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Romsterprologic, might help get you started02:24
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Romstertimcowchip gstreamer1 and gst-plugins-base1 are fine here.02:29
prologicRomster:  how exactly?02:38
Romsterwell there built packages of 32bit only off jues work.02:39
Romsteri just fired up the chroot to bump the versions again but it'll be some time got 20 mins before i head back to work.02:39
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prologicyou completely missed what I was talking about03:14
prologicI was talking about software raid03:14
prologicand initrd03:14
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elsphincaudacious complains MISSING madplug?03:38
elsphincactually audacious-plugins03:38
nogagplzin the .footprint or while configuring03:39
elsphincwhile configuring just after the ERROR: footprint mismatch03:40
nogagplzdoes not compute, it builds fine but then errors at the end?03:41
elsphincnope ends with that error building from rehabdoll repository03:42
nogagplzit just sounds like whoever did the footprint built it with madplug, and you're building it without causing the mismatch, correct me if I'm wrong03:44
nogagplzso I guess either try rebuilding it after madplug is installed ot update the footprint and live without madplug03:44
elsphincok so can i just comment out the madplug line in audacious-plugins .footprint and rebuild03:47
nogagplzor add -uf onto the prt-get command03:47
nogagplzor pkgmk whichever you're using03:47
elsphincok the -uf worked. thanks03:49
nogagplzdon't make a habit of blindly doing that though, sometimes MISSING can indicate you're actually missing something important03:50
nogagplzbut yeah, no worries03:50
elsphincsure makes sense i read a bit about that03:50
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elsphincno decoder found for mp3 i just need lame installed no?04:08
jaegerprologic: depends on the metadata and partition type. you can do it without initrd for some configurations04:11
prologicit would be nice if it could be done without an initrd04:11
jaegerwell, it's even easier if it's not the boot partition04:12
jaegerraid0 or raid1 booting can be done without initrd and lilo and grub both support it04:12
jaegerset the partition type to 'fd' and use mdadm metadata version 0.904:12
prologicdo you have to have  separate boot parition?04:13
prologicthat isn't raid0/104:13
nogagplzelsphinc maybe read what configure says it finds/doesn/t find while it's doing the ./configure bit04:14
jaegerno, no need for a separate partition for a simple config like that04:16
jaegerif you want to do raid5 or raid10 or something then it gets more complicated but for 0 and 1 you can use the kernel autoconfig magic to do it04:16
jaegermake sure you compile the kernel with the appropriate auto-assembly option. can't remember what it's called but it should be easy to find04:16
prologicso in theory I should be able to do a simple raid1 + lioo + supporting kernel04:17
prologicwith 0.9 metadata04:17
prologicawesome :)04:17
prologicis 0.9 metadata special?04:17
prologicor is it 0.9+ (latest mdadm metadata?)04:18
jaegerIt's the old unspecial version, actually, but it's what's required for the kernel auto-assembly to work04:18
jaegerIt isn't the default anymore for mdadm assemble so be careful when you create the md04:19
prologicahh k04:19
prologicand later kernel versions don't support later versions of the metadata?04:19
jaegerNot for auto-assembly, no04:20
jaegerI guess they just don't feel like it needs to be updated04:20
jaegeror they assume everyone uses initrd now, perhaps04:20
prologicI'd think the later - yeah04:20
prologicon the other hand04:20
jaegerIf you went that route the metadata version wouldn't matter and your raid config could be as complicated as you wanted04:20
jaegerI tested it with a raid10 for grins once04:21
prologicperhaps I won't worry about a raid1 desktop to replace my dead desktop04:21
prologicraid != backups anyway04:21
jaegernot as good as backups but can't hurt to have both to save time04:21
prologicI'd rather save the money04:21
prologicand buy a half decent NAS nayway04:21
prologicso I dunno yet04:21
jaegerI assumed you asked because you had the drives around but I suppose there's no reason I should assume that :)04:21
jaegerI used to run 2 2TB drives in my desktop in raid1 for my big stuff, media, etc.04:22
prologicI'm thinking of replacing my sea desktop with:
