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diversefrinnst: how so?06:36
frinnsteveything i dont find useful is imo evil :)06:41
diverseWhat DE/WM are you using?06:42
diverseoh no wonder... dammit!06:42
frinnstanyways, i'll look into it06:42
diverseI need it for my e17 app menu06:42
frinnsthad no time yesterday. went to bed at 7pm :)06:43
frinnst12hrs sleep ftw06:43
diversefrinnst: how is it going so far?07:15
frinnsthow is what going?07:16
frinnstthe firefox thingy? im at work07:16
frinnstno play here :)07:16
frinnst(except irc)07:16
diversesorry :(07:16
frinnst(and watching streamed formula 1)07:17
diverseyou sure do some play for working, ahem.07:18
diversefrinnst: when do you finish working?07:23
frinnst~8hrs from now07:26
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Romsteri barely got 4 hours last night.07:59
timcowchipyou and frinnst got 2 normal nights rest between you both08:04
Romsterif only that worked08:04
timcowchipI saw where you said "new" is ok and "missing" is not ok08:05
timcowchipI should have paid more attention08:05
Romsterignore new but there is no ignore missing is there now08:06
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timcowchipI'm playing around with
timcowchipit has a cool startup script for choosing window managers after "startx"08:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: samba: fix permission of /var/lock09:20
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: btrfs-progs: update to 2013051009:46
frinnstoh how i love the efficiency of java...09:57
frinnst27444 elastics  20   0 1947m 1.1g 4668 S 74.7 56.0 513:15.54 java09:57
diverseJava, Java everywhere11:26
Romsterhmp configuring crap just not in the mood todo  it11:31
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sacardedo you know if crux packages are compatibility with arch packages?11:35
frinnstnever used arch, sorry11:36
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Romsterarch borried ideas off crux11:49
Romsterso there packages are more advanced than our Pkgfiles are.11:49
Romsterbut you can edit it to work11:49
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diverse"borrowed"? More like stoled the idea.11:59
diverseand bastardize it by making it more bloated then it needs to be.12:01
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teK_hey, it's not as if they infringed some patents or stole per's money :)13:15
teK_diversity is good folks13:16
jaegerdifferent people, different goals13:17
teK_that's also why I'm sad about gnome's self-imosed castration.. we have to few innovation in DEs ;)13:17
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diverseteK_: I am not saying diversity is bad, I was just saying they got it from here and where credits are due.14:34
diverseAlthough I wish there was more unique and innovative diversity instead of people making Ubuntu clone distros.14:36
jaegerarch may have been heavily inspired by crux in the past but it's changed a lot since then14:38
diverseyeah it heavily changed a lot, its not the Arch it used to be when I was using it.14:40
diverseThats in the past. I couldn't be more happier with Crux.14:45
diverseusing ports and prt-get always gives me this warm fuzzy feeling.14:46
diverseThat "have it your way" feeling.14:57
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linXeaI never understood the reason to use arch15:54
jaegerIt's just personal preference... why run arch or fedora or gentoo or anything else? Because you like it16:08
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jjjet42is this irc for asking support questions?16:46
horrorStruckjjjet42: yes16:49
horrorStruckamong other things16:49
jjjet42im a bit new to irc and crux16:49
horrorStruckwelcome then16:49
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jjjet42every linux distro doesnt seem to play nice with my wireless usb16:49
horrorStruckblame the kernel16:50
horrorStruckwhat's the chipset, what's your kernel version?16:50
horrorStruckwireless chipset16:50
horrorStruckwhich kernel are you running?16:51
jjjet42i managed to get the firmware where it should be16:51
jjjet42i have no idea16:51
horrorStruckuname -r16:51
horrorStruckok, pretty old stuff :)16:53
jjjet42well, its not a regular crux version16:54
horrorStrucktry a recent kernel, atheros have usually good support16:54
jjjet42anyway to update the kernel?16:54
horrorStruckwhat's the problem by the way :P16:54
jjjet42when i plug it in i get the following: ath9k_htc 1-4:1.0: ath9k_htc: Target is unresponsive16:55
jjjet42then after that is says it failed to intialize the device16:56
horrorStrucktry a cold boot with your wl-usb already plugged and see if it helps16:57
jjjet42whats cold boot? i've heard of it, but whats th difference between other kinds of booting?16:58
