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dosman711feel free to yell at me if I'm missing something obvious, but it seems that lvmcreate_initrd isn't included, even when installing the LVM2 package during the setup script?00:10
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timcowchipMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/samba/vfs/aio_linux.so00:31
timcowchipis this a problem?00:31
timcowchipRomster I think udisks uses gobject-introspection00:35
jaegerdosman711: crux doesn't have much in the way of initrd tools, is that a third-party thing or part of lvm?00:36
jaegertimcowchip: it means you're missing libaio00:36
dosman711LVM seems to say it's part of lvm200:36
jaegerit still built but not quite the same way as the maintainer's did, so whether or not that's a problem is up to you00:36
dosman711alright, I'll have to do some more research00:37
dosman711I'm sure there's a way to do it without the script00:37
dosman711or I can pull it from a repo00:37
timcowchipjaeger: ok thanks I'll pkgmk -uf and see if samba still works00:38
jaegerdosman711: no idea on that, here, I don't use lvm =/00:38
dosman711yeah I probably shouldn't complicate, but coming from fedora lvm is a nice thought00:39
jaegertimcowchip: for what it's worth if you check the deps for samba you'll find libaio is now listed00:39
jaegerdosman711: well, no reason you can't use it in crux, just might take some more configuration00:39
timcowchipand not installed00:39
dosman711right, I think I might just use real partitions to get things installed, and then migrate to lvm once I get a system running :)00:40
jaegergood practice, certainly :)00:40
dosman711I'm not as well versed in linux, this should be fun00:40
dosman711thanks jaeger00:41
jaegernp. good luck00:41
timcowchipwait a minute this samba400:55
timcowchipin the past samba3 and samba4 were like lua51 and lua5200:57
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timcowchipnot drop-in replacements00:58
timcowchipoh well, I'll soon see00:58
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Romsterdosman711, there is a /sbin/lvm.static file you can use in initramf02:20
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: sqlite3-32: updated to version 3.7.1702:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libogg-32: updated to version 1.3.102:29
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: mpg123-32: updated to version 1.15.402:33
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timcowchipsamba4 works fine04:49
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niklaswegood morning!07:09
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diversehad a nice nap?08:24
Romsteri was working not napping08:25
diverseI thought you went to sleep a while ago08:28
diverseRomster: whats new these days?08:33
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Romsterdiverse, the usual nothing much changes08:55
diverseRight now, I am trying to think of which display manager to use08:57
Romsterbeen happy wit pekwm09:04
Romsterfor the past what 5 years now09:04
diverseRomster: I meant the login thing09:05
Romsteroh i just use startx09:05
diverseyeah, I am about think thats my own route.09:05
Romstercouldn't be arsed to set one up09:05
joacimi used startx too. grew tired of login managers breaking or not starting properly09:11
linXealooks pretty hardcore with startx too09:26
Romsterget friend around oh your using the console so leet, wheres your desktop?..... startx.... there it is.09:34
Romsterloads in 2 seconds flat.09:34
linXeahowdy Romster09:34
Romsterhey linXea09:34
nogagplzslim isn't total crap09:34
nogagplzreasonably quick and unobtrusive09:34
Romsterbut half way there.09:34
linXeaI miss Crux, should find a spot to reinstall it.09:34
Romsterwhat did you move to?09:35
nogagplzor w/e the word is09:35
joacimi shocked my younger cousin by using the terminal on my mac09:35
linXeaSystem:    Host genbox Kernel 3.8.13-gentoo#3 x86_64 (64 bit, gcc 4.6.3)09:35
linXea           Desktop Gnome 2.32.1 (Gtk 3.4.4) dm gdm Distro Gentoo Base System release 2.209:35
joacimdont think he has ever seen a text based ui before09:35
linXeagentoo came calling.. again09:35
Romstergnome 2 eh, isn't that mate?09:36
linXeanope.. real gnome 2 here09:36
Romsterisn't that stagnating now?09:36
Romsterno updates09:37
linXeayea, no updates been released for a while now.. but still. I preder it to any other current DE on my laptop09:37
linXeamy buddy is working on a gnome 2 replacement.09:37
Romsteryou mean to say there is another...09:38
Romsterhaven't heard of that one.09:38
linXealong time mate with the founder of SolusOS. And I get the pre-alpha to play with in qemu, and it looks good.09:39
