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jaegeryay, got an airprint server working today with cups and avahi :)00:00
frinnstteK_: lol wtf?00:10
frinnstthis picture is beautiful:
teK_must have been 2006, football world championships in germany. If my memory serves me correctly01:00
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pitillodiverse: I use lm-sensors to detect the chipset and its kernel support, with that here is enought to get the temp with e17's widget08:39
diversepitillo: thanks09:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gnutls: updated to 3.2.109:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cmake: updated to
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diverseRomster: is Roomster now on your phone?11:29
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tim87hello everybody12:50
tim87long time not using crux :)12:51
tim87now i need some help, maybe somebody can help? I am clueless about compiling error I get with dbus-3212:51
teK_don't ask to ask12:53
teK_install xorg-libsm-3212:55
tim87like I said freshly set up, with some userland up and running already, this is what i get with dbus-32, seems bugged, i have xorg-libsm-32 installed of course12:55
teK_it should be listed as a dependency, too12:56
tim87it is, checked revdep already, no problems so far, expat-32 finished to build, too12:56
teK_so you have a file /usr/lib32/
teK_please post your /etc/pkgmk.conf12:59
tim87here you go13:00
tim87i am building in a tmpfs if that matters?13:00
teK_maybe you want to replace make in dbus-32's Pkgfile by V=1 make.. and check that gcc *is* called with -m3213:00
teK_it shouldnt13:00
tim87it is called with -m32, but wants to link against /usr/lib/libSM.so13:04
tim87thats all I can read, do you need a log paste?13:04
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tim87other compat-32 packages built fine so far, so I guess it could be a dbus related problem maybe?13:11
tim87tried newest version, 1.7.x but I got the same error13:11
teK_you could run pkgmk -kw, wait for the error copy the offending gcc-line and specify the library search path (-L /usr..) and see if that works13:12
teK_yet I'm curious ..13:13
tim87ok, i try that13:13
tim87teK_: thank you! that got me just the right clue13:19
tim87we have a missing dependency on dbus-32, xorg-libx11-3213:19
tim87when i changed the gcc command to use /usr/lib32/, it got me the error for and, which made me realize i did't have the latter installed, which then fixed the linking error13:21
teK_ok, would mind opening a bug at
tim87np, i am on it13:22
tim87oh, maybe i should have checked it before, there is already a bug report, see #90913:26
teK_vote for it13:30
tim87thanks for your help teK_, I got rusty on that ;)13:33
tim87there aren't any docs on how to set up xen, are there?13:34
teK_ suggest no13:35
jaegerLots of non-crux xen docs out there, though13:35
teK_yeah I guess it's somewhat unspecific wrt CRUX13:36
teK_never done it myself though13:36
tim87might be next to set-up, as I am currently stoked with planetside 2.. :)13:37
jaegergoing to do a VT-d gaming setup?13:38
tim87I think so13:38
teK_tim87: if you succeed, consider adding a short documentation in our wiki :)13:38
tim87at least I will try it13:38
tim87teK_: i would do that, i wanted to port steam-32 too, will add my work once finished13:38
tim87jaeger: any experience so far?13:39
jaegerI've not done it, myself, just read about it a bit13:39
jaegerI use VT-d for some ethernet hardware on an ESXi machine but no gaming there13:40
tim87I just need to try it then ;)13:41
jaegerShould be an interesting project if nothing else13:41
tim87I did plan it for a long time, i5 3570k should work fine I think13:44
jaegerThe K models don't support VT-d if I remember right13:45
jaegermy i7-2600k certainly doesn't13:45
tim87it does't, you are right13:46
diversejaeger: I thought you had an i7-2700k?13:46
jaegerdiverse: 2600k, yes13:46
diverseok, you got the same cpu as I do :)13:47
jaegerI've been quite happy with it but next time I upgrade I'll probably go with an i5 instead, save a little money13:48
jaegerI was doing a lot more compiling when I bought it, now all my builds happen on the VM server, pretty much13:48
tim87I read not having vt-d support lowers your gpu performance for about 10%.. too bad my gpu is a bottleneck right now for gaming13:50
