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drayevargi don't know about anyone else but the ftp that hosts our libpcre-8.33 has been refusing my connection for about a week... this one has the correct md5sum: works here for what that's worth01:46
drayevarghmm :(01:47
drayevargis it a blank page in your browser?01:47
jaegernope, I see a README, etc/, and pub/ at the top level01:47
drayevargok, no harm done :)  i have that trouble occasionally, especially with gentoo.org01:48
jaegerrouting issue, perhaps?01:48
drayevargi think i tried google's nameserver and it fixed it01:49
drayevargi can't rmemeber, i'll test in a min01:49
drayevargalthough i wouldn't rule out some hardware issue maybe, the router used to drop all connections when i connected to freenode (i guess due to the port scans they do)... also nmap could make the router drop all connections01:50
drayevargit's on all my isp's defaults, i dunno01:51
jaegersounds like kinda a nasty combination01:52
drayevargok i changed the router's admin passwd but otherwise.. ;)01:52
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rmullanybody else having trouble running libreoffice without having dbus-glib installed?02:12
rmullgetting /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:12
rmullAfter running soffice02:12
rmullbut dbus-glib is not listed as a dependency02:12
rmullSeems to work fine after installing dbus-glib02:16
rmullalthough it told me one of my .ods spreadsheets was corrupt and coudn't be opened...02:20
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Romsterdrayevarg, sounds like an MTU issue to me. clamp MSS to MTU.02:33
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drayevarg## iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp --tcp-flags SYN,RST SYN -j TCPMSS  --clamp-mss-to-pmtu02:47
drayevargi found that on google ;)02:47
drayevargbrb, i will check if the issue exists on a windows machine02:47
drayevargyeah, that ftp and don't work on our windows desktop either02:48
Romsteryeah that02:54
Romstereven with that rule?02:54
drayevarggentoo works now, but the ftp is still a blank page... works02:54
Romstersomethings broken somewhere.02:54
drayevargi don't know if it's relevant but i removed nf_conntrack from my kernel02:55
Romsterusing rp-ppoe?02:55
Romsternah wont do it.02:55
drayevargno, i'm just using wpa_supplicant with bcm4324 brcmsmac module and dhcpcd with ipv6 disabled since my router doesn't work with it02:56
drayevargthis is one of those all in one routers, the phone even connects to it... hehe02:56
RomsterThe setting of 1412 is safe for either setup CLAMPMSS=141202:56
Romsterbut i use 143202:56
Romsterwell most modems should be set to 1492 for MTU02:57
drayevargthis is the exact error i get:02:57
drayevargLogging in as anonymous ...02:57
drayevargError in server response, closing control connection.02:57
drayevargwith pkgmk i mean02:57
Romsterlower your MTU on purpose in the router and retest02:58
prologicis the timeline of CRUX here accurate ?02:58
prologic2001 the first version of CRUX?02:58
Romsterdamn vulnerable linux... lol02:59
prologicMTU/MRRU has nothing to do with linux specifically03:01
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prologicfix your router :)03:01
Romsternothing todo with linux but sometimes iptables rule can fix it.03:01
diverseRomster: I got a problem with building libmtp03:01
Romsterbut since you got windows there too you need to fix it in the router.03:02
Romsterrm: cannot remove '/usr/ports/work/libmtp/pkg/usr/share/doc': No such file or directory03:03
Romsteralways comes to bite me that...03:03
Romsteri gotta fix tagtool too i'l do those after work i gotta go now.03:03
drayevargk thanks, ttyl03:03
diversedamn, I won't be able to try out ppsspp on my phone now...03:04
drayevargi can only change mtu on static ips03:04
drayevargbut the greyed out default is 150003:05
drayevargdiverse: you could just try changing those two rm lines to rm -rf $PKG/usr/share03:09
drayevargif you're talking about romster's libmtp package03:09
diversethe $PKG/usr/share doesn't exist either, maybe I should just remove $PKG/usr?03:15
drayevargworth a shot03:16
drayevargand if that doesn't work then just remove those two lines :)03:16
drayevargthat port looks quite outdated though
drayevarglots of stuff in /usr/bin on the file list there03:19
diverseyeah removing /usr isn't a good idea...03:19
diversefor the package03:19
drayevargjust remove the last two rm lines and pkgmk -uf i guess03:20
diversei could, but I am going to wait for Romster to update it and do whatever changes needed for the updated version.03:20
