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prologicDoes anyone know of a commonly available CLI tool that will download multiple files over HTTP (possibly also supporting HTTPS/FTP/FTPS and maybe other protocols) that downloads in parallel with possible other speedups but also has a progress indicator?00:30
prologicI can (so far) find no such tool that is commonly available on (for example) CentOS00:30
prologicobviously curl/wget don't support this and I am not willing to write something to solve what I think is a common problem and should be well solved :)00:31
jaegeruse wget with xargs or something, maybe00:33
jaegercat urllist.txt | xargs -n 1 -P 5 wget00:35
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Romsterprologic, aria2 in my romster repo02:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libxml2-python-32: 2.9.0 -> 2.9.103:26
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libxml2-python-32: include updated patch03:30
himyname1sphilprologic: Seconding aria2.03:57
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prologicjaeger:  I have seen solutions using this04:39
prologicI might consider this actually04:39
prologicas both xargs and wget are widely available on most systems04:39
prologicI was trying to avoid having to install something new04:39
prologicaria2 I'm aware of as well and it seems quite good04:39
prologicI don't know about process of the downloads in either solution however04:40
prologicI haven't tried either yet04:40
prologicThanks for the responses though guys!04:40
niklasweprologic: curl?05:41
prologicyea I could use xargs + curl05:41
prologicor xargs + wget05:41
prologicbut I'm still worried about a lack of overall progress05:42
prologicI mean these files are large and many05:42
prologicGB/TB large05:42
niklasweah I see05:47
prologicfurther thoughts? :)05:54
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poulecacahi there07:38
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Romsterprologic, curl hase the --range option you can multipart with some math.08:49
diversecan I make port requests here?09:34
diversecan someone make an mplayer2 port09:39
Romsteri thought you were?09:53
Romsteri'll take a look09:54
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libpng-32: 1.5.15 -> 1.5.1609:57
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-libxau-32: 1.0.7 -> 1.0.809:57
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: mesa3d-32: 9.1.2 -> 9.1.309:57
diverseRomster: its kind of a long story, but long story short, my port of it turn out to be garbage since it was based off an older PKGBUILD and its inflexible to build with. I recommend you look at Arch's current examples.10:00
diverseand don't use the "mplayer-build" repository10:02
Romsteralready making one off that10:03
diverseThe problem with that is, it expects you to have python3 and python3's docutils installed in order to build from that repository.10:04
Romsteryeah i know how to get around that10:07
diverseRomster: you can build it without python3 and docutils?10:09
Romsterno i'll just mkae them... i mean pinch them ports10:09
diverseoh, so you are going to make 3 ports total then?10:11
diverseah I see.10:11
diverseWell, I really appreciate the help you are doing.10:12
diverseRomster: will they go into your Romster repo?10:13
diverseRomster: also, would you like to see my Pkgfile?10:15
Romstersure why not10:19
Romsteryeah i'll shove them in my Romster repo for now.10:20
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Romsterwhat the heck have they done this for? i guess it's too new for snae tarballs11:16
diverseRomster: whats up?11:22
Romsterthe mplayer2 init crap they have.11:23
Romsterit's building now11:23
Romsteror was...11:23
diversewhat happened?11:24
Romsterromster/python3 romster/python3-distribute exist now.11:26
Romsternot sure looking at it11:26
diverseif it said anything about "rst2man" you need python3 docutils11:28
Romsternah wasn't that i think it's not using DESTDIR -_-11:43
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Romsteroh missing fribidi11:49
diverseit was one of the dependencies listed in my Pkgfile11:50
Romsterthat i totally ignored -_-11:50
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xkeyboard-config: updated to 2.911:54
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: [notify] xorg-libdmx: updated to 1.1.311:56
RomsterError: Unable to find development files for libass. Aborting. If you really mean to compile without libass support use --disable-libass.11:57
Romsterok but it bundles that...11:57
diverseThat is very weird11:57
diverseAlso, I need libass support11:57
