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v33god i hate math06:12
diversev33: more specifically, what about math you hate? :P06:15
v33the fact that the teacher hardly teaches it, and expencts you to read a book and magically learn it when the book constantly asks you to refer to the instructor xD06:17
diversev33: its not math that you hate, its your instructor that you hate for doing a terrible job teaching, which is his fault.06:28
v33math tests give me anxiety xD06:28
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diversewhat about other tests, do they not give you anxiety?06:29
diverseI didn't realized he quit...06:32
frinnstyeah, he does that06:41
diversefrinnst: just trying to cheer him up and then he rage quits?06:56
joacimi get annoyed by tests. i hate those fucks who complain about how horrible it went, when they're the kind of student who always gets at least a B and can easilly get an A07:02
diverseyou mean those hypocritical students, where they say they felt like they did bad and the next day they end up doing really well on their test?07:07
joacimI think so07:18
diversejoacim: I think thats their way of being modest, so in case if they really did do bad on the test, their ego won't drop.07:19
joacimas a mediocre student, i rather talk about something else after taking the exams07:20
joacimlike the weather =)07:20
joacimor how late the bus is07:20
diverseor that mahou shoujo series you watch, :P07:21
joacimcan't talk to people about my hobbies07:23
joacimi like video games, but people rather talk about BF3 or some other new title which happens to be the third of fourth in a series than the remake of resident evil or the tenchu games07:25
diverseIf you take a Japanese class, you will find people in there with the same interests as you.07:27
diversewell, similar07:27
joacimthere is an anime club at my university, but i didnt like the shows they liked to watch. :p07:28
joacimthey offended me by not liking the shows i liked too.07:28
diverseAnime is best watched when you are by yourself, not in clubs or movie theaters.07:30
diverseWhen I see a poster for an anime club on campus, that sends red flags07:31
joacimI've never seen those on my campus07:33
diversejoacim: anyway, what series are you watching now?07:36
joacimnothing =)07:36
joacimhavent watched anything in at least a year07:36
joacimspent most of my time with video games really07:37
joacimand live action movies07:37
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frinnstwtf china.. flushing a baby down the toilet?10:48
joacimwas it a girl?10:54
joacimi hear they sometimes kill girls because they rather have a son10:54
frinnstbaby was ok btw :)11:11
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frinnst90 seconds, still going strong!12:04
frinnst2 mins, 40 sec for uefi / post stuff12:06
joacimhows the boot times for the microserver? =)12:12
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frinnstpretty quick, like any ordinary pc12:43
frinnstgen8 servers are just silly12:44
frinnstim trying to time a keypress, keep getting distracted since it takes so long12:44
jaegerour sun/oracle servers are like that, can be annoying at times12:45
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doomicidelynx failed to build with: ../../../WWW/Library/Implementation/HTUtils.h:710:17: fatal error: ssl.h: No su16:05
doomicidech file or direch file or directory16:05
doomicideI had to manually append '=/usr/lib' to the --with-ssl line in the Pkgfile16:06
doomicideshould I file a bugreport or could there be something messed up on my end16:06
doomicidemaybe someone could try to reproduce the build error with the default Pkgfile16:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dialog: updated to 2013052317:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: lm_sensors: updated to 3.3.417:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xterm: updated to 29317:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium: updated to 27.0.1453.9317:15
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Amnesiadoes anyone over here know how the detection of libraries works?19:06
Amnesia(since it isn't a simple check for a file afaik)19:07
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WizardGood evening, everybody :)19:30
WizardDoes anybody know what's the status of cruxppc?20:01
jaegerI do not, sorry. Have you checked in #crux-ppc already?20:02
WizardAh, going there immediately :)20:03
Wizardacrux is sitting there alone.20:03
jaegerThat doesn't bode well, heh20:03
bloouupWould you say crux is the most bsd like linux distro20:03
jaegerWell, there could be some others I'm not aware of but I'd guess it's probably one of the more bsd-like ones20:05
bloouupall the ones that seem to come closest always seem to be missing a lot. I just notice crux seems to be very well documented and the handbook is nice and BSD-esque20:06
jaegerWhat sorts of things were the others missing?20:07
bloouupUsually documentation20:07
bloouupI don't know I can't quite place my finger on it, just something seems to be off most of the time20:10
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