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rauz_a little high water problem in my city
rauz_we have no water all roads a blocked BUT we f*** inet13:36
frinnstfor how long did it rain?13:37
rauz_6 day straight raining13:38
jaegerNow it's justEinzfluessestadt13:38
jaegers/just/just /13:38
rauz_no drinking water sucks13:38
rauz_all people went crazy at the supermarket13:39
frinnstrauz_: you know tek?13:46
frinnst(since you are from the same city)13:46
rauz_only from the irc channel13:46
frinnstah, ok13:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: scite: update to 3.3.314:56
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: bindutils: update to 9.9.314:57
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tilmanfrinnst: yo, can you package moreutils for me please?17:17
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frinnsttilman: lol why me?18:42
tilmanfrinnst: you're easy to manipulate ;)18:46
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tilmanfrinnst: it was a joke :(19:38
frinnstrelax, i was afk20:15
frinnsttrying to recover from the latest game of thrones episode20:17
tilmanthat wouldn't be ep9, would it?20:19
tilmanalso, *phew*20:19
jaegerI haven't watched it yet, should be fun20:20
tilmani think i have been misinformed about the broadcasting date of episode 920:21
tilmanlennart: *cough*20:21
lennartyeah, sorry about that20:22
frinnstalso trying to fix my dads windows xp machine20:23
frinnstmassive wierdness20:23
frinnstmy dad goes through motherboards like toiletpaper20:26
joacimthere were no episodes last week?20:43
jaegerthere was not one on may 2620:44
jaegerthere was one last night, though, as far as I know20:44
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nbcaHey, is there an equivalent to Gentoo's "genkernel" for CRUX?23:24
jaegernone of which I'm aware23:29
nbcaOk, thanks :).. I have been meaning to try out CRUX for some time now, but I have never been able to 'get past' the kernel compilation.. I always miss a crucial option or 223:32
jaegeryou can ask in here if you run into trouble... the most important things will be your disk controller and filesystem23:33
nbcaYeah, ok.. That's worth considering!23:39
jaegerIf you like you can put the output of "lspci -k" on or similar and we can tell you which drivers are needed23:39
nbcaIf i have a running Linux distro can I take that config with zcat and use that configuration while building the kernel on the install iso?23:41
nbcaThe output is here:23:41
jaegermost likely, yes. at least the important stuff23:41
jaegerok, AHCI is your disk controller, that's easy enough23:42
jaegerIs that a thinkpad?23:43
nbcaYeah, a T41023:43
jaegerI have an x220 running crux and I've run it on a t400 once at work23:44
nbcaYeah, thinkpads are really great for Linux, I have had no problems with a large range of distros on this laptop as well. The x220 is a nice machine, I originally wanted to buy one of them, but given my budget, it was too expensive.23:45
jaegerIt was a little expensive, yeah, but it's nice23:46
nbcaDoes CRUX use an initramfs or do I need to include the drivers in the kernel?23:52
jaegerCRUX doesn't dictate, you can use or not use as you like. There's no automatic tool to create one, though23:59
jaegerwell, maybe someone has a contributed one but nothing official23:59

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