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XxRukiriXxI'm getting a weird xauth error00:04
XxRukiriXxxauth: file /root/.serverauth.4248 does not exist00:04
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v33sup guys02:56
nogagplzyour cholestrol03:00
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diversenogagplz: "your cholesterol" that is a random statement...03:29
nogagplzhe asked sup03:30
nogagplzI told him what was up03:30
nogagplzand clearly he left to fix it03:30
diversewhats up with his cholesterol? Is it too high? :P03:31
nogagplzwell you sure have killed this one03:31
nogagplzat this rate you're going to get romsters +5 antijoke feat03:32
diverseI'm heading the Romster route?03:32
nogagplzI don't make the news I just report it03:33
diverseLooks like I am heading the path of Romster-ness03:34
diverseI think I hear Romster saying "Join the Dark side"03:36
diversemy jokes aside, Romster is not that bad of person.03:40
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diversenogagplz: look, I am sorry for killing your joke, it was unintentional. I was mostly trying to play around after figuring out what you meant.04:06
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XxRukiriXxI can't seem to download cups...05:27
XxRukiriXxNo wonder I can't download, the sites down><05:36
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timcowchipbash-4.2# ports -u06:25
timcowchiphttpup: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:25
timcowchipdo I need to re-install cyrus-sasl?06:27
timcowchipI did and svn still checks out HandBrake06:29
timcowchipsince its was built w/o cyrus-sasl06:30
timcowchipevrything is everything06:31
timcowchipdidn't they do witchi tai to06:32
timcowchiphow's everything?06:35
timcowchipeverything is everything06:35
timcowchipwhat's up?06:36
timcowchipwhat's new?06:37
timcowchipnew york06:37
timcowchipnew jersey06:37
timcowchipmy favorite is when somebody asks like " where are my keys?"06:39
timcowchip"if they were up your ass, you'd know where they were"06:40
timcowchipthus ends the comical responses to everyday questions portion of the show06:44
timcowchipwater spirit feeling springing round my head makes me feel glad that I'm not dead06:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mod_svn: update to 1.7.907:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mc: new source URL07:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: fakeroot: update to 1.1907:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: samhain: update to 3.0.1207:18
timcowchipKa-hay, Sho'o Daa' Chi07:34
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xXRukiriXxanyone know when will back up? Can't install cups atm.07:58
slashbeastrotwang comes here from time to time or not anymore?08:03
horrorStruckhe does08:32
horrorStruckxXRukiriXx: can't you get it from a gentoo mirror?08:36
juexXRukiriXx: guess it's best if I change the URL to the official cups server08:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups: changed source URL to cups.org08:45
juexXRukiriXx: try again, please08:46
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xfontsel: updated to 1.0.509:43
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xwininfo: updated to 1.1.309:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mercurial: 2.6 -> 2.6.110:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spice: 0.12.2 -> 0.12.310:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lftp: 4.4.5 -> 4.4.610:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wireshark: 1.8.6 -> 1.8.710:34
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doomicideI made ports for libquvi-scripts, libquvi and quvi. If anyone's interested you can get them here:
doomicideI do my best to keep all the ports up-to-date, so you can clone the whole repo if you want.12:33
niklaswedoomicide: why dont you speak with jaeger or frinnst if they can add your repo on ?12:40
doomicideniklaswe, I tried but the mail exchanger doesn't like my mailhost so my emails never reach their destination. (I only had this problem with, though)12:41
joacimi think it is sepen who handles this12:41
joacimnot sure tho12:41
joacimhe handled my application12:42
doomicidewhen I get the missing cable I'll setup a mailserver on my raspberry pi and reroute the traffic over my ISPs server. This should fix the problem.12:43