Romsterwell i just disabled it for now to see how it goes.11:58
Romsterit said it has libass statically linked in mplayer2 anyways.12:00
Romsterthat's probably to use system libass12:00
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/mplayer2#git-cf2fb74-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.12:01
Romstergod damn man page..12:01
diverseI hope its the statically linked libass12:01
diverseAlso what about the man page?12:02
Romster/usr/share/man -_-12:02
Romsterfixed it recompiling12:02
Romsterit wont hurt if i rename the binary to mplayer2 instead of mplayer so it don't clash with opt/mplayer?12:07
diverseRomster: read number 1 in this FAQ:
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: lynx: fix compile with recent openssl12:11
Romsterso i guess not to change it and it replaces opt/mplayer12:12
diverseyeah, mplayer2 is meant to be the alternative to mplayer12:14
Romsterweird seems libass isn't in the ldd list....12:19
Romsterldd /usr/bin/foo12:20
Romsteri'll add libass to my repo12:20
diverseneat command12:21
Romsterand there is finddeps in prt-utils12:21
diverseThat is strange though, you pulled both libass and libav with mplayer2 with the init file right?12:22
frinnstI HATE HP's WEBSITE12:26
frinnstnow i feel better12:26
frinnstNot Found12:26
frinnstThe requested URL /search/ was not found on this server.12:26
diverseRomster: since there is so many libass ports around, how about putting it in contrib?12:27
diversemake it "official" or something12:28
frinnstyeah, romster could really do with more ports to maintain, hes such a slacker12:30
joacimwhy dont you chill out, like romster.12:30
frinnsthp are driving me crazy12:31
frinnstand i smell coffe12:31
diversefrinnst: well he is already adding at least 3 ports to his own repo, which I am sure he also maintains, so whats the differences?12:31
joacimi dont really need that many ports tbh. most ports that i need are already provided by core, opt, and contrib.12:32
frinnstdiverse: none, was just trying to be funny. i've not followed #crux today12:34
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joacimI was trying to be funny too =)12:37
Romsterchill, when do i ever chill :P12:38
Romsterrant rant rant :D12:38
Romsterromster/mplayer2 is ready diverse12:38
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AmnesiaRomster: check out mpv-player12:39
Romsterwell it plays a mp3 ok so i guess it's working.12:39
diverseThank you very much Romster, especially going out of your way12:40
RomsterAmnesia, what what does that do?12:40
diverseRomster: let me test in my videos to see if the subs work.12:40
joacimanother one of those forks i think12:40
AmnesiaRomster: it's a fork12:40
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: alsa-lib-32: 1.0.27 ->
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: harfbuzz-32: 0.9.16 -> 0.9.1712:41
Romsterprt-get dependent --all libass12:41
Romsterno point putting libass in contrib.12:42
Romsterunless something depends on it that takes my interest12:42
Romsteron the other hand i have been thinking of moving aria2 to contrib.12:43
diverseThe original mplayer I think can use libass.12:43
diverseAmnesia: so they made a fork out of a fork?12:44
Romstereh one fork is enough12:44
Amnesiapartially yes12:44
Amnesiacheck out libquvi, it's pretty neat12:45
diverseRomster: I agree...12:45
Romsteroh sugar i was gonna replace CC= on mplayer2 it might be ok as is.12:45
Romsteri added that so it would work over distcc12:46
Romsterjust how many audio/video players can one handle and codecs12:46
Romsterfrinnst, why keep using HP then?12:47
diverseAmnesia: don't make Romster riled up with these forks and forks of forks.12:49
Romsteri only agreeded to make mplayer2 as it may as well be the next official mplayer?12:49
Romstersurely that other one wont be hard to make a Pkgfile for?12:50
Romsterunlike the hell i go though.12:50
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Romsternah that wasn't that bad.12:53
Romsterwork is you're not.12:54
Romsterwhy is flash still bleeding though my windows.12:55
Romsterugly pos.12:55
diverseWell thank you for helping me with mplayer2, it was a lot of trouble for me.12:56
diversebleeding in which way?12:56
Romsteroh gstreamer can use libass now that gives me a reason.12:56
Romsterin opera i hit the bookmark star and then the falsh windows drops out behind the opera gui12:57
Romsterpress i ta few more times i end yup with one behind and the other one on the gui i can move around.12:57
diverseah yeah, flash can do that sometimes.12:57
Romsterand then if i have other GUI's in front of that it bleeds though on the blacks12:58
Romsteri can reproduce this nearly constantly.12:58
