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rmullteK_: Cool00:53
rmullI had been packaging pigz for crux, and this incorporates that which is cool00:53
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rmullYikes, ld can't link firefox because it runs out of memory and gets killed02:09
rmullis there anything I can do to get around this?02:09
xXRukiriXxI'm having trouble with qt4, gstreamer-app02:22
xXRukiriXxthink 1.0 will solve it?02:22
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xXRukiriXxplease update the gstreamer port to >1.0, it solves the gstreamer-app problem for qt4.04:15
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timcowchipgstreamer1 is version 1.0.6 gstreamer is 0.10.3605:03
teK_rmull: I suppose you don't build it in your RAM, right? Then you'll have to add some (more) swap space07:28
joacimI tend to run out of ram while linking firefox too07:41
joacim2GB. and i dont build in ram07:41
joacimit doesnt get killed tho07:42
teK_and I complain if chromium fails to build with 4/8GB (don't remember) RAM in RAM :o07:42
nogagplzyou know the problem with those browsers07:43
nogagplztoo much pie07:43
teK_use w3m! :p07:44
nogagplzshow yourself out :P07:44
teK_to few pie? :>07:46
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RomsterxXRukiriXx, i run a mirror of distfiles too
RomsterxXRukiriXx, prt-get depinst gst-plugins-base109:13
Romsteri've had pigz in my romster repo for ages now. still waiting for bsdtar to go SMP09:18
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diverseFirefox 21 has two NEW footprint mismatches09:59
fireglowwhat are footprint mismatches?10:00
diverseusr/lib/firefox/browser/.purgecaches and usr/lib/firefox/webapprt/.purgecaches10:02
Romsterdiverse, new is not a problem10:04
Romstermissing is.10:04
diverseThanks Romster, I will update the footprint then.10:05
Romsterdue to you having more ports installed than what firefox was built with. that is to be expected.10:05
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diverseRomster: I got a missing mismatch now for harfbuzz10:09
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Romsterinstall icu10:09
Romsterit's a new dependency10:09
Romsteryou should subscribe to the mailing list for commits.10:10
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Romster firefox compile time10:51
nrxtxRomster: on what kind of cpu?10:58
Romsterdistcc setup10:58
Romsterover 4 pcs10:58
joacimthink it is two hours with my dual core cpu11:07
Romstergeez thats some time to wait.11:08
joacimthink it used to be 30 minutes when the cpu was new11:13
joacimthat was in 200711:13
Romsterguess firefox wasn't so huge back then?11:15
Romsteror you used less aggressive compiler options.11:15
joacimcompiler options has stayed the same11:16
joacimi think11:16
joacimi used gentoo back then, so there are some differences i guess11:16
joacimi think they split firefox and gecko too, so that might help hide how long it really took to build firefox11:30
joacimhave hid*11:30
Romsteroh yeah we used todo that too.11:36
nrxtxRomster: are you able to repeat compiling firefox but instead of gcc use clang?12:45
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frinnstanybody remember what my root password for my old sheevaplug was? :)13:11
jaegeror maybe /meslapsteK_13:12
frinnstand / was on the onboard storage.. no way to change the password without reflashing :(13:14
Romsternrxtx, how do i manage that? and i don't know if that would go over distcc13:29
Romsterfrinnst, can't you boot off a external device and chroot?13:30
nrxtxRomster: and
nrxtxResults could be interesting :)13:41
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Romstertoo worn out now. i might try it later.14:30
nrxtxfor me it reduces the compile time by around 25%15:22
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frinnstnrxtx: yeah but the performance is shitty20:09
nrxtxfrinnst: of the resulted executable?20:10
frinnstyeah, atleast according to the benchmarks ive seen20:13
nrxtxfrinnst: hm, don't know the actual values, but if it's still bad i wonder why freebsd replaced gcc completely20:15
nrxtxmaybe i have to look for some recent performance comparisions20:15
frinnstThe primary reason for switching from GCC to Clang is the incompatibility of GCC's GPL v3 license with the goals of the FreeBSD project. There are also political issues to do with corporate investment, as well as user base requirements.20:16
frinnstgpl > bsd :)20:17
nrxtxfrinnst: some mixed results on performance gcc 4.8 vs llvm/clang 3.320:20
nrxtxis this the benchmark you saw?20:20
nrxtxfrinnst: interesting thx20:27
frinnstnever trust phoronix :)20:28
nrxtxi see :D20:28
frinnstwell the last benchmarks i looked at were a few years old'ish20:29