jaegerjust recently moved those drives into a NAS VM and bought a third, it's a ZFS raidz now04:22
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jaegerIf that's gonna be a main desktop I'd recommend a 120GB SSD instead of 60/64GB just for performance reasons04:24
jaeger <-- this one specifically based on what they list they have04:25
jaegerObviously it's more expensive but it'll perform better; there's a sort of performance wall below 120/128GB sizes04:27
jaegera gross oversimplification of it would be to think of the 120 sort of like 2 60s in raid0, speed-wise04:27
jaegerAnyway, going to get some sleep, good night04:28
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diverseWhat is the difference between using an initrd and not using one?05:31
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Romsteroops prologic i can't think too well when rushed. you cna use lilo with raid1 mdadm metadata v0.9007:49
Romsterwithout a inintrid07:49
Romsteroff to table tennis bbl07:49
nogagplzdon't get the ball tangled in your beard again07:52
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: libburn: updated to 1.3.008:21
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: libisofs: updated to 1.3.008:21
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4-dict: updated to 0.7.008:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libogg: updated to 1.3.108:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dovecot: update to 2.2.209:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mpg123: update to 1.15.409:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sqlite3: update to 3.7.1709:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: squid: update to 3.3.509:08
retardutil-linux sure could do with some --enable-ddate09:09
retarddamn you, red hat upstream. damn you.09:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: doxygen: updated to 1.8.409:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: iasl: updated to 2013051709:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-glib: updated to 1.30009:24
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niklasweso what happening in here? :D10:35
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diverseretard: what did redhat do this time?10:56
retarddiverse: they employ the maintainer of util-linux, who has disabled ddate by default so that RHEL wouldn't have to deviate from upstream10:57
retardmeaning ddate is now a flag that has to be enabled, meaning it's disappearing10:58
retardmeaning i'm feeling sad10:58
nogagplzyour puny emotions mean nothing to anybody10:59
retardwell they should11:00
retardi am super important11:00
diversenogagplz why are you being an ass lately?11:00
nogagplzoh sorry sir, I didn't recognise you11:00
nogagplzI'm not being a donkey, don't take my tone as being like that11:01
retardnogagplz and i go way back11:01
retardor something11:01
nogagplzI have seen you somewhere before actuall11:02
retardmeaning i have seen his nick somewhere before and quite possibly been an ass to him11:02
diverseretard: can you fill me in as to what ddate does?11:02
nogagplzah #retroarch probably11:03
retardtom@monsta:~$ ddate11:03
retardToday is Sweetmorn, the 68th day of Discord in the YOLD 317911:03
retard       ddate - convert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates11:03
retardclearly an essential part of the basic linux utilities11:04
retardand yet :(11:04
diverseI called this the "systemd-effect" where features are removed/altered and forced on the user's without their accord.11:06
diverseretard: it looks like you are not alone on this, as google shows others complaining about this change.11:10
retardit is frustrating, and you're right, it reminds me a lot of the systemd-effect11:12
retardparticularly the most insidious thing, which is how it'll spread everywhere and supplant a lot of cool/better stuff, simply by being present everywhere11:12
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retardit'll be a thousand instances of "hey, let's do containers! we can set up lxc .. but systemd-nspawnd is already there"11:58
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Romsterdiverse, nogagplz is acting normal, just deal with it.13:08
nogagplzI don't care what anybody says about you Romster, you're all right13:10
Romsteri don't care what people say about me. i do what i have to do.13:11
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Romstertested another modem worse performance.13:11