linXeathe previous release was a boring "based on debian" version. The NG (new generation) will be 100% stand-alone with PiSi as package manager and an automated buildfarm09:41
Romsteroh it's own distro? why don't they make it free standing for like crux or any other distro?09:41
linXeaConsort will and is free for everyone to use.09:42
linXeaFuduntu or whatever it is called, will adapt it afaik09:43
linXeamore or less a one man project from the start. The SolusOS founder was orginally involved in the creation of MATE, but disliked the path it was taking.09:44
Romsteri don't care if it's in there own rolled distro but having it available for any distro would be great. but why another when there is mate already09:44
Romsterso forked it.09:44
Romstergnome is far too much work for one person09:45
linXeawe'll see when it is done. I only got the preview to play with09:45
linXeashould be released soon enough09:45
Romsterhe has to be working on that full time09:45
linXeayea, and have been for the past year09:46
linXeastubborn irish09:46
linXeaI stuck too much at programming, otherwise I would have helped out.09:48
linXeaI am a pretty good sysadmin, but doubt I will ever be more then a lousy programmer09:49
linXea available here if you want to take it for a spin09:51
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xdpyinfo: 1.3.0 -> 1.3.109:52
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: 2.21.6 -> 2.21.710:01
Romsteryeah o'm no good at programming either10:05
diverseI have a nack for programming, but I am not a computer scientist of the sort.10:24
linXeaI am pretty good at understanding others work, but could never come up with it myself.10:24
diverseyeah it would be easier to join a project then to start one.10:25
linXeaI am part of a few, nothing as cool as CRUX though ;-)10:25
diverseWhy not help out here?10:29
linXeabecause most people here are as skilled or much more skilled then I am.10:30
linXeanot really lacking the competence here10:30
nogagplzyeah but manpower10:37
nogagplzas skilled as they all are Romster can't just maintain all the ports on his own10:38
Romsteri don't have tons of time10:40
linXeanot like it pay the bills = /10:44
nogagplzthat's a horrible attitude10:46
nogagplzyou'll have your name somewhere then, and you can cite it and say I have this experience doing shit see see see see10:46
Romsterlike i do all the time, boast that i am part of crux.10:48
linXealooks better then my resume.. Linuxmint, Peppermint and SolusOS10:49
Romsterseems though crux isn't as well known as arch or slack11:07
diverseor not that many people aim to be as hardcore, since crux is a niche distro.11:10
Romsteri like mint but never tried the OS mint.11:10
diverseRomster: think of Ubuntu but much much much more graphically user friendly and the color green instead of the orangish-purple.11:12
Romsterah makes sense since mint is green11:13
Romsterthey probab ly hide the console as much if not at all as possible. what's a console xD11:13
diversebasically if someone out of the blue said they want to try Linux, you point them to Linux mint, so they don't have to think about anything.11:15
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Romstereven partitioning?11:17
nogagplzquit looking at my disks11:18
Romsterthere mine <<11:18
diverseThat sounded so wrong...11:18
nogagplzif I said quit looking at my dicks it might've looked wrong11:18
Romsteri just thought no forgot a / at the start11:18
nogagplzbut I do actually have multiple for the record11:19
Romsternever have enough11:19
nogagplzactually tomorrow I was gonna grab another 3tb drive romster for p311:19
nogagplzonly got like 40GB or so of space left on it11:19
diverseRomster: I imagine the setup wizard on linux mint does all the work even partitioning, so its basically clicking next, next, next, next, next, next, so forth.11:21
nogagplzeven ubuntu lets you do your own partition scheme though11:21
nogagplzso I doubt mint would just redact that capability if somebody really wanted it11:21
diverseI was speaking for the total newb who doesn't know what a partition is. You are right, the option would be there if an expert wanted to set up a partitioning scheme.11:24
Romsterprobably right.11:24
nogagplzah k11:24
diverseRomster: Since you are looking at your spare drives, you are going to test Linux mint or something?11:27
nogagplzthose are probably part of his giant lvm setup11:28
nogagplzor raid or w/e he was doing11:28
diverseI think he does raid 111:28
Romsterraid1 and lvm11:29
Romsterbut i'm half done setting up moosefs11:29
diverseis it mdadm + lvm, or lvm in mirror mode?11:31
Romstermdadm + lvm11:31
Romsterlvm miror mode wasn't exactly that mature when i started.11:31
Romsterbut here is now 2 implementations of mirror in lvm now.11:31
Romsterthe LV mirror then the raid1 mirror in LV11:32
Romstersince LV can be a raid0,1,5,6 now.11:32
