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prologicdiverse: pong?00:01
prologicMy oorts atr on ,y bitbucket repos00:01
prologicSorry have no desktop at home yet00:01
diverseprologic: can I see your python3 Pkgfile?01:22
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v33so, hows everyone doing?01:33
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diverseArgh, why wont you work alsa!!07:42
diversejaeger-: I still think its the missing 00main file...07:51
jaeger-create one and see, then, I guess08:22
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prologic_diverse: its in my repo on bitbucket08:29
prologic_i alrady said this08:29
Romsterhimynameisphil, dbus has two parts to it a /var/rc.d/dbus and a user daemon you start with X dbus-launch --auto-syntax --exit-with-session foo in ~/.xinitrc08:33
Romsterreplace foo with your DE/WM08:34
Romsterdiverse, make sure the channels are not muted.08:35
Romsterand that your in the audio group.08:35
Romsterprologic_, then you should fix you're url in ports db 40408:40
jaegeryou used "your" and "you're" exactly backwards there, heh08:50
jaegerJust expand it to "you are" in your head, if it doesn't make sense anymore use "your" :)08:52
Romsteryeah, i try to do that this time i did not.08:53
Romstertired after working for a metallica cover band and then the drive home after packing up with limited amount of sleep08:53
Romsterlooking for crux on bitbucket i come across this. kwort-webserver is a very small linux distribution based on kwort 3 which is based on Crux and was based on Slackware.08:55
Romstersince when was crux based on slackware?08:55
diversejaeger: how do I create one?09:02
Romsterwhat have you done so far? how many sound cards?09:02
Romsterdo you have a asound.conf or .asound file?09:03
jaegerdiverse: it's a text file, an editor would be sufficient. with that said I'm working on updating alsa-lib and alsa-utils so the port will have a default one soon09:03
Romsteror was it alsa.conf09:03
jaegerThe reason it's missing is that the previous ALSA maintainer removed /usr/share in the port09:04
Romsterwhy does it need one? works without it for the majority of users09:04
jaegerIt's not required at all but it is part of the software and throws an error if you use "alsactl init"09:05
Romsterand that is why i hate using rm -rf $PKG/usr/share09:05
Romsteri never noticed, but i did make my own config got 2 cards09:06
Romstermaybe why i never saw the warning09:06
diverseRomster: I do have an ~/.asoundrc file with: defaults.pcm.rate_converter "samplerate_best"09:08
jaegerI've never used alsactl init, it isn't needed to set up a sound card09:08
jaegerjust tries to set some defaults if you don't want to do it yourself09:08
jaegerbut fails if 00main doesn't exist09:08
Romsternever used that command either09:08
Romsterinfact, i think diverse is the first to find that09:09
diverseThe 00main file you mean?09:09
Romsteralsactl init, never used that command09:10
diverseRomster: Well, some guy on the Arch forms said they use this command when the sound card stop working.09:11
jaegeryeah, the point is that the command tries to set the card back to default settings defined by 00main... it is NOT required if you set your card up manually09:12
Romsterall i ever do is use alsa mixer and unmute the master and turn up the level09:12
jaegerIf the problem you're having is a mixer level problem, it may help. If the problem you're having is not mixer-related, it's likely not going to do anything useful.09:12
Romsterwhich means i doit manually.09:12
Romsterin any case it's there it should be working.09:13
Romsterblatantly removing files with force should be a crime09:14
Romsterit masks other files that may be new.09:14
diverseis there anything you guys want me to pastebin to how investigate this problem?09:16
Romster wonder what the go with that is.09:17
diverseI also tried alsaconf, which didn't help either.09:18
Romsteryou had sound before?09:18
Romsternew setup?09:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: alsa-lib: updated to version
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: alsa-utils: updated to version
diverseI had sound working on my old Arch system. I don't have sound in my Crux setup.09:19
diverseThanks for updating those jaeger :)09:19
Romsterdid you make the sound driver a module?09:19
jaegerout of curiosity would it work if you copied /var/lib/alsa/asound.state from your arch install?09:19
Romsterlspci -k09:19
Romstercheck dmesg too09:20
diverseRomster: would you want me to pastebin the info to you?09:31
diversejaeger: I just copied over my Arch asound.state to my Crux setup09:32
