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meisternuI'm trying to install mate-icon-theme from the mate repo, but it complains I need > = automake 1.9, when I have automake 1.14 installed from core. The compile only checks up to 1.13, and complains I don't have automake installed. Ideas?00:36
drayevargedit the makefile ? ;)00:37
meisternu:P I should have thought of that.00:38
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meisternudoes anyone know what package has Gtk-2.0.gir? I have gtk, and gobject-introspective installed.. so I'm a bit confused.02:24
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jaegermeisternu: if you're installing mate, read the "quickstart" instructions on the crux-mate page02:35
jaegeryou need to update some ports after installing gobject-introspection02:35
jaegeratk, pango, gdk-pixbuf, gtk, udev, libnotify off the top of my head (not all due to gobject-introspection but required for mate)02:36
meisternujaeger: Yea, it was odd because I put in the command from quickstart, and it didn't do anything. It didn't produce an error, just accepted the command and brought me back to prompt. I figured it did what it had to do.02:44
jaegerthat's odd02:46
jaegerwell, you can always prt-get update them instead, I guess02:47
jaegermake sure "prtdir /usr/ports/mate" is first in your /etc/prt-get.conf, that would have also failed to update02:47
meisternuYep that's there, and basically I typed in the command $ fakeroot prt-get quickdiff | xargs -I % sh -c 'prt-get depinst % --install-scripts; prt-get update % --install-scripts'02:48
meisternuit then gave me this: $02:48
meisternuie: back to the prompt02:48
jaegerdoes "prt-get quickdiff" alone not produce any output?02:49
meisternuwell I just did it and it produced gobject-introspection. I think that was because I was in the directory for that.02:50
jaegerthe directory you're currently in shouldn't matter at all, prt-get just uses the "prtdir" statements in its configuration file02:50
jaegerwhat does "prt-get path gtk" say?02:51
jaegervery strange... well, just update them manually with prt-get, then02:52
jaegerprt-get update atk gdk-pixbuf pango gtk libnotify udev02:52
meisternuI actually tried reinstalling gtk and it complained about GDKpixbuf and failed02:52
meisternuand it was the mate version02:52
jaegeryeah, they need to be done in order02:52
jaegerbecause each one depends on the previous02:52
meisternualright, guess I'll do it manually02:52
jaegerif you try to build gtk with gobject-introspection support but gdk-pixbuf doesn't have it yet, failure02:53
Romsterlibpcre url is not broken02:56
drayevargi wonder why americans can't connect to it02:57
drayevargseems the common thread02:57
jaegerIt works for me in midwest US02:57
meisternuIt must just be me and dray02:57
Romsteri keep distfiles as well too
himyname1sphilgetting errors when upgrading firefox. stuff like 'cp: error writing '/usr/ports/opt/firefox/work/pkg/usr/share/idl/firefox/xpcjsid.idl': No space left on device' i have 5.8 GB of space on / ; is that really not enough?04:03
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meisternuAnyone have any idea why my hard drive is constantly being accessed by something? The HDD light is always blinking, and I can hear my HDD being accessed.05:29
Romsterhimyname1sphil, probably not when you got to account for the extracted source files and the compiled files and the archive itself07:20
Romsteruploading firefox now07:25
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drayevargslackware style!08:02
Romster so need to put my filter tool too use i keep missing releases.08:23
Romsterchromium#27.0.1453.116-1.pkg.tar.gz uploaded as well.08:29
Romsteroh wait 2.1.2 is unstable though.. why mus they have a odd versioning system.08:31
frinnstasdf, why cant i add more disks to an aggregate while one is being zeroed09:32
frinnstsilly netapp09:32
diversewhat the jkl;?09:34
Romster? is on the line below.09:42
diverseheh, I will put a space next time.09:42
diverseor complete my sentence like: what the asdf did you do frinnst?09:43
frinnstim expanding an aggregate09:45
Romsterfrinnst, it's probbly single threaded so it doens't have to deal with multiple tasks at the same time and the endless amount of failures that has to be caught and recovered from. ie the devs are lazy to make it multithraded.09:46
diversewhich is why you have a lazy app done by lazy developers, hooray! \o/09:48
Romstereither that or lack of time to do it right.09:49
frinnstyeah, that must be it09:51
diverseI am trying to learn this Rust programming language and having difficulty trying to fully grasp it.09:54
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Romsterbecause it's rust-y09:59
Romsternever heard of rust.09:59
diverseopen source programming language developed by Mozilla10:00
Romsteris it as bad as xulrunner?10:00
diverseNever looked at xulrunner. What they are planning to do with Rust is to make a web browser engine called Servo that functions concurrently in parallel while having the safety without the race conditions but with performance, meaning it would be much faster than gecko.10:04
Guest71393 \o/10:05
Romsterand webkit?10:05
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diverseits supposed to be very modern engine by taking advantage of the multicore computing10:09
