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teK_have you considered using xargs?00:17
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timcowchipthen, one day, I made my own lua5100:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ntfs-3g: include symlink to fsck.ntfs, so fsck works on ntfs volumes04:24
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v33hey guys04:44
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frinnstwell he did hang aroud for ~20 minutes..06:29
frinnstbad form not responding before06:29
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niklaswemorrn morrn06:42
niklaswehowa re you frinnst ?06:57
niklaswehow are you*06:57
joacimI should wake up faster next time =)07:01
tilmanso it's a holiday in germany today07:02
tilmanand i still woke up before 907:02
tilman(no alarm)07:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] lua51: initial import07:08
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frinnsttilman: XD07:26
frinnstniklaswe: fine :)07:26
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niklaswefrinnst: nice to hear :) so what happening in the south of sweden then ? :)07:34
timcowchipand on that same day somebody else made lua5107:35
tilmanprobably the usual moose riding and binge drinking07:59
tilmanniklaswe: where do you live?08:00
tilmangeneral area ;p08:00
frinnstnot much, dealing with annoying end-users08:01
frinnstand trying to apply a firmware flash to a hp-switch08:02
niklaswetilman: Im living in Uppsala ( 7 miles from Stockholm).08:05
Romstertimcowchip, yours wont install with lua at the same time.08:07
Romsteri had time at work so i finished it then08:07
Romsterhome now08:07
timcowchipthanks Romster :)08:15
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niklaswehas someone else got problem to update gcc ?08:41
niklasweI got this error08:41
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frinnstmissing glibc-32 ?08:43
frinnstupgraded 2.8 x86_64?08:43
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frinnstahh, that sinking feeling you get when you click "reboot" instead of "logout" on a windows server..08:48
tilmanis it a production server? :[08:50
niklaswefrinnst: yupp I missing glbic-3208:52
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frinnstjust pkgadd it from the iso09:01
Romsterniklaswe, you'll also be missing lzo in core09:07
Romsterlzo wont be on the iso09:07
niklasweRomster: I have lzo already09:08
linXeathey updated lzo for 3.9< kernels09:08
Romster 19:09:32 up 70 days,  2:08,  2 users,  load average: 0.88, 0.86, 0.8209:09
Romsteri still haven't bothered to build a newer kernel09:09
linXeanice mate :) ,, I have been transering files all night.. my load avg is horrible.. stupid sas controller09:10
linXea 11:09:35 up 11 days, 15:27,  2 users,  load average: 4,31, 4,70, 4,5409:10
Romsterthat's my desktop uptime btw09:10
Romsterthe one i usually reboot alot to different distros09:10
Romsterwhat sas controler?09:11
linXeaold one.. ~200509:11
Romstergeez must of spent a fortune for it back then09:12
linXeagot it when I scrapped my Proliant servers09:12
Romsterunless your going to usb or using luks you shouldn't be that high on cpu09:12
linXeaAES + twofish + serpant encryption.09:13
Romsteryeah that'll do it then.09:13
Romsterwhen i finally get to build up moosefs here i want to pick an ecryption that i can get hardware speed up in the cpu support.09:14
frinnstlots of io will increase the load, no matter what cpu you use09:14
Romsterif i haven't already got that09:14
Romsterthere is a thing called DMA09:14
diverseRomster: did you fix that python3 issue yet?09:14
nogagplzyeah Romster step to, we need our dose of snakes09:14
Romsteryou really don't need CPU to read off pci/pcie interfaces to memory and back to another hdd interface.09:14
linXeaif you buy decent controllers that is09:15
linXeagot maybe 32mb ram on that chip09:15
Romsteroops i just cooked myself steak with home made mushroom gravy mashed potatoes and carrots....09:15
diversenogagplz: I need my dose of mplayer2!09:15
Romsterit'll likely be a missing port.09:15
linXeaRomster, tried ZFS for linux yet ?09:15
linXeastarted adding it to my gentoo last night.. didnt finish it yet. Have to check where to add the modules etc.09:16
frinnst<3 btrfs09:16
Romsterbuilding mplayer209:16
Romsternope linXea09:16
Romsteri just need mass storage moosefs can do that for me.09:17
linXeagoing for the Petabyte, are we ?09:17
diverseI couldn't build mplayer2 either after ignoring the MISSING mismatches python3 had09:17
Romsterdoub't i'll go that high but i'm sure to get to at least 50tb09:18
linXeaI am half way there already09:18
linXeano.. ~30Tb09:19
frinnstah ;)09:19
Romsterone person on moosefs has 250tb already09:19
nogagplzwhat are you going to do when your fs sees you as a threat and gores you with its antlers09:20
nogagplzbesides scream09:20
nogagplzah I saw that episode of dbz, the legendary super moosen09:21
diversenogagplz: I would dd that motherf'er before it even hit me09:21
nogagplztough talk09:22
joacimi'm not afraid of a moose09:24
joacimi once walked past one09:25
joacimshe was eating a bush09:25
diverseDid you get a chance to pet it? :P09:25
nogagplzthat doesn't do wonders for mental imagery09:25
joacimnope. was too afraid to stop09:26
Romsteris that moose taking a leak?09:26
joacimmore moose09:27
diversebtw, moose and mousse are pronounced the same way09:31
diverseEnough about mooses, time for pythons09:32
Romstermmmm coffee and compiling, can it get any better09:33
diversewould you prefer to compile coffee itself?09:34
Romsternever thought about that09:35
nogagplzhow deep does the rabbit hole go09:37
diverseRomster: so are you building mplayer2 again?09:37
diverseand do I also need the python3-distribute port installed too?09:37
Romsternot sure diverse09:44
diverseAh so you are testing for the right dependencies.09:46
tilman<    joacim> i'm not afraid of a moose09:52
tilman<    joacim> nope. was too afraid to stop09:52
diverseHAHAHAHA, oh wow!09:52
diversetilman: nice onen09:52
tilmanbreaking news: secret fear of moose exposed ;)09:53
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diversetilman: you really know how to find irony.09:55
diverseargh, Romster made no changes to his repo...10:06
tilmandiverse: damn, you think he was making a joke?10:08
diversedunno, it was just funny to see the opposite being stated later.10:09
Romsterdiverse, not yet wait up yeash10:11
Romsternogagplz, it's done that before i blew the air filter enclosure apart the loud bang was heard like 5 blocks away10:11
nogagplzromster is an enigma10:13
Romstercrypto machine?10:14
nogagplzmysterious you boob10:15
diverseHe is mysterious, but helpful.10:19
diversemaybe that helpfulness is a mystery of its own.10:19
Romsterenglish so many different meanings in different contexts10:21
diverseand so many different idioms, most which does not make sense.10:22
diverseIdioms like "I have to take a crap" for example. If you ignore the idiom, one would have to think, "in what way I take a crap and where is the crap I am taking away from?" It doesn't give a whole lot of context but it delivers the message to many at the same time.10:31
diverseThats English for you.10:32
Romsteroh now i hit docutils.10:46
Romsteryeah true diverse10:47
diverseyou got that message where it said you need rst2man from docutils?10:48
Romsteri cheated and built this on my running system so it's just missing some dependencies.10:49
Romsterit was a rush job.10:49
diverseI see now10:49
Romstercython and tk modules can be ignored in pythopn310:50
Romsteri'll clean up the footprint10:50
diverseThank you ^^10:50
diverseYou probably could avoid needing docutils, if you compile the pulled mplayer2 separately with the makefile target "install-no-man" instead, but I don't think the mplayer2-build repo lets you.10:52
diversekind of the reason why I wanted to avoid it.10:54
Romsterjust as easy to install it.10:57
Romsternot like it's got a million dependencies.10:57
Romsterdiverse, i cleaned up the dependencies so prt-get deptree mplayer2 looks sane.10:58
diverseAlright, I will test it out, thank you again Romster10:59
Romsterwas only trivial stuff you could of got it working on your own.11:00
diverseArgh, mplayer Y U NO build?!11:06
diversealright, time to pastebin11:10
Romsterworks for me...11:11
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diverseRomster: the first deptree output looks the similar to my deptree output11:18
Romsteryeah i pruned ports so the second one is current.11:19
darkrabbitJesus. Since when are Mint releases such a big deal in the russian linux community11:19
darkrabbitOr am I just unlucky enough to be surrounded by mint fanboys D:11:20
Romsterwhy is mint being talked about in a crux channel?11:22
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Romsteroh it might be that CC doh11:24
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diverseJust curious, why does mplayer2 need e2fsprogs as a dependency?11:27
Romsterchange the make CC line to this11:28
Romstermake CC="${CC:=gcc}"11:28
Romsterif that works i'll update the Pkgfile.11:28
Romsteryou probably got CC unset.11:29
Romsterdiverse, built yet?11:33
Romsteris it :D11:34
Romstersee how annoying that is lol11:34
diverseNope, that didn't work out.11:35
diverse...Sorry if I was annoying...11:36
Romsterit's ok11:36
Romstersame error?11:36
diversepretty much the same11:36
Romsternot using any strange CLFAGS?11:36
diversejust the defaults11:37
diverseNot to be _annoying_ but why is CC needed?11:38
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Romster i put it in the wrong spot i'll move it to after it's finished uploading.11:41
Romsteri use CC=distcc gcc11:41
Romsterto gain faster speeds of compiling.11:41
nogagplzlol found you Romster
diversenogagplz: nows not the time!11:44
Romster pkgadd that.11:45
Romsterthe fuck11:46
diverseI am going to try building it without the CC11:46
Romsterwell it's built for you should you get sick of trying.11:47
nogagplznow, could you figure out some gnome 3 ports for me11:47
Romstereek last time i looked at gnome3 it did my head in.11:48
nogagplzgreat, I'll check back in 30 minutes11:48
diverseYAY!!! It compiles!!! Finally!!! Good riddance to CC!!11:48
diverseWoohoo, installed!!11:48
nogagplzthe spirit was willing, but the septuple head spin was weak11:49
nogagplzwe hardly knew ye11:49
diversenote to self: if building romster's ports don't work, remove the CC flag from make.11:53
nogagplzwhy is there a CC to begin with in those11:53
Romsterdistcc ffs.11:53
nogagplzwouldn't that be better in pkgmk.conf11:53
Romsterjust because you lot can't afford a farm of computers.11:53
Romsterit is in there but that port ignores the CC11:54
nogagplzhey look here buddy, don't force your ideals onto everybody else11:54
Romsterhence the make CC="${CC:=gcc}"11:54
nogagplzelse I'm gonna clock you one11:54
Romsterstop being a dick really...11:54
Romsterlucky i even do what i do.11:55
nogagplzthat's it, I'll be there in 13 or so hours to fix you up11:56
Romsterdoes it take that long to get here?11:56
Romsteri'd imagine more.11:56
diversenogagplz: take a chill pill alright?11:57
Romsternogagplz, is just being himself.11:57
diverseI know, but sometimes its a bit too much.11:57
Romstersometimes frinnst is too.11:57
Romsteri'm learning to switch off after so much of it.11:57
nogagplzit's only 893km from here to that general vicinity11:58
Romsterunlike my younger years i'd really go off the handle.11:58
Romsterso why haven't you visited me sooner todo a hdd swap already?11:58
nogagplzI don't want to pay for all that damn petrol11:59
joacimit is hard to get pissed off at people in this channel11:59
nogagplzpfft don't try to sound like you have the high ground, you wouldn't pay for it either12:00
diverseRomster: mplayer and subtitles works, thanks again.12:08
Romstermaybe when i had some saved up i'd go for a drive12:13
Romsterconsidering i got dual fuel on my wagon and i can sleep in the back12:14
Romsterdiverse, you got it compiled or just using my built package?12:14
diverseRomster: I got it compiled, without using the CC flag12:15
diverseso I just used make12:18
Romstermake CC="${CC:=gcc}" should also work12:19
Romsterguess i can do it another way only set CC if it's set.12:20
diverseUnfortunately using make CC="${CC:=gcc}" gave me the same error and problem.12:21
diverseMaybe my system is cursed or something.12:21
Romsterbash replaces CC with gcc if CC is unset and it's got gcc in the Makefile. weird.12:21
Romsterused an if block insread.12:25
Romsterbut i'm sure your system has some curse.12:25
diversethanks for reassuring that, sigh12:26
Romsterwell i can't see any obvious reason why that would not work.12:28
diverseAlright, I will try it again12:30
diverseRomster: do you want me to try it with or without the if block you made?12:33
Romsterno matter i know it'l work with the if block12:33
diversehmm shouldn't the else block have make CC="${CC:=gcc}" instead?12:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libass: inital import12:37
diverseI guess maybe it doesn't matter12:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gcj: contrib -> romster12:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gcj-ccache-bindings: contrib -> romster12:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gcj-distcc-bindings: contrib -> romster12:43
Romsternot if i do it that way12:44
diverseRomster: I tried it again with make CC="${CC:=gcc}" without the if block and I was successful this time.12:46
Romsterwhat the hell, i changed it for no good reason then12:49
diverseWell you can still keep the if block12:49
Romsterwont make any difference.12:51
Romsterif [ -z $(cup-is_empty) ] && make coffee12:51
Romsterlol don't be.12:51
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diverseRomster: thanks for putting libass in contrib btw.13:05
frinnstam i the only one grinnig when i see "libass" ?13:08
frinnstim such a child13:08
nogagplzdon't forget libsexy13:08
Romsternah i see ass too13:22
Romster O_O13:24
frinnstyeah, image library for/from mozilla :)13:24
Romsterwacky people13:24
diversefrinnst: I call it lib ass, but I get over it, because I have seen it many times.13:25
joacimi dont have libpr0n. could someone post a screenshot of it with libpr0n?13:25
frinnstThere's little risk of getting code contribution from corps with a project name like that :)13:25
joacimfrinnst: license it with WTFPL13:26
tilman.oO("do no evil" & that javascript project by that js dude)13:26
diverse"Google: don't be evil"13:27
diverseI got to find that video13:29
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Romsteri have to wonder how many ports i have even get used.13:35
nogagplzcould probably prune a fair few13:35
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diverseRomster: you can probably get rid of eterm since terminology pwns it.13:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xine-lib: 1.2.2 -> 1.2.313:49
Romsterdone jsut not resynced yet13:49
Romsteri'm happy with sakura and xterm13:50
diverseRomster: do you think anyone uses icewm?13:55
Romsterdunno, i was thinking of toying around with that and fvwm again at some point13:55
diverseRomster: since you are happy with sakura and xterm, do you want to keep terminator?13:57
Romsteri do have a few dupes i can nuke14:01
diversewhich ones?14:01
Romsterdunno need to look though
diverseoh I see.14:02
diverseI think nano in your repo is a dup14:03
Romsterfribidi dup dropped14:05
diverseyou are making good progress14:08
Romsterhardly a dint14:08
nogagplzwhen are you going to sort yhafris ports14:08
Romsterthat's another one to go though. pull out anyhting good dump the rest14:09
Romsterprt-get dup14:11
Romstereverything but my nao port i made that build static for initramfs use.14:15
diverseso what does that mean?14:19
Romstermeans i'll keep that for now.14:20
diversesounds like you are making good progress14:22
Romster still alot14:25
diverseWow, you took out about 20 ports, thats pretty good imo.14:26
Romsterwhat i need todo is build a prt-get dependent --all list of all the ports14:26
Romstereek... whatpulse that can so go junk14:27
joacimdoesnt help much when he makes 20 new ones in the same amount of time14:27
diversethats down to 400 exactly14:28
joacimand I have 11...14:29
Romsteryeah but i added 2 more last night14:29
Romsterand some times it can be like 5 or so14:29
diverseAhhhh, yeah, you need to focus on lowering the number, not increasing it.14:31
Romsterhmm cdrtools could go i'm happy with cdrkit14:32
jaegerlinXea: I've used ZFS on linux, it's mostly stable these days14:34
diverseRomster: umm, thats probably a bad move14:34
diverseplus debian just wreck the fork anyway.14:35
linXeayea, just finished setting it up and seem to work very well here.14:35
Romsteri'm trying to reduce not being a packrat14:35
diverseI think its preferable to remove cdrkit instead is what I am saying\14:36
diverseJust my suggestion14:37
Romsterit can stay nuked for now. i can get it back later it's in git14:37
Romsterit's hard to decide what to remove i got tons of good stuff.14:38
diversemaybe you should rename your repo to contrib214:39
joacimi hardly ever write cds anymore either14:39
Romsteri burn tons14:39
Romsterfor dejaying and archiving vhs tapes to dvd.14:39
diversedifferent people, different preferences14:40
joacimi didnt mean dvds14:40
joacimi burn a dvd maybe once a year, so growisofs is useful to me14:40
diversewho knows, maybe you might want to backup on bluray disks someday.14:42