nogagplzson, your ego is writing cheques your body can't cash13:11
Romsterya know you coul have something with beard jokes13:12
nogagplzromstucious say13:12
nogagplzalways look before you leep13:12
Romsteralways look before you let one rip13:13
nogagplzwhat has looking ever done for you, you just do it anyway13:13
nogagplzlets go on skype romster13:26
jaegerIt's a trap!13:32
Romsteri lauffed13:32
nogagplzyeah, he'll probably sound like the high talker from seinfeld13:32
Romsteras if13:33
Romster anyone tried that? other than myself.13:35
RomsterDefragment and clean database files from firefox and chromium based browsers.13:35
jaegerI've only tried bowser-vacuum, myself... he keeps kidnapping the princess and getting away, though :(13:35
nogagplzyou're a funny guy jaeger13:36
nogagplzthat's why I'm going to kill you last13:36
jaegerMy legacy is secured13:36
Romsterthat's not funny nogagplz13:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] samba: update to 4.0.613:38
Romstermy poor eyes13:38
nogagplzhahah at the notepad badge down the bottom13:40
Romsterback then the right way was notepad13:41
Romsterfrontpage sucked badly.13:41
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nogagplzdreamweaver was a real piece of shit too13:42
Romsteryeah that wasn't any better.13:43
jaegerIt was *FAR* better than frontpage13:43
jaegerIf you ever looked at the code they both generated13:43
jaegernetobjects fusion did way nastier shit than either of those, though13:43
Romstertrue it was better but still not the best13:43
Romsterman the code frontpage generated.....13:44
Romsternever seen netobjects fusion13:44
nogagplzseen it but never used13:44
Romsterprobably a good thing.13:44
jaegerapparently it's still around but I only saw the results of the 1996-1998 versions13:44
nogagplzhigh octane nightmare fuel?13:45
nogagplzto tvtropes13:46
jaegerIt generated pixel-perfect web pages even back in 1996.... by embedding EVERYTHING in tables13:46
jaegerevery single thing13:46
nogagplzlol wtf13:46
jaegerSo the page looked exactly the same in the GUI as a browser but it was completely unusable over dialup13:46
Romsterand dialup was big back then13:46
Romstermost browsers today render the same
Romsterback then i was pulling hair out due to div layers all behaving different on margins.13:53
nogagplzway to marginalise the problem13:57
Romsterway to make a pun of it13:57
nogagplzyeah, I guess we're both winners13:58
Romsteri feel tired, gonna get in bed shortly14:01
niklaswecan some help me with 1 thing... when I type !help it should print !kaka kaka1, !kaka2 - kaka2 , !fika - fika.. but it only print the first word..
Romstersorry to tired to function and i don't know pearl well enough14:12
nogagplzwhy are you always playing the hero you damn fool14:13
nogagplzlol. I've got nothing14:15
Romsterbecause i was talking and i don't want to appear rude by being quiet straight after niklaswe's asked his question14:15
Romsteri feel like crap, g'night all.14:16
niklasweg'night Romster!14:19
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diverseniklaswe: that must of been painful14:40
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frinnstthe ddate was removed ages ago, no?16:29
frinnst <nogagplz> that's why I'm going to kill you last16:31
jaegersomeone in here is using redshift, right?16:46
Guest77571jaeger: si16:55
jaegerI just built it locally and it thinks it's night time for some reason16:55
jaegerIt's 11:55 AM here currently16:55
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Amnesiajaeger: you should feed it your coordinates16:56
jaegerI did, of course16:56
jaegerIt won't start without them16:56
Amnesiahm dunno then16:58
AmnesiaI started it with my coordinates and everything's fine16:58
Amnesiathink your coordinates are incorrect17:00
jaegerhow do you tell it n/s/e/w coordinates?17:00
frinnstredshift, that monitor thingy?17:01
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jaegerautomatically adjusts color temperature based on your local time and solar elevation17:01
frinnstI tried that, didnt notice any difference (yes i know it changes it in small increments)17:02
jaegerYou're not supposed to notice it, really :)17:02
jaegerIn my case it goes from 6500K to 3700K in about 10 seconds17:03
frinnstyeah but i specified some extreme values just to see if it worked17:03
jaegerso it's very noticeable and broken17:03
jaegerperhaps it didn't work with your driver17:03
Amnesiajaeger: width & hight17:03
Amnesiaeh float*17:03