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teK_go slap yourself21:01
teK_15:12 <@jaeger> or maybe /meslapsteK_21:04
nrxtxa long reaction time :D21:04
teK_been busy. playing with my raspberry21:05
teK_Maybe this channel can help me out:21:05
rauz_what's up with the whole slaping in here :)21:05
tilmanmentioning phoronix just makes people mad21:05
teK_I have said raspberry and I plugged it into my dad's wlan and it played streams like a charm without lags21:06
teK_it was a WPA2-secured WLAN21:06
teK_I took the very same board back to my place and here it lags (i.e. playback stops and it's buffering)21:06
rauz_i got my raspberry a few days ago and 2min after that i droped and and steped on it now its trash ...21:06
teK_I have a faster internet connection than my dad and there's no wall between the pi and my router here21:07
tilmanrauz_: LOL!21:07
rauz_jup ~~21:07
teK_sad to hear21:07
jaegerteK_: same wireless radio, same power adapter?21:08
teK_with normal LAN connection playback will work like a charm21:08
tilmanteK_: you probably don't have an iwconfig dump from your dad's place?21:08
tilmansomething to compare the current state against?21:08
teK_I took the whole power/usb/raspb. combination and drove the 17 kilometers back to my place..21:08
nrxtxteK_: how many access points are around your place/do other wlan devices work fine?21:09
teK_not really .. I asked about his config via telephone but the only thing he really could tell was '300mbit connection speed was set' so I switched my wlan from mixed to g+n mixed mode..21:09
teK_3 including mine21:09
teK_wlan works fine on this laptop21:09
teK_the http-site version of the stream plays just fine on this machine21:09
teK_BUT cpu usage seems to be much higher21:10
teK_so I suspected encryption as a problem source..21:10
teK_created a new AP without encrpytion.. same shit different ssid21:10
nrxtxteK_: using a USB-Wlan adapter?21:11
teK_a crappy one21:12
teK_but why does it work with my dad's AP21:12
teK_crappy = 5,95EUR price tag21:12
nrxtxany other one around?21:12
teK_but worked ootb21:12
teK_not until tomorrow21:12
nrxtxteK_: you could try the usb wlan adapter on your laptop to exclude problems between ap and usb adapter21:12
teK_that's true21:13
teK_Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5370 Wireless Adapter <21:13
nrxtxhad something similiar here with the internal wlan of an old laptop21:13
teK_btw.. when will the kernel folks make it and sync the tar-filename, uname -r and directory name of the source? :-)21:15
teK_% cd src/linux-$(uname -r)21:15
teK_cd: no such file or directory: src/linux-3.10.0-rc121:16
nrxtxis there something like aur on arch (version tracking/reporting) for crux?21:19
teK_[ ]     rt2800usb - Include support for rt53xx devices (EXPERIMENTAL) (NEW)21:19
teK_sounds rather explicit :P21:19
teK_nrxtx: ck4up or do you mean centralized?21:19
nrxtxcentralized with user interaction, not only monitoring the pages21:21
teK_I'm not familiar with the concept of AUR tbh21:22
teK_so I'd say: no there isn't. Only thing with ports+versions I could find was
nrxtxaur is kind of bugtracking/version reporting/notifier for their Pkgfiles21:25
nrxtxmainly for the the third party contributed ones21:25
teK_and user driven on the notifying and port maintaining side?21:26
teK__can_ be a good thing21:28
nrxtxused that before switching to crux, was usefull to get notifications to sleeping pkgfiles maintainers ;)21:28
teK_our maintainers are awake like hell21:29
teK_mostly. ;>21:29
teK_so archlinux takes the zerg-like approach21:29
nrxtxfor the user contributed pkgfiles yes21:30
nrxtxanyway i do not regret switching to crux :D21:31
teK_ok.. the ralink thingy won't recognize my neighbours wlan (before: 65% signal strength)21:31
teK_that's nice to hear21:31
teK_what made you switch?21:31
nrxtxit did not fit my view of a minimal system anymore21:33
teK_oh, alright21:33
teK_stream plays fine with laptop+ralink dongle21:33
teK_but kernel version _really_ differ21:33
teK_3.10.0-rc1 vs 3. something_old_because_its_debian21:34
nrxtxhm that's weird then you should really try another dongle :D21:34
teK_fscking crap21:36
teK_but thanks for the hint21:36
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nrxtxonly some pkgfiles i need to write left :)21:42
frinnstthunderbird! :)21:44
teK_fix my wlan21:44
teK_instead of being rude21:44
teK_yeah frinnst overlord21:44
frinnstno, im gonna go to bed. and cure my man-flu21:45
teK_get better soon :-)21:45
teK_now I'm stuck at Fun with Falgs by Doctor Sheldon Cooper21:52
teK_ok.. streaming works locally:  Laptop <-WLAN-> raspb  via HTTP (!) without lags for a SD file23:00
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