IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2013-06-30

meisternualas, it still does it. It's like please install en_US.UTF-8.. wtf, it is installed.00:00
drayevargi don't have any linux games i've bought in steam so i can't really test00:10
drayevargi know there's regnum but that's a big old download00:11
tilmanmeisternu: i'm pretty sure that's a bug in steam :)00:11
drayevargmeisternu, do you still have your zenity pkgfile somewhere?00:14
prologichehe I spoke too soon last night00:15
prologicI did not get the ATI driver working00:15
prologicturns out Xorg used the VESA driver instead00:15
drayevargi just read that the proprietary drivers are not compatible with xorg 1.400:19
prologicWhowever mentioned I needed the git version of libdri00:19
prologicDid you mean xorg-xdriinfo ?00:19
prologicYou mean 1.14?00:20
prologicYeah confirmed00:20
prologicIt crashes the system00:20
drayevarggit clone
prologicI already built the git version of mesa though00:22
meisternudrayevarg: yea I do. I'm trying another game and the popup doesn't occur complaining, but in the steam in-game browser there's a bunch of [][][][] crap. I'm not sure if it's a bug because this never happened in any other distro I used with Steam.00:38
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drayevargdrm is not the same as mesa00:57
drayevargyou need the x driver, mesa, and drm to all agree on versions00:58
drayevargmeisternu: can you link me the zenity pkgfile? i have a theory i want to test01:01
drayevargprologic: notice how git clone is different than the drm i linked above, it's worth trying anyway, based on my experience with nouveau-git01:02
drayevargbut luckily they have their own kernel tree that circumvents some of these problems01:03
drayevargprologic: for example there is a 30 hour old drm commit that adds new card pci ids and chip support01:05
prologicyes ok01:07
prologicbut what's requiring this libdri?01:07
prologicI've found nothing that's wanting it during compilation01:07
drayevargprt-get depends mesa3d | grep drm01:08
prologicoh good lord01:09
prologicI'm so sorry :)01:09
prologicI kept seeing (for some reason) libdri01:09
prologicinstead of libdrm01:09
prologicno wonder I could not find the f'n port :)01:09
drayevargno worries XD01:09
prologicI blame my blindness :)01:10
drayevargi know you can barely even read my freakin' name01:10
meisternudreyvarg: I don't have it online right now, but the Pkgfile is the same as pitman's without the patches, latest version, and rm -r $PKG/usr/share/help01:10
drayevargand i mean that not at all condescendingly of course01:10
prologicof course01:11
drayevargmeisternu: k thanks01:11
prologicso this'll be git versions of mesa3d, xorg-xf86-video-ati and libdrm01:11
prologic*fingers crossed*01:11
prologicI might remove the other video drivers (e.g: vesa) to force xorg to use ati01:12
drayevargafter a reboot you should see in dmesg | grep drm something about radeon01:12
drayevarghopefully something that doesn't sound bad01:12
prologicsomeone mentioned I need gallium as well?01:13
drayevargthat's a part of mesa01:16
prologicis it included in mesa?01:17
prologicor compiled separately?01:17
drayevargcompile mesa with for example01:19
drayevarg    --with-gallium-drivers=r300,r600,radeonsi,nouveau,svga,swrast \01:19
drayevarg    --with-dri-drivers=i915,i965,r200,radeon,nouveau,swrast \01:19
drayevargyou don't need the intel/nouveau stuff, i915, i965, nouveau01:20
prologicit's still using the vesa driver it seems01:22
drayevarginstall mesa-demos and do glxinfo | grep -i render01:23
drayevargthat log shows you're loading the ati driver01:24
drayevarg[    33.266] (II) GLX: Initialized DRISWRAST GL provider for screen 001:24
drayevargbut that is wrong01:24
drayevargyou should have hardware acceleration availale01:25
prologicit shows it loads it01:25
prologicbut unloads it again?01:25
prologicbash-4.2$ glxinfo | egrep render -i01:25
prologicdirect rendering: Yes01:25
prologicOpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer GL_NV_conditional_render, GL_NV_depth_clamp,01:25
