetspete1Wow.  Laptop?04:38
SamanthaDYes, x120e04:38
SamanthaDLenovo cites FCC regs for why they "have" to whitelist chips04:38
SamanthaDeven under Linux the driver doesn't work quite right04:39
leetspete1Ha, okay, they disable USB wifi dongles?04:40
SamanthaDit requires a firmware blob that doesn't like being suspended04:40
SamanthaDnope, I suppose I ought to get one of those04:40
SamanthaDwhat I really *ought* to do is get a new computer04:41
leetspete1Eugh...I have a Lenovo laptop.  It was enough to make me not buy any more Lenovo laptops.04:42
SamanthaDoh? what was wrong with yours?04:42
leetspete1Currently, the disk controller flakes out periodically, same situation as yours with the wifi, and the screen hinge is flimsy, so eventually the screen stopped working.04:42
leetspete1It is next to the bed, plugged into a cheap monitor from woot, playing movies sometimes.04:43
SamanthaDhmm... I've always been happy with the build quality of the Thinkpad range it's just the whole "we built malicious code into the BIOS" thing that really pissed me off04:43
leetspete1Yeah, seriously.04:43
leetspete1I am typing on a T60 right now.04:43
SamanthaDOh! Nice computer!04:43
SamanthaDbut that was back when it was IBM, wasn't it?04:44
leetspete1Oh, so it was.  The power cable had a Lenovo logo on it, but I can't seem to find one on the laptop itself.04:45
SamanthaDactually... I think it was when they were transitioning. They still built really high quality gear04:45
SamanthaDactually, I think they still do it's just you pay an arm and a leg for the high end models04:45
SamanthaDbut again... evil BIOS04:46
leetspete1Ugh, yeah.04:46
SamanthaDmakes RMS cry ;)04:46
leetspete1Ha, I'm crying.  I used to think he was crazy but half the stuff he said that made me think he was crazy is happening now.04:46
leetspete1I think I can still at least take comfort in that I won't see evidence ever that his music is actually good.04:47
leetspete1If you decide to go with a new laptop, I've had some good times with Asus lately.04:48
SamanthaDoh? I tried one of those in the store lately and their keyboard seemed really cheap04:50
SamanthaDand they don't have a nipple mouse ;_;04:50
SamanthaDbut maybe that was due to it being the store model04:51
leetspete1Yeah...that's why it's sitting on the table under a bunch of papers and not being out here getting typed on.04:51
leetspete1Keyboard's kinda crap but easy to cope with it, same with the touchpad.  But this thing, three-button nipple mouse and a very nice keyboard.04:51
leetspete1And since it's all remote stuff to a different machine, I don't need to care that much about this thing being a little slower.04:52
SamanthaDI don't get people who buy those netbook04:53
SamanthaDmy friend was going to buy one of them the other day. I took her out to a used computer store and got her an old ex-government fleet computer04:53
leetspete1They're not bad for $100.  But they cost as much as actual laptops now.04:53
SamanthaDjust as fast as an Atom and better built04:53
leetspete1Totally.  I could wish for a decent used computer store around here, but I do live 15 minutes from Fry's, so it's not all bad.04:54
SamanthaDYeah... I wish Fry's would carry enterprise models like the Thinkpad and Latitude04:56
SamanthaDSo... you really like CRUX?04:57
leetspete1Yeah, that'd be nice.  And if it were easier to get the sales guys off your back when you want to buy them.04:57
SamanthaDoh god yes04:57
SamanthaDI couldn't work for Fry's... I don't like being forced to sell stuff I wouldn't recommend to a friend04:57
leetspete1I like CRUX a lot.  I've been running it since 2006 or so, it has never done me wrong.04:58
leetspete1I picked up a little weird ARM netbook but that's because I'm working on some odd stuff.04:59
SamanthaDSee, right now I'm looking at CRUX, Slackware, and MAYBE Gentoo04:59
leetspete1Gentoo has broken my heart, with its use flags and whatnot.05:00
leetspete1I'd probably do Slackware if I didn't do CRUX.  The main reason I switched was that it was easy to do a 64-bit build, although it was unsupported at the time.05:01
leetspete1That situation's changed, I think, but CRUX is even simpler than Slackware, if you can believe it.05:01
leetspete1I'm actually running CRUX on the little ARM machine, even, although I'm mainly using it to run Inferno.05:03
SamanthaDyeah, I tried installing Gentoo a month ago or so and the install image wouldn't even boot...05:03
SamanthaDwhat is Inferno?05:04
leetspete1It's another Bell Labs OS, a smaller one that usually runs in a VM.05:04
SamanthaDgeek ;)05:06
leetspete1haha, guilty. :P05:06
leetspete1I couldn't get X to build on the thing, so I ended up hacking out an SDL display driver for Inferno, which took less time to actually write than I spent trying to get X to build.05:07
SamanthaD+1 for using an operating system nobody's heard of before05:09
leetspete1Ha, thanks. That's actually more about how nice the Inferno codebase is than anything, though.05:10
SamanthaDI've wanted to try out Haiku but the devs just sorta blink at you when you talk about security05:10