Romsterso really they are trying ot outdo webkit after seeing that xulrunner is badass phat and slow.10:16
diversepretty much and they also hate C++ with a passion.10:16
diversethe language looked like an interesting alternative to C++, so I wanted to learn it, but it has other programming paradigms that are foreign to me.10:18
diverseone of the Rust developers was able to make an NES emulator with Rust10:21
Romsterso many languages to keep track of.10:28
diverseRust is still in heavy development, but once stabilized, it may become popular enough to be used.10:29
Romsteror it will rust :D10:31
nogagplzok enough god awful puns from you10:32
diverseRomster: hey you got the community troll to complain, good for you!10:33
Romster+1 to me10:34
nogagplzI'm not a troll10:34
frinnstnogagplz is awesome in every way10:35
diverseyeah uh huh, I know you guys work together to create havoc, so its not surprising hearing that from you.10:37
diverseRomster: since Mozilla and Samsung are working together on this, I doubt it will "rust" like you said.10:42
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Romsterprobably not11:03
Romsterconsidering i have a Samsung phone i know where this is heading.11:03
diverseyeah Samsung is hitting the phone market pretty good these days.11:04
Romster3 thigns they are lacking that my nokia N8 had 2 of.11:05
Romstera real camera button11:05
Romstera fm transmitter built in.11:05
Romsterand the one feature that neather have is a infrred led so it can be used as a remote control for tv's etc.11:06
Romsteri eman how hard is it to include a ir led.11:06
diverseI think you can do that with the new Samsung galaxy S411:06
nogagplzprobably depends on how they have the pcb arranged11:06
nogagplzthat extra lane or two probably wrote the idea off entirely11:06
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Romsteroh and QI wireless charging.11:06
nogagplzor added another 10kg to the overall weight11:07
diverseRomster: you can do the remote stuff on the S411:07
Romsteroh but i got a S3 -_-11:08
Romsterill wait for the S5 i guess.11:08
Romsterthis S3 is good enough for now.11:08
Romsteri seriously hate this gas lift chair... it keeps going down slowly.11:09
diversethrow it out the window?11:09
Romsteri bought it like 2 years ago...11:09
Romsterwonder if it's still under warranty.11:09
Romsteryummy apple pie11:10
diversewhere did you get this said "apple pie"?11:14
diverseprt-get depinst apple-pie11:16
Romsterfrom kitchen :D11:20
Romsterimport apple-pie from kitchen11:20
diverseuse util::spoon;11:21
diverse*use util::{spoon, fork};11:21
diverse*use util::{spoon, fork, spork};11:32
diversewhatever you want to use, its in the util module.11:32
nogagplztoo bad it's written in a language illegible to anybody not working on it originally11:34
Romsterthat sounds like most of my stuff :D11:34
Romsterlooking at stuff i wrote a few years ago, i wonder wtf i was on..11:34
diverseRomster: I thought you didn't program?11:35
Romsteri mostly script.11:36
Romsterbut i've been known to do some small patches in C stuff.11:36
Romsteri just can't write from scratch.11:36
diverseyeah its a bit tough -_-11:37
nogagplzhere let me get you started then11:37
nogagplz#define TRUE FALSE11:37
Romster#ifdef nogagplz != TRUE11:39
Romster writing more regex currently to catch the failed matching.11:39
Romstercruxbot is missing11:45
diverseonly the troll can save it now11:46
Romster[opt/3.0] distribute: 0.6.40 -> 0.6.4511:46
nogagplzyeah diverse, you better get right on to fixing it11:47
diversethats a good one troll.11:48
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nogagplzgood work, I knew you could do it11:50
diverseNo, I should thank you. You did all the work.11:50
Romsternow now children11:51
nogagplzstay out of it Romster. before I take you down11:51
Romsteryou skinny runt as if lol :P11:51
diverseyou always take Romster down no matter situation.11:52
Romstermaybe your pale white skin could blind me.11:52
nogagplzromster's my brother though, we go way back11:52
Romsterbrother though irc... at least i guess.11:52
nogagplzwell if you prefer sister11:53
Romsterbeen called worse.11:54
diverseunless he meant that Romster would prefer to have a sister, instead of a brother, heh.11:58
nogagplztoo bad though that if I meant that I'd have said it11:59
Romster now that's weird12:06
RomsterLOL i jsut found nogagplz
nogagplzyou carry on as if you've never seen a beard made of bees before12:08
Amnesia ><12:08
Romsteri can't read that.12:09
nogagplzshouldn't have skipped school to be in a gang then12:10
nogagplzromster rage looks pretty shitty this weekend12:11
Romsterthat's ok i'm always working on the weekends.12:11
AmnesiaRomster: imo scripting and programming/coding is the same thing:p12:13
diverseRomster: actually, I think I found the real him:
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diversescripting usually refers to programming at a high level, where you don't have to think about memory management and everything usually works out of the box but at the cost of performance. Programming at the lower level is a bit more involved and requires more thinking, but you get the most performance with the least overhead.12:30
diverseThe thing that is similar between them is the code execution.12:30
Amnesiawell in that case programming is hardly done any more:)12:31
