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meisternuWell then. I had just spent over an hour compiling firefox only for it to fail from a footprint mismatch. *facepalm* I tried recompiling it, and it failed somewhere. Now I'm trying again, life is good.00:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: icu: 49.1.1 -> 51.202:24
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: icu-32: 49.1.1 -> 51.202:24
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meisternuanyone happen to have Steam up and running on their system?04:55
drayevargno luck with pitman's port?05:23
meisternuI tried both shin and lennart's with no luck. I keep getting errors. I was able to accept the license agreement, it downloaded the updates, and then boom it doesn't work.05:25
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meisternuTried rebooting after grabbing mesa-demos, and well at least now steam doesn't hang and crashes back to prompt05:28
meisternuI think something may be wrong with X, as I can't even do glxgears.05:29
meisternuX Error of failed request:  BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)05:29
drayevargwhat's glxinfo | grep -i render say?05:30
meisternuX Error of failed request:  BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)05:30
meisternu  Major opcode of failed request:  153 (NV-GLX)05:30
meisternu  Minor opcode of failed request:  4 ()05:30
meisternu  Resource id in failed request:  0x240000305:30
meisternu  Serial number of failed request:  3405:30
meisternu  Current serial number in output stream:  3405:30
meisternusorry for the spam there, probably should have put it in a pastebin thing.05:30
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drayevargyour nvidia driver is broken, anything with grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log?05:31
drayevarganything relevant, there'll be crap like "falling back to old probe method" is expected05:31
meisternuhmm yea, Failed to initialize the GLX module; please check in your X log file that GLX module has been loaded in your X server, and that the module is the NVIDIA GLX module. If you continue to encounter problems, blah blah05:32
drayevargis there anything about a wrong abi version?05:33
meisternuno mention of that05:33
drayevargi have never used it but maybe you need to switch to nvidia with gl-select05:34
drayevargi use nouveau so i can't help with that part05:34
meisternuI know that I installed nvidia-32 before steam, because I knew I would need the 32 libs for Steam. It install other stuff like X related.. not sure if that somehow screwed things up05:34
drayevarggl-select use nvidia05:35
drayevargand i think zenity is a steam dependency too05:35
nogagplzcheck the arch pkgbuild imo for what steam depends on05:35
nogagplzthen match from that05:35
meisternuyea, I was somehow using xorg with gl-select, changed it to nvidia.. but no change. Maybe I need to restart X.05:36
drayevargmost likely05:36
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drayevarguh oh, that's talking a long time ;)05:38
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meisternuwell, I got a little further. Still crashes though05:38
drayevargcan do glxgears now?05:39
meisternuyes, that I can do now05:39
drayevargthat arch pkgbuild has a few patches05:39
drayevarglooks like the same ones as pitman's05:40
meisternuit keeps complaining about Finished uploading minidump (out-of-process): success = no error: HTTP response code said error05:40
drayevargdo you have a /usr/bin/steamdeps?05:41
drayevargthe arch pkgbuild does   ln -sf /bin/true "$pkgdir/usr/bin/steamdeps"05:42
drayevargso i guess you could ln -sf /bin/true /usr/bin/steamdeps05:42
drayevargin case that's the issue05:42
meisternuUsage: /usr/bin/steamdeps dependencies.txt05:42
meisternuis what it prints out05:42
meisternumaybe I should try pitman's, I just don't like the alsa patch really since I am using pulse.05:44
meisternuNecessary evil, as Steam is made to use pulse, and a lot of other games as well.05:45
drayevargyou might need that line above though in case that error is related to looking for apt-get05:45
nogagplzI run steam with vanilla alsa just fine05:45
meisternuI know it's possible, but it's not how it was made to run.05:46
nogagplzthe source gaes though expect pulse to my knowledge, and you can change to alsa by setting the sdl audio variable05:46
meisternuhmm, well trying to install zenity without much luck so far05:48
drayevargyou have libnotify?05:49
meisternufunny, it is failing at a zenity-notification.o05:50
drayevargzenity is on version 3.8.0, haha05:51
meisternulol, oh shit this one is way out of date05:51
meisternuI wonder if just changing the version would work05:52
drayevargworth a shot.. if those patches don't work you can rm -fr the docs05:53
meisternuyea, patches don't work05:55
drayevargwhat's the exact version?05:57
meisternuand now it needs itstool, which is not in ports. Fun.05:58
drayevargi'll make it not look like crap later06:03
meisternuheh, just made my own and seemed to install fine.06:03
meisternuexcept for the man part, bleh06:04
drayevargi have no idea what its dependencies are or what it does, haha06:04
drayevarg Itstool extracts messages from XML files and outputs PO template files, then merges translations from MO files to create translated XML files.06:05
meisternuthat's why it's good to look for lfs versions :P they help sometimes06:05
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meisternuwell, zenity didn't help :P06:12
