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Guest26218Hey, I was building a new iso and noticed that pkgm(something) was not found, the distro I was building it on was Ubuntu in a VM, I dual boot in gentoo but want to try crux out and build the latest packages into the iso itself like the latest btrfs-progs (2012 should not be included) 20_r1 should.00:35
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XxRukiriXxHey, I was building a new iso and noticed that pkgm(something) was not found, the distro I was building it on was Ubuntu in a VM, I dual boot in gentoo but want to try crux out and build the latest packages into the iso itself like the latest btrfs-progs (2012 should not be included) 20_r1 should.01:34
jaegerpkgutils will need to be installed on the ubuntu host to build a CRUX ISO01:36
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v33got pfsense on a computer. my lord is this thing powerful03:21
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XxRukiriXxInstead of going through that trouble I'll just use crux to generate an iso.03:58
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XxRukiriXxkernel 3.10 works great! just tried it under a vm^^04:48
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XxRukiriXxI'm not going to compile kde 4.10.3 that takes forever, will use openbox instead (only compiling an up to date ISO with the latest versions of software btrfs for example and kernel 3.10-rc1)04:57
XxRukiriXxIf anyone want's to join, I'll be maintaining a google+ community.
XxRukiriXxand once gnome 3.10 is officially released I will be working on a gnome ports for gnome 2 and gnome 3 as people are still going to want gnome 2.05:07
XxRukiriXxBut cinnamon will be packaged under the gnome 3 ports.05:07
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timcowchip15 hours of daylight today05:10
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timcowchipis anyone else having trouble with svn 1.7.9?05:28
timcowchipit is used in some ports to download the source05:32
timcowchipso sooner or later everyone is going to use it05:32
timcowchipI guess it will take somebody with hand (Seinfeld reference) getting the sasl error when they pkgmk -d to get any action on fixing it05:36
timcowchipmeanwhile, nobody uses my ports but me anyway05:38
timcowchipso downgrade, lock and forget it05:38
XxRukiriXxwhat is svn?05:50
XxRukiriXxah subversion use the latest 1.8.0 release, even in arch or gentoo it wouldn't build.  1.8.0 builds fine05:51
XxRukiriXxtake that gentoo, 2.5GB install versus a 5.6GB install from gentoo!05:52
XxRukiriXxare you gues using prt-get or pkgadd and pkgmk?05:52
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jueXxRukiriXx: 0.20-rc1 is ancient, we have the git checkout from 20130318 currently, will be 20130510 soon, even the version shipped with CRUX 3.0 is newer than 0.20-rc106:23
pitillodiverse: check channel's backlog and gitweb to see that all is fine and there were only a problem with cruxbot (probably something I did wrong, but I have no idea what happened. The important part is gitweb which is right for 2.8 and 3.0)06:34
timcowchipsvn is used by some Pkgfiles06:35
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Romstersourceforge has gone mental Hi! You have an update available. cdrdao-1.2.3.tar.bz2 Released on 2009-10-0511:22
Romsteri just got that email today!11:22
frinnstbetter late than never?11:23
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RomsterVoting you up on the presumption that this actually works. Since I've only had two cups of coffee today, I'm not up to the task of verifying it.12:39
joacimdoes its own regular expression pass the test?13:18
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Romsterno idea13:46
Romsteris everyone dead in here.14:07
frinnstalmost, running a fever14:49
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horrorStruckworks for me ^ you're doing it wrong16:17
horrorStruckChecked out revision 5459.16:18
horrorStruckNOW WHAT??!!11!16:18
timcowchipwhat am I doing wrong?16:21
jaegerdid you rebuild neon and apr?16:21
timcowchipI will16:21
jaegerThe problem might be in one of those instead of subversion, just a guess16:23
timcowchipit works with version 1.7.816:24
timcowchiphorrorStruck: did I file the bug incorrectly or does "you're doing it wrong" refer to my use of subversion?16:25
horrorStrucktimcowchip: i can clone the tree you mentioned16:26