jaegerI would guess that having VT-d support isn't a cause of overhead, just using it for your graphics passthrough... with that said, I'm no expert there, just speculating13:51
diverseI hope you mean the builtin gpu of the processor?13:51
tim87diverse: I don't, am I mistaken somewhere?13:51
jaegerThere's probably some overhead involved for any device using VT-d but I doubt it's enough to worry about13:52
diverseI don't see how it should affect my nvidia cards though.13:53
tim87okay, well, I will report back when it is up and running ;)13:53
jaegergood luck :)13:54
diversemore importantly, have fun in the process!13:55
tim87thanks mates13:55
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klrrokey, i got two questions, first, is it possible to use the kernel that comes with the iso? if not, can someone say some drivers im most likely will need? (i got some wacky logitech keyboard i think i need special driver for, also i need drivers for network card)16:49
frinnstthe config that ships with the iso is pretty sane17:14
frinnstwhat usually catches most people out are drivers for the disk controller (ahci usually these days), scsi-disk support (libata) and filesystem17:14
frinnstthese drivers must NOT be built as modules, as they need to be loaded to mount the root fs17:14
frinnstunless you use a initrd ofcourse17:15
frinnstif you boot the install-cd you can find out what modules are loaded with respect to your hardware with lspci -k17:15
jaegerPlease note that the config that is installed by setup and the kernel the ISO uses are not the same17:17
frinnstyeah. the kernel used on the iso is not really suitable to use for your installed system since it uses an initrd17:18
jaegera very specific initrd that isn't designed for installed systems17:18
klrrthanks frinnst and jaeger17:51
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klrrinstalling process is good and easy compiling linux is difficult :P18:41
klrrhow do i make so everything is utf-8? what does generating locale mean?18:46
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jaegerlocale generation creates the files that the system uses to display the non-ascii characters properly, after you do that you can set LANG to something like en_US.UTF-818:56
klrrhow do i set lang?19:01
jaeger <-- some info here. the dpkg stuff obviously doesn't apply to crux but the rest may be useful19:01
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klrrhow should resolv.conf be configured?20:37
klrralso last time i compiled linux i needed some special logitech keyboard driver anyone know which that might be?20:45
joacimi dont touch mine as i use dhcpcd20:50
klrroh if i use dhcpcd i dont need to care about it?20:52
joacimshould be no need to20:52
doomicideklrr: Assuming you use menuconfig, the driver should be under: Device Drivers -> HID support ->Special HID drivers20:52
klrrthanks, i just have to ask how do i enable r8169? i find it when i search but not in its location ? :x20:54
klrrfound it20:58
klrris there a way to find out what soundcard im using? i dont get which/where that driver might be, i know its realtek but not more?21:03
joacimlspci should tell you21:04
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frinnstklrr: resolv.conf should contain "nameserver <dns-server-ip>"21:05
frinnsti think resolv.conf has a manpage too, but the nameserver part is usually the most important21:06
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klrrok, thanks!21:08
klrrwtf grub comes up even if i used lilo21:18
klrrand it says error file not found21:18
frinnstyou had grub installed before you installed crux?21:18
frinnstso you probably installed lilo on /dev/sda1 or something21:19
frinnstchange it to /dev/sda and rerun lilo21:19
klrrcan i do that?21:19
klrrshould i re-chroot?21:19
frinnstits the boot= flag i think21:20
frinnst(i dont have lilo installed here so not sure)21:22
doomicidefrinnst, it is21:22
klrrrebooting now...21:24
klrrit works! :D goy some errors but i can login :)21:25
klrrrhanks for all help, finally no more buntucrap21:27
doomicidewow that's a big step from *buntu to crux21:27
klrrcrux feels more unixy, ubuntu feels like os x21:29
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