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jaegernobody really knows for sure. some say that, some say "grep -v rootfs /proc/mounts > /etc/mtab"01:03
prologicI think symlinking it is fine01:09
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Romsteri put the java plugin in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ but it still wont work...03:59
jaegerput it in better :D04:01
Romsterversion is old too it's now 25 not 2104:03
Romstersepen hasn't had much time lately04:03
jaeger21 still works, though, for what that's worth04:03
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Romsteralso this game needs java 6 damn you oricle requir5ing me to sign up to download jre6u4504:09
Romsterwget --no-cookies --header "Cookie:" ""04:09
Romstertake that instead.04:09
Romsterand yes that goes into /usr/lib32/mozilla/plugins/ for my 32bit firefox.04:10
jaegersilly 32-bit apps04:11
Romstermy guess is either it's blacklisted 6u43 or firefox is trying to be smart and will no longer use a older 6 series java lib anymore.04:11
Romsterwish they would rewrite it in 64bit04:11
jaegerWhich game?04:12
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tjacksonare pango, lm_sensors, conky, some others i believe supposed to have sysconfdir ending up to /usr/etc?04:37
tjacksonocd guy is curious04:38
jaegergenerally we let non-system stuff use the default /usr/etc while things like system daemons use /etc04:43
jaegerIt isn't 100% consistent but that's the idea04:44
Romsterocd guy hehe :D04:52
Romsterit's mentioned in the crux manual.04:52
Romsterif it's system or a daemon it's in /etc everything else /usr/etc04:52
Romstervery few distros even use /usr/etc these days.04:53
Romsterok so it works in 64bit but not in 32bit...04:57
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Romsterand going back to firefox version 0.20 works... it's jsut 21 that's messed up.06:10
Romster1.7.0_25 works too so that's a bonus06:11
Romsterno more 6u45 needed06:11
tjacksonhm, i have firefox 21 building now06:13
Romsteroh this is only for 32bit firefox on a 32bit java on a 32 bit game.06:14
Romsterwont affect you on 64bit stuff.06:14
nogagplznot runescape is it06:14
tjacksonoh, yeah, it ran really bad for me when i tried it.. too bad, it was kinda fun06:14
Romsteri haven't been on it in ages -_-06:14
Romsterit works fine on mysetup smoothly too.06:15
Romsterwith opengl06:15
Romsterusing the nvidia 32bit driver.06:15
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poulecacahi there07:22
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poulecaca< joacim> how current is your system? // its crux 3.0 but I guess this is a side effect of my hazardous update from crux 2.7 into 3.009:34
joacimthe symlink for mtab should be installed by mtab from core09:35
joacimfilesystem from core09:35
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joacimi suppose one would have to run rejmerge afterwards too09:36
poulecacaanyway I made it a symlink. That seems more consistant for me09:37
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frinnsthehe yeah saw that11:49
teK_he's awesome11:54
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jaegerFinally got around to creating an update crux 3.0 OVA to upload, wonder if there will be any interest in that13:09
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Romstermy thoughts exactly13:09
jaegera VM, ova is the container13:10
nogagplzah ok13:10
jaegerCreated for VirtualBox though it should work in others most likely13:10
Romsteroh so no domu and doma or how ever it is called.13:10
nogagplzdom0 arigat0 mr. r0b0t013:11
jaegervbox doesn't work that way but if it helps you to think of it like so, go ahead13:11
jaegerthe dom0/domu setup is a xen thing13:11
Romsterwhy isn't there a generic name for host and guest.13:12
jaegerThere are. "host" and "guest" :)13:12
Romsterafter i typed it i just went oh snap....13:12
nogagplzsmooth move13:12
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jaeger if anyone's bored. crux/crux, root/crux14:00
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doomicideDoes anyone here use runit as the init-system on crux?15:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_2517:48
frinnstwat, youtube just gives 502's19:31
joacimit only does that on some videos here19:38
joacim <- this one works19:38
frinnst500 Internal Server Error19:38
frinnstSorry, something went wrong19:38
frinnstA team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.19:38
joacimcomments arent loading, which is a good think i guess19:39
frinnstthats what i got from your link19:39
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Sleepy_Coder(19:42:18) <@frinnst>  <-- plastic as always. :P20:40
joacimwell. it wont nag on you and tell you to get a job or anything like that20:50
joacimand if you're feeling frisky, you just fill her up with hot water20:50
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