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jaegerI use gpt pretty much everywhere now but I'm used to parted00:04
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meisternuAnyone on that's familiar with elilo?04:20
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Romsterfreenode so unstable08:22
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Romsterhi sepen12:53
doomicideanyone here with knowledge about unix signals?12:59
doomicideI'm currently packaging runit for crux and I the shutdown gives me trouble12:59
doomicideFor some reasen Term doesn't bring down the agettys, I have to send hup13:00
doomicideIs that a clean way to kill the ttys and the processes running on them? I suppose it's better than sending kill...13:00
doomicideStrangely other runit packages don't have that problem, they just send term and that's it.13:01
jaegerNo idea on that one, sorry13:03
doomicideok, I just thought I'd ask around, in case the answer was trivial13:04
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Romsterdoomicide, someone else already has packaged runit13:23
Romsteryo yang-213:23
Romsterguys yang-2 is my hoster of my site.13:25
doomicideMhm I just saw it, I'll inspect his port.13:26
doomicideI packaged some services and a sysvinit and rc replacement, should I contact the maintainer or rather upload them myself?13:27
Romsteryour decision13:28
Romsteri'd like to get runit working again but i jsut haven't had time to redo it.13:29
Romsterdid have it working in my hvl fork ages ago.13:29
doomicidemhm Ok he takes a different approach and icorporates the rc scripts, I tried to package runit to completely replace them.13:31
doomicideI'll make a fresh test install now, to see if my runit ports work ootb.13:34
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diverseRomster: does that mean yang-2 is hosting your ports?13:49
Romsterin a sense yes he has provided space for my various domains.13:50
Romsterexcept for that's at home.13:50
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Romsterdoomicide what i did ages ago and i also used socklog too.13:51
diverseRomster: do I need to update the romster driver file any?13:52
Romsterreally rough though. but worked. the only main issue had was shutdowns never worked it would reboot and load back up again.13:52
diversedoomicide ping timeout'd13:52
Romsterdiverse, if it's off it'll still work, but will be considerably faster13:52
diverseit points to
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Romster check this out version sort code in python it's maturing.13:59
Romsterdiverse, yeah you got the new location then.13:59
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diverseRomster: doomicide is back14:28
doomicideeverything works as expected14:35
diversedoomicide: Romster had more info to give you, but it looks like you don't need his help anymore14:38
doomicideon the signal stuff? I would love some more help :)14:38
diversewell thats why I originally pinged him14:39
doomicidethanks, I'll wait for his input before uploading the ports to my repo then14:39
Romsterwb doomicide14:49
Romsterdoomicide what i did ages ago and i also used socklog too.14:49
Romsterreally rough though. but worked. the only main issue had was shutdowns never worked it would reboot and load back up again.14:49
Romsteri lied the other issue was if fstab had any 1 wrong entry it would error and shutdown but see point 1....14:50
Romsterit would reboot on shutdown :D14:50
doomicidehaha ok, I don't know about the fstab thing but shutdown works correctly here :D14:51
doomicideapparently most packages use /var/service instead of the default /service14:52
doomicidemaybe I should change that, what do you guys think?14:52
Romsterdunno i was using a older version back then14:58
doomicideok the ports are up:
doomicidetesters are welcome as is input on the README15:02
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Romstergonna head to bed shortly.15:15
doomicideok, sweet dreams romster15:18
Romsterdoomicide, been playing around with a project me and a friend are working on
Romstergot a bit done tonight so i'm happy considering i didn't do anything all week from feeling sick.15:20
Romsterstill getting over a cold though15:20
Romsteryes it's so big i used a paste for a paste :D15:20
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doomicideRomster, so its a filter-tool? Get well soon, btw.15:25
Romsterversion sorter15:35
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prologicSo with oss ati driver I get
frinnsti get ~$ glxinfo16:17
frinnst-bash: glxinfo: command not found16:17
frinnstwhat version of mesa do you run?16:18
prologictoo old?16:20
frinnstwell you gpu is quite new iirc16:26
frinnsti'd suggest you go with git16:26
prologicI forget16:28
prologicdo I need git versions of other things as well?16:28
joacimmy mom better make me some pancakes today. I fixed her laptop fan.16:28
prologicwe don't support git+ urls in Pkgfile(s) do we?16:32
frinnstno. but you can pull it from build()16:32
frinnst <- example16:33
prologicyeah I know :)16:33
prologicjust wondering whether we've added protocol+ support to pkgmk at all16:34