teK_niklaswe: because that's sepen's or my job ;)12:58
doomicideteK_: so any chance it'll get added without me having a working mail-address?13:00
teK_if you fix it any time soon? Sure.13:05
doomicidemhm, can't really assure that, but I could use my other email which I usually use for private stuff. At least for the time being.13:06
doomicideI think I'll do that. I'll send a mail soon.13:06
teK_leg dir doch einfach irgendeine Gmail-Adresse zu und leite die notfalls auf die private weiter13:08
doomicideteK_: Guter Vorschlag. Ich meld' mich.13:10
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teK_ich nenn das Repo doomicide?13:11
teK_httpup oder rsync?13:12
doomicideRoot URL:
doomicideYour name:       Maximilian Dietrich13:12
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teK_Doomicide or doomicide?13:18
teK_if the target directory is doom it'd be more consistent to name the repo doom, too13:19
doomicideok then doom, for now you can use as the mail. I'm just unable to send mail to * with this address13:21
doomicidethanks you for adding it to the portdb13:22
teK_I didn't have to do anything with that. :D13:22
doomicideok thanks anyway :D13:22
teK_'D'or 'd'oomicide?13:22
teK_those seem to be different things13:22
doomicidejust use doom13:22
teK_ vs
doomicideok in the url it's Doomicide with a capital D13:23
doomicidemeant as the repo name you use doom13:24
teK_both seem to work (now...)13:24
doomicidedo you still need me here? otherwise I'll be afk for a while.13:26
teK_have fun13:26
doomicidety and thanks to whoever added it to the portdb ;)13:27
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timcowchipdoomicide: is currently down for maintenance.16:44
teK_doomicide: np. I did it.16:45
timcowchipyou can use this url or download the tarball and host it in your repo16:46 has been down for a long time16:47
xXRukiriXxanyone know when will back up? Can't install cups atm.17:11
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teK_the url was changed?17:14
joacimxXRukiriXx: update your ports17:14
xXRukiriXxI just updated 5 min ago17:15
xXRukiriXxoh wow17:15
teK_see commit b05d66438f6cd16ee7f35222d93b081ab34352b7 from 10:45 CEST today :)17:15
xXRukiriXxwas it just changed in the last 5 minutes?..17:15
timcowchiptek: can you put my github repo on portdb?17:16
xXRukiriXxyea, was actually thinking of writing a live gimp port.17:17
timcowchipI want to check with Romster, who's hosting it now17:17
xXRukiriXxcan you clone from git with a Pkgfile?17:17
timcowchipbut it could be one less thing for him to do17:17
teK_seems that I started a thing :p17:18
joacimxXRukiriXx: it is possible17:18
teK_timcowchip: will check it out later17:18
teK_timcowchip: please mail your name, email, repor name, repo url17:18
timcowchipok thanks tek17:19
joacimxXRukiriXx: <- this is a good example i suppose.17:19
doomicidetimcowchip: thanks I fixed the port17:28
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xXRukiriXxagh>< my dog just ate my sofa><!!!17:42
xXRukiriXxI was gone for like 5 minutes!17:42
timcowchipdoomicide: np17:44
timcowchipmy dog actually likes his its 2 feet above the floor and he can survey his domain17:49
timcowchipI leave the door open unless I go out for a while, then I close it.17:50
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joacimit is like you put your dog on display =)18:40
timcowchiphe's keeping warm near the stove18:46
xXRukiriXxman moving a couch out of a bedroom that only maybe has a few feet from the wall is tough and especially when you do it yourself...18:48
joacimi find stuff like that easier to do on my own18:50
joacimi have a hard time explaining to others how i want my stuff to be18:50
xXRukiriXxyep but in really tight places its kinda hard to do on your own, I just had a friend hold it at an angle so I can pull it out to the hallway which is only about a small cat wide. (that's tiny.)18:51
xXRukiriXxI can't remember how I got it in there to begin with18:51
joacimthats the part that is tricky to explain. that the other guy needs to help me hold the couch at an angle18:53
xXRukiriXxI actually find that easy..18:53
xXRukiriXxI just use math to explain to make it easier18:53
joacimi've only done this with a few people18:53
joacimmostly with my brother18:53
xXRukiriXxthat's why I stick to futons for bedrooms (soo much easier to move)18:54
joacimthats what i want to do =)18:56