diverses/sometimes/all of the time/12:58
Romsternot to mention the blue hue that's makes everyone look like a smurf.12:58
Romsters/that's makes/that makes/12:58
diversethat can be fix if you disable graphic hardware acceleration12:59
Romsteri thought libvdpau had a hack patch added upstream to get around that.12:59
Romsteri haven't bothered to fix it.12:59
diversesince gstreamer can use libass, are you putting it in contrib?13:00
jaegerStill haven't even seen that one, myself13:01
Romsteryou probably are not running libvdpau then jaeger13:02
jaegerI am on my HTPC, it's the only way it can play 1080p h264 without slowdown13:02
diverseor disabled the acceleration13:02
Romster    You are using fairly new Nvidia GPU with VDPAU support.13:02
Romster    You are using current version of Nvidia binary driver (older versions don't support VDPAU).13:02
Romster    You have libvdpau1 package installed.13:02
jaegerYeah, it doesn't even happen on youtube on that machine13:03
diverseRomster: is it getting into contrib?13:03
Romsterdiverse, at some point. when i find which gstreamer package uses it.13:04
Romsterstop being so pushy it'll still install from romster or anyone else's repo. i just stuck it in romster so it's easy to get with the rest of the ports.13:05
diversesorry :(13:06
Romsterwhen time permits i like to test stuff before adding anything to contrib or anywhere else.13:06
Romsteryou may have an older generation video card too jaeger ?13:07
jaegerIt's not the current gen but it does support vdpau13:08
diverseAt least the 9000 series supports it13:09
diversewhats your model jaeger?13:09
jaeger9400 if I remember right13:10
diverseYeah I think you are fine there13:10
jaegeryeah, I just said it supports vpdau :)13:11
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Romsternothing seems out of the ordanary on that vdpau versions13:12
jaegerPerhaps I'm just lucky with that particular model. It's an ion machine13:13
diverse9400 GT right?13:13
Romsteri have a gts25013:13
diverseif yours is a gtx, it should support it, since its a more higher-end version.13:16
Romster stupid canucks13:17
jaegerIt's a 9400M in the HTPC's case13:18
frinnstgeez, why do germans switch y and z on their keyboards?13:18
diversejaeger: I don't see yours listed, since its the Mobile version.13:20
Romsteri give up the solution is to uninstall flash13:20
Romsterflash also does not work on android either13:20
diversejaeger: nvm, found it13:20
diverseRomster: HTML5 all the way?13:21
Romsterfrinnst, no idea but i have typed on a german keboard and it kept bugging me13:21
Romsteryeah go the HTML513:21
Romsterto hell with this coffee time <<13:23
diverseAlright, I will get to testing mplayer213:25
joacimi still need flash, but i dont need it often13:26
joacimi'm content with opening those sites in chrome whenever i need flash13:26
rmullI use cclive for watching flash video13:26
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Romsterwonder if there is a mplayer plugin for firefox13:44
diverseRomster: that used to be the case for gnome-mplayer13:45
Romster i wonder13:48
Romsternope doesn't seem to work13:49
Romsterright click menu, stats for nerds O_O13:51
diversedownloading Romster's repo is monsterous, no wonder you are called the "Monster"14:26
Romsterit really needs a prune14:27
Romsternot enough time for me todo everything.14:28
joacimthere are others too14:29
diverseoh thats right, it was called gecko!14:29
diversebut I think it had a dependency on gnome-mplayer14:29
diverseRomster: you have those really old kernels in your repo that you can easily prune off14:31
joacimi made ports for gnome-mplayer and gmtk.14:31
Romsteryeah they are sitting around collecting dust14:31
joacimbut not gecko-mediaplayer14:31
diverselooks like I was right about the dependency14:32
Romstergetting tired i'll read thought he backlog after work14:35
diverseOh f'ing crap14:43
diverseRomster: I forget to add the python3 in the Depends list in mplayer2's Pkgfile, could you update it to include it?14:45
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Romsterdiverse, done15:05
diverseRomster: pm15:28
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AmnesiaRomster  : wonder if there is a mplayer plugin for firefox <- check mpv-player and libquvi :)17:39
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prologicRomster:  yeah I don't just want to do range based optimizations though - I want to downloads many files in parallel :)23:26
prologicRomster:  there is a tool (written in shell) called split curl which takes advantage of --range23:26
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