frinnst(predator inbound)17:04
jaegerI guess west should be negative, it can't figure that out on its own17:05
joacimi tried f.lux, but i didnt like how pictures looked17:07
slashbeastredshift is good imo17:07
slashbeastevery day I used to make it 'red-er' and its good17:08
jaegerfirefox-12.log:real    17m46.870s17:09
jaegerfirefox-16.log:real    17m30.547s17:09
jaegerfirefox-24.log:real    17m11.977s17:09
jaegervery little difference there17:09
jaegeranyway, negative west coord seems to fix redshift. will leave it running today to see17:15
frinnstjaeger: what hardware did you build on?17:58
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jaegerfrinnst: 12, 16, and 24 cores. 32GB RAM (16GB tmpfs). 2.50GHz Xeon E5-264019:17
jaegermake jobs were equal to the number of cores19:17
teK_compiling qemu-1.5.0 right now \o/19:19
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linXeaO.o nice setup19:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: 1.4.1 -> 1.5.019:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-all: 1.4.1 -> 1.5.019:29
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frinnstsurprised there is not that much difference between 12 and 24 cores19:38
frinnstseems limited by the clock hz19:39
Amnesiafrinnst: crappy scheduler?19:39
Amnesiabtw, how were your findings regarding intel p-state?19:39
Rotwangfrinnst: ?19:41
Rotwangno difference between 12 and 24 cores?19:41
jaegerin a very specific case19:45
frinnstfirefox-12.log:real    17m46.870s19:54
frinnstfirefox-24.log:real    17m11.977s19:54
frinnstAmnesia: they seem to have improved it in 3.10-rc219:54
frinnstI had issues viewing 1080p video with pstate19:55
Amnesiahm ok19:55
Amnesiaso what's it like in 3.10 compared to the default scheduler?19:55
frinnstyou mean acpi?19:56
frinnstseems improved, but i've not really tested it much19:56
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Amnesiahm ok19:57
teK_I was rather disappointed of findind out that my rusty haswell i7 won't support that19:59
teK_so: power saving on my desktop but not on my laptop.19:59
frinnstteK_: enabled skinny extents yet?20:00
frinnstso i can btrfstune my /20:00
Amnesiafrinnst: hm, I got a kernelpanic when trying to do the same:)20:02
Amnesiacouldn't be bothered to look further at it20:02
frinnstwhat, installing on usb?20:03
frinnstyou probably only need to append rootdelay=N to the kernel. since usb is slow to initialize20:03
Amnesianope, that didn't do the job20:04
frinnstpartition it with gpt so you can use uuid to mount it20:04
frinnstI have crux installed on a usb-stick in one of my hp microservers20:05
teK_frinnst: not yet :\20:05
Amnesiafrinnst: well, I installed debian before on a usb stick20:05
Amnesiaso yep, it should work20:05
teK_was busy playing with my raspi + hi-fi + updateing qemu, file a bug etc.20:05
frinnstyeah but debian cheats with an initrd20:05
teK_raspbmc is super awesome btw..20:06
Amnesiacustom built20:06
Amnesiaso dunno why it was nagging that it couldn't mount the rootfs20:06
jaegerteK_: have you tried openelec? I wonder which is better20:12
Amnesiahm, openelec is working fine over here20:12
Amnesiadunno whether there've been any improvements on omxplayer lately though20:13
jaegerI use openelec but haven't tried raspbmc, that's why I'm curious20:13
teK_I have had no reason to look for alternative solutions20:14
jaegerfair enough20:14
teK_first I tried to outsmart the installer and siabled its UID==0 check but otherwise we played together well :D20:14
teK_installation was foolish fool fool proof :p20:14
teK_I have yet to find a good way to provide my whole media to the berry20:15
teK_thinking about buying a tiny seagate hdd because I don't want to have another machine running just for watching a movie20:16
jaegerMy media is all stored on a ZFS server so I access it via SMB20:16
teK_no server in this flat.20:16
teK_btw.. my girlfriend (just rocks :D)..20:16
teK_"I have to open the windows now that this thing runs all the time"20:16
teK_well.. it consumes less than our TV when turned off :D20:17
teK_how do you control openelec?20:17
teK_mouse and keyboard?20:17
jaegerI do, yeah, though I think it supports CEC if you have HDMI that does that20:18
AmnesiateK_: check out libcec20:18
teK_I used yatse for android20:19
teK_which is just awesome20:19
teK_but my son broke his samsung the other day so I have to use the web interface for now20:19
teK_googling cec20:19
Amnesiafrinnst: are you using UUID with your crux-stick?20:21
Amnesiaever tried not using it?20:22
