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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: ed: update to 1.906:04
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: dhcpcd: update to 6.0.106:04
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: btrfs-progs: update to 2013061906:15
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frinnsthaha yeha hippo farts arent normally that clean09:15
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joacimsince we are talking about hippo farts09:40
teK_uh freebsd on the PS409:45
teK_this is a bad thing because sony is evil, right? :)09:45
Romsterfrinnst, lol10:28
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: tzdata: use sources from ftp.iana.org10:59
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frinnstfuck outlook13:32
frinnsthow the hell can it be so buggy with its fucking profiles and datafiles13:32
teK_it was a revelation to see that dovecot has specific 'fixes' for buggy clients (read: outlook)13:35
frinnstuseless fucking crap13:36
frinnst0x8004010f ftw13:36
frinnstalso that error code describes 234123124 different problems13:36
teK_well.. our WSUS shit itself and won't display any computers anymore13:38
teK_research showed that this problem may even persist after  reinstallation if no special measures are taken13:38
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niklaswefrinnst: feels like you and outlook are good friends ^^13:54
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teK_close, even14:10
teK_writing my boss an email.. bofh-signature proposal:  Boss' kid fucked up the machine14:10
teK_it will be sent.14:11
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tilmanteK_: what? your boss' kid broke one of your systems?15:24
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teK_hehe no ;)15:31
teK_yet my former boss' kid did one or two strange things to my systems :>15:31
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meisternuHello everyone, I'm just curious. Has anyone been able to install Crux on a UEFI system? As I don't recall the 3.0 installation disk being capable of UEFI.17:27
teK_I run it on a GPT-partioned UEFI-booted system17:32
meisternuI'm just trying to run through my mind how I'd set it up. As I want to use efistub, so I would need to be able to chroot on a UEFI booted cd, and use efibootmgr to set up my boot loader.17:33
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teK_I installed elilo17:35
teK_with efibootmgr. Not quite  sure if this requries chrooting17:36
teK_wrt efistub: I did not fully research how to specify boot params to it but a friend claimed you could17:36
teK_I used elilo eversince and I never had to touch it again17:37
teK_Boot0005* CRUXHD(1,800,32000,4d30289d-ab6e-41ad-bcd4-a76b4c00f6a4)File(\EFI\efi\elilo.efi)17:37
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meisternuYea, I want to be able to disregard lilo, grub, etc. I want to tell my UEFI to boot directly to the kernel through efistub. I know how to do that much. I'm just curious since the install CD does not support UEFI, how did you go about setting up your system with efibootmgr, which requires being on a UEFI setup.17:37
teK_this is an excerpt of efibootmgr -v17:37
teK_I used another ISO17:38
teK_don't know if jaeger plans to add efi capabilities to our ISO17:38
meisternuDid you use a different ISO for the entire install, or just after installing; and which ISO if you don't mind me asking?17:40
teK_I've been running this setu since Aug '1117:42
teK_I have no idea :\17:42
teK_just boot && install from our ISO without the grub/lilo part17:42
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teK_reboot from a EFI ISO (I bet I used  small edition)17:43
teK_do you have >2TB partitions or why do you need EFI?17:43
meisternuWell, I need EFI because I have a UEFI motherboard. I typically like to set up my partitions in gpt instead of fdisk to begin with, but I don't have any 2TB HD's or anything.17:44
meisternuI think your idea may work, though. I have a systemrescue cd with uefi support. I suppose I could just chroot into my Crux installation afterwards and use efibootmgr then. I don't recall though, does Crux come with an initrd? As I think that's necessary to have.17:49
teK_It does not and I don't use one either17:53
meisternuHmm, I may have to do some more research on that as the efibootmgr command I use always puts an initrd into the command. Maybe it'll still boot without that part.17:54
teK_I don't see why an initrd would be required17:56
meisternuTrue, it probably isn't and was just included for the other distro's out there that come with one by default.17:57
jaegermeisternu: I made a USB stick with EFI support when I did it17:59
jaegerAny UEFI capable livecd should work, though18:00
meisternuI thought as much. Maybe in future releases, UEFI support could be added. :)18:01
teK_although sepen seems to be our syslinux guru (I don't know how much voodo would be involved)18:02
meisternuI'm sure it isn't the easiest thing in the world, but would require probably added an .efi kernel, and efi capable grub/lilo to the cd.18:03
jaegerIt's not too tough, some of the updated ISOs had support for it18:04