diversefantastic, now you can mirror your mirror without any worry ;)11:34
nogagplzyo dawg, I herd u liek mirrors so I build you a hall of mirrors where your mums bedroom used to be. enjoy11:35
Romsteroh gawd 100 mums *dies*11:39
Romsterone is more than enough11:39
diversewhat if you saw 100 nogagplzs?11:40
Romsterthey can go in my basement and make code <_<11:40
frinnstyou can never have enough storage11:40
Romsteroh and probably make money playing games competitively11:41
Romsteryeah expand storage fine more to fill it up with11:41
frinnstI have about 6+5+6 TB at home :)11:42
Romsterore than i have atm i think11:42
diverseRomster: what code would they be making?11:42
Romsteri can thin of stuff.11:43
nogagplznow he's gone to the toilet to do his thinking11:43
diverseyou saying that reminds me of that great thinker statue11:44
diverseThis is what Romster is doing in the bathroom:
diverseI wonder what he is plotting...11:47
nogagplzprobably a frequency histogram of the jokes made at his expense11:48
frinnstbah. I had to go check in the pkgfile what the new deps of samba was. see, this is why a "depup/depupgrade" command for prt-get would be useful11:50
nogagplzlol why are you slapping him11:50
diverseRomster became a punching bag for slapping...11:51
frinnstalso because he thinks FS#849 is a bad idea11:52
nogagplzyeah actually romster wtf are you smoking11:53
Romsterlol how did you know i went to the toilet...11:59
diversebecause nogagplz knows inside and out.11:59
diverse*knows you11:59
Romsterit's a experienced user base not a noob user base12:00
frinnstits a lazy userbase12:00
frinnst(me included)12:00
frinnstI HAD TO TYPE THINGS!!12:00
Romsteromg so hard12:01
diverseRomster: why would the "depup/depupgrade" command would be a bad idea?12:01
Romsterfor those that use --ignore on some ports on a dpeinst... then a depupgrade of siad port pulls in stuff you didn't want.12:03
frinnstthen dont use it12:03
frinnststop making my life difficult :)12:03
Romsteri'm sure my one vote against it is the minority.12:04
Romsterif it gets put in i just wont use it.12:04
Romster mario dog anyone12:07
Romsterthe only reason ignroe new got in was i made a feature request someone else made a patch for it. and submitted it it sat for ages, i edited it and submitted it again and it finally got in... how often do i vote agesnt anything?12:08
Romsterignore new12:10
diversenvm then :)12:11
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diversehow would the depupgrade know which deps to pull in?12:12
diverseseems like a complicated algorithm to begin with12:15
diversefrinnst: why not just add the deps in manually?12:16
diverseoh wait, he is part of the lazy userbase... nvm...12:17
diverseRomster: I am beginning to see how not useful it is either.12:19
jaegerhow useful it is is entirely subjective12:25
diverseThat is so, I don't fully grasp it.12:27
diverseI suppose it would make the maintainers lives easier?12:33
horrorStruckany epub reader to recommend please?12:36
Romsterall i've ever done is look on the mailing list and if i see soemthing different i will do a prt-get deptree foo to see what new deps i am missing. or just install those that are mentioned in the ML.13:02
jaegerconsort isn't so much a gnome 2 fork as a gnome 3 fork designed to behave/look like gnome 2, if I remember right13:03
jaegera fork of parts of gnome 3, not the whole desktop13:04
joacimso many forks. does any of them have any staying power?13:06
jaegercinnamon and mate seem popular13:07
joacimi tried the one that comes with mint for a bit. dont know how well it works, but it did look good.13:11
horrorStruckdiverse: yep, been there already but thanks13:12
diversehorrorStruck: np, sorry about that.13:13
horrorStruckseems to be hard to find something without 10K deps...13:14
horrorStruckreadium (chrome extension) does the job but it's very limited13:15
jaegerI've not used cinnamon so can't speak for that but MATE is at least simpler than gnome was13:15
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diverseDoesn't firefox include a Desktop file that shows up in app menus?13:50
linXeadid you symlink your installation (guess you installed a newer version manually) ?13:58
frinnsthorrorStruck: I have a firefox-extension to read epub with14:00
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diversefrinnst: would it be possible if you could include a desktop file for firefox in the package?14:22
frinnst.desktop files are evil14:42
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libgmp: update to 5.1.215:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: scite: update to 3.3.215:19
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libusb-compat: update to 0.1.515:30
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