timcowchipwith suversion-1.7.9?16:26
jaegeryeah, works here as well16:26
horrorStruckof course. the day i'm out-fo-date is the day you've find the dolorean16:27
horrorStrucklet your brain correct all the typos here16:27
timcowchip"svn checkout svn:// HandBrake" works for you guys?16:28
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jaegeryes, worked fine16:28
horrorStruckdo i have to post a youtube video :P ?16:29
timcowchipit still dosen't work for me16:30
timcowchipafter rebuilding neon and apr16:30
timcowchiprebuilding db now16:30
timcowchipexpat next16:30
horrorStruckrebuild world16:32
horrorStruckor universe16:33
horrorStruckmore seriously, have you checked the changelog between shit-version and justworks-version?16:34
joacimhorrorStruck: i'll watch if you post the goa goa mpu ja video16:35
horrorStruckis googling for subversion git tree likely to make the earth explode?16:35
jaegeryou'll probably get a lot of svn2git results16:36
horrorStruckparty pooper :P16:37
horrorStruck(WW) Beer level going low16:46
timcowchipI have rebuilt neon, apr, db, expat, sqlite3, cyrus-sasl and subversion......still doesn't work for me17:14
timcowchipdo you guys have apache installed?17:14
timcowchipmaybe that's the difference17:15
joacimi dont have apache installed.17:16
timcowchipdoes svn checkout svn:// HandBrake work for you?17:16
timcowchipsubversion is 1.7.9?17:17
timcowchipI'll assume it is17:19
joacimi tested that command on my mac (1.6.18). I'm building it on crux now.17:19
timcowchipit works with subversion-1.7.8 on crux for me17:19
timcowchipbut not 1.7.917:19
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timcowchiphorrorstruck suggested I check the the changelog, but I couldn't find one17:21
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joacimworks for me with 1.7.917:25
timcowchipthanks joacim :)17:25
timcowchipguess I'll have to build my own subversion port17:26
timcowchipthink I'll make it a subversion-svn port17:27
timcowchipI built a subversion-svn port18:33
timcowchipit doesn't work either18:33
timcowchipthe only thing that works is pkgadd subversion#1.7.8-1.pkg.tar.gz18:34
jaegerthere's got to be something else wrong on your system, maybe with a lib that svn uses18:35
jaegerIt wouldn't run if a linked lib were missing18:35
timcowchipis there a way to compare subversion#1.7.8-1.pkg.tar.gz with subversion#1.7.9-1.pkg.tar.gz18:35
timcowchipthe /usr/ports/opt/.footprint is that of subversion#1.7.9-1.pkg.tar.gz18:36
timcowchiprevdep only lists ffmpeg-compat and razor-qt18:37
timcowchipno matter how many times I rebuild them18:38
timcowchipmy stuff is broken18:38
timcowchipthat's why I was inquiring about 3.118:39
jaegeris subversion linked against sasl libs?18:39
timcowchipI think it is18:39
timcowchipthe Pkgfile doesn't configure for it18:39
timcowchipI rebuilt cyrus-sasl and then subversion18:40
jaegerdoes it work if you remove cyrus-sasl and rebuild subversion or will it not build without sasl?18:41
timcowchipI'll try that18:41
timcowchipthat worked18:51
timcowchipthanks jaeger :)18:51
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jaegerinteresting that it would cause a problem, though18:54
jaegermine was built against cyrus-sasl as well and worked18:54
jaegercyrus-sasl 2.1.25-1 for reference18:54
timcowchipshould I add this info to the bug tracker?19:03
timcowchipor just remove the task19:03
jaegerI would say it's an invalid but since it's working fine for several other people but I'm curious about it all the same19:05
timcowchipok then I'll remove it19:07
jaegertyping is hard for me today for some reason19:08
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frinnstheh, fish is pretty neat20:59
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XxRukiriXxactually btrfs version with the 3.0 iso shows 0.19, I fixed it though with a custom ISO for my main machine (just using a virtual machine to get the gist of using crux day to day).22:45
frinnst0.20-rc1 was tagged 8 months ago22:58
frinnstunsure if they didnt bump the "btrfs version" with that tag, or whatever22:59
frinnstbut the snapshot on the iso was very fresh when 3.0 was released23:00
frinnstthe "btrfs version" output has been pointless for a few years now23:01
jaegerXxRukiriXx: for reference: version=20130318 - as frinnst says, the version output isn't updated23:02
XxRukiriXxOH, okay.23:08
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