jaegerafter copying that run "alsactl restore"09:32
jaegerwell, it only complained about not having a state for the nvidia_1 device, for what that's worth09:35
diverseand from doing /etc/rc.d/alsa start, I got the same errors09:40
jaegerbecause it's running the same command09:40
diverseI guess the only option left is to update right?09:42
jaegerI still don't believe that's the problem but it won't make things worse09:42
diversejaeger: I did try them as modules too, and like you said, it didn't make a difference.09:45
diverseI'm stumped09:46
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Romsteri had issues using it as built in. but as a module it works09:51
Romsterrebooted adsl2+ modem to get higher speeds again.09:51
Romsterstupid protocol it'll train down to get a reliable connection but it'll never try to train up to get a faster speed.09:51
diversejaeger: any ideas on what might the problem be?10:37
diversejust so you know, I listen through headphones, not speakers.10:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unrar: 5.0.3 -> 5.0.410:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lftp: 4.4.6 -> 4.4.710:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: -> 1.8.310:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-netaddr-ip: 4.066 -> 4.06910:42
jaegernope, as I said yesterday, I'm out of ideas10:44
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diversealright updated to, hope it works...11:03
diverseah I got a different output, interesting!11:05
diversestill no sound...11:11
Romsterlooks to me you got a sound card and a sound output device in HDMI.... you probably need a config to select the default sound card diverse11:12
Romsteraplay -L11:13
Romsteraplay -D hw:0,0 test.wav11:14
Romstertry the different devices.11:14
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diverseRomster: the card is already set as default, so it wouldn't make a difference with the .asoundrc11:26
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Romsterfucked if i know then11:31
Romsterwhy do you have all the problems.11:31
Romstermissing firmware?11:31
diverseI honestly do not know why I am having these problems. In Arch things just work. When I am in Crux things appear to not work but might have solution to them, like my mouse issue from before.11:36
diverseor Crux hates my hardware :(11:38
diverseI expect alsa just to work out of the box, but maybe I am missing stuff.11:39
Romstercan you not try aplay -D hw:0,0 test.wav11:41
diversewhere is "test.wav"11:42
Romsteri see nothing in alsa stuff on arch that varies greatly.11:42
Romsterany audio wav file11:42
diverseI got flac files, could I use those?11:43
Romsterdecode one to wav or use mplayer with the audio output option to choose each card.11:44
Romstermplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=0.0 *.flac11:44
diverseAlright I guess I need to get my mplayer2 installed first11:45
Romsteryou haven't done that yet.11:45
Romsterdecode a flac file to wav11:46
jaegeryou could try speaker-test that comes with alsa-utils or the wav files in /usr/share/sounds/alsa11:46
nrxtxalready tried "speaker-test" utility?11:46
Romsterflac --decode foo.flac foo.wav11:46
Romsteroh i forgot about that speaker test utility too.11:46
diversespeaker-test works, I was able to hear static sound in my headphones11:48
Romsterok so sound does work11:48
Romsterit's called white noise11:48
diversethank you for correcting me :)11:48
Romsteronly way to learn.11:49
diverseWell hey, we learn from each other.11:49
Romsteryep works both ways11:49
Romsteri'm not being an arse i'm just helping where i can. :)11:50
diverseSo the thing I was trying to do to test audio was going on youtube and watching a music video, but I couldn't get any sound out of it, so thats where I cause all of that trouble.11:51
Romsterso flash has no sound11:51
diverseProbably only Flash.11:52
diversemaybe I should rebuild flash11:53
Romsterhah it's binary you can not.11:53
diverseah thats right11:53
diverseah, I will try html5 on youtube11:54
Romsterflash is possibly be the worst program to test anything with other than browser crashing11:55
diverseI still wanted to be able to watch youtube videos with audio though11:57
Romstercan't see why that's not working11:58
nrxtxit's flash ...12:07
nrxtxhtml5 version should work12:07
diverseYes solved this f**ker!!!12:08
diverseFeels so good!12:09
diverserm -r .macromedia .adobe. .cache .dbus + add alsa to rc.conf + reboot = flash working!12:10
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diversenrxtx: beforehand html5 didn't work either, so it must be the cache or something?12:11