Amnesiaanyway, it all depends on your needs12:31
AmnesiaY U rolling !11!!12:32
diverseActually I don't know what was funny either.12:32
Romsternever seen bees covering a person totally12:33
diverseoh that one!12:33
Romstersorry i'm late i was in another chat12:34
diverseThey apparently have bee covering body contests in China to see who last the longest12:34
Romsterreally silly idea though if they get stung too many times.12:35
Romsterbut china is over populated they wont mind if a few die.12:36
Romsterwhich reminds me why is north korea all quiet when it looked like war was gonna errupt.12:36
diverseBecause it was all for show. They wanted to look big by making false threats, in order to cover their political insecureness.12:37
diversePlus they know if they nuked any part of the US, their whole country gets blown to smithereens easily.12:40
diverseSo it was all pretty stupid.12:41
diverseRomster: ^12:57
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diverseI'm heading out, see ya13:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.3515:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: hpcups: update to 3.13.615:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: transmission: update to 2.8015:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.8015:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] ruby: update to 1.9.3-p44815:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.3-p44815:47
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Romstercan anyone confirm that gimp does not compile?16:23
Romsterchecking for GTK+ - version >= 2.24.10... no16:23
Romsterbut i have gtk 2.24.19 installed.16:23
nogagplzwhat's in the config.log16:23
Romstermight be a  red hearing revdep just picked up on gtk16:24
doomicidemhm compiles fine here16:24
Romsteryeah i broke stuff probably :D16:25
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meisternuI asked this late last night, but does anyone have any ideas as to why my HDD is constantly be accessed while in CRUX? My HDD light is constantly blinking 24/7 when in CRUX, and I can hear my HDD being accessed the entire time.16:34
Romstermoral with the story check with revdep16:34
Romsterworking now.16:35
Romsteri read it but you wern't on to receive an reply.16:35
Romsterperhaps it's locate's database?16:35
Romstercheck with iotop16:35
Romsterprt-get depinst iotop16:35
Romstermay have to enable some kernel options though.16:36
Romstermeisternu, ^16:36
jaegeryeah, iotop is what I'd suggest as well16:36
meisternualright, I'll see what that gives me. I've already been looking at top which doesn't give me anything useful. Except that caja is using 99% cpu usage which is another issue. But this was happening before I installed mate.16:36
jaegercaja is just broken... if you want you can kill its process but it doesn't create much load, even though it says it's using 100%16:37
meisternuAh ok. As far as iotop, as I thought it might be... syslogd is constantly writing 80 kb/s.16:38
nogagplzdid you enable something like that evdev debug thing, that can spam constantly16:40
meisternuis that a kernel option?16:40
meisternuI'll take a look.16:40
Romsteroh that will do it too.16:40
jaegercheck /var/log/messages, see if there's constant spam there16:40
meisternuno constant spam in messages, just normal stuff. As far as evdev.. I searched for it in menuconfig, but there was no debug on there. Just the normal stuff like allowing evdev input, etc.16:43
meisternuI know I allowed kernel debugging, but I usually add that in case my kernel crashes.16:44
jaegeranything in the output of 'dmesg' that looks suspicious?16:44
jaegeryou might also check the other logs in /var/log16:45
meisternuWell there's a lot of xhci_hcd spam.16:46
jaegerusb3 device misbehaving?16:47
jaegerif you have something plugged into a usb3 port, try unplugging it, see if the activity stops16:48
meisternuNot that I'm aware of. I have my mouse, and keyboard in USB 3 ports.16:48
meisternuYea, I left it out for 5 minutes, and it's still going crazy. I also noticed that sdb5 my var partition is using about 98% I/O, but not writing to the disk that much. I know it's the journaling program on that one, but it seems pretty high.16:56
meisternuIn dmesg, it keeps saying about usb 3 that it's asking for 6 bytes, 4 bytes untransfered16:57
meisternuI think I may have fixed it. I turned off some kernel debugging options, and I had usb 3 debugging enabled, I disabled that as well. Things are more quiet now. :P17:37
drayevargthis is not a terminal, hi17:47
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drayevargRomster: i had no trouble building gimp just now either18:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: 1.5.0 -> 1.5.121:05
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meisternuanyone happen to have a large sized Crux Penguin picture? Everytime I try to make the guy bigger he gets all distorted :P21:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-all: 1.5.0 -> 1.5.121:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-agent: initial import21:42
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teK_ ?21:53
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meisternuheh thanks tek, but I'm more thinking a lot bigger than that.21:56
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