teK_hm nice. looks really neat. As my TV just turns on when the pi is powered up.. can I reverse control it via the TV and this keyboard?20:22
frinnstyou need to use gpt for it to work without an initrd20:22
jaegerI have a nexus 7, I should try an xbmc remote for it20:23
AmnesiateK_: your tv's remote control should be sufficient20:23
teK_i have a toshiba with regza which is supposed to be exactly that.. hmmmm20:23
teK_works. Nice! Thanks for the hint20:26
jaegerI should revisit that, openelec didn't support it last time I tried it20:28
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timcowchipRomster ports -u gives  Edit gst-plugins-base1/.footprint Edit gstreamer1/.footprint20:29
teK_I had to enable it in for my tv and it worked..20:29
timcowchipafter pkgmk -uf in /usr/ports/opt/gstreamer1 and gst-plugins-base to get them to install20:30
frinnstjaeger: you're in oklahoma, right?20:31
jaegerfrinnst: yeah20:33
frinnstnotice the storm? or are you in a calmer area? :)20:33
jaegerI'm about an hour and a half east of where it hit and it passed us to the north later20:33
jaegerwas very calm here20:33
frinnstah, goodie.. looked like a big one20:34
jaegerIt did a lot of damage in specific areas, definitely20:34
jaegerMoore (the city) got the worst of it20:34
teK_I always ask myself what these storms would do to 'european' houses built of (and only of) stone20:36
timcowchipI have a nephew in Muskogee20:38
frinnstteK_: yep, would be interesting20:39
frinnsti volounteer your town20:39
teK_I doubt that there could be hurricanes 'in front of' the alps and in this valleyish landscape :)20:40
jaegertimcowchip: I'm in Tulsa20:40
teK_yeah, destruction. Of what?20:40
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frinnstyeah the weather in europe is only boring20:41
Amnesiafrinnst: oi!:P20:41
Amnesiaever tried not using UUID:-)?20:41
teK_jaeger: the other issue was the thing with my usb nano wlan stick but I really think a more recent kernel would fix that, too (too lazy to compile one myself)20:41
timcowchipjaeger: I know20:41
frinnsttimcowchip: you have something extra installed, thats all20:41
joacimi had some big storms and some thunder during the winter of 2011/201220:41
timcowchipfrinnst: oh ok20:42
joacimbeen pretty calm after that20:42
frinnst"NEW" is never really an error20:42
teK_We had a chancellor re-elected because of some shitty weather and flooding, frinnst.20:42
frinnstyou can add PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" to pkgmk.conf20:42
timcowchipwhere I live there's only volcanos to worry about20:42
jaegertimcowchip: can never remember what I've mentioned and not, heh20:43
timcowchipI saw it on
frinnstthat map looks very outdated :)20:45
jaegerAh, ok20:45
jaegerIt is, yeah20:45
timcowchipMt St Helens
timcowchipthat was 33 years ago20:46
timcowchipwhat happened in Moore yesterday is horrifying20:47
joacimthe map doesnt load for me. does it require some kind of plugin?20:48
nrxtxjoacim: google maps api/javascript20:50
joacimit should work then20:50
joacimi know street view sometimes require flash, but the plain old map should work fine20:50
timcowchipdid firefox update break it?20:51
joacimI'm using safari20:51
timcowchipdid webkit update break it?20:53
joacimthis webkit is pretty old20:53
nrxtxhm that remembers me of another missing pkgfile...20:53
joacimand i'm not going to bother with fixing it. the user map isnt maintained. =)20:53
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timcowchipis it prt-get -uf sysup or prt-get sysup -uf?20:55
timcowchipor rather prt-get -uf update each individual package?20:55
joacimman prt-get => prt-get command [options] <arguments>20:56
timcowchipI just saw frinnst "you can add PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" to pkgmk.conf" post......nm20:56
timcowchipclimate change is blamed for the increased severity of tropical storms like S"andy"20:58
timcowchipI wonder if its affecting tornado intensity20:58
timcowchipI was in Iowa in a tornado once20:59
timcowchipit didn't seem that bad20:59
nrxtxthe contrib-admin mail adress is still active?21:24
teK_what's the matter?21:35
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nrxtxteK_: forget about it, i misread the date22:08
Romstertimcowchip like i have siad in the past new files are not a issue PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf pkgrm gobject-introspection if your not using it.22:45
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