drayevargcheck how you configured mesa with what i posted above perhaps01:26
drayevargwoops sorry01:27
prologic   ./configure --prefix=/usr \01:27
prologic                --with-dri-drivers=i915,i965,r200,radeon,swrast,nouveau \01:27
prologic                --with-gallium-drivers=i915,r600,svga,nouveau01:27
drayevargdid you check #radeon here on freenode? i don't know why swrast is being loaded01:35
prologicOk so it's definately not using the radeon driver01:37
prologicI removed all other xorg-xf86-video-* packages01:37
prologicand now X doesn't start :)01:37
prologicit doesn't even try to load it like it was01:38
himynameisphilI am still having trouble getting emacs to compile. I recently had to recompile pango, gtk and vte to get roxterm, firefox and chromium to work, and I'm not sure whether or not this is related.01:46
drayevargprologic: radeonsi is not in your --with-gallium-drivers mesa configure01:48
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prologicconfigure: error: Unknown Gallium driver: radeon01:50
drayevargyou typed in 'radeonsi' ?01:51
prologicoh readeonsi01:52
prologicit wasn't a typo of yours :)01:52
prologicconfigure: error: LLVM 3.3 or newer is required for r600g and radeonsi.01:53
prologicbloody hell01:53
prologicif I get this working I'll publish all the required port updates01:54
prologicgah :)01:54
drayevargour llvm is already at 3.3 in opt02:02
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Roomstershit 3g service in warrnambool. ..04:07
jaegermaybe there was a fire in the DC again04:07
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RoomsterI sure hope not04:17
Roomstertp top it off I typed a long line on my phone to have it not send... not typing it again until im home.04:18
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prologicok llvm 3.3 installed04:24
prologicnow back to mesa3d with --with-gallium-driver=radionsi04:24
prologicI have to add --enable-experimental-targets=R60004:25
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drayevargthey call him bleeding edge prologic04:30
prologichalf my system is going to be bleeding edge04:32
prologicI'm "this close" to ebaying this card04:32
prologicand getting an nVidia one04:32
jaegerno bug reports from that broken-ass system :D04:32
prologicbug reports from who, what now?04:33
prologicsomeone recommend me an nvidia card from
prologicone that you're confident will work04:33
prologicand I"ll throw this ATI/AMD bastard out04:33
prologicI'm done04:33
jaegerin what price range?04:34
prologicoh and my board has PCI Express 3.0 x1604:34
prologic< $50004:34
jaegerDo you do any gaming or do you just want 3d accel for the compiz accessibility?04:34
prologicI already spent $1800 on this system04:34
prologicwhat's another few hundred04:35
prologic3d accel for the compiz compositing engine04:35
prologicand possibly openCL programming04:35
himynameisphilI seem to have to be doing a lot of re-compiling lately to deal with issues resulting from things being linked against, which is no longer on my system. Is there a recommended order in which I should do this? I have already re-compiled pango, gtk and vte in that order, so as to get firefox, chromium and roxterm working.04:35
jaeger <-- good middle of the pack option04:35
prologicthat's the only reason I got this stupid AMD/ATI POS - because it was good price per performance in terms of opencl computing04:36
himynameisphilNow I am re-compiling webkit, after having re-compiled harfbuzz-icu.04:36
jaegerI've no idea how well opencl and nvidia play together, never done that04:36
himynameisphilIs there a systematic way to approach all this? I am doing it rather piecemeal right now.04:36
prologicand the nvidia blod driver we have in opt should "just work"? :)04:36
prologicfamous last words :)04:36
jaegerit works great for normal desktop use, gaming, etc.04:37
prologicat least it used to "just work" on my old dead desktop04:37
jaegerno idea on opencl programming04:37
prologicthat's another story04:37
prologicI'll figure out how to get OPenCL working04:37
jaegerhimynameisphil: I'd start with the output of revdep, I guess, and try to feed it to prt-get in the right order04:37
prologicas long as the freak'n video card drivers works04:37
prologicand compiz fusion is up04:37
prologicI'm happy :)04:37
jaegeryou might have to script something to determine dependency order, that would be a nice feature for prt-get to have04:37
himynameisphiljaeger: thanks04:37
jaegerprologic: well, personally I wouldn't buy a new card if I thought the one I had could be made to work, that does seem a tad excessive :)04:38
jaegerwhy is this one so hard to get working? I've not followed your entire saga on that04:38
prologicwell what are you gonna do04:38
prologican entire desktop is dead04:38
prologicwith 8yr old hardware04:38
prologicI thought, why not something different04:39
prologicerrrm wrong!04:39
prologicnvidia still rock!04:39
jaegerhimynameisphil: hope it helps, should be doable with a bit of work04:39
prologicalthogh I seem to recall many many years ago, ati drivers were better once04:39
prologicor is that wrong?04:39
jaegerI've never found them better in linux, myself, but that's kinda subjective04:39
prologicjaeger: the no. of ports I've had to update to git versions of04:39
jaegerIf they worked and stayed out of my way I'd call that good :)04:39
prologicand the oss sti driver still doesn't work04:40
prologicXorg keeps uses the VESA driver04:40
jaegerwhy did you have to go to the git versions? What wasn't working?04:40
jaegertried uninstalling the vesa driver or forcing the ati driver?04:40
prologicyeap tried04:40
prologicif I force the ati driver04:40
prologicor remove the vesa driver04:40
prologicX just doesn't work at all04:40
jaegerI have a tiny config on most of my machines that only specifies the nvidia driver, nothing else04:40
prologicthat makes X fail with deleting Screen0 as there is no config yadda yadda04:41
jaegerI usually generate a generic config with Xorg -configure, then remove all of it but the device section for nvidia04:42
jaegerinstall that into /etc/X11/xorg.d/device.conf or similar04:42
jaegerX figures out the rest04:42
prologicyeah ok04:42
prologicI'll keep going at it a bit more04:42
prologicbut I'm pretty close to thowing this out :)04:42
jaegerwhich radeon card do you have?04:42
prologicapparently something quite new04:43
jaegeris it a southern islands chip?04:45
jaegerglancing at
prologicI'm recompiling mesa3d (git) with support for radeonsi gallium driver atm04:49
jaegernow I have Crosby Stills & Nash's Southern Cross in my head after talking about southern islands05:05
jaegerthat's fine, though, great song05:05
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drayevargati sounds kind of like broadcom about their proprietary driver, they release one and then don't account for how the kernel is changing constantly05:16
drayevargre: it doesn't get updated :(05:16
drayevargyeah, i checked and it says05:18
drayevargLast Updated05:19
drayevargLast Updated05:19
drayevarg8/1/2012   sorry05:19
drayevargpasting issue05:19
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prologicchecking for elf_memory in -lelf... no07:47
prologicconfigure: error: radeonsi and r600g require libelf when using LLVM07:47
prologicmy god07:47
prologicenabling --with-gallium-driver=radeonsi07:47
prologicis causing lots of dependency issues :)07:48
prologicmesa3d finally rebuilt with radeonsi gallium driver support07:53
prologicnow let's see07:55
prologicstill using the vesa driver07:57
prologicI give up07:57
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Romsterprologic, measa3d using elfutils when you enable radeonsi?08:39
Romsterdrayevarg, hmm i missed rc3 they are moving to fast for me too eep up it's usually every 2 weeks per a release now it's whenever on the release candidates.08:45
Romsterguys if your using ICU why is it not listed in Depends on: line i tested it against all the ports that /depend/ on it.08:46
Romsteron top of that i've been avoiding bumping it for a while.08:47