SamanthaDPeh, it's still programmed in C ;)05:11
SamanthaDI'm not gonna be happy till the OS is written in Haskell05:11
leetspete1Haha, yeah.  I have run Haiku, it's fun, but it's a little unstable.05:11
SamanthaDyeah, it also has zero file permissions05:12
leetspete1You're a Haskell programmer?05:12
SamanthaDI've dabbled05:14
SamanthaDI really like it, though05:14
leetspete1I dabbled a while, but never really felt the magic, you know?05:16
leetspete1Maybe it's just me. :P05:16
SamanthaDI like being able to write a well documented function and then NEVER having to look at the damn thing again :305:16
leetspete1haha, that's the holy grail of software.05:17
SamanthaDHaskell gets very close to it05:18
SamanthaDof course, there's always a cost05:18
SamanthaDin the case of Haskell the cost is "Oh god... memory leak!"05:18
leetspete1Yeah, there's that, and there's "This thing gives me a Word8...I want an Integer..."05:19
SamanthaDHuh? IIRC you have to explicitly request a Word805:20
leetspete1Four hours of reading documents later, I resort to typing random things in.  I forget how I got it to turn into an integer.05:20
SamanthaDoh, you can't coerce variables in Haskell ;)05:20
SamanthaDwhat you WANT to do is to redesign the function so that it's polymorphic with regards to type :305:21
SamanthaDThe function should return whatever type of integer the calling function needs05:22
leetspete1Yeah, I had a similar experience trying to figure out how to do sprintf(), and then when I finally looked at the printf() documentation and the return type was polymorphic...I was so excited.05:22
SamanthaD... but if it's not properly polymorphic it chokes05:22
leetspete1I've got a friend doing gene sequencing stuff in Haskell, and it's alleged to be really, really great for that.05:24
SamanthaDYes, Haskell is an awesome at crunching static data05:24
SamanthaDI learned Haskell for scientific computing05:25
leetspete1I'd actually like to try to get better at K, which I think is the last paradigm I haven't wrapped my head around even a little.05:25
SamanthaDHmm... Wiki says its proprietary though05:25
SamanthaDbasically, what I wanted from a language was one where I could easily reason about the "correctness" of my program05:26
leetspete1There's an open-source clone called Kona; that's what I've been using.05:26
SamanthaDcarry on then ;)05:26
leetspete1Ha, yeah, apparently they GPL'd J, too, recently.05:26
SamanthaDI think people who code in proprietary languages or with proprietary libraries need their head examined05:27
SamanthaD... unless their being shoveled heaps of money05:27
SamanthaDI can't imagine spending countless hours, days, months working on a program just to have upstream support evaporate05:28
SamanthaDor decide to revoke my license05:28
leetspete1Heh, yeah, I don't feel right using them.05:28
SamanthaDI'm more practical than RMS when it comes to free software05:28
SamanthaDI'm perfectly happy playing a proprietary video game but anything I rely upon MUST be free05:29
leetspete1Heh, yeah, I think nearly everyone is, since the rest of us don't get stipends from academia. :P05:29
SamanthaDas for compilers, anything more restrictive than a BSD license gives me the willies05:29
SamanthaDthough some things really frustrate me w/rt software licenses05:30
SamanthaDsome really good gratis software has some really STUPID license terms05:30
leetspete1I'm still using my N900 until they stop having counterfeit ones for sale on ebay or something as open as this.05:31
SamanthaDI don't own a cellphone O.O05:31
leetspete1I don't mind so much that games are closed-source, but the weird, closed-off OSs on recent consoles kinda bugs me.05:31
SamanthaDwhen it comes to games my attitude re: free software is pretty much an archivist's position05:32
SamanthaDI <3 really old games05:32
SamanthaDand I'm a huge IF fan05:32
leetspete1I'd like to not need a cell phone, but I'm doing a consulting business, so...gotta be able to get email wherever.05:32
SamanthaDah, yes05:33
SamanthaDtext adventure games05:33
SamanthaDdo you like them?05:34
leetspete1Oh, haha, I played some of those.  I still haven't gotten too far in Zork, so I am kinda a noob.05:34
SamanthaDZork is hardcore05:34
leetspete1I beat Nethack, though, if that counts.05:34
SamanthaDthat's not text adventure ;)05:34
SamanthaDthat's ASCII05:34
SamanthaDalso, did you do it without scumming?05:34
SamanthaDhats off to you!05:35
SamanthaDyeah, there's a huge hobbyist scene for IF nowadays05:35
SamanthaDcheck out ifdb.tads.org05:35
leetspete1HFS, that's awesome.05:36
leetspete1Ah, sorry.  "Holy fucking shit."05:37
SamanthaDI was thinking... Apple file system?!05:37
leetspete1Technically a lie, they gave me a Mac at my last job-job.05:38
SamanthaDI just finished playing Metamorphosis by Emily Short05:38
SamanthaDgood, quick game that's rather forgiving05:39
SamanthaDTECHNICALLY you can make it unwinnable but you have to try really hard ;)05:39
leetspete1I spent a long time on the HHGTTG text game in...damn, I am old...I think that was 15 years ago.05:40
SamanthaDI want to play that one05:40
