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Roomsteron my android phone. anything happening?01:25
jaegernot currently01:27
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Romster2this keeps disconnecting me when sceen blanks02:12
Romster2harfbuzz why isn't it bumped to 18 yet?02:12
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v33hey guys02:41
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v33how are you jaeger/03:15
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diversepitillo: what do I need to install in order for the temperature gadget in e17 to work?09:25
diverseRomster: have you gotten below 400 ports in your repo?09:27
Romsteri not long ago got home from working with 4 metal bands i'm tired. the answer is no.09:30
diversewhat were you doing exactly?09:30
Romstersound and lighitng for the bands.09:31
diversesounds tiresome09:32
Romsterit is and i've been doing this every weekend.09:32
Romsteri'm buggered and i got my week job tomorrow.09:33
Romsterand darts and table tennis after work on mondays and tuesdays too.09:33
diversesounds like you need to get sleep09:34
Romstertoo early. if i sleep now i'll be awake until like 5am then sleep again then be late for work.09:35
Romsteri'd sleep to midngiht09:35
Romster7:34pm now09:35
diverse4 and half hours to go09:35
Romsterof course.09:38
diverseI want to install deadbeef, but looking at nogagplz's pkgfile, it looks horrendous.09:47
nogagplzit's not, it's pretty easy09:50
Romsterwhat do ya mean that looks sane to me.09:51
Romsterbut ya missing at least git in the depends on line09:51
nogagplzthat's a deliberate check to make sure the person trying to use it is awake09:52
Romster has one too09:52
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rauz_good morning10:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.18. No longer dependent on icu11:00
diversenogagplz: how come you haven't put any dependencies in that Pkgfile?11:25
diversecan it build without any?11:26
nogagplzprobably because I was lazy11:30
diversenogagplz: could you get anymore lazier?11:37
Romsterdon't ask11:38
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diverseRomster: btw thanks for the other link13:46
Romsteronly have to search in portsdb diverse14:08
diverseI know, I am saying thanks anyway14:08
diverseI got mine configured the way I wanted it.14:09
Romsteri start doing stuff and it turns into a bigger job than first expected14:18
Romsterjust cooked and ate a late dinner14:18
Romsterat midnight14:18
diverseThats gonna keep you up14:19
diverseRomster: your stomach is going to say "Sorry, but I have to digest this first, you can't sleep now!"14:23
Romsteri'm not normal i can sleep after drinking coffee and food.14:30
Romsterthough i'm now drinking a cup of earl gray tea14:31
diverseI guess your body has good tolerance14:32
Romsternot to metion i was drinking saturday night and wake up without a hangover.14:33
Romsterit's called conditioning.14:33
Romsterplus i drink water and mineral salts before sleeping when i drink14:34
Romsterthat way i wake up fine14:34
Romsterfrinnst, never drinks or not much?14:34
frinnstwell, i drink14:34
frinnstbut when i do i get REALLY thirsty14:35
frinnstso i guess my body is smarter than me :)14:35
Romsteri've had hangovers but after a bottle and a half of scotch though, in one night.14:35
Romsterlol perhaps14:35
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frinnstwhat a lovely case.. you might be able to guess the price14:47
Romsterwhat the14:50
Romsternever seen anything like that.14:51
frinnstshame the price is so silly14:57
Romsterwhat $600 ?14:57
Romsteri hate time 1am...14:58
frinnstI saw it listed for ~10 000sek14:58
frinnst1508.00 US Dollar14:59
Romstergot to be kidding.14:59
Romsteri haven't even put the sides on my case.15:00
frinnst7800:- is a bit better i guess :)15:00
frinnst1176.24 US Dollar :)15:00
Romsterstill that's nearly twice what i guessed15:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mercurial: 2.6.1 -> 2.6.217:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: scummvm: 1.5.0 -> 1.6.017:48
diversetimcowchip: whats this for?17:49
nogagplzclementine is an amarok 1.4 knockoff if memory serves17:50
diverseah, don't need it then.17:50
timcowchipplays music, downloads podcasts17:51
timcowchipits a lot more bloated than deadbeef though17:52
diversedeadbeef does all that I want and more, thank you for sharing though.17:52
timcowchipwhat the heck is scummvm?17:53
doomicide lets you play old adventures (lucas arts stuff etc.)17:55
doomicideI think it's an engine or emulator17:55
timcowchipoh, thanks doomicide17:56
diverselooks like an emulator (which is not surprising since VMs do emulate hardware)17:56
frinnstI use it to replay monkey island 1&2 and indy 4 maybe one every two years18:11
teK__indy <318:13
frinnstrip lucasarts :(18:14
nogagplzon a slight tangent have you seen the source was put out for jedi outcast and academy18:15
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nogagplzthe latter of which at least runs natively on linux now18:15
frinnstnice quake engine iirc18:17
timcowchipScript Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion18:18
timcowchipdebian package comes with Beneath a Steel Sky and Flight of the Amazon Queen18:19
frinnstyou can download those form the scummvm website18:19
timcowchipI think I'll try this scummvm18:20
timcowchiprebooting into Crux18:22
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doomicidehaha, you know it's a bureaucracy when they still give out travel warnings in the middle of a fucking civil war18:54
joacimnever seen a starbucks with bars around it like that before18:56
teK__there are more pictures..
diversewtf is going on with Turkey?19:00
frinnstprotests :)19:01
teK___this_ government has tried to be included to the EU for some time19:02
joacimthis one I'm in has been avoiding it like the plague19:03
teK__wait.. in Stuttgart protesters were treated similarly19:03
joacimi have no idea why19:03
teK__to be able to protest freely AND protected by the police in Germany you have to be a Nazi19:04
teK__sad but true19:04
diverseso is there some revolution going on?19:06
frinnstdiverse: where do you live? (what media do you have access to?)19:06
frinnstno, just peaceful protests to save a park in istanbul from being paved over iirc19:07
frinnstinsane overreaction19:07
joacimwas a protest in my town too, but i dont think it was that big of a deal19:08
joacimjust some kids pushing each other19:08
joacimsome kind of neo-nazi group was having a gathering in a park around here. another group formed to protest against the neo-nazis19:09
timcowchipBeneath A Steel Sky is cool19:35
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