nrxtxis there already a plan/date for the next crux release?08:47
Romsterto be sure the bugs are ironed out before i pushed that version.08:47
Romsternot what i'm aware of and if your sysup'ed your practicalyl on the next release already.08:48
Romsterah i need to test mdadm lvm2 stuff for crux 3.1 too... i haven't done any of that yet.08:49
Romsterwho else runs mdadm and/or lvm2?08:49
Romsterfirefox 23.0 is gonna need some rethinking.08:50
nrxtxRomster thx, lvm2 maybe if i'm going to install crux on my new hardware today08:50
Romsteri'm glad we have harfbuzz-icu nwo to avoid icu on the iso.08:50
Romsternrxtx, jaeger has a updated iso you can use which is crux 3.0 only saving you alot of recompiling.08:51
Romsterthere is gcc 4.8.x to test too for crux 3.108:51
Romstercrux 3.1 has some major changes to test.08:52
Romsterand libusb08:52
Romsternrxtx,  if it helps i'm experienced in lvm2 except for the dm-raid and sparse snapshots side of it.08:53
nrxtxok, if i can help testing just tell me what has to be done08:53
nrxtxis there a download location for the updated iso?08:54
Romsterjue has updated gcc port not sure what else needs testing.08:54
Romsteri haven't tried that yet i should do that in a chroot08:54
Romsternot sure if jaeger added lzo to core for btrfs08:55
Romsterif btrfs fails you'll be missing lzo08:55
Romsterto compile on sysup that is08:56
Romsteri would not  recommend not updating to gcc 4.8 unless it's not a desktop  you use alot of or can afford to VM it or experiment experimental stuff on another hdd08:57
Romstersame goes for other not so well tested ports.08:57
Romsterthough i think there is no major breakage on gcc 4.89.x as far as i've heard.08:58
nrxtxjust curious: do you use any kind of network-manager?09:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.6-rc2 -> 1.6-rc409:05
Romsterthere is wicd but i'm not using it currently.09:05
Romsterplan too though but due to popular demand i moved it to contrib.09:06
teK_and it still does not allow me to configure passwords for newly found wireless networks ._.09:06
nrxtxi tried wicd but hit some bugs on wlan, the command-line utility is also broken09:06
nrxtxteK_: open the command line, start wicd-gtk and have a look at the python exception09:08
nrxtx(when trying to set a password)09:08
nrxtxafaik there is already a fix for that since mid 2012 in the code but it did not make it into a release yet09:10
teK_yes I saw the python exception09:18
teK_so Romster has to patch it in. please :>09:18
nrxtxteK_: do you use the command-line utitlity?09:21
teK_that's the whole point for me  to use wicd at all09:21
nrxtxwhen trying it i got some pyhon exceptions also did it work for you out of the box?09:22
teK_it stopped working at some point09:22
teK_so yes initially it worked09:23
teK_and yes I do get an exception while setting up new networks09:23
RomsterteK_, find me a patch and i'll include it09:24
teK_nrxtx: ^- ?09:24
Romstercommit that fixes this nrxtx09:25
nrxtxcurrently don't have crux installed, teK_ can you give me the exception message?09:25
Romsteri have limited time, i got a bunch of things todo yet even.09:25
nrxtxthen i can look it up again09:25
teK_sure, gotta catch my laptop frist09:25
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teK_when setting a password09:55
Romsterline 666, hah10:03
teK_thanks nrxtx10:10
nrxtxuses anyone of you vmware player on crux?10:11
Romstertesters needed. ncurses should work now for wicd.10:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: urwid: initial commit10:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] wicd: new dependency urwid, dbus and urwid bug patches.10:44
Romsterhonestly though, they should use a unstable branch in bazzar and a stable branch to cherry pick and release a new version in those cases.10:46
Romsterthan to let every packager find out the hard way.10:46
RomsterteK_, nrxtx10:50
nrxtxjust collected all hardware information, going to start installing crux :) i'll test it later10:55
