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Romsterlsurl | ./ --verbose --show-failed |wgetpaste11:43
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
RomsterRun complete. processed 12441 lines and failed on 3695 lines (70.30% success rate) CPU time: 0.81 seconds11:43
Romsteri'm slowly getting there11:44
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frinnstalmost 2pm.. maybe lunchtime?11:50
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Romsterhehe late lunch ftw12:10
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jaegergrrr... hate it when people send in helpdesk tickets and then won't respond when you try to get more information or help13:17
jaegerWell, I guess you didn't want assistance after all13:17
teK_helpdesk? good point13:18
teK_maybe someone of you could point me in the right direction with this thing:
jaegerNo idea there, sorry. Never tried arbitrary UDP redirection13:24
jaegerOn a side note, really liking Source Code Pro so far13:26
jaegerI was waffling between it and Anonymous Pro13:26
teK_thanks anyway13:33
jaegerMy iptables and policy routing usage is pretty simple, haven't done anything too complex with it13:36
jaegermostly just host-based firewalls and proper multihoming13:37
teK_mine was/is, too ;)13:38
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RomsterteK_, ask in #Netfilter13:59
teK_that will probably be the next level of escalation, yes ;)14:00
Romsteror possibly even better the mailing list for netfitler14:00
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niklasweRomster: did you get my email?14:27
Romsteri haven't looked lately been far too busy14:28
Romsteryou did your diff backards :D14:28
niklaswehaha opps :P14:28
Romsterthe newer xtables-addons only works on the newer 3.3 or so kernel. and i haven't touched my firewall in ages.14:29
niklasweRomster: oh I see14:30
niklaswebut I got 404 on version 1.4714:31
Romsterhmm i'l have to look over all my ports again i've been letting them sit due to ELACKOFTIME14:34
frinnstniklaswe: did you see the hp gen8 microserver?14:34
frinnstit looks sexy.. i want one :(14:35
joacimno more amd?14:43
frinnstno, some sort of celeron crap14:43
joacimlooks more expensive too14:46
niklaswefrinnst: nope I haven't see it yet.. paste link please :)15:38
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niklasweformated wrong disk :/15:53
niklaswethis really sucks..15:53
niklasweyeah :/16:04
niklaswehehe I just sold an hp DL360 G4 for 350kr :P16:04
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jaegerIs that good? ~53 USD I guess16:06
niklasweyupp its 53 USD :)16:08
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joacimUSD 449 for the G1610T. It seems interesting now that I know more about the specs. Building my own server with a case like that will probably end up costing more.17:32
jaegerplease say that 449 is a typo for $49 :D17:33
jaegerAh, that makes far more sense. I was confusing it with the G1610T celeron processor17:34
joacimI dont know how much it'll cost in norway tho. the N40L equipped microserver is about NOK 200017:36
joacimand I don't really care that much about the performance as long as it is quiet and serves files and backups on my network17:36
frinnstjoacim: i have two.. they are excellent17:38
joacimI don't really want to spend much more than 2000-3000 on a server anyways.17:38
frinnsti have them stacked behind my sofa :)17:38
frinnstone n36l and one n54l17:39
joacimdoes the cpu limit you in any way?17:39
frinnstnot for what I use them for17:39
joacimI dont see being limited just for serving files for one or two clients. but I'm thinking that It might be fun to run a video game server on it once in a while.17:40
jaegerI imagine it'll be fine for that, more work for the clients than the server in most cases17:41
frinnsti run http, smtp, dns, ssh, nfs and irc on one17:42
frinnstbackups on another17:42
joacimirc must be taxing17:42
frinnstit is17:42
frinnstyou have no idea17:42
frinnstwhen tek gets going..17:42
frinnstcpu spikes17:42
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joacimi guess there aren't any reasonable alternatives for home-builders17:47
joacimlian-li makes some cases, but they're expensive, and i dont think they're as convenient with access to the drives from the front.17:48
joacimlike the microservers17:48
mythwill there ever be an arm port of crux?17:48
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jaegerAnyone using xen 4.1?18:55
jaegerit seems to completely ignore the dom0_mem setting18:57
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frinnstnever used xen19:41
frinnstthe only thing i ever read about xen are vulnerabilities posted on oss-sec :)19:42
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frinnstyay, btrfs-corruption20:57
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frinnstatleast checksums tell me when somethings wrong20:59
fireglowthat reminds me, time to run scrub21:01
jaegerscrub, scrub!21:05
frinnstuncorrectable errors: 1366221:06
fireglowscrubbings are taking place21:06
frinnstperl was broken, pkgadd too21:06
jaegerI do a weekly scrub on my ZFS NAS but I'm too much of a wuss to use btrfs in production yet21:08
diversewow, transmission-gtk is seriously broken, everytime I try to open a menu option, the damn thing crashes. Maybe its gtk3's fault?21:08
rauz_i had that problem too but i dont remeber how i fixed it21:09
diverserauz_: what did you do, restart X or something?21:11
frinnstdiverse: check the gtk3-readme21:11
rauz_i real dont remeber, but start it from console mybe it gives you a clue21:12
frinnstcorrection, do the post-install for gtk321:12
frinnstor run this: glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas21:12
diverse(transmission-gtk:7216): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system21:13
diversefrinnst: wouldn't it be glib-3.0?21:15
frinnstdo you have glib3 installed? :)21:15
diversefrinnst: no, and there is no such package for it...21:17
frinnstso maybe just run it?21:17
diversefrinnst: running that command you showed me worked.21:22
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diversefrinnst: I guess, should that command be part of gtk3's Pkgfile?21:25
jaegerIt is part of the post-install script21:25
frinnstdown to ~11k errors :)21:42
diversejust 11k more to go ;)21:43
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