meisternubam, works06:13
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meisternuaye, had to chmod 1777 /dev/shm06:14
drayevargdoes your flash playback work?06:15
meisternuprobably not since I don't use have flash06:15
drayevargwell, very nice nonetheless06:15
meisternuyea, now lets hope the actual games work lol06:15
meisternuif there isn't one, I'll create a Steam Group for Crux for users to join.06:16
meisternuFor those interested. I'm out, have a good night folks.06:34
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tilmanwhat's the best way to convert a bootable (linux) iso to a bootable usb image?09:23
tilmangoogle is failing me for some reason09:23
frinnstpart of syslinux09:24
tilmanthank you09:24
tilmantrying to update my ssd's firmware and i don't have a cdrom drive :x09:24
teK__grub(2) can boot from ISO files, too09:33
teK_this nick shit sucks09:34
tilmanfrinnst: isohybrid worked like a charm09:36
tilmanand the firmware update fixed my slow boot09:36
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teK_anyone using vte?10:28
teK_it breaks HARD after the recent icu update and won't be fixed after a rebuild still wanting the old libicu* crap10:29
drayevargi tried it but for some reason it won't display non-english characters properly10:29
teK_well it uses icu for that I guess. yay...10:29
drayevargi actually rebuilt lots of things for nls support too10:30
teK_NLS? wrong distro =)10:30
drayevargthere's an issue with virtualbox and icu as well10:30
drayevargwell, not an 'issue', just a warning10:31
drayevarglibicui18n no such file or directory, something like that10:31
drayevargi would argue that the easy flexibility of our package manager justifies it10:31
drayevarganyway its qt interface still works fine as far as i can tell10:35
teK_qemu has to be rebuilt too.. yyyaay10:35
drayevarg*pat pat*10:36
drayevargi'm still using your old qemu-kvm 1.2 pkgfile you archived because for some reason it works best for me10:37
teK_in which regard? CPU-utilisation?10:37
teK_jue: do you have an idea why we run such an old version of vte? The current one won't get linked agains the new icu either but anyway..10:38
teK_wasting time on shit...10:38
drayevargi think it's I/O performance10:39
drayevargeven if i specify kvm accelerator with new qemu it's off somehow10:39
drayevargalso the ... forgot exactly acronym, rtlp networking doesn't work for me anymore10:39
teK_I had the same until I specified kvm explicitly because it seems not to be used even if the module/option is present10:39
teK_could you post your current cmdline?10:40
drayevargqemu-system-x86_64 -cpu host -daemonize -hda /home/tod/.qemu/Windows\ XP.vdi -m 1024 -machine kernel_irqchip=on -smp 3 -soundhw es1370 -usbdevice tablet -vga std10:41
teK_you should give virtio a try10:41
teK_there are drivers for windows on the qemu wiki10:41
drayevargi'll look into it, i have to add it to kernel10:41
teK_startup would be something like  ... -drive file=Windows*vdi,if=virtio10:42
teK_yes but don't forget to teach your guest, too. Otherwhise it will bluescreen for sure10:42
drayevargi actually tried that vdi with all sorts of options in virtualbox and it bluescreened on startup too10:43
teK_Also I'm not quite sure about performance with vdi-images.. maybe you could convert it to to qcow2 or raw (in the latter case do not forget to turn of caching) and retry10:43
teK_after all.. it's windows ;)10:43
drayevargok :)10:43
drayevarghehe yeah10:44
drayevargdave airlie is working on 3d acceleration for qemu, he also did a lot of work on nouveau's optimus so it should be alright10:44
teK_ok there's no appearance of the string 'icu' in the whole vte-source-tree ... wtf10:45
teK_I'm not that much into 3d stuff.. would you run games in yor virtual machine?10:45
prologicSo finally got X working with the OSS ati driver10:46
prologicgit versions of mesa3d and xorg-xf86-video-ati10:46
prologicBut compiz still segfaults10:46
teK_'got working'? Is that a tradition with ATi (just as it sucked to install fglrx)?10:47
prologicglxinfo and glxgears now work proeprly though10:47
teK_serious question!10:47
prologicI tried their installer from AMD/ATI10:47
prologicit seemed to install ok, and sort of start X10:47
prologicbut crashed/freoze10:47
prologicmy only optino now is to try to bump my compiz ports again10:48
prologicperhaps to the latest version10:48
teK_say what you want about the blob driver from nvidia.. it works like a charm wrt installation, performance and general behaviour10:48
teK_dunno :)10:48
prologicI do agree10:48
prologicnvidia just works10:49
doomicideteK_, have problems with it, nouveau does a much better job besides 3d stuff10:49
doomicideI always get this weird bug when I start the X server a second time after closing the first the pc will just freeze10:50
teK_yes? I used the -git version of nouveau, drm and something else but I was not really enthusiastic about its performance.. must have been a year and something ago though10:50
teK_hm.. dirty memory read? :}10:50
drayevargi stick with nouveau because it always works with whatever crazy kernel i'm using10:50
teK_I liked when, after a reboot, just before starting X a 'screenshot' of the old X instance could be seen..10:51
teK_drayevarg: never had an issue with nvidia.. and I run -rc even patched with grsec, too10:51
teK_that's what I like very much about nv these days because recent kernels always were a pain in the neck with binary vga drivers10:52
