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poulecacahi there07:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.2008:28
teK_dosfstools.. ?08:32
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-nouveau: update to 1.0.808:38
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-modesetting: update to 0.8.008:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: json-c: updated home site URL08:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: samhain: update to 3.0.1308:48
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prologicexport MAKEFLAGS="-j 4" in /etc/pkgmk.conf to make compiling go a bit faster?11:17
diverseprologic: do you have 4 cores?11:19
prologicI have 811:20
prologicbut it's an Intel Core i711:20
prologicyou know with hyperthreading11:20
prologicthe so-called fake 8 cores :)11:20
diverseah so 8 logical cores, then you can do a -j9 if you wanted to11:20
prologic-j 9 it is11:22
diversebasically its n + 1, n being the number of cores you have11:22
prologicjust wondering if the export MAKEFLAGS bit was right11:22
prologicand to put it in /etc/pkgmk.conf11:22
prologicI vauguly remember it being right :)11:22
diverseyou could do -j5 if you just wanted to use 4 of the cores11:22
prologicit's really been 8 years since I've installed crux onto a desktop11:23
prologicold hw finally died11:23
prologictell you what though it boots fast with the sandisk ssd11:23
prologicand strangly I didn't have to do as much tweaking with the kernel config11:24
diverseit boots fast too with my crucial ssd11:24
prologicmost of the hw was already selected ready to compile11:24
prologichas the kernel gone through major configuration improvements?11:24
diverseyou are going to have to ask jaeger about that11:24
prologiclike shit just worked the first time11:24
prologicI was pleasantly surprised11:24
prologicconfiguring kernel and rebooting was a breeze11:25
diverseyeah, its pretty nice.11:25
prologicjaeger: what magic did you do? :)11:25
diverseI think mine takes 2 seconds from grub to tty11:27
jaegerprologic: just created a more useful defconfig, really11:40
jaegersome suggestions for SSD usage if you're not already doing them: set the block scheduler to "noop" for your SSDs and mount with the "discard" option11:41
prologicblock scheduler option in the kernel?11:47
prologicalso weird just know11:47
prologicwas trying to partition up and mkfs and mount my 3TB spinning drive11:47
prologicusing cfdisk mkfs.ext411:47
frinnstor run fstrim in a cronjob11:47
prologicand I end up with 750G instead of 3TB11:48
frinnstdiscard can sometimes slow stuff down11:48
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jueprologic: FYI, our irc logger is broken currently11:52
prologicI see irclogger_11:52
prologicthere was a change in A records for all my domains last night however11:53
prologicit might take some time to propagate11:53
prologicI'll double check though :)11:53
juethis gives a 500 ->
prologicoh ofc11:54
prologicI forgot to start the web app11:54
prologicfor the irclogs11:54
prologicyeah I see it now11:54
prologicno biggie11:54
jaegerprologic: the overhead of HT isn't worth worrying about, for what it's worth11:56
prologicback up now11:56
jaegerIt's pretty easy, can give some suggestions11:57
prologicand my mba's battery is nearly dead11:59
prologicgood night :)11:59
jaegerregarding the block scheduler setting you can do it a couple different ways, I let udev do it for me:
jaegerprologic: at a guess the 750gb is 3tb (2.75) modulo 2tb12:07
jaegerGPT should fix that12:08
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diverseAlways use GPT when the partition size is greater than 2TB12:10
prologic/dev/sdb1       2.7T  201M  2.6T   1% /mnt/data12:10
prologicthat's better12:10
prologicturns out parted is pretty easy12:11
prologicwhen you use unit %12:11
jaegerI always use sectors to properly align but it probably does that for you now12:11
prologicI think so12:12
prologicI think I can run an align-check12:12
Romsterit'll align on modern tools12:13
jaegerCould be handy. If you can't run that, just check that the beginnings of your partitions are aligned to your sector size. parted does 1mb (2048) by default12:13
prologicok align-check does the trick12:13
jaeger(assuming 512b which is most common until large drives)12:14
Romsterthose days are past unless someone runs some old versions when partitioning.12:14
jaegerThe problem comes in when you want to create a partition that's an exact size... parted doesn't have the same +size option that fdisk does12:14
jaegerSo you either do a little bit of math or ignore it :)12:14
Romsterisn't there a gdisk for gpt that behaves as if it were fdisk but only GPT?12:15
prologicNumber  Start   End     Size    File system  Name  Flags 1      1049kB  3001GB  3001GB  ext412:15
jaegeryes and no. gdisk has a somewhat different interface12:15
prologicoh wow12:16
prologicxfce4 is already all installed12:16
prologic-j9 :)12:16
prologicnow ot get the ati radeon driver working12:16
prologicget the amd ati propriatary driver?12:16
jaeger for an example of the sector output12:17
prologicNumber  Start  End          Size         File system  Name  Flags 1      2048s  5860532223s  5860530176s  ext412:18
jaegeryeah, seems normal12:18
Romsterjust out of interest the number of cores +1 doesn't always hold true.