diversecan't wait to play psp games on my phone though...03:27
diverseRomster: you need to update mtpfs too03:37
diverseprologic: did you get compiz to work?03:43
prologicno not yet03:43
prologicbetween work and family life I have very little time03:43
prologicalso going away on holidays soon03:44
prologicI'll let you know when I do :)03:44
drayevargi use compton since a compositor is needed for nouveau PRIME03:44
prologicget it all working that is03:44
diversewhere are you going for the holidays?03:46
diverseis that driving distance?03:47
jaegerI think Hobart makes industrial kitchen appliances03:49
jaeger <-- yep03:50
jaegersweet holidays there03:50
diverseforget I asked, hahaha03:51
jaegerignore me, I'm supplying less-than-helpful information03:52
jaegeror misinformation03:52
prologicHobart, Tasmania03:53
prologiclmgtfy :)03:53
diverseI guess that's a "no" for bringing your desktop machine on your trip, so you can work on it.04:00
drayevargwhat do you need compiz for?04:03
drayevargit's not a window manager too is it?04:04
diverseits a window manager that can be used by itself or replaces others.04:05
diverseprologic's problem is getting a 3D compositor to work so he can use compiz.04:07
drayevargwell, xcompmgr is a compositor, which most of us should have installed already04:09
drayevargit just sucks, so i use compton04:09
drayevargbut it gives you shadows and whatever eye candy04:09
prologicthe reason I wan to use compiz fusion04:13
prologicis it has this thing called ezoom04:13
prologicI'm visually impaired (<1% useable sight)04:13
prologicso it's a requirement for me to use LInux on the Desktop04:13
prologicmy understanding however talking to some of the #compiz guys is that some debs have implemented full screen zoom (ala compiz zoom) in wayland04:13
prologicI'm interesting in better? alternatives - but only familiar with copiz04:14
drayevargso you don't want a magnifying glass, you need the whole screen to be like 2x size?04:15
prologic2x, 4x, 8x, 16x even04:19
diverseah I see04:19
prologicwith OS X / iOS's builtin accessibility you use ^ scolli n/out and three finger drag in/out04:19
prologicwith Compiz Fusion's eZoom it's similar04:19
prologic^ school wheel04:20
diversescroll wheel?04:20
prologicCompiz Fusion also has some nice keyboard shortcuts like ^R that fit the view port to the current windows all completely zoomed to fit the view port04:20
prologicand several contrast changing keyboard shortcuts04:20
prologic^ scoll in (zoom in)04:20
prologic^ scull out (zoom out)04:20
prologicComiz Fusion eZoom04:21
diverseyou might want to also set your font dpi level much higher04:22
diversemakes the fonts look bigger but clearer04:23
prologicusually I don't want the fonts bigger by default04:25
prologicI usually want the compositor to smooth them out for me04:25
prologicas you zoom in, etc04:25
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prologicbecause otherwise a normal person using the same computer (zoomed out) would not be able to cope :004:25
drayevargonce i've installed gtk3, gconf, dbus-glib etc. i will try to get it working04:26
diverseprologic: wouldn't the zoom in make it more pixelly?04:28
prologicthat's where the font smooths comes in04:28
prologicgood accessibility tools for the vip smooth out fonts as you zoom in04:28
prologiccan't do a lot for raster images though04:29
drayevargi have normalish eyesight and i can barely read the default xterm font at 1366x768, my native res04:29
drayevargi use terminus, it seems really easy to read04:30
diverseI am on my 1920x1200 res, I can still read the default xterm font myself.04:30
prologicyes well04:31
prologicimagine if you had <1% sight :)04:31
drayevargi have a blind dog, he has cataracts and the vets said they weren't curable04:32
diverseprologic: question, how are you able to read this text on your screen currently?04:43
prologicI'm at work :)04:48
prologicOS X04:48
diverseyou got the fonts setup bigger?04:50
prologicOS X has builtin full screen zooming05:01
prologicin Accessibility in System Preferences05:01
prologicit's what makes OS X and iOS so great05:01
drayevargi see you have a bunch of compiz ports, what was the error in building them in the end?05:02
prologicno error05:04
prologicI bumped the versions to 0.8.805:04
prologicall compiled fine05:04
prologicbut segfaults on my system05:04
prologicI think I still have some work to go wrt ati drivers and what not05:04
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diversefrinnst: how do you like this wall of text? :)05:18