nrxtxwhich directory is used for building packages?11:00
Romsterof the port your buiklding in say /usr/ports/contrib/wicd/work for wicd11:01
nrxtxis it configurable?11:01
Romsterbut i always set mine to PKGMK_WORK_DIR="/usr/ports/work/$name"11:01
nrxtxah thx11:01
Romsterin /etc/pkgmk.conf11:01
Romsteri also set11:01
Romsterand MAKEFLAGS11:01
Romsterbut it's up to you how you configure it.11:02
Romsterthat's the best part of crux you do it your way.11:02
Romsterbe sure to read the handbook on setting up.11:02
nrxtxi know that's why i'm installing it again after removing the distributed os :)11:03
nrxtxnowbody needs that preinstalled stuff ...11:03
nrxtxtricky thing will be optimus/bumblebee but i saw some ports11:04
nrxtxsee you later (hopefully) :D11:09
Rotwangfrom where PKGMK_ARCH does come in pkgmk.conf?11:32
tilmanRotwang: pkgk sets it11:33
tilmanwhch in turn looks for a file called .32bit in the port11:33
Romsterif your wondering you probably haven't ran rejmerge to mege changes into pkgmk.conf to remove that exit lines if you source /etc/pkgmk.conf in other scripts when PKGMK_ARCH is unset11:34
RotwangRomster: sorry but I don't understand11:35
Romsterif your making a 32bit port touch.32bit in the same directory as your Pkgfile.11:35
Romstertouch .32bit11:35
Romsterbefore jaeger made a change if you did a source /etc/pkgmk.conf it would exit as PKGMK_ARCH is unset.11:36
Romsterthat's since been corrected. i was assuming you were doing this. and had not merged changes into pkgmk.conf with rejmerge.11:36
Romsterwhich corrected that issue.11:37
Romsteram i really hard to understand?11:37
drayevargbasically if you have a .32bit file in the same dir as the Pkgfile then pkgmk adds -m32 to gcc for you11:37
Rotwangif you have it configured in pkgmk.conf11:38
Romsterguess what i think and type does not correlate though irc that well.11:38
RotwangI must have removed case statement11:38
Romsterthere is a case in there yes11:38
Rotwangindeed indeed11:38
RotwangI've always thought that I won't be needing 32 compat ports11:38
drayevargmaybe you have a backup at /var/lib/pkg/rejected/etc/pkgmk.conf11:39
Rotwangbut wine requires it [;11:39
drayevargoh nevermind11:39
Romsteryes wine needs 32bit for PE32 bit support. you could modify wine Pkgfile to compile 64bit only but then it'll only run PE64 binaries.11:39
Rotwangok thanks11:40
Romsterbut wine is a exemption it does not have a .32bit file.11:40
Romsterbut it's dependencies *-32 ports do.11:40
Romsterbecause wine compiles twice for 32bit and 64bit11:40
Romsterprt-get cat wine11:40
Romsternogagplz jaeger and my work in getting wine to work in multilib.11:41
Romsteryou'll need to enable compat-32 repo and set ti in prt-get.conf as well.11:42
teK_Romster: ty11:42
Rotwangyes yes I know11:42
Romsterprt-get deptree wine ; may be a while to compile.11:42
RomsterteK_, solves the issues let me know if it does.11:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: disable gtk gui11:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-all: disable gtk gui11:44
Romsterbroken beyond repair?11:44
Romsteror using qt instead.11:45
Rotwangso there is gtk gui? wow11:45
teK_not anymore :>11:45
teK_it adds no real benefit11:45
teK_except new deps11:45
drayevargyeah really11:45
teK_works Romster, thanks11:59
teK__but_ :)11:59
teK_ maybe you want to check that out _some_ time11:59
teK_or I do. Wait.11:59
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RomsterteK_, does killall -q /usr/sbin/wicd not kill it and remove the pid file?12:19
Romsterperhaps it needs some sleep time between stop and start.12:20
teK_patch is coming12:20
Romsteranother one...12:21
Romsterbroken crap///12:21
teK_+ indentation fail12:21
Romsterkillal -q works fine for /other/ services.12:21
teK_there's no /usr/sbin/wicd.12:21
Romsterusr/bin/wicd-* oh...12:22
teK_use the pidfile :)12:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: wicd: use the pid file to kill wicd, thank you Tek12:25
Romsterdidn't even see that error. and assumed it was ok.12:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libpng: updated to 1.5.1714:38