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xXRukiriXxI can't seem to install mysql19:18
xXRukiriXxinstall: invalid user "mysql'19:18
jaegerrun the pre-install script19:20
xXRukiriXxah okay19:30
xXRukiriXxgot it19:30
xXRukiriXxI seem to have an xauth issue19:33
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v33hello hello20:45
v33how do you do, sir20:53
xXRukiriXxNo app gstreamer-app-0.10 found for qt420:59
xXRukiriXxhow do I fix?20:59
joacimhello v3321:00
v33hi joacim, it been a while21:01
joacimyeah i've been sleeping normal hours21:01
v33haha same here. been going to bed at 11 113021:02
joacimI'm doing the same =)21:08
joacimI no longer look like I'm stoned21:08
joacimhaving red eyes every day gets annoying21:09
v33except my shitty neighbors play crappy music at like 6 in the orning21:09
v33i swear to god, one day, im going to attach every speak in my house and blast some rock21:09
teK_half Europe is watching the ESC21:09
teK_so don't you complain21:09
joacimI didnt know that was today21:10
joacimhavent heard the norwegian entry yet either21:10
v33that eurovision singing competition21:10
joacimeurovision song contest21:10
joacimyes something like that21:10
teK_np: The Prodigy - Mindfields (Baauer Remix)21:11
v33who had the best performance so far?21:11
teK_that's a trick question, isn't it?21:12
v33in your opinion, who had the best performance21:13
v33side note, just did a prtsweet....for the first time. i feel like a new man21:14
teK_I did not watch a bit21:14
teK_just read about it on a major german news site21:14
teK_"Oh who's in the audience? Jean-Paul Gautier"21:15
joacimv33: I've been cleaning out unused ports earlier this evening21:15
teK_"Now number 26. Ryan Dolan with "Only Love Survives". Are his dummer's tattoos real?"21:15
v33i searched eurovision and 2013 and armenia came up o.O21:15
joacimhad so many libs installed that nothing depended on21:16
v33joacim there was quite a bit of stuff removed with -a -d haha21:16
teK_awk: fatal: cannot open file `/etc/ports/*.httpup' for reading (No such file or directory)21:17
v33uh oh21:18
xXRukiriXxdoes anyone know how to create a port? working on gnome-3.8 packages21:38
joacimthat should explain pretty much everything there is to know21:43
joacimlooking at other ports helps too21:43
teK_jaeger had an inofficial gnome repo21:45
jaegerthe gnome repo is way too old to be useful at this point, mate would be the appropriate replacement for gnome 221:46
jaegerI never published my gnome 3 ports, though21:46
jaegerDidn't like it well enough to keep them around. :)21:46
teK_yeah I thought of tha gnome 3 repo you were talking about21:48
teK_btw did you follow the stripping down of features in gnome?21:49
jaegerYeah, it's gotten a bit ridiculous21:50
teK_  :p21:50
joacimNot sure if I miss any features from gnome 3, but i did find it really confusing22:00
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jaegerThe one feature in gnome 3 that I miss is aero snap style window movement but MATE is supposed to be getting that in 1.822:30
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teK_what monitor do you use?22:53
teK_I have 12" and 24" resp. and I always use full screen or "free" window mode22:53
jaegerI use a 23" 1080p and a 27" 2560x1440 now22:55
jaegerI almost always use windows snapped to half the screen, even right now :)22:56
teK_you're children will have a happy childhood :-)22:56
jaegerhaha, nice22:56
teK_jaeger: maybe I should give that a try on my 24", too22:57
teK_though I'd have to consult with fluxbox docs first22:57
teK_I never almost never adjust window size with mouse (naturally)22:57
teK_I posted an innocent image from to a forum I moderate22:58
teK_someone looked up the url and told me "i'd never link to that site"22:58
teK_two others say the same22:59
teK_+ quote from older images :D22:59
jaegerAFK a few hours, dinner with the family :)22:59
teK_so basically everybody pretends that it's sick etc. but clicks anyway :D22:59
teK_take care22:59
jaegeryeah, the internet loves to pretend it's better than you :)22:59
teK_.. few hours.. are you french?22:59
teK_I don't pretend to be anything. Just like frinnst.22:59
jaegerno but it's not at my house and we need to go shopping23:00
jaegernever give up! never surrender! /away23:00
xXRukiriXxgstreamer-app-0.10 not found, help?23:33
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