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drayevarghmm, not quite a 'brb', forgot i had a bunch of stuff yet to install05:54
drayevargtek_, can i suggest to add the --enable-mixemu and --audio-drv-list=alsa,oss,sdl options to qemu? otherwise you might not be able to have simultaneous sound in guest and host06:12
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frinnstdiverse: yes, so much that i will not read it07:10
diversefrinnst: any firefox updates?07:12
frinnstbeta 7 or something07:12
frinnst6 maybe07:12
frinnstyour desktop and icon stuff is all done07:12
diverse:) <307:13
diverseso it sounds like the next stable version is coming soon07:17
diversehopefully it will get rid of that extra mozilla directory07:29
diverseor wait maybe keep the mozilla directory but give rid of the firefox directory07:30
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diverseback again are we?07:33
diversedrayevarg: ^07:34
diverseyou are going to leave again already?07:36
Amnesiafrinnst: had any problems with dhcpcd 6.0.1?07:36
drayevargdiverse: no :)07:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dovecot: update to 2.2.408:01
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Romstergood evening everyone08:26
juehello Romster08:27
Romsterhi jue08:35
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Romsterhi drayevarg08:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium: updated to 27.0.1453.11608:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: syslinux: updated to 5.1008:54
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Romsterhi sepen08:58
frinnstAmnesia: i dont use it09:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: monit: updated to 5.5.109:03
Amnesiafrinnst: found the issue, check #crux-devel09:05
Amnesiasort of pebcak:-)09:05
Romsterdiverse, pushed changes.09:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: cpuid: 20130609 -> 2013061009:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: tagtool: fix compile of linker stage, closes bug FS#93509:26
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: dhcpcd: update to 6.0.209:31
Romsteri just did a ports -u too ....09:34
Amnesiajue: :-)09:42
AmnesiaRomster: dhcpcd 6.0.2 has a checksum mismatch09:45
rmullcan someone verify that libreoffice doesn't work without a dbus-glib dependency?09:45
rmullIt'll build correctly, but not run09:46
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drayevargi dunno, it's a dependency, what can you say :)09:52
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Amnesiahm, that new wpa_supplicant hook is rather neat09:57
Amnesiano need to run wpa_supplicant anymore before summoning dhcpcd09:58
drayevargthe dhcpcd update as of a few minutes ago says md5sum mismatch for me09:59
drayevargoh sorry, someone already said that10:01
drayevargso i don't have to run wpa_supplicant -B -c /etc/... blah blah blah at all anymore?10:01
Amnesiadrayevarg: correct10:02
Amnesiayou still need to make sure that the wpa_supplicant.conf file is up to date though10:02
Amnesia( but that's obvious ^.^ )10:02
Romsteryeah i saw that too Amnesia10:15
Romsteri hate silent file changes.10:15
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: dhcpcd: fixed md5sum10:47
juermull: yep, confirmed11:00
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: dhcpcd: fixed project URL, thanks Romster11:07
rmulljue: Thanks buddy11:29
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diverseThanks Romster!12:08
diverseNow its time to mount my phone12:11
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diversedamn that looks a bit painful to type in especially for the keys on the top12:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualbox: updated to 4.2.1414:44
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teK_drayevarg: will test; does this have any implications on dependencies?16:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: firefox: updated to 22.0. Reenable --system-cairo. Include .desktop file + icon16:18
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Roomsternet dies i oto bed then new firefox is released -_-16:26
Roomsterfrinnst, that will fail without that extra option to cairo16:27
frinnstoh yeah16:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cairo: build with --enable-tee16:30
frinnsttwo quick beers after work to calm my brain seems to be two too many for crux stuff :)16:31
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Roomsterzzz so tired16:48
