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v33hey guys05:56
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diverseprologic: are you around?10:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.1711:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libpng: updated to
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linXeahowdy nrxtx12:01
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libxau: updated to 1.0.813:35
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sacardecrux have only source-packages?14:32
sacardeno binary?14:32
Rotwangno binary14:40
diversesacarde: I think Romster provides a repo of already built packages that were requested by users, ask him about that. Other than that, yes its source-based.14:40
sacardewhich differences between crux and gentoo ?14:42
diverseWell, you have no USEFLAGS, but you don't need them anyway.14:43
diverseCrux is more BSD-ish in spirit.14:43
diversesacarde: whats your distro history?14:45
diverseIf you were using Arch, you will feel home here.14:47
sacardeyes.... but I search binary pakages14:47
diverseyou can search through ports here14:48
sacardeusing ports I have to build packages... no?14:48
diverseYes, but you can search through them before building them if you want.14:49
sacardeah, ok14:49
diverseif there is a package that is not available, you can just add a repo that has it or make your own.14:51
diversesacarde: what were your reasons for moving away from arch?14:53
sacardeI am lookingfor ppc distro14:54
sacardearchppc is closed14:54
sacardeI speek with acrix in #crux-ppc14:54
sacardeacrux is away at this moment14:56
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diversegreat... I can't figure out why alsa is not working...18:20
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darkfAny way to manage dependencies in CRUX?20:05
nrxtxdarkf: manage = install automatically?20:07
darkfRemove a package and its dependencies orphan20:08
joacimI dont think so. I do most of it manually and I use pkgfoster to help out. It doesnt work that well tho (on my system at least)20:17
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nrxtxsomeone successfully uses graphviz "dot" command on crux?21:06
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nrxtxforget about it ... works21:36
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himynameisphilwhat do people use for network management on crux?22:24
himynameisphilI can't get wicd to work22:24
linXeadhcpd + wicd22:28
linXeawhats wrong with wicd ?22:28
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himynameisphilI get an error message about it not being able to start dbus, whereas, as far as I can see, dbus is running.23:09
himynameisphilor it says it cant find any wireless networks23:16
himynameisphildepends on the weather. :)23:20
linXeasound more like a driver problem to me23:23
himynameisphilvery possible. the linux driver for this adapter doesnt seem very polised23:23

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