jaegerIt's not compatibly with isohybrid, though, so we'd have to offer more than one image18:04
jaegerthe kernel already has the proper options enabled, the boot loader would be the issue18:04
jaegeractually, I take that bit about the kernel back... 3.0's release kernel has CONFIG_EFI disabled but it was enabled in the updated ISOs18:05
meisternuOff topic, but has anyone had any success with Steam in CRUX?18:05
jaegerA couple of us played with it a bit but I don't think there's a repo for it currently18:06
meisternuYea, I saw a port or two for it, just wondering how well it's running.18:06
jaegerIt ran well for me except that the machine I ran it on had a crap video card and couldn't run games well18:07
meisternuAh well my i7 8 core with an nvidia 660 should work alright, I'd think. :P18:07
teK_and you have to pull in all the -32  crap..18:08
jaegerI would expect so, yeah18:08
meisternuAh yea, 32bit support. That'd be a pain.18:08
jaegerI should give it another try on my gaming machine, the first one was a laptop18:08
meisternuYou should. The amount of Linux games coming through is amazing.18:09
teK_and then you should add it to your repo :-)18:10
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Amnesialooks like there's a bug in the new dhcpcd release20:14
AmnesiaIt's thinking that my carrier's lost20:15
Amnesiabut that's definitly not the case:)20:15
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meisternuOdd - I tried to start installing Crux, downloaded the latest iso, did an md5 check.. everything fine. I boot up, and hit enter, everything loads and I'm sent to the command prompt like usual. Only problem is all of a sudden my keyboard doesn't work, yet it obviously did before I hit enter. But even then, I tried again and my keys aren't registering. IE: I typed back and the output was ba6k21:05
meisternuNo, I didn't have capslock on or anything.21:07
meisternuI kind of think I may have to create my own iso, but even so to do that according to the wiki, I need to compile the iso in Crux. Which, well obviously I'm not in Crux.21:13
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leetspete1Might have to do with the early devfs option?  I had this trouble with using USB keyboards before udev starts.21:21
meisternuhmm, I'm assuming you mean chroot from an installed distro. I'm not quite sure how I could install Crux on partitions I need to repartition to install Crux on.21:28
jaegerIf the keyboard is USB, does replugging it make any difference, or using a different port?21:34
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meisternuI have two keyboards. One is a generic USB, but the one my system uses is an 84 key noppo keyboard, which might be why the keys weren't being registered correctly. I tried both, both I can hit enter but while everything is loading, at some point my mouse and keyboard decide to stop working.21:36
jaegerYou said earlier you could type 'back' and see 'ba6k' on the screen, though, right?21:36
jaegerSo it's working to some extent, unless I misunderstood21:36
meisternuyea, that's on the noppo21:37
meisternuYea, it's working to some extent, but it's not typing the correct keys, probably because it's an 84 key layout. Not sure.21:37
meisternuI'm actually using your iso, jaeger. Well the one you have mirror'd.21:38
jaegerIf you replug or move the standard keyboard to a new USB port is there any change?21:39
meisternuI'll give it a try21:39
jaegeralso, have you tried the numlock toggle on the noppoo?21:40
jaegerI'm not familiar with that one but if it's a condensed keyboard perhaps there's some key overlaying going on where it thinks the c is numpad c or something odd like that21:40
jaegerIt would be a very strange layout, though21:41
jaegerer, "c is numpad 6"21:41
meisternuWell it seems to work fine on a working system, so maybe the noppo requires a certain kernel option toggled to work correctly. I did notice what looked like my numpad light on, but it wouldn't turn off. At any rate, progress! Plugging the standard keyboard in my from usb jack worked. I believe the front jacks are USB 2.0 while the back is 3.0.21:43
jaegerok, good start at least21:43
meisternuI can at least install now. Is 3.0 support not in the kernel on the install image?21:44
jaegernot yet, it's on the list for 3.121:45
meisternuAhh, alright.21:47
jaegerThat choc mini is a bizarre keyboard, was doing some searching on it21:48
meisternuYes, it's bizarre but it's amazing. I love it.21:57
jaegerThe N-key rollover thing was especially weird... seems like it achieves that by emulating 3 separate keyboard devices or something like that21:57
meisternuYea, something like it allows you to hit 3 seperate keys at once and have it register. It's handy in games. It's really nice to type on too, very smooth and takes up such little space.21:58
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meisternuIs there no fat32 utility in the install disk? mkfs.vfat or mkdosfs doesn't work.22:31
jaegerthere is not currently22:46
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jaegerbit random23:41

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