horrorStruckdo not simply reboot, power off the machine then power it on.16:59
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horrorStruckgoogle seems to say it's a usb issue. you might want to try a recent kernel16:59
jjjet42regular shutdown doesnt normally work, which is another problem im having16:59
horrorStruckwhat is it you're running actually, you said it's not really CRUX17:00
jjjet42its a version of crux that is built to run a minecraft server called mineos crux. Im trying to experiment with it because it sounded fun.17:00
horrorStruckah ok, heard about this. isn't there some newer version based on another distro ?17:01
jjjet42After a cold boot it has the same error after the message "The system is coming up"17:02
horrorStruckdo you have previous linux experience?17:02
jjjet42i do17:02
jjjet42although not with a command line one17:02
horrorStruckfirst thing i would do is to try a recent kernel17:03
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jjjet42is there somewhere i can read about how to upgrade an existing kernel or do i have to perform a clean install?17:06
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horrorStruckno need to reinstall17:11
horrorStruckwhat is the bootloader mineos is using?17:12
jjjet42it gave me a couple options and i chose the default17:12
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horrorStruckget this first:
jjjet42these are the kernel files?17:13
horrorStruckare you using ethernet right now or using another machine?17:13
horrorStruckkernel sources, yes17:13
jjjet42i move files into the harddrive via boot disk and flashdrive17:14
jjjet42it seems mineos doesnt like usb17:14
jjjet42so i use another distro to get files in there17:14
jjjet42ethernet is not possible atm17:14
horrorStruckwhich machine is it?17:14
jjjet42its a desktop pc, not easy to move closer to the router17:15
horrorStruckdo you know if your mineos install uses an initramfs?17:16
jjjet42not really, i saw that a couple times during installation but i dont think that helps any17:18
horrorStruckanyway, do you want to try to update your kernel?17:18
jjjet42why not? i have nothing to lose17:19
horrorStruckso you finished downloading the source yet :P ?17:19
jjjet42ill learn how to update a kernel in the process17:19
jjjet42yeah its downloaded17:19
jjjet42i moving it over to the hd17:19
jjjet42alright its on the hd now17:23
horrorStruckyou know how to decompress the archive?17:24
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jjjet42i might remember how to do it from the cmd line17:25
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jjjet42the cmd is tar right?17:25
horrorStruckyou may use bsdtar17:25
horrorStruckbsdtar xf file.tar.xz17:26
horrorStruckyou should have it installed17:26
horrorStruckdont you?17:26
jjjet42looks like it is17:26
horrorStruckyou booted into mineos, right?17:27
horrorStruckcd into the extracted dir when decompressing is done17:27
jjjet42alright its decompressed17:27
horrorStruckplug your wl-usb17:28
horrorStruckand check with lsmod if the ath module is loaded17:28
jjjet42it is17:28
horrorStruckk, type: make localyesconfig17:29
jjjet42i got an error17:29
horrorStruckwhich is17:30
jjjet42No config file found at scripts/kconfig/ line 12317:30
jaegerjjjet42: was out of my office but for what it's worth I have a usb wireless thing at home that uses the ath9k_htc chipset and it works fine with a fairly recent kernel for me... 3.6.x and 3.8.x at least, haven't tried too many of them17:30
horrorStruckk, type: zcat /proc/config.gz > .config17:31
jjjet42gzip: /proc/config.gz: no such file or directory17:31
tilmantype: sudo /sbin/modprobe configs17:32
horrorStruckany config is /boot/ ?17:32
jjjet42sudo sbin/modprobe: command not found17:32
tilmanyou forgot the leading slash17:33
jjjet42im assuming this is mineos fault17:33
jjjet42i did forget the slash17:33
tilmani know17:33
jjjet42sudo /sbin/modprobe configs did not output anything17:35
tilmanno output = no errors17:36
tilmanno errors = win17:36
jjjet42thats good17:36
jaegeryou can check the output of 'lsmod' to see if the module loaded17:36
jjjet42what am i lookig for17:36
jjjet42i dont see config under the modules list thing17:36
tilmandon't try to spot it17:37
tilmanuse grep17:37
tilmansudo /sbin/lsmod | grep -i configs17:37
jjjet42no output, i also forgot the slash again the first time17:38
horrorStruckdo you still have the same error if you do the following: make defconfig && make localyesconfig17:40
jjjet42it says configuration written to config now17:41
horrorStrucknow: make menuconfig <- in fact we dont want wireless to be built-in17:42
jjjet42couple stuff before it17:42
jjjet42some warnings about ath9k_hw not being selected17:42
jjjet42is it normal?17:42
horrorStruckany more info in the message?17:43
