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diversefrinnst: did you look into the firefox desktop file thing?01:10
timcowchipdiverse: make your own in ~/.local/share/applications01:19
timcowchipI think frinnst said desktop files were evil01:19
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diversehmm, how come when I view man pages as user, I see all of the escape characters floating around, while as root, it doesn't show?05:08
leetspete1diverse: `locale`, or maybe $LESSCHARSET?05:23
diverseI don't use LESSCHARSET variables, so its probably the locale05:50
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leetspete1As yourself and as root?05:56
diverseWell root has the $CHARSET, while the user doesn't05:57
diverseThe problem might be because the user uses zsh while root uses bash06:00
diverseleetspete1: ^06:02
frinnstnot yet06:03
leetspete1If root has the variable set but the user doesn't, I'd guess it's that rather than the shell.06:06
joacimmy LESSCHARSET is unset for both joacim and root06:07
diverseleetspete1: so I need to manually export those variables manually?06:10
leetspete1diverse: It's done in /etc/profile, the defailt is 'latin1'.06:11
leetspete1So bash sources that, zsh might not.06:11
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niklaswegood morning!06:58
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poulecacahi there08:23
poulecacabtw jaeger I tried to update crux from 2.7 pure 64bit to 3.0 multilib. Things went not as bad as I would expect.08:30
poulecacabut now some ports complain about a missing have anyone already met such pb ? I think that at compile time these ports have not found proper pthread and that I need to compile them again08:32
horrorStruckthe libpthread-stub update is a *gigantic* PITA but it's doable. i remember using a chroot at some point out of frustration.08:47
poulecacabut I should not need right ? As I got pthread these stubs should be empty08:57
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poulecacaOk I think I see what happens. Maybe I used it with my old crux version and now crux 3.0 does not use it anymore09:01
poulecacaso I should compile again all xorg packages I think09:01
horrorStruckyes, and more :)09:08
niklaswedoes someone has any crux lxc template?09:09
poulecacaok thx horrorStruck. I'll try to use revdep to see which ports use pthread-stubs...09:18
frinnstrevdep wont find it, iirc09:41
frinnstyou'll need to grep through the pkgconfig *.pc files09:41
poulecacahm thats a good idea09:46
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jaegerpoulecaca: I did something like this:11:57
jaegerprt-get update $(for F in $(grep /usr/lib/*.la | cut -d: -f1); do pkginfo -o ${F} | tail -1 | awk '{ print $1 }'; done | sort | uniq)11:57
jaegerRan that until it had rebuilt them all11:58
poulecaca:-) thx jaeger I'll try this things as soon as I came back to home12:13
frinnstteK_: tried skinny extents on 3.10-rc yet?12:43
frinnstif not, you might want to wait a bit :)12:43
teK_uh oh :D12:47
teK_no but I pulled the update for btrfs-progs yesterday and just had no time to convert /home (with precious project data on it)12:47
teK_btw do you watch hannibal?12:52
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niklaswedoes someone know if Hp ProLiant DL360 G4p support kvm ?13:20
jaegerno idea here13:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: updated to version 319.2313:54
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nvidia-32: updated to version 319.2313:54
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rmullRomster: I'm getting a webkit build fail with this error: No definitions founds at ../Source/WebCore/bindings/scripts/ line 19614:19
Romsterrmull, i rebuilt it on May 21 11:30 and it worked then.14:27
Romsteryou sure your not missing any dependencies? and ran revdep?14:27
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rmullRomster: I'll double check14:45
rmullI'll report back in a week when it's done :P14:46
Romsterhehe it does take some time.14:47
Romsterbe sure you did compile harfbuzz with icu support it's a dependency now.14:47
Romsterthat's about the only thing i can think of breaking it.14:48
rmullHmm, okay. I was using the last version without trouble, which I think also had harf with icu14:48
rmullI will investigate more thoroughly. Just thought I'd bring it to your attention :)14:49
Romsteri haven't had any breakage yet, i sure hope i don't get any now.14:54
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timcowchipI added 2 clickme's
timcowchipexec gdebi-gtk /usr/local/extras/udevil_0.4.1-1_all.deb18:48
timcowchipexec gdebi-gtk /usr/local/extras/spacefm_0.8.7-1_all.deb18:48
timcowchipI use gdebi because dependencies need to be downloaded18:49
timcowchipshit I'm in the wrong IRC18:49
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