joacimmy playstation is modded, so i can play burnt games on that. tho i dont really have enough time to play all those games that i buy either.14:43
joacimdiverse: my new desktop pc doesnt even have an optical drive ;)14:43
Romsterwould like a bluray burner14:44
joacimbut. as we say in norway. the taste is like the butt.14:44
Romsterbut when are they gonna realse the 1TB optical disc14:44
diversejoacim: I don't either, but I am planning on getting those good quality pioneer bluray burners where they can burn to up quad layer disks14:44
Romsterare they out yet?14:45
Romsteri can only see dual layer14:45
diverseOn newegg it is14:45
joacimquad layers. is that 60 GB or so?14:46
joacimI actually want to go backwards. get me a sweet magneto-optical setup14:46
diverseget this one:
diversehere is the ad for it:
diverseTriple layer is 100GB, Quad Layer is 128GB14:49
joacimoh ok14:49
joacimthey talk too much about the bundled software.14:49
Romsterthought it was 50GB per a layer so 4 layers was 200GB of course formatted it be less.14:49
joacimwikipedia says 25GB per layer (i thought it was 15GB)14:51
Romsteri'm disappointed.14:52
diverseWell they are called XL bluray, so maybe the technology crammed even more space per layer.14:52
diverseRomster: why?14:52
Romsteri was expecting near 200GB per a discin 4 layer14:52
diverse128GB is pretty impressive for an optical disk though.14:53
diverseplus the original 1 layer BD is 25GB14:54
joacimmy external hdd has a capacity of 120GB. I pulled that drive out of a 2008 laptop14:56
joacimcant really do backups with it tho14:56
diverseWell, this could give you a reason to backup on these large capacity BDs15:05
joacimI dont know. a 3TB hdd is pretty cheap too15:06
jaegeroptical media isn't good for long term backups anyway if I remember correctly15:08
diverseRomster: how is your spring cleaning coming?15:14
*** ody has quit IRC15:14
Romsteri stopped15:23
Romsterit's nearly winter here15:23
diversethe phrase could still be used metaphorically...15:24
diverseGetting through 20 ports is a pretty good start though.15:25
Romstermeh most were dupes15:25
Romsterthe others will only get harder to sort though15:26
diverseThats because you have a ton of good stuff15:26
Romsterbecause i'm always on the hunt for good stuff.15:27
diverseromster repo == contrib215:27
Romsterand try lots of stuff before i find something i like15:27
Romsterit's too messy for contrib215:27
diversewhy are you so pessimistic?15:27
*** dkoby has quit IRC15:28
Romsterthough i wonder how the hell yhafri ever could manage the number of ports he had.15:29
Romsteri don't know.15:31
*** ody has joined #crux15:43
Romsterprobably just tired, gonna go to bed nini all15:48
joacimgood night15:51
*** myth has joined #crux15:52
diversenight Romster15:56
*** Roomster has joined #crux15:56
*** Roomster has quit IRC15:56
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mythRoomster, who are you and what have you done with romster16:10
Roomsteri'm on my laptoop reading in  bed16:13
jaegerrooding in bood16:14
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: [notify] xorg-libxcb: updated to 1.9.1. Security fix for CVE-2013-206418:23
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timcowchipcan't build tolua++ with Romster's lua5119:54
timcowchipit worked with my lua5119:56
timcowchipbut my lua51 had a footprint that overlapped lua20:07
timcowchipand therefore could not coexist with lua20:07
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tilmangnome people just fixed a bug i filed in 200720:19
jaegerbetter late than never, right? :P20:20
timcowchipwas it a gnome-2.28 bug?20:21
timcowchipso I've got my lua51 installed as lua and Romster's lua51 installed as lua51 and tolua++ builds20:24
*** lasso has quit IRC20:27
tilmani find it extra amusing that their comment starts with "Great catch!"20:30
tilmanmakes it sound as if they didnt have a chance to spot the bug(report) in the last 5 years20:31
*** timcowchip has quit IRC20:32
joacimI think the "great catch" is them spotting your report.20:37
teK_tilman: by removing the affected feature?20:59
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frinnsttilman: bah, thats nothing, I filed a bug in mozilla in 2001. it was never fixed.21:44
frinnstI dont think the bug is valid anymore tho21:44
frinnstbut yeah.. +5 years..21:45
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