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nogagplzquit making waves01:54
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prologichey all03:25
prologicI get a configure error trying to install mesa3d03:25
prologicit wants libdrm_radeon >= 2.4.4203:25
prologicapparently I only have 2.4.2003:25
prologicbit confused as to what provided it in the first place :)03:25
jaegerargh... why does --preserve-permissions never work properly, even when executing tar as root?04:25
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: sudo: update to 1.8.707:56
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Romsterhome now08:14
tilmanprologic: libdrm, DUH08:35
tilmanprologic: use the "pkginfo -o" luke08:36
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frinnstnice, http://instantserver.io14:32
frinnstUbuntu 13.04, 64-bit, 614 MiB of RAM, 8 GiB storage.14:33
frinnstonly lives for 35 minutes, but i guess its good if you want to test something14:33
root____3sure is, oh mighty one!14:33
teK_20:19 <@frinnst> <cruxbot> [core.git/3.0]: systemd: initial release. removed sysvinit14:33
teK_don't you EVER do that again to me14:33
diverseteK_: he intentionally did that to me!14:34
teK_oh I'll teach you to scare me...!14:34
diverselets get him teK_!14:35
frinnst403 Forbidden14:36
teK_see? No internet for you for the next seven days!14:36
root____3I agree with frinnst in all things14:38
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diverseSo that means you would also agree to have sex with him?14:42
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frinnstmeh, 35mins goes quick15:10
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frinnstI am still amazed with live migrations and storage vmotion18:40
frinnstmagic i tells ya!18:40
jaegergreat stuff, yeah :)18:47
frinnstare you guys running drs jaeger?18:47
frinnstthe auto-migration thingy18:47
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jaegerfrinnst: Yeah, I'm using it now, seems to work perfectly21:46
jaegerfrinnst: nice to be able to do a cluster upgrade instead of doing each host manually21:47
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niklaswegood evening22:10
niklaswehow are your folks?22:12
jaegerevening... if you mean "you" folks, doing well here22:31
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prologictilman:  thanks :)23:52
prologicI did pet-get fsearch libdrm_radeon23:52
prologicand it found nothing :)23:52
prologicI'll try again tonight23:53
prologicat work now :)23:53 would have given a result, or libdrm_*23:55
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prologicI'm an idiot :)23:59
prologicI forgot how fsearch works exactly :)23:59
prologicI think I assumed in my delirious state that it did partial matches by default :)23:59

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