horrorStruckbut anyway, just type make menuconfig17:43
jjjet42module ath9k_htc did not have configs CONFIG_ATH9K_HTC17:43
tilmancan't someone go to his house and fix this? would be faster17:44
jjjet42same error but is is for ath9k_common, ath, and ath9k_hw17:44
jjjet42it opened a kernel configuration17:45
horrorStruckyes, go to Devices Drivers -> Network device support -> Wireless LAN17:46
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horrorStruckpress space bar when the module you need is highlighted, it's ath9k_htc, right?17:48
horrorStruckAtheros HTC based wireless cards support17:49
jjjet42would it be under the atheros wireless cards section?17:49
horrorStruckmake sure you have something like this: <M>17:50
frinnstdear god the backlog17:50
jjjet42the section appears empty17:50
horrorStruckgo back one step and press spacebar17:50
horrorStruckfrinnst: it's just the beggining :)17:50
tilmanhorrorStruck: you'll lose it soon enough17:50
frinnst*afl* :)17:51
jjjet42if this is the beggining im scared17:51
tilmani'll be hear watching17:51
tilmanfor fuck's sake17:51
horrorStruck*never gonna give you up*17:51
tilmani think when i turned 30 my brain started to rot17:51
tilmanmy english skills are failing17:51
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: mesa3d: update to 9.1.317:52
jjjet42so the it looks like: <m>    Atheros Wireless Cards --->17:52
horrorStruckgood, go in this sub-menu and do the same with htc17:52
horrorStruckAtheros HTC based wireless cards support <- to be precise17:53
jjjet42ok i did that and a new option appeared under it and the < > changed to <M> like before17:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libpcap: update to 1.4.017:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: tcpdump: update to 4.4.017:53
horrorStruckgood, you want to make some checks to be sure the localyesconfig stuff worked before compiling or we just go ahead?17:54
jjjet42should i check?17:55
horrorStruckit will be painful using irc17:55
jjjet42alright lets go ahead then17:55
horrorStruckthen select exit at the bottom menu until it just exits17:56
jjjet42i do not hit save?17:56
horrorStruckyes save17:56
horrorStruckhow may cores does your cpu have?17:57
jjjet42its... hyperthreaded17:57
jjjet42so i think it acts like it has two when it really has 117:57
horrorStrucktype: make -j317:57
jjjet42some places say its one, but my pc usually thinks its 217:57
horrorStruckand wake me up when it's done17:58
jjjet42its an old pc17:58
jjjet42make is a C++ thing isnt it?17:59
jjjet42so its compiling something?17:59
horrorStruckyou're building the kernel right now17:59
jjjet42i see17:59
horrorStruckwhat do you have under /boot/ ?18:00
jjjet42i dont know18:01
jjjet42i try not to play with anything i dont know18:01
horrorStruckcan paste ls -l /boot/ output on pastebin or similar18:01
jjjet42its still building i think18:01
horrorStruckwell, dont bother18:01
jjjet42should i do it after its done?18:02
horrorStruckyou probably should make a backup of your current kernel, we'll look at this later18:04
jjjet42its a clean install of mineos, im sure i have a backup on my install disk18:05
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jjjet42its done, it says arch/x86/boot/bxImage is ready18:17
horrorStrucktype: sudo make modules_install18:18
jjjet42thats done18:18
horrorStrucksudo cp /boot/System.map18:19
horrorStrucksudo cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz18:19
horrorStruckplease paste the output of ls -l /boot i'd like to check something18:21
horrorStruckwell no need to paste18:21
jjjet42what do you mean?18:22
horrorStruckwhta does this say: ls -l /boot/vmlinuz* | wc -l18:23
jjjet42it just says 118:24
horrorStruckyou have tu run lilo now18:24
horrorStrucki dont use it, not sure if it's in your path18:24
horrorStrucksudo lilo18:24
jjjet42added Mineos *18:24
horrorStruckgrep image /etc/lilo.conf18:25
jjjet42image = /boot/vmlinuz18:26
horrorStruckok, now sacrifice a goat and reboot18:26
horrorStruckhopefully you'll be using your new kernel18:27
horrorStruckif it boots :P18:27
jjjet42a bunch of stuff just appeared on my screen im not sure if it failed or if it is normal18:27
horrorStruckrandom letters?18:28
horrorStrucklots of fffffffffff18:28
jjjet42pretty much18:28
jjjet42one line looks like: [<c16e4d00>] ? rest_init_0x60/0x6018:29
jjjet42im assuming its not good at all18:29
horrorStruckno it's not18:29
horrorStruckhow many hard disks in this machine?18:29
jjjet42i have an extra 2 hardrives though18:29
jjjet42and some extra sata cables18:30
jjjet42one hardrive has a win xp ubuntu dual boot and the other stores files18:30
horrorStruckbut they're plugged to your motherboard right now?18:30
jjjet42i unplugged them18:31