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prologicmesa3d-git compiled17:03
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prologicI can't start X now17:08
prologicmodule ABI version (13) doesn't match server's (14)17:09
prologicX still doesn't start17:27
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frinnstwhat module bails?18:49
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drayevargwhen i get that error i just do prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst | grep xorg) 'cause i'm lazy  but you might need libdrm-git too or you get 'failed to set interface drm version'20:45
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diversefrinnst: bails? you mean "fails"?22:12
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drayevargsemantics, my good man.... you can force it to load with --ignore-abi, it's refusing to load22:43
drayevargsorry, -ignoreABI22:46
prologicfrinnst:  The log was a bit confusing23:10
prologicI'll have a look at it again tonight23:10
meisternuI'm not sure if I should be filling a bug report, but the source url for libpcre in core is broken.23:22
prologicjust send an email to the maintainer23:25
prologicbug reports for url problems are silly ihmo :023:26
prologicafaik the core and contrib teams have tools to pick these up anyway23:26
prologicso chances are it'll be fixed soon :)23:26
drayevargthat's weird, you can't connect to the libpcre ftp either?23:27
prologicno I don't know :)23:27
prologicI usually don't really care23:27
prologicI just fix url problems locally23:27
drayevargyeah, that's what i did, but i think it works for some crux users23:27
drayevargnot me23:27
prologicgoogle for the source tarball23:27
prologicpet-get edit blah23:28
prologicand keep going :)23:28
prologicoh well23:28
prologiccould be local to your network23:28
prologicor isp23:28
drayevargmeisternu, do you live in california?23:29
meisternuah so you're saying it's not a broken url?23:29
meisternudrayevarg: nope, complete opposite side of the country. :P23:30
drayevargok, i don't know then, some people tested it when i said it didn't work for me and we ended up talking about network MTUs for a long time23:30
meisternuAh, thanks for the link. Btw is there an easier way to do it then just editing the Pkgfile, as when your ports -u it'll just rewrite it again.23:31
drayevargnot that i know of23:33
jaegerif you can, use PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS23:34
jaegertry PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(, for example23:34
meisternuoh, that's a cool idea. Thanks.23:34
meisternuWhile I'm at it, I was aware that fakeroot was supposed to allow you to compile as a normal user. (I've followed the steps to compile in ram, and fakeroot). But it seems almost every package I try to install as my normal user ie: fakeroot prt-get depinst package  - It will fail saying that only root can install packages, and I have to keep doing a sudo pkgadd23:37
prologicthis is correct23:38
jaegeryeah, you need to be root to *install*23:38
prologicfake root won't allow you to install packages23:38
prologicyou need to sudo pkgadd23:38
jaegerfrom prt-get.conf:23:39
jaegermakecommand      fakeroot pkgmk23:39
jaegeraddcommand       sudo pkgadd23:39
jaegerremovecommand    sudo pkgrm23:39
jaegerrunscriptcommand sudo sh23:39
prologicusually what I do as well23:39
prologicjaeger:  any hints as to my ati driver / xorg issue?23:39
meisternuah ok, so if I want to just let my system upgrade a bunch of packages it'd be easier to just do it as root minus fakeroot?23:39
jaegerwhat's the issue? besides ati :D23:40
prologicI have mesa and xorg-xf86-video-ati git versions of these ports23:40
jaegermeisternu: not if you set up prt-get correctly23:40
prologicumm from memory (at work now)23:40
prologicmodule ABI major version (13) doesn't match server's version (14)23:40
prologicI think frinnst  said to try recompiling everything xorg23:40
jaegerdid you rebuild the video driver after xorg-server was built?23:40
prologicI'm not sure of the order of things I did23:41
drayevargi said that, but if you don't want to rebuild everything check the log to see which module has wrong abi23:41
jaegerevery time xorg-server is upgraded I do: prt-get update $(prt-get listinst | egrep 'xorg-xf86-(input|video)')23:41
meisternujaeger: so I guess I could change the addcommand in prt-get.conf to fakeroot pkgadd, it'd work?23:41
jaegeryeah, the log should tell you exactly which one23:41
prologicbut I did recompile xorg-server and xorg-xf86-video-ati (git) at some point23:41
jaegermeisternu: no, fakeroot is only useful for makecommand23:41
jaegermeisternu: the other 3 should be sudo23:41
meisternujaeger: Alright, then I'm lost as how I could set up prt-get in a way that I could do that.23:42
prologicwell xorg-server depends on mes23:42
jaegermeisternu: if you look up about 20 lines I listed how23:42
prologicso in order of rebuilds I'll do mesa -> xorg-server -> xorg-xf86-video-ati23:42
jaeger18:39 <@jaeger> from prt-get.conf: <-- start there23:42
jaegerprologic: should be reasonable23:42
prologicI'll give it another try tonight23:42
meisternuAhh, I understand now.23:47

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