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AmnesiaRomster: that's why I don't compile ff:-)17:24
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Amnesiahm, imo it's rather interesting that ps4 is going to switch to x86_6418:15
White_Lightas is the Xbox one18:25
frinnstwhy? as opposed to 32bit?18:25
Amnesiaafaik the ps3 uses the cell architecture18:26
Amnesia _.-18:30
rmullRotwang: libreoffice needs dbus-glib added as a dep18:33
Rotwangrmull: thx18:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libreoffice: added missing dependency18:47
doomicidermull, are you sure? libreoffice always ran fine without it here.18:48
doomicideThat is until the last update18:49
doomicidebut the error I'm getting has a different reason18:49
doomicideanyways, just saying one should maybe test if dbus-glib is really needed as it is a heavy dependency18:50
Amnesia <318:56
rmulldoomicide's got a point - my error was /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:56
rmulljue confirmed the error18:56
rmullthe last update is the one that introduced this error for me18:57
rmullmaybe it is only required on machines that have dbus installed or something18:58
rmullsimilar issue seen on arch:
rmullSome interesting evidence here:
rmullI think that in order to exclude it LO would probably have to be built from sources19:10
frinnstto build it from source would probably require a lot more deps19:41
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-server: updated to 1.14.219:44
rmullfrinnst: Good point19:58
rmullI'm trying it now, but I probalby already have all the deps. Just want to see how long it takes.19:58
rmullshrug, already failed because it couldn't find some perl modules19:59
rmulloh well19:59
Rotwangbuilding LO from source is pain in the ass19:59
Rotwangits build process is so fragile19:59
teK_as much as using it suppose19:59
frinnsti remember giving it a go when i started to play with x86_6420:10
frinnsti wonder who these girls work for. i'd love to hire them as consultants:
frinnstwork, wife20:11
teK_data center20:12
jaegerlove those :) I plan to get a couple of them next time I'm at ikea20:40
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diverseAmnesia: actually its rather more interesting that the ps4 is going to use AMD processors, (thats going to make emulation on x86 platforms of hell of a lot easier).23:16
joacimwhere are the xbox emulators? =)23:17
joacimthat old thing has a custom celeron cpu23:17
diverseI guess no one cared about that one?23:19
joacimfound one23:25
joacimlooks dead tho. no news since 0923:26
joacimlatest binary is 10 years old too23:28
joacimaccording to sf23:29
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diversejoacim: well, I mean easier compared to ps3 with its obfuscated PPC cell architecture. Of course its still going to be a lot of work.23:47
diversebut maybe that depends on how obfuscated the ps4 design will be.23:50
joacimI'm sure there will be a few quirks =)23:52
diverseof course, its Sony!23:52
meistern1All I know is that the PS4 will beat the Xbox One by a longshot, IMO.23:53
joacimuhm. they're consoles. they dont need to restrict themselves so they can advertise their console as 100% ibm-pc compatible23:53
diversemeistern1: thats for sure23:53
meisternuMicroshaft's attempt at a next gen console is almost laughable.23:55
joacimI'm more interested in seeing emulators for older systems be perfected, and some maintenance work for current desktop computers23:55
joacimeven just a playstation emulator that dont need to reconfigured every time you want to play a different game would be nice23:57
jaegerpsx is already good at that23:57
diversemeisternu: I know right? First, they put all those drm crap in it. Like you can only buy new games, which get register to the xbox one you used since it has a license, and you cannot use used games! The xbox one requires that you login into their at least ONCE per day in order to keep using the console, if you don't have internet access and cannot login, you are locked out of using your console after 24 hours23:58
diverseof use. Its also regional lock, but hey its Microsoft! The ps4 has none of that!23:58
diverse*into their account system23:59
joacimI tried pSX, and it worked well. But the pcsx/epsxe graphical plugins can be nice23:59
meisternudiverse: Of course, Microsoft wants make sure they have a tight grip on you and your wallet. It's disgusting. You have to have your console connected to the net 24/7? Horrible idea, not everyone can afford the internet you know.23:59

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