prologicis xorg-xf86-video-ati good enough?12:19
jaegerfor most work, probably12:19
prologicat least it'll get my up and running12:19
prologicI need compiz + ezoom before I can use this properly :)12:19
jaegerIt should be able to handle that no problem12:20
Romsterno ati experience here sorry12:20
prologicI will probably install the amd prop* version though12:20
prologicand their sdks12:20
prologicspecifically the opencl stuff12:20
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jaegerAnyone in here going to be at VMWorld in San Francisco in August?12:24
Romsternever heard of that. and i'm in the wrong country as always.12:26
Romsterthey talk all about clustering virtual machines i gather.12:26
jaegerthere's one in Barcelona as well but still a long trip for you, heh12:27
jaegerAmong many other topics, sure12:27
prologicsorry jaeger going to another conf at the same time12:31
prologicgoing to pycon-au in aug down in Tasmania12:31
prologicplus a holiday :)12:32
jaegerJust curious12:32
prologicam I seriously the only one that uses compiz?12:32
prologicI am the only one with ports for it12:32
jaegerI used to use it a long time ago12:32
prologicyeah :)12:32
prologicI think I based mine off yours12:32
prologicand updated it once to 0.8.612:32
jaegerah :)12:32
prologicI think the latest is 0.8.812:33
prologicnot 100% sure on that12:34
Romstertasmania that'll be cold12:34
prologicyeah :)12:35
prologicI'll get to see snow for the first time in my life! :)12:35
Romsteri wouldn't mind taking my car on the ferry and go camping there though12:35
Romsterbeen to snow at mount bulla very cold be sure to take sun glases.12:36
Romsterya know i'm like 4 hours from melbourne and that tasman ferry << i got a pic of the 2 ferries last time i went though melbourne.12:37
Romsterbut i guess you'll go by plane12:37
Romsteractually you probably arn't allowed to drive?12:38
prologicyou do remember I'm blind right :)12:38
prologicno glare is going to affect me :)12:38
Romsteryeah just then i just remembered12:39
prologicI guess compiz-0.8.6 doesn't compile12:39
Romsterremember you used to play table tennis too iirc12:39
prologicyes I did once upona time12:39
Romstermaybe it needs a older gcc?12:39
Romsternewer gcc is more strict12:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: 1.8.3 ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: postfix: 2.6.19 -> 2.7.1312:40
prologicI'm not mucking around with "older" blah :)12:41
prologicI'd rather update the ports :)12:41
prologiccompiz 0.8.8 worked12:41
prologicso I'll go with that :)12:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: feh: 2.9.2 -> 2.9.312:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: syslog-ng: 3.3.9 -> 3.3.1012:42
prologicI dunno where metacity went though12:42
prologicmy compiz port used to depend on this12:42
prologicbut it's nowhere12:43
prologicnot even in portdb12:43
jaegerthere's an old one in my gnome stuff but it'd probably be better to create a fresh one12:43
prologicit didn't complain about it not being available12:44
prologicso I dunno12:44
prologicmaybe 0.8.8 doesn't need it?12:44
jaegerperhaps. I'm way out of touch with compiz12:44
prologicwasn't metacity a window manager anyway?12:44
prologicsame :)12:44
prologicI juse used it12:44
prologichopefully it won't spit chips at me12:44
prologicI'm going xfce4 + compiz12:45
prologicshould be fine I think12:45
prologicI hope :)12:45
jaegerI was just setting up an xubuntu VM for work stuff here at home, speaking of xfce :)12:46
jaegerman, I love that a 1920x1080 window is only taking up about 2/3 of the screen12:47
prologicyeah xfce4.10 is really good too12:47
prologicseen the latest stuff?12:48
prologiclookingn forward to it12:48
prologicand the multi-user login/switcher12:48
jaegerHaven't been following it since I mostly use MATE now but checking it out a bit12:48
prologicthey've really polished it up12:48
prologiclooks really nice12:48
prologicQ: Does Xorg just auto configure itself these days?12:50
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prologicno need to fiddle about with a config?12:50
jaegerOften you can work without one, yes12:50
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teK_yes. We're in 2013 A.D.13:01
jaegerprologic: looks like there's a much newer compiz, 0.9.9.x - the website seems wildly out of date13:07
retardthis isn't 2013, it's 137112883713:07
prologicyeah I realized all that13:07
prologica little too late :)13:07
prologicI'm going with 0.8.813:07
prologicso far so good13:07
prologicthings are compiling nicely13:07
prologicI'll consider updating to 0.9.x later on13:08
prologicso far this has been a brreze :)13:10
deus_exsepen: footprint mismatch in dosfstools port (of the 'missing' kind :) )
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Romsterlocate iirc metacity was the one i kept telling gnome users to use to avoid compiz while running wine in #winehq ages ago.14:30
Romsterdeus_ex, check with prt-get deptree dosfstools14:31
Romsterthat you're not missing any dependencies.14:32
jaegermetacity was for a long time the official gnome wm14:32
Romsterthere was another default whent he whole compiz compiz-fusion and beryl was about.14:33
deus_exRomster: it has none14:33
Romsteris compiz the combined merge of all 3 now?14:33
jaegercompiz was the wm... it replaced metacity if you wanted to run compiz... but was not default in gnome 214:34
Romsteroh then something is seriously broken there then pedja14:34
Romsteroh right ubuntu defaulted to compiz14:34
pedjaRomster: :)14:34
jaegerberyl was a fork14:34
Romsternow i remember14:34
jaegerquinnstorm or something, don't remember exactly14:34
Romstercompiz-fusion merged beryl and compiz together iirc14:34
juepedja: it's a -j problem, either add -j1 or something like this -> sed -i Makefile -e 's/^install-symlinks:/& install-bin install-man/'14:49
Romster-j1 on make install14:51
jueRomster: there's only one call of make ;)14:55
pedjajue: thanks for the tip, but sepen maintaines opt/dosfstools :)15:04
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: lilo: update to 24.015:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] dbus: updated to 1.6.12. Fix for CVE-2013-2168.16:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: [notify] dbus: updated to 1.6.12. Fix for CVE-2013-2168.16:05
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sepenteK_: dosfstools is fine here16:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: dbus: fixed messy commit16:07
frinnstsepen: ive seen the same footprint issue on two boxes16:08
sepensee my commitdiff, I changed the 'sed' line16:08
sepencan't reproduce the problem here
frinnsthow many make-jobs do you run?16:09
frinnstjue suggested it was some race going on, ive not looked into it myself16:10
frinnst16:49 <@jue> pedja: it's a -j problem, either add -j1 or something like this -> sed -i Makefile -e 's/^install-symlinks:/&  install-bin install-man/'16:10
sepenyep, -j2 faield16:29
sepenthanks guys! ;D16:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dosfstools: fixed makeflags and dosfslabel man file16:37
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frinnstnrxtx: no, some xorg security update broke it22:21
frinnst <- i think thats the right bug for it22:22
nrxtxfrinnst: thx so i'll patch it manually for now22:38
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