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drayevargi don't know, i still have to remove windows 800:00
drayevargprologic had no luck at all with his very new radeon card00:00
drayevargthis is a radeon 7660g00:01
drayevarg#radeon guys said it was supported00:01
prologicYeah mine's a 7870 (Southern Island chipset apparently)00:06
prologicI have not been able to get it to work with the catalyst drivers00:07
prologicor oss att driver(s) (git versions of xorg-xf86-video-ati, mesa3d (with radionsi) and libdrm)00:07
drayevargdid you by chance upload your pkgfiles anywhere?00:10
prologicNot yet00:10
prologicBut I'll do it tonight00:11
drayevargthanks :)00:11
drayevargnrxtx: did you have any trouble getting your optimus setup working?00:14
drayevargah, he left, n/m00:14
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libpng-32: 1.5.16 -> 1.5.1702:29
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Romsternomodeset should not have any effect on the proprietary (fglrx/nvidia) drivers. They don't have this kind of kernel mode setting.02:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libebml: 1.2.2 -> 1.3.002:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libmatroska: 1.3.0 -> 1.4.002:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mkvtoolnix: 6.1.0 -> 6.3.002:55
Romsterbbl work02:56
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prologicRomster:  well that may be so -- but the catalyst driver from AMD does not work03:43
prologicmore over - it appears to not work with Xorg 1.1403:43
prologicAt least there are other reports of it not working with Xorg 1.1403:43
drayevargi read that too03:43
prologicFor me, it crashes/freezes the system up hard03:43
prologicDowngrading to a older version of Xorg is out of the question for me03:44
drayevargi would definitely not use nomodeset though on open source drivers03:44
prologicAMD/ATI need to get their sh*t together03:44
prologicBut in any case, I'm going to still ditch this card for a GTX 67003:44
drayevargor a vga=### line03:44
prologicI will try to remove the nomodeset tonight03:44
prologicand see if the OSS radeon/ati driver works03:44
drayevargi didn' trealize you had that03:45
prologicin either case03:45
prologicI'm still ditching the card for an nvidia one03:45
prologicI did because of some booting issue where I could not access any of my ttys03:45
prologicI think03:45
prologicnot sure why I set that now tbh03:45
prologicif I recall I think something configured in the kernel was trying to change video modes03:46
prologichalf-way succeeded03:46
prologicthen everything goes blank03:46
prologicquite possibly because the kernel on the 3.0 iso (3.6.11?) doesn't support this southern chipset ati card very well?03:46
drayevargi don't know, full support for my laptop's 3 year old gpu didn't come until kernel 3.5 so i would upgrade03:48
jaegerprologic: the blank screen after mode change could have been caused by a missing firmware, perhaps. I had that happen on a laptop I was setting up for a user at work with a radeon in it03:50
jaegeronce I was able to get the firmware name from the logs I got it working03:50
drayevargyou can git clone  git://
drayevargthat's the brute force approach ;)03:55
prologicyeah the radeon firmware is not included in the kernel firmware repo03:55
prologicthere is however radeon-ucode03:55
prologicwhich I created a port for03:55
prologicI'll publish that tonight too03:55
drayevargi didn't know that03:55
prologicbut yeah you may be right jaeger I'll test your theory tonight03:56
drayevargwhen i cloned linux-firmware it gave me these ucode files from opt's radeon-ucode04:03
drayevargthere's more ? :(04:05
prologicdidn't realize someone created this port04:11
prologicyeah I'm not sure now04:11
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prologicsome notes about SI chips and Radeon in LInux 3.1004:27
drayevargi haven't had any issues with 3.10-rc704:29
prologicwith what ATI/AMD card?04:41
prologicor just in general?04:41
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drayevargin general04:45
drayevargi'm still working on getting crux on the amd machine04:46
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drayevargprologic: unfortunately i can't help with radeonsi since my card doesn't use that chip but with xorg-xf86-video-ati i noticed after starting x it says KMS enabled so i think modesetting is necessary06:28
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drayevargwtf though, i just rebooted to a screen of corruption06:30
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frinnstprologic: does radeon-ucode load all required firmware for you? you should get a warning from the kernel log if it doesnt06:38
frinnstI noticed there was some new firmware06:38
drayevargmissing firmware would explain needing nomodeset , as i just experienced06:41
drayevargi had to mv /lib/firmware/linux-firmware/* down a level ;)06:41
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teK_anybode knows whre alan is?08:54
Romsterno idea he seems to reply to emails but doesn't hang round on irc anymore.09:10
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Romster When you swim in the sea and an eel bites your knee, that's a Moray.09:47
teK_aussie fun. I dont get it :|09:47
teK_no eels or morays in Bavaria I believe :p09:48
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rmullHm, I have llvm installed on my system and it seems like the icu port is using llvm's clang++ to build itself. I wonder if that will create any unusual behavior.11:20
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Romsterwhere i see no trace of it with grep -r llvm in icu source.12:44
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jaegerhrmm... wonder what I did to screw up fonts in firefox13:54
jaegerthey look a little odd, semi-bolded in weird places with hinting looking completely wrong13:54
jaegeruntil I select the text, then they look fine :P13:54