jjjet42i didnt want them doing weird stuff while i figured this out18:31
horrorStruckyou installed mineos when they were plugged?18:31
jjjet42last time i tried something like this i got this L 99 99 99... msg18:32
jjjet42i unplugged the drives when mineos was installed18:32
jjjet42I made sure there was one drive and that one drive had no partitions on it or anything18:32
horrorStruckhmmm... i'm not too sure how localyesconfig works exactly but if it relies on modules only and if mineos had a lot of stuff built-in that might be the reason why you're missing something18:35
horrorStrucklet's try this18:35
horrorStruckboot into ubuntu and mount mineos partition where the kernel sources are18:36
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: [notify] xorg-xf86-video-openchrome: updated to 0.3.3. Fixes CVE-2013-199418:36
jjjet42ill try...18:37
frinnsthorrorStruck: your patience is remarkable :)18:39
jjjet42cant, i got the L 99 99 99... error18:39
jjjet42it is... not very many people have patience for me18:40
horrorStruckfrinnst: i lived too long in asia :P18:40
frinnstfooked bootsector18:40
jjjet42last time this happened i had to reinstall everything :P18:41
horrorStruckjjjet42: how did you reboot your machine?18:41
jjjet42no idea how to fix L 9918:41
frinnstnah, just reinstall the bootloader18:41
jjjet42i plugged in the harddrive and went to the boot menu then chose the ubuntu/winxp hd18:42
horrorStruckah it's your other disk that's screwed?18:42
frinnstit might still be trying to boot the other disk18:43
frinnstcheck your bios settings18:43
jjjet42the L 99 shows up every time i do something like this, which is why i unplugged it...18:44
jjjet42what am i looking for in the bios?18:44
frinnstwhat disk is used for booting18:45
jjjet42ok so ill disable booting from the mineos drive right?18:45
horrorStruckfrinnst: they say Sweden is burning on TV right now :O18:45
frinnstnah, just stockholm18:46
frinnsti dont live there, so fuck it :)18:46
horrorStruckhehe :D18:46
jjjet42i changed the ubuntu hd to boot before the mineos one18:47
jjjet42still L9918:47
jjjet42and i get L99 even when the mineos hd isnt on it18:48
jjjet42do i have to boot into ubuntu?18:49
horrorStruckcan you?18:49
jjjet42not at all, until i fix L9918:49
jjjet42i can boot to DSL from cd18:50
horrorStruckhow old is it?18:50
jjjet42old is what?18:50
joacimfrinnst: did you happen to be passing through stockholm before the fires?18:50
horrorStruckyour DSL cd18:51
jjjet42recently burned18:51
jjjet42its cd-rw i can rewrite dsl as many times as needed when it updates18:51
horrorStruckwould be nice to have a distro with a recent kernel and some build packages18:52
jjjet42what about an ubuntu live cd?18:52
jjjet42i have an iso i can burn already downloaded for 12.4, i was going to use it to replace damn win 8 if it werent for secure boot18:53
horrorStruckthat would work i guess18:53
jjjet42its not related, but while its burning... do any of you now how to disable secure boot?18:56
horrorStruckwont your bios let you do that?18:56
jjjet42greyed out18:56
jjjet42i hate this damn OS18:57
jjjet42live cd is half way done being burned18:58
jjjet42i'd love to use the disk to rid myself of win 8... but until i can disable secure boot im stuck with these ugly tiles18:58
horrorStruckisnt there an unlocked bios available somewhere?18:59
jjjet42not that i know of18:59
jjjet42i called their damn support and they said they'd call me back in hour... about 12 hours ago19:00
jjjet42ahh the disk is burned, ill try booting into ubuntu now19:01
jjjet42live cd is working, its starting up now19:02
horrorStruckdo this when you can: sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-$(uname -r)19:03
jjjet42i suppose i could just go the easy route and get a different kind of mineos...19:03
jjjet42booting from cd is a bit slow :P19:03
jjjet42its taking a while to startup19:17
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jjjet42i dont think it should take this long to start the cd...19:32
horrorStruckdefinitely not19:33
horrorStruckjjjet42: it's 2.34 am here, i'll be happy to try to help later but now is really time to sleep.19:34
jjjet42ill see what i ca fix without help19:37
jjjet42at least fix the L9919:37
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horrorStruckjjjet42: if you can get this machine to boot, just use some pasting site and paste links to: cat /etc/fstab of mineos install, cat /proc/cpuinfo and lspci -n and i'll make a config for you tomorrow19:44
jjjet42k ill see what i can do alone19:44
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frinnstjoacim: nope, not been in stockholm in ages. sry, im not the cause :)20:15
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linXeaHusby stone throwers ...20:44
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