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nrxtxhmm still not working as expected..15:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.8]: firefox: updated to 22.015:37
*** nrxtx has joined #crux15:47
nrxtxmuch better15:48
nrxtxRomster, teK_ both fixes are working for me, can use curses interface and set wlan passphrase15:48
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frinnst@neiltyson Just an FYI: The year 1980 is as far in today's past as 1947 was to 1980.18:02
teK_forget everything I saidabout nvidia (or xorg?) ... current nv + xorg  + start chromium = segfault in Xorg18:13
frinnstati <318:15
teK_first you have to prove that your xorg-server update is not the cause ofbreakage!!118:15
frinnstwhat, xorg segfaults?18:16
teK_I cannot dpaste it so I'll do it here.18:17
teK_[   299.996] (EE) Backtrace:18:17
teK_[   299.996] (EE) 0: /usr/bin/X (xorg_backtrace+0x36) [0x5869d6]18:17
teK_[   299.996] (EE) 1: /usr/bin/X (0x400000+0x18a439) [0x58a439]18:17
teK_[   299.996] (EE) 2: /lib/ (0x7f8340e1d000+0xf590) [0x7f8340e2c590]18:17
teK_[   299.996] (EE)18:17
teK_[   299.996] (EE) Segmentation fault at address 0x018:17
teK_+ bonus laugh for:18:17
teK_[   299.996] (EE) Please also check the log file at "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" for additional information.18:17
teK_guess were this (complete!) paste was from....18:17
teK_rebuilding 1.4.1 now.18:18
teK_1.14.1 I meant18:18
nrxtxteK_: which nvidia driver version do you use?18:19
himynameisphilbaiting with waited breath...18:21
teK_gl-select xorg; gl-select nvidia fixed things...again. sorry :)18:23
teK_sorry I'm quite new to this CRUX thingy18:28
frinnstsince youre r00t, maybe you can take a look at our timeline and see why the rss-links are b0rked?18:31
teK_uum I don't know.. if even Xorg overburdens me:\18:32
teK_  <link rel="alternate" title="CRUX RSS" href="" type="application/rss+xml">18:35
teK_this one?18:35
frinnstdunno, never looked at it. i use firefox to subscribe to the rss-feed and flyspray entries urls look like this:;task_id=93618:36
frinnstadds amp;18:36
teK_I see18:38
teK_lets turn to me excellt PHP skills18:39
teK_brb :)18:39
teK_the sqlite-db already contains the b0rked links..18:54
teK_looking for the script filling the db18:58
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nrxtxteK_: the pkgfile for chromium-pdf yells a md5sum error, can you update it?19:02
teK_thanks for the hint19:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium-pdf: 25.0.1364.97 -> 27.0.1453.11619:10
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nrxtxteK_: is there a reason why you always download stable-"current" and not stable-"version"?19:26
frinnstwohoo! i managed to guess my password on my sheevaplug19:35
jaegereven I know it... it's "/slapteK_"19:36
frinnstLinux kif #2 Sun Feb 6 16:52:06 CET 2011 armv5tel GNU/Linux19:43
frinnsthas been collecting dust for a while..19:43
myth look at me I'm hipster19:46
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mythfrinnst, what ARMv5 box do you have?20:07
frinnstits a sheevaplug20:09
teK_uuuh sweet, new geek toys. Toady: the usb shovel.
teK_Saving to: `linux-'20:27
teK_0% [                                                                                                                      ] 16,133      2.31K/s  eta 7h 56m20:27
teK_this is on crux.nu20:27
teK_frinnst: I guess I found the problem20:41
teK_well.. :)20:42
teK_frinnst: check20:45
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prologicjaeger:  when I get back from holidays I'm definitely getting that card you recommended :)22:58
drayevargprologic: i just acquired an amd card23:28
drayevargso let the adventures begin23:28
prologicgood luck!23:39
prologicI tried and failed :/23:39
joacimhow are they compared to nvidia? tried mine with nouveau, but all i got was tearing.23:58
joacimand no desktop compositing. Games worked well tho.23:59

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