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horrorStruckhow happy is #crux today?14:46
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horrorStruckyeah you preferred to quit, i understand14:48
horrorStrucka happy frinnst appears15:02
horrorStruckfrinnst: experienced a bit more with you know what?15:05
jaegeryou can say its name :P15:06
horrorStrucki'm not the chosen one U MAD15:07
horrorStruckhalf of my building is using 11111111 as wlan password, not sure which picture i'll chose for their facebook account :P lemonparty comes to mind15:10
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frinnstnope, no systemd since i installed it20:19
frinnsthm, mplayer crashes when i use the new & shiney amd/ati vdpau stuff20:21
frinnst <- not pretty20:24
frinnstsmplayer adds a lot of crap i guess20:25
drayevargafter using xorg-xf86-video-ati for a while my screen is flickering like crazy, even in the bios .. and sound doesn't work except with speaker-test -D hw:1,0 -c 220:38
drayevargso it could be worse XD20:38
frinnstmeh, +AM_CONDITIONAL(NEED_RADEON_LLVM, test x$NEED_RADEON_LLVM = xyes)20:39
meisternuIn other words, don't use ATI cards. :P20:39
frinnstbest option unless you can get a intel gpu imo20:39
drayevargyeah, i think i'll return it20:40
drayevargwas curious how bad it was after prologic's plight20:40
meisternuHonestly, Nvidia performs 100% better in Linux then ATI does.20:40
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frinnstprologics problem is that his card is "too new". the development sadly lags behind20:40
frinnstI only buy amd gpus since they opened up the drivers. less problems than with the nvidia blobs20:41
meisternuWell with my experience, AMD's Linux drivers are far behind Nvidia's, and when it comes to graphics, and gaming, Nvidia outperforms.20:42
nrxtxwhat nvidia card are you talking about?20:43
frinnstnone, just in general20:43
nrxtxthe "too new" card? :D20:44
drayevarga radeon 787020:44
nrxtxah ok20:44
tilmanin other words, _do_ buy ati cards and _do_ use the open drivers20:45
tilmanthanks for your attention20:45
nrxtxjust wondered which nvidia card may be too new that it is not supported by the linux driver ;)20:45
tilmandrayevarg: hdmi audio isn't stable yet afaik, that's why you need to explicitly ask for it with the audio=1 parameter20:45
meisternuProve to me that said ati card and open drivers outperform nvidia's and I will have no problems switching. :P20:46
drayevargtilman: with kernel 3.10 or makes no difference20:46
drayevargtilman: and i can't find the right asoundrc settings to disable it yet20:47
tilmanCONFIG_SND_HDA_CODEC_HDMI=n should disable it the hard way20:47
drayevargi'll try that, but i'm more considered about this seizure inducing flicker, which i suppose could be a hardware issue20:48
tilmanmeisternu: stability and hackability beat performance for some people :>20:48
drayevargsince it's happening in the bios too20:48
meisternutilman: Agreed, if I wasn't a gamer I'd be with you on ATI.20:49
tilmantry shutting down the box, then restart it, hop right into the bios20:49
tilmanwait a couple of minutes -- does it start to flicker?20:49
tilman(at that point, the driver hasn't been loaded -> ...)20:49
nrxtxis there a way to register for the crux wiki or is registering only for team members?20:51
teK_send mail and beer to tek@crux.nu20:52
tilmani think he wants your desired login at that address, and the beer to his home address20:52
teK_of  course20:53
drayevargroger that20:53
teK_I think we disabled registration at some point for reasons20:53
teK_elitism? style? I don't know :p20:54
teK_btw what do you want to add?21:01
nrxtxjust a guide on how to install it on a xmg notebook21:03
nrxtxworks nice except for some not working hotkeys21:06
teK_yeah cool, send me your desired credential and I'll add you21:06
teK_and I should clean up the user db some time21:07
teK_who's TilmanSauerbeck for example21:07
teK_btw Username is: FirstnameLastName.21:07
teK_except for Matt. FOR REASONS21:08
tilmanthat name sounds ridiculous21:08
teK_only a bit21:08
jaegerIf you want to fix it to make them match that's fine with me :P21:11
teK_no no, you're something special21:11
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jaegera unique and beautiful snowflake21:12
teK_ahem. Yeah. Something like that21:12
drayevargtilman: yeah, i think the backlight malfunctioned somehow. i'll try again after i exchange the laptop today ... however, vblank_mode=0 glxgears showed 1600ish which i think is decent for laptop21:14
tilmanon a scale from worthless to not very worthful, glxgears numbers are a 3 though21:15
drayevarggotta start somewhere21:16
tilmanyeah, quake / open arena ;D21:16
meisternuThat's about all tilman can run on his ATI card :O21:16
drayevargin my teens i was a very avid quake 1 player21:17
drayevargrocketarena mostly21:17
tilmanmeisternu: at least my drivers work with any kernel21:17
teK_NV DOES TOO21:17
drayevargnouveau works with any kernel..21:18
meisternuThat is true.21:18
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prologicYeah I tried removing nomodeset in my lili config last night22:36
prologicsame result22:37
prologicfalls back to the VESA driver22:37
prologicthe ati/radeon oss driver doesn't work or load properly22:37
prologicbut on the + (plus) side22:37
prologicmy ttys don't disappear on me22:37
prologicprobably because of radeon-ucode installed22:37
prologiconly thing I -could- try now is22:37
prologica) update my git ports to latest head(s)22:38
prologicb) update kernel to 3.1022:38
prologicI'm still ditching the damn card though :)22:38
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rmullUgh, major icu breakage on my crux system23:30
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drayevargwhat do you have that needs it? i don't have it installed23:35
rmulldrayevarg: webkit and all its dependencies23:36
drayevargouch, i don't have like 15 of its dependencies ;)23:36
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