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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: [notify] xorg-libx11-32: updated to 1.6.0. Fixes CVE-2013-1981, CVE-2013-1997 and CVE-2013-200402:43
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: harfbuzz-32: updated to 0.9.17 -> 0.9.18. No longer dependent on icu02:43
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libpcre-32: 8.32 -> 8.3302:43
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: util-linux-32: 2.23 -> 2.23.102:43
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timcowchip_back at ya06:07
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mhi^Nice to see that Crux is still alive. :)08:28
Romstervery much so08:36
mhi^Cool, cool.08:46
nogagplzwhere did the core linux website go09:07
Romsterdunno why?09:09
Romsterit was enver worked on for ages and probably got removed?09:09
Romstera filing cabinet why did i not think of that for a pc case.09:12
nogagplzwhen when you need to remove old components use cabextract09:12
Romsterhahah i should of guessed a joke like that09:13
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Romsterusr/include/stdint.h:58:32: error: 'long long long' is too long for GCC09:23
Romsterthe heck09:24
Romsterweird now it compiles just fine.09:25
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Romster i might do something similer to this.09:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] subversion: updated to 1.7.1010:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: subversion-bashcompletion: updated to 1.7.1010:08
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doomicideI want to start a new clean partition table, what would be the best choice to backup my Installation12:56
doomicidein a way, so I can just copy it back on the new partition and adjust grub.conf and wit works?12:57
doomicideI was thinking rsync -a12:57
horrorStruckwhat i did when switching to ssd ^13:05
jaegeryeah, that would work, or tar13:06
joacimI've used cp before13:06
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horrorStruckso now you even have more solutions to consider than before asking your question, this means hours of research on the internet, weeks of man pages reading and asking phoronix to make a comparison graph :P13:10
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doomicideOk I use: 'sudo rsync -av --progress --hard-links --xattrs --acls --sparse --numeric-ids --exclude='/media/*' --exclude=/sys --exclude=/proc --exclude=/dev --exclude=/lost+found / /media/sdd/' now anything wrong with that?13:56
nogagplztry something like rsync -aAXv /* /path/to/backup/folder --exclude={/dev/*,/proc/*,/sys/*,/tmp/*,/run/*,/mnt/*,/media/*,/lost+found} imo14:17
nogagplzused that a fair few times now to great effect14:17
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tilmanfrinnst: more retardedly epic twists are yet to come in game of thrones :p16:20
poulecacaif you want to make some audience, just kill everybody ...16:23
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92AAASR15There we go17:09
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nogagplzgmod linux version now if anhbody cares17:15
frinnsttilman: yeah i know.. i dont know *what* they are though, so dont spoil it for me if you've read the books :)17:27
tilmanfrinnst: no worries17:29
joacimnot sure if i enjoy these new shows as much. too much drama, too many epic twists.17:34
joacimI just want to watch macgyver and mash =)17:34
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timcowchipwhy is my crux install so broken? :(19:16
timcowchipI just had to remove cyrus-sasl again before updating subversion19:17
timcowchiprevdep lists samba no matter how many times I re-install it19:17
timcowchipweechat quit working after updating util-linux19:19
timcowchip-fr gnutls and weechat......still doesn't work19:19
nogagplzdoes weechat say anything useful when you try to run it19:21
timcowchipit runs but and looks like its working19:22
timcowchipbut it doesn't show up on
timcowchipthat's how desperate  I am........thinking of installing arch19:24
timcowchipbrb, going to try weechat again19:25
92AAASR15Try ii19:25
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timcowchip_I j ust ran weechat and typed "hi :)"19:27
92AAASR15gnutls always looked like ganoodles to me,.19:27
timcowchip_nothing showed up, right?19:28
92AAASR15I wonder if ii works19:28
92AAASR15you should try ii19:28
timcowchip_I using quassel19:28
92AAASR15I know19:29
timcowchip_its my port19:29
92AAASR15I don't like weechat. too many dependencies19:31
timcowchip_but it should work if you did like it19:31
92AAASR15i know.19:32
timcowchip_doing a "RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep"19:32
timcowchip_see what it spits out19:33
timcowchip_556 ports19:33
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timcowchip_samba: error in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/samba/samba3/libsmb_samba_internal.so19:46
timcowchip_samba: error in /usr/lib/samba/libinterfaces.so19:46
timcowchip_weechat: ok19:49
frinnsttilman: :)19:49
frinnsttimcowchip_: revdep probably lists samba because a library samba uses has some issues19:49
tilmanfrinnst: :D19:49
frinnsttimcowchip_: try running it with RD_VERBOSE=219:50
tilmanfrinnst: what's with this ridiculous hat he's wearing all the time?19:50
timcowchip_thanks frinnst, I did "RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep"19:50
frinnstso, what did it list regarding samba?19:51
frinnsttilman: i think he's "special" :D19:51
timcowchip_samba: error in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/samba/samba3/libsmb_samba_internal.so19:51
timcowchip_samba: error in /usr/lib/samba/libinterfaces.so19:51
tilmanfrinnst: that might explain his weird-ass writing style19:51
frinnstso what does "ldd /usr/lib/samba/" say?19:51
frinnstpastebin it19:52
jaegersamba is one of those ports that revdep will always report19:53
jaegerlike jre, etc.19:53
frinnstI dont use samba myself so19:53
timcowchip_like ffmpeg-compat19:54
jaegerfrinnst: it's a recent change, samba 419:54
frinnsttimcowchip_: you can always go with the nuclear option. this is what I usually run when a library has fucked up something and i dont have time to look into it: "prt-get update -fr -if $(prt-get listinst)"19:55
timcowchip_thanks frinnst, I think I'm ready to nuke it19:57
timcowchip_I can always go out and do some yard work for a couple of days19:58
frinnstwhat happens with weechat? just closes?19:58
frinnstbtw i see you asked if anybody could see you writing "hi :)"19:59
frinnst19:43 -!- Guest76195 is now known as jue19:59
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frinnst21:31 <timcowchip> hi :)19:59
frinnst21:34 <timcowchip> bye :(19:59
frinnst21:34 -!- timcowchip [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.4.0]19:59
frinnstoops, that was fucked19:59
frinnsti should ban myself19:59
jaegera little spam won't kill anyone19:59
timcowchip_so it did work :)20:00
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frinnstself punishment20:00
teK__that's pussyish in itself!20:02
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