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meisternu 01:35
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jaegeryes, that01:40
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drayevarg:) did you get steam going?02:05
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jaegerhe's already gone02:17
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Romsterrmull, prt-get update -fr $(revdep)02:26
rmullRomster: Some things couldn't build after I picked through the revdep02:27
rmullBut this seem to be building now02:27
Romstermost likely harfbuzz-icu02:27
Romsternoticed my pango was broken too.02:28
rmullIs it normal to need to revdep more than once?02:28
Romsterand gtk02:28
rmullNo big deal, just a matter of time till everything is built again02:28
Romsterrevdep i don't think rebuilds in the correct order so some stuff may fail.02:28
Romsteri made sure everything rebuilt and worked before i pushed icu. this is why ieft it so long to bump it.02:29
rmullGreat, I appreciate the careful approach02:30
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Romsterproblem is not every port lists it as a dependency.02:31
Romstersome will use it if it's present.02:31
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Romsterthis really annoys me i keep forgetting to recompile pidgin without --disable-gtkspell02:32
jaegerwhat the fuck03:26
jaegerthe chromium build just fucking hard rebooted my laptop03:26
jaegerMy laptop is also somehow infested with this icu plague... I don't even remember when it got installed03:44
jaegerharfbuzz bullshit or something else?03:44
drayevargit didn't overheat?04:17
jaegerIt throttles the CPUs when it gets hot, never rebooted before04:18
prologictime for a new laptop :)04:25
jaegerfuck that noise, it's not even old :P04:25
jaegerjust proves once again how much browsers suck :P04:25
prologicyeah browsers do suck04:29
prologicwhatever happened to the web being simple04:30
prologicthe web sucks04:30
prologicI mean come on04:31
prologicrather than build better standards04:31
prologicand actually fucking agree on something04:31
prologiclet's just build a fucking OS04:31
prologicin a brwoser instead04:31
prologicbecause that makes more sense04:31
prologicAny others?04:31
jaegeremacs... er... wait04:31
drayevargi'm able to check my email with lynx04:32
drayevargi didn't expect that to work actually04:32
prologicyou know what browser I like?04:32
prologicelinks and curl04:32
prologicalso while I'm in a ranting mood04:33
prologicATI/AMD need to get their f'n act together04:33
prologicand fix their sh*t04:33
prologicwhat excuse do manufacturers have today for not supporting LInux drivers?04:34
jaegerAnyone have a uvc camera?04:34
prologicWe (the entire linux community) ought to file a class action suit against companies like this04:34
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: xz: update to 5.0.506:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: fuse: update to 2.9.307:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: squid: update to 3.3.607:03
frinnstahhhh, the joy of downloading a virtualmachine over 100mbit07:16
frinnstsilly silly old firewall07:16
frinnst <- reminds me of work07:19
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drayevargyay! my intel ucode updater pkgfile works [36729.202105] microcode: CPU0 updated to revision 0xd, date = 2011-09-0107:45
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drayevargfrinnst: are you a park ranger? ;)07:46
frinnstno, but i work in a 50's military bunker ;)08:05
frinnstyou need to skip to maybe 5mins in in that video08:06
frinnst6mins even08:06
frinnst9033 minutes remaining \o/08:12
drayevarg150 hours :(08:13
frinnstdown to 353 minutes \o/08:26
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Romsterhi sepen08:58
teK_hello sepen09:08
teK_is there are specific reason to keep a vte *this* old? :)09:08
teK_ok just wanted to check09:11
teK_afk again.09:11
sepenwhats the current status for gtk3?09:11
Romsteroh i was meaning to aqsk about vte i need a newer vte for gtk3 any plans for this sepen or is it ok if i make a vte3 port?09:12
sepenRomster: I was wondering about that many times09:12
sepenvte is not the only port I have in mind, there are some few that started to depends on gtk3 since certain version number09:13
Romsteri need a newer vte for sakura but meanwhile current vte needs to remain for gtk209:13
sepenyep I know09:13
Romstersame for others too, which others?09:14
sepennewer version only require gtk309:14
sepenRomster, hmm can't remember now09:14
sepenthats for what I ask about gtk3/gtk status09:14
sepenis the mainline pointed to gtk(2) or gtk3 ATM?09:15
Romsteroh i did a oops earlier, ABI change on ICU i chould of delayed bