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frinnstno work for me! \o/ national day01:20
retardyou've found a nice way to celebrate it01:24
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joacimoooh! I had an ingrown hair a few days ago07:28
joacimit wasnt that bad tho07:28
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timcowchipweechat is working :)07:49
timcowchipI was in the wrong irc07:49
fireglowfrinnst why oh why07:52
fireglowI won't even open that page07:52
joacimyou're not into popping and locking then07:54
fireglowwhat's locking?07:55
fireglowdo I even want to know? ;)07:55
timcowchipsupposed to be based  on a Danish tv show07:59
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Romsterhey sepen i haven't said congrats on getting married yet, so there it is.09:23
sepenhey thanks09:41
Romsteryour welcome09:45
Romsterand yeah ports have been moving fast09:45
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humahi. have you guys also moved to systemd?11:06
nogagplzI think the idea around here is can't, shan't, won't11:08
doomicidenogagplz: thank god for that11:09
humaamen :)11:09
humagood to know there are a few sane distros left :)11:09
nogagplzthat's not to say you can't role your own pkgfile for it and such, but you know11:09
humahow did it happen that systemd got adopted almost universally? are there some high profile linux people that back it up?11:12
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mhi^Hey, niklaswe.11:21
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Romsterfrinnst, already did systemd nogagplz12:13
Romsteri thinkit was a exercise on how much it sucked.12:13
nogagplzthat traitorous swine12:13
Romsterhuma, i really have no idea but i'm mad about that.12:14
Romsteri blame redhat12:14
humait's redhat's invention?12:14
prologicsystemd sucks ass12:16
Romsterdon't know but the guy works for red hat.12:16
frinnstno, horrorStruck did12:16
frinnstdont involve me in your wickedness! :)12:16
nogagplzand now you're shifting blame12:16
Romsteroh oops thought frinnst did that....12:17
nogagplzdamnit why do you insist on being chaotic evil!12:17
joacimblame the swedes12:22
joacimthey're all the same12:22
Romsterya know nl is probably full of swedes?12:26
frinnstshut up! its swedens day today!12:31
Romsterjust when ya thought i've shut up about version sorting. just core ports only source files. well it's string splitting atm only, but in python.12:33
Romsteri'm getting help to get this done.12:33
nogagplzwhat psychologist is that good with python12:42
nogagplznot sure if whoosh or well played12:44
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RomsterRun complete. processed 12423 lines and failed on 4781 lines, not bad about 60% match so far.13:06
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jaegergithub enterprise appliance has a 75GB virtual disk but only uses 10GB of it :P13:12
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frinnstjaeger: space to grow? :)13:28
jaegerBased on their documentation I don't think that was the intent but their docs show a 10GB virtual disk and how to resize it13:31
jaegerCould be wrong, though13:31
Romsterdunno does seem strange13:32
Romstercould be a dynamically allocating vdi and it starts at 10gb?13:32
jaegerIt is thin-provisioned but the LVM on the live system uses 10GB only13:34
jaeger2 for swap, 8 for /13:34
jaegerIt's easy to resize and I've already done it but I just found it a strange setup13:34
jaegerunrelated to that, sometimes on my ubuntu 12 install here at work, terminals take 3-5 seconds to start13:45
jaegervery odd13:45
nogagplzthat's while amazon digs up prices for serial terminals for you13:47
jaegerYou'd think it could maybe only do that once every 10 terminals or something :P13:52
Romsterultra rare14:00
Romster also shark trailer14:00
frinnsthow the hell do you push out a baby still in its sack?14:24
fireglowit was done buy cutting14:27
fireglowforgot the English term14:27
fireglowcaeseran incision or something14:27
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Romstercaesarean section15:20
Romsterfigures the bot was off it now joins but fails to advertise the commit.15:20
fireglowoh yes15:21
Romsterxorg-xf86-video-intel: 2.21.8 -> 2.21.915:21
Romsterit's in the text if you did read it15:21
Romsterfirst paragraph no less15:22
Romsteryawning ok bed time g'night all.15:27
fireglownn Romster15:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bind: 9.9.3 -> 9.9.3-P116:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.8]: bind: update to 9.9.3-P116:41
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teK__all users of bind are urged to update to -P1 as it fixes a serious RCE-vuln :-)17:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wireshark: 1.8.7 -> 1.10.019:03
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niklaswegood evening20:15
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nbcaIs there a way to install binary packages in CRUX like the ports of FreeBSD allows you to?23:11
nbcaMy machine has been humming away compiling for more than 4 hours after I did a prt-get sysup23:13
frinnstsure. the end result of a "pkgmk" is a compressed tarball that you can install with pkgadd23:14
frinnstand you have tools like pkg-get23:14
frinnstbut there is no infrastructure setup for it23:14
nbcaOK, thanks, so it's not like the ports where you can specify pkg_add -r to download a compiled package.23:16
frinnstnope :)23:18
nbcaCheers, thanks for the help :)23:19
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