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prologicRomster: ping?01:10
Romsterprologic, pong01:10
prologicYour ati port up-to-date?01:11
prologicOk to install on CRUX 3.0?01:11
prologicThis new desktop pc has a ATI Radeon Sapphire HD 7870 installed01:11
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Romsteri don't maintain any ati port as far as i'm aware.01:12
prologicIt's in your repo01:12
Romsteroh that would of been the one time i tried a ati card that was too new for any driver to work at the time. so i went back to nvidia. i haven't touched that in ages.01:13
prologicah damn01:13
Romsteri could try to bump the verson though01:14
Romsteram i the only one with that port?01:14
prologicyes :(01:14
prologicwould you mind?01:14
prologicI'm having trouble finding what the latest version is01:14
Romstergeez why is everyone else so damn slack at ports. -_-01:15
prologicAlso I need to find out where I can download the kernel firmware files from01:15
Romsteri'll have a look01:15
Romsterwhat card do you have?01:15
prologicmaybe because we're one of the only few that run CRUX on the desktop? :)01:15
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Romsterdoubt that.01:15
prologicI have the ATI Radeon HD 7870 (Sapphire)01:15
prologicI'd appreciate your help :)01:15
prologicI don't think I can run compiz-fusion on the xorg ati driver01:16
Romsteri'd be very skeptical on that01:16
prologicit segfaults trying to access a null pointer - presumably because it can't find a composite engine01:16
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Romstercould adopt and but i have no way to test if i did that.01:22
Romsterdoesn't look pretty.01:22
Romsterthe propriety ati driver.01:24
Romsterguess i got some older one in that one in my repo.01:24
prologicahh k01:24
prologicso catalyst are the latest proprietary ari drivers?01:25
prologicI can adapt these ports01:25
prologicI'm good at adapting arch pkgbuild(s) :)01:25
prologiconly other question remains01:25
prologicwhat about the kernel firmware files?01:25
Romsterwell that says fglrx kernel module only, does it even have a firmware blob?01:26
Romsteri don't with my Nvidia driver01:27
prologicyeah well when I boot01:28
prologicit complains about not finding some firmware blobs01:28
prologicand takes ages to boot01:28
Romsterwhat file names?01:28
Romsterdmesg should have that01:28
prologicone sec01:30
Romster unofficial ati wiki01:30
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Romster slackware for reference too.01:36
Romsterso means i made that ati port before 2007 O_O01:37
Romsterthat may be in the catalyst archive01:38
prologiccan you confirm via arch's aur?01:39
prologicI'm porting the PKGBUILD(s) now01:39
Romsteri grepped didn't see it01:39
Romsterbut they don't have footprints so it could still be in the archive01:40
Romsteri can only guess01:40
prologicthey do have footprints01:40
prologicI think they call it "files" in the web ui01:40
Romster don't see any files sections01:42
Romster gentoo01:42
Romster in gentoo01:42
Romsterapparently this has it
Romsterbut i see no reference in arch01:43
Romsterpehaps there kernel already includes those.01:44
prologicbased on the gentoo ebuild01:47
prologican you find the original linux-firmware tar ball somewhere?01:47
prologicnormally you just extract this to /lib/modules/firmware01:47
Romstershould be on or something01:48
Romsterhave to go later wont be back until later sunday02:00
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prologicCan anyone help with this compile issue with catalyst: ?03:58
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v33hi everyone04:03
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v33crux chat...gets quieter and quieter06:25
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diverseprologic: are you able to get it to work?08:28
prologicdiverse: I've just now sat back down to try and solve this08:30
prologicany help would be apprecited08:31
prologicI have applied the same compat patch that arch applies08:31
prologicin fact my port is based on their PKGBUILD and related files08:31
diverseArgh, so much effort for so little value...08:31
prologicso litlte value?08:32
diverseyou are not getting it to work right?08:33
prologicwell not the first time08:33
prologicthat's the only issue though08:33
prologiccompiling the kernel module (catalyst)08:33
diversehmm... when you built the kernel, did you also do a "make modules_install"?08:36
diverseargh, could I make a suggestion?08:39
diverseI suggest going with nvidia as that will make your life a lot easier.08:43
diverseespecially on Linux08:44
prologicI already have an ati radeon card in this08:44
prologicI'm not swapping it out with an nvidia one :)08:45
diverseactually whats wrong with using the xorg ati driver?08:48
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prologiccompiz fusion doesn't work?08:54
pitillohave you tried this prologic?