doomicideteK_, a while ago when closing X I would see a random shot of the last fullscreen window for a fragment of a sec or so :D10:52
teK_must be a feature10:52
doomicidepropably, to bring back the memories of the last movie you watched10:53
doomicidepretty good idea10:53
teK_reminds me of BMW doing some stuff with after images:
drayevargprologic: was it libdrm-git the other thing you got?10:54
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drayevargi use urxvt but i tested sakura since it's based on vte and it has the same issue, teK_ .. you probably figured as much11:47
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jueteK_: sorry, no, we have to ask sepen14:34
teK_the problem with vte was solved by recompiling pango - gtk - (exo) - vte, btw14:46
teK_drayevarg: -^14:46
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frinnstAT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating System16:47
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meisternuI kind of feel pretty stupid asking this, but how do you set locales? When I installed I used the localedef to install them, but when using the locale command everything is POSTIX. I tried adding it to my ~/.bashrc file, but it doesn't seem to be working. I can't find anywhere else on the system that I could possibly add it to.17:48
frinnstyou probably want to add the locale stuff to /etc/profile17:49
meisternuAh, that sounds right. Thanks man.17:50
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himynameisphilI made a port for emacs, but couldnt run it, so I tried reinstalling. Reinstall failed because no tput function was available. So I removed ncurses and was going to reinstall it, but now prt-get and pkgmk complain that they can't find
himynameisphilSo I guess I learned not to uninstall core packages because, well, they're core.20:29
himynameisphilBut what is my next step?20:29
doomicideuntar the ncurses packages and copy to /lib then ad a symlink to to /lib/
doomicideadd* and only one 'to', dammit20:31
himynameisphilI don't have a package for ncurses, only the source. Cant compile the source because it can't find
doomicideok, then get it from the install iso, I think that's what I did when I was in the same situation :D20:33
himynameisphilthanks. i will try that while cursing my silly core-package-removing ways.20:39
doomicidehehe, I had to learn it the hard way, too20:40
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himynameisphilok, whew. that worked! still can't install emacs though...20:44
tilmanfwiw, uninstalling ncurses shouldn't render pkgmk or pkgadd broken20:47
tilmansame for prt-get20:47
doomicideit does, though. I had the same problem20:51
himynameisphili agree that it shouldn't, but nonetheless it does20:52
tilmandoomicide: you can confirm for prt-get or for pkgadd?20:52
himynameisphilat least prt-get and pkgmk20:52
doomicideI think the problem is that they are bash scripts and bash depends on ncurses20:52
doomicidethe default /bin/sh is a symlink to bash iirc20:53
tilmanokay, that might be it20:53
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meisternuWhere would I put a custom script to run at boot? More specific, I have a UPS with a daemon that's installed, and it had some init scripts. Tried to put it in /etc/rc.d/ but it fails on boot, and minimizing it down for the script to just start, stop, restart with /usr/sbin/pwrstatd start, etc made my pc hang.21:51
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frinnstyou probably just need to modify the init-script22:13
frinnstrc.d is the correct place, or if its just a oneliner to start it /etc/rc.local might do the trick22:14
frinnstif it "freezes" your pc by just running the binary you might want to look for something else22:14
meisternuYea, I did do that. Probably not correctly. I cut it down to the start), stop), restart) *) etc with just /usr/sbin/pwrstatd start, etc. Just didn't seem to work, even though running the command on it's own does.22:15
meisternuBy freezing, I mean when I edited the init script, when booting up it would just hang on trying to start that process.. The process itself doesn't freeze my PC.22:16
meisternuBut if I can just put in rc.local something like /usr/sbin/pwrstatd start  That would work good.22:16
meisternuHmm, thanks for the links. Maybe I'll try this nut.22:17
doomicidemeisternu, is the processed daemonized/forked to the background?22:25
frinnstproprietary magic, who knows what it does22:25
doomicidefrinnst, there has to be some documentation besides that could be easily tested and if all else fails just put a '&' at the end22:27
meisternudoomicide: yea it is.22:33
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drayevarglol wtf22:54
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drayevargRomster: wine is at 1.6-rc4, simply changing the version builds and runs fine, mono etc. haven't been updated23:51
meisternuDo we have a setlocale type of command? As steam claims everytime I try to start a game that: SetLocale('en_US.UTF-8') fails, and reverts to c locale. I've tried everything, I've installed locale's with localedef, have the locale's in /etc/profile, locale prints out saying that my language is en_US.UTF-8, etc. Yet it still complains. 0_o23:55
drayevargi don't know but urxvt doesn't work properly unless i put export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 in my .xinitrc23:56
drayevargeven if it's in /etc/profile23:56
meisternuwas thinking of trying that, see what happens.23:56

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