diversejaeger & Romster: Thanks for all your help!!12:15
jaegerglad it's working now12:15
jaegerthough I guess it's been working for a while, technically :P12:21
diverseprobably was working since the beginning12:22
diversespeaker-test, I got to remember that one.12:23
Romsterit pays to look at each command in the .footprint12:24
Romsterif your unsure of what they are.12:24
diverseis there a command that would allow me to see all the files a certain port owns without having to look up the .footprint directly?12:28
Romsterprt-get cat alsa-lib .footprint12:28
Romsteras an example12:28
jaegeralso pkginfo can do that, check the man page12:28
diversefound it: pkginfo -l12:29
Romsterpkginfo might be a bit more accurate since that shows what's installed for a port. which may vary to the recent port if your system is not up to date.12:30
diverseRomster: so if I did a ports -u, but didn't sysup my system, pkginfo would show the correct files that are owned from the installed package, without it being updated?12:50
tilmanopt/firefox-java-plugin is broken for me12:52
tilmanthe damn thing only works if the symlink is put in /usr/lib/mozilla instead of /usr/lib/firefox12:52
jaegeryeah, I think firefox 21 did that12:53
jaegerI had the same issue12:53
diversesounds messy12:53
jaegerthat's flash and browsers for you12:53
Romsterdiverse, correct.13:00
Romsterhmm java broke on firefox21 i didn't look into it much13:00
jaegerprobably for the same reason13:01
Romsterdifferent path i read someone type in here.13:01
Romsteris that all it is?13:01
Romsteror firefox21 is really broken?13:01
Romsteroh /usr/lib/mozilla13:02
jaegerread back, tilman said it like 8 lines ago, heh13:02
Romsterlearn to read before typing...13:02
diverseSo why would there be two separate directories for firefox, both being: /usr/lib/mozilla and /usr/lib/firefox?13:21
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Romsterbecause it's left over form the mozilla suite.13:36
Romsterugly i know.13:36
Romsterand i guess it's at that mozilla location so things like thunderbird and firefox can use it.13:37
Romsteronly guessing there.13:37
horrorStruckthe infinite sadness when you open the last beer...15:03
joacimhow you make every sip last15:33
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v33hi guys17:38
jaegerv33: why the mortal enemies thing?17:44
v33you have a scubie, i have an evo :P17:45
v33done anything to it?17:46
jaegernot much. I used to do a lot of modification with my Jetta but not really anymore17:47
jaegerI did put new wheels on the wrx but that's all17:47
v33im getting upper and lower intercooler pipes, a front mount intercooler from ams, aem short ram intake, o2 housing, and still browsing for a raspy exhaust17:48
nogagplzI hope there's a special circle of hell reserved just for people like you17:56
joacimI ride a bicycle everywhere I go17:57
joaciman old steel-frame 10 speed17:57
nogagplzyou too17:57
nogagplzI have these cyclists who use both the footpath and the roads while expecting special treatment17:57
joacimhell is uphill17:57
joacimI use either. but i have drivers who dont realize that I respect their right of way (when I'm on the footpath waiting for an opening on the road)17:58
joacimi hate it when one stop. it forces me to get off my bike (to become a pedestrian) just to cross the road17:59
jaegerthe bike paths aren't prevalent enough in my city that I cross paths with cyclists on the way to and from work17:59
joacimthere are lots of bicycle paths here, but none are that long or connect anything important18:00
nogagplzI trust you run them down18:00
joacimthey're usually next to roads where cars and bicycles can easilly coexist18:00
joacimanother type of driver i see a lot of are the ones who just have to speed up so they can pass me18:01
joacimeven tho they need to slow down to make a right turn 20 meters later18:01
joacimi hate cyclists unable to match the car traffic, but still thinks they should ride on the road18:03
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v33the car isn't that lound now...cmon18:36
jaegerI've got a friend who drives an evo and likes to drag race... he rode with me at an autocross event once and told me I was crazy :P18:42
v33oh? why is that?18:43
jaegerI honestly couldn't say. drag racing is much faster, though less interesting from a technical standpoint18:44
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linXeaEVO  = for posers20:14
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joacimi dont think subaru drivers are that much better =)20:49
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