prologicpitillo: I believe that's what the general problem is08:59
prologicthanks for the link08:59
prologicwhat I'm trying to work out is how to apply or find a patch for 13.4 fglrc and kernel 3.6.1108:59
pitilloall info seems to be related to older kernels. There is some info about a kernel header but I don't know if it can be applied to your version09:16
prologicthis is 13.4 of catalyst09:24
prologicand 3.5.11 kernel09:24
prologicit's hard to find up-to-date info on this09:25
prologicwee I got it compiled09:37
prologicall that stupid macro shit they introduced to try and make this work across different distress is well a pile of poo09:37
prologicI just patched it manually09:37
diverseare you able to get it to work with X?09:55
diverseprologic: ^10:02
frinnstwhy are you using fglrx? the xorg drivers work great10:39
diversehe needs the 3D compositing so he can run compiz, the xorg ati drivers still don't provide that10:42
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frinnstyes it does12:00
frinnstguess it depends on the gpu in use12:00
frinnstwell, replace "yes it does" with "im pretty sure it does"12:11
prologichaven't tried yet12:13
prologicwill let you all know :)12:13
frinnstyou might need mesa from git12:14
frinnstyou need to use glamor for regular 2d12:15
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taylorlapeyrehey, thinking of moving from arch to crux. Wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth, what makes crux better?16:16
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diversetaylorlapeyre: before we make our own subjective opinions, first you got to tell us what it is that you don't like about arch?16:20
taylorlapeyreWell, I like that it's lightweight. I try to consider myself a minimlaist, so I like the simplicity of arch in that respect16:21
taylorlapeyreI also like pacman, mainly because of how easy it is16:22
taylorlapeyrehowever, I like getting my hands dirty and directly installing packages myself16:22
taylorlapeyreIn that respect I like the AUR16:22
taylorlapeyreHowever, I think that Arch is heading in a slightly more bloated direction lately, and their community has been a little rude to me in the past16:23
diversetheir community has not always been respectful, I agree.16:23
diversebut I think you can manage on your own without them.16:23
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taylorlapeyreprobably, haha16:25
diverseI did in the past at least16:26
diverseSo, I don't see any reason why you should move to crux, I think you are perfectly fine using arch.16:26
taylorlapeyreThanks for the input16:27
taylorlapeyreif you don't mind me asking, why do you use crux?16:27
diverseWell, I have issues with the arch developers dictating over user choice, espeically with the systemd take over. They manipulated the distro so much, its not the arch it used to be. So I use crux because I have more freedom to do with what I want on my system, but that freedom costs more resposibility in maintaining the system compared to arch.16:31
doomicideI moved to crux for the same reasons diverse did and maybe you'll do too16:32
taylorlapeyreThanks for the input again16:33
taylorlapeyreI'll give it a shot on a vm16:33
doomicidebut it's by far not as convenient as arch, even though after you have all set up it's not that much more work to maintain16:33
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diversewell, its like if there isn't a package in any of the repos here, you have to make your own port or possibly request it.16:35
diversealso, you build your own kernel, usually with any initramfs, but thats optional.16:35
diversebasically its a system that has it your way completely, but you have to put it a little more work.16:37
diverse*usually without any initramfs16:39
taylorlapeyreThat's what attracted me to arch in the first place, but I found that it didn't quite give me as much freedom as I thought it would16:39
taylorlapeyreI think building my own kernel would be really fun16:39
taylorlapeyreor at least interesting16:40
diverseWell it really depends on how much arch really bothers you.16:40
taylorlapeyrenot _that_ much, I just saw CRUX and thought it looked really interesting16:40
diversewhich is why I think you are okay with arch to begin with, but give crux a shot and see what it is about.16:43
taylorlapeyresounds like a plan16:43
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diverseI guess I handled that nicely.16:44
doomicidehaha, yeah you did16:49
doomicidelooks like systemd is bringing CRUX a lot of new users.16:49
diverseits definitely a reason why more arch refugees come here like myself16:51
diversebut thats in the past, I am a proud CRUX user now!16:58
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frinnst<cruxbot> [core.git/3.0]: systemd: initial release. removed sysvinit18:19
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diversefrinnst: you trying to be funny frinnst?19:46
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niklaswewould be nice if iOS got support for openvpn20:16
joacimis that US or is that a british pint?20:25
frinnsta proper pint, british :)20:26
joacimwas afraid you were going to be greedy and only hand out US pints20:32
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diversefrinnst: thats not irony, thats just being mean.23:53

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