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Romsterfrinnst> uncorrectable errors: 13662 <- ignorance is bliss02:14
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Romsteri would but i get heaps of phone calls and customers wanting to talk to me07:39
niklasweurk I dont like ldap..07:45
niklasweI got more headshake for everyday I working with it..07:45
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Romsterthen don't work with it <<08:48
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diverseRomster: can I make another port request?10:54
Romsterdiverse, you can, if i fulfill is another matter10:55
Romster version sorting is coming along in python.10:56
frinnstRomster: what errors were those?10:57
frinnstah, mine :)10:58
diversethat ~11k thing10:58
frinnstwell that was only on my ~30gb drive.. i bet you can imagine how many errors i had on my 6tb array :)10:58
diverseRomster: I would like a port for a font called vlgothic11:00
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prologicHow do I create a usb boot disk with the latest 3.0 iso?11:05
prologicI've never done this :)11:05
prologicalways used cds11:05
frinnstdd if=crux.iso of=/dev/usbstick11:05
frinnstpretty much11:05
prologicthought so11:05
prologicmaybe I can install dd via brew on my macbook air :)11:06
prologicnew desktop pc hw arrived11:06
prologichaven't installed it yet11:06
diversewelcome to the USB (dark) side!11:06
Romsterfrinnst, ah too many11:08
Romsterhas anyone updated the javascript stuff to make firefox work11:10
Romsteror has everyone jsut made symlinks on there system?11:10
diverseis my request a no go?11:11
Romsteri only just read it... and looking for the url11:11
Romster ?11:12
Romstercan barley read that page.11:12
frinnstwhy not just create the port yourself? its not that hard11:14
Romsterespecially fonts.11:14
frinnstpoor romster, he's maintaining thousands of ports :)11:14
Romsterfonts are generally make and forget but i can't even read that one.11:15
Romsteris it like this one diverse
diverseRomster: its another font, but as the site says its "legacy and deprecated"11:17
diversethey say its recommend to transition to modern fonts like fonts-vlgothic or fonts-ipafont-gothic11:18
Romsterdiverse, you have your own repo don't you?11:18
Romsteror need hosting?11:18
Romsterxorg-font-larabie-coolvetica-ttf or any other Pkgfile and edit ti to suit that one. since your able to read Japanese.11:19
diverseWell I can't read all of it, (I am still studying Japanese)11:20
diversebut the current Japanese fonts on my system look like total crap.11:21
diverseI guess I will base it off this PKGBUILD:
Romsteroh i can read that and make it from that.11:32
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diverseRomster: the font looks much better, thanks again12:53
diverserofl, the same could be said about C12:58
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diverseand Java too, since it has classes and exception handling. Good find Romster!13:01
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rmullIs there any way to ccache the gcc bootstrap process?13:25
jaegerNo idea here but would that not possibly defeat the purpose of the bootstrap process?13:27
rmullI couldn't say13:29
rmullAll I know is that I can't build large software because my machine has some issue that results in gcc internal segfaults, so I rely heavily on ccache13:30
rmullI have been trying to build the new gcc for months now :(13:30
rmullI would guess that it's heat related but even when I force my fan to be full blast it seems to make no noticeable difference13:31
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horrorStruckjust disable bootstrap13:36
jaegerhave you run memtest?13:36
jaegeror get a package from one of us, perhaps13:36
jaegerI'd definitely suggest a memtest run if you haven't done that. The vast majority of segfaults from gcc in my past have been bad RAM13:39
horrorStruckalso, do you have enough space in your work directory, gcc needs 2GB+13:44
Romsterrmull, yes14:01
Romsterbut use with care.14:01
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Romster uploading now.14:04
Romsteri'd try memtest or even removing ram and cleaning the connections with paper on the ram modules too. and reinserting then memtest14:05
Romsterhot cpu won't cause segfaults.14:06
Romsterunless it's that hot it's about to destroy itself or thermal shutdown14:06
Romstermy k7 ran hot around 55-70C on gcc compiles in 40C summer heat. and it never segfaulted.14:07
Romstereta 10 minutes on upload14:07
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rmullRomster: Thanks for the tips. I also ran memtest and it was fine17:49
rmullI will try STAGE_CC_WRAPPER17:49
rmullPrime95 segfaults, but memtest finishes fine17:50
rmullstupid machine.17:50
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