leetspete1That one I played on a computer that was $1.  I haven't been able to find it since.05:41
SamanthaDyou know you're playing a good text adventure when you spend three hours trying to discover all the conceivable ways to kill yourself05:41
SamanthaDthere it is if you want it05:42
SamanthaDOOOOH! 20'th Anniversary illustrated edition!05:43
SamanthaDof course it DOESN'T FREAKING WORK!05:44
SamanthaDah well...05:44
joacim_diverse: I'm using mplayer2 right now. tho mplayer supports libass too. mplayer2 supports those 10-bit h.264-files which mainstream mplayer didn't (at the moment in time that I switched over).05:53
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: automake: updated to 1.13.206:05
timcowchipautomake! thank you frinnst06:25
frinnstSamanthaD: the md5sum is only to ensure the download is not corrupted. its not intendend for security06:35
frinnstwhile the git-tree has some builtin security stuff, the rsync part does not06:35
SamanthaDFrinnst: So basically it's vulnerable to an unlikely MitM attack06:37
SamanthaDthat's too bad06:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libnl: update to 3.2.2207:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler: update to 0.22.407:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler-glib: update to 0.22.407:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.22.407:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: python: update to 2.7.507:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] ruby: update to 1.9.3-p42907:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.3-p42907:01
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: update to 1.7.107:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: hpcups: update to 3.13.507:07
timcowchipjue's been busy07:12
frinnsthe always is :)07:25
jueindeed, mostly :)07:28
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timcowchipautomake-1.13.2 works for handbrake08:08
timcowchipthanks again frinnst :)08:09
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Romstertimcowchip mpup08:33
fireglowhey Romster08:33
Romsterhuge backlog that was08:48
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diversehey sepen09:10
diversejoacim: maybe prologic can benefit from your pkgfile of mplayer2 then?09:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: glib: automake fix10:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cmake: updated to 2.8.1110:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: subversion: updated to 1.7.910:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: subversion-bashcompletion: updated to 1.7.910:41
Romsterany more updates....10:51
nogagplz[opt.git/3.0]: subversion-bashcompletion: fix one-character typo10:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: subversion-perl: updated to 1.7.910:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: subversion-python: updated to 1.7.910:56
sepennogagplz: ?10:56
nogagplzI was giving romster his more updates10:57
Romstergood on ya nogagplz11:03
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joacimdiverse: i dont have one. I use mplayer2 on my mac13:28
joacimi've been using plain old mplayer on crux13:28
joacimsince that was the more convenient options to install13:29
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: openssh: updated to version 6.2p214:53
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timcowchipsvn: E170001: Could not create SASL context: generic failure15:35
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timcowchipI already did prt-get update -fr cyrus-sasl since openssl was updated15:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: skype: move 32bit library to lib3216:01
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libdrm-32: 2.4.44 -> 2.4.4516:03
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: python-32: 2.7.4 -> 2.7.516:03
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: glib-32: automake fix16:03
RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/openssh#6.2p2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded16:09
Romsterworks for me timcowchip16:09
Romsteryour probably using crazy cflags or something.16:10
teK_Romster: :)16:12
timcowchipI downgraded subversion and prt-get update -fr handbrake starts checking out16:12
Romsterwhat teK_ ?16:12
teK_I did a depinst skype16:13
teK_but it won't work, I think I know why ;)(16:13
teK_-- missing packages16:13
teK_qt4-32 from skype16:13
teK_xorg-libxscrnsaver-32 from skype16:13
Romsterstupid obvious mistake putting a 32bit lib not in lib32 i just fixed that.16:13
timcowchipnot with subversion-1.7.9 though16:13
teK_yeah you fixed that16:13
Romsterwhat i thought that was all covered in the deps.16:14
teK_I think so, NOW. too ;)16:14
Romster# Depends on: qt4-32 alsa-lib-32 xorg-libxscrnsaver-32 xorg-libxv-3216:14
Romsteri'm sure i haven't missed anything.16:15
Romsteroh yes  have the README on webkit is now redundant since harfbuzz has icu now.16:15
Romstertimcowchip, i have to say your one endless annoying thing coming in here saying everything is broken -_-16:16
timcowchipsubversion update breaks my handbrake port just when automake finally got updated to 1.13.216:17
Romsterwhich broke blib16:17
jaegerwhich is unrelated to openssh16:17
jaegerSo why did you report that openssh builds fine when he was asking about subversion? :)16:18
jaegerMaybe I missed part of the conversation16:18
Romster<timcowchip> openssh16:18
timcowchipI mistakenly thought openssl got updated16:18
Romsterit did16:19
timcowchipnot recently16:19
jaegerthere wasn't anything about openssh failing to build, it was a typo correction16:19
Romsterwell i just did another sysup moments ago.16:19
timcowchipopenssh is fine16:19
Romsteroh well i just came back in...16:19
timcowchipcyrus-sasl depends on openssl16:19
Romstergive me a break i just restarted X after updating video drivers.16:20
Romsterand that was the first line i saw.16:20
jaegersorry, I'll shut up, was just trying to figure out how the conversation went that way16:21
Romsterand i'm compiling firefox-32 noq.16:21
timcowchiphow's lua51?16:21
Romsteri didn't look at the backlog... i guess i should have before replying16:21
Romsterargh another port that's half done i haven't completed yet.16:22
Romsteri still haven't finished with llvm-3216:22
timcowchipI'll change the README in the handbrake port from downgrade automake to downgrade subversion16:23
Romsterthat has to be a bug submit a report to the subverison site.16:27
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eet: updated to 1.7.616:27
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: evas: updated to
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: ecore: updated to 1.7.616:27
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: efreet: updated to 1.7.616:27
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eina: updated to 1.7.616:27
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eio: updated to
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: embryo: updated to 1.7.616:27
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: edje: updated to 1.7.616:27
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: evas: fixed footprint16:27
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: e_dbus: updated to 1.7.616:27
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: eeze: updated to 1.7.616:27
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: e17: updated to
cruxbot[e17.git/3.0]: EFL libraries updated to 1.7.7 and E17 updated to 0.17.316:27
Romsternothing to be sorry about jaeger :)16:29
Romsteri'll work on more crux stuff later. 2:30am i better get to bed.16:31
teK_gn8. sleep well little prince :>16:31
timcowchipgoodnight Romster16:32
pitillowhat happened there with cruxbot?16:32
pitilloonly the last commit message is from 3.0 branch, all others are from 2.8 and those were pushed on april...16:35
timcowchipwhen is 3.1 coming?16:36
joacim3.1 will include PS2/MIPS support16:56
timcowchipthere's a new version of cyrus-sasl that might fix svn: E170001: Could not create SASL context: generic failure17:13
jaegerpitillo: did they get merged into 3.0 or is it a reporting mistake?17:21
pitillojaeger: I think it's a report mistake. Git seems all right with both branches in the right point (2.8 isn't updated)17:23
jaegermight be a problem with the post-* scripts, then17:25
pitillomay be this is some kind of remand from the last problems with hooks17:25
jaegeror the bot, possibly17:25
jaegerI think we got all the hook issues sorted out but they've only been updated on opt as far as I know17:25
pitillolast time I updated both branches, teK_ took a look to the post-* scripts to add the notification of e17's repo too. I'm not sure if those opt changes were applied to this repo17:28
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timcowchipmy next OS20:09
timcowchiplike crux it will be 64 bit for the first time20:10
teK_pitillo: probably not20:27
teK_let me check20:27
teK_looks fine20:33
teK_opt has post-receive for dealing with notifying the ML20:33
teK_but otherwise they are almost identical.20:33
teK_jaeger: what was done to fix opt?20:34
teK_pre-receive was touch, apaarently20:35
jaegerwould have to look back in the logs for the details but opt was changed quite a bit if I remember right20:45
jaegerwas done to fix some erroneous master pushing and some notification problems20:45
jaegerstring quoting issues, etc.20:46
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teK_it was done in Febraury21:13
teK_I copied the file to e17 in Febraury, too21:13
teK_hmm.. diff looks ok though21:13
*** erick__ has quit IRC21:14
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timcowchipany chance of getting cyrus-sasl udated to 2.1.26?21:31
timcowchipI guess not21:38
timcowchipI updated the footprints of all my E17 modules after prt-get update -fr all of them due to the E17 update21:38
timcowchipthe footprint for emotion needs to be updated21:39
diversepitillo: why did cruxbot output info about the e17 libs updating at 1.7.6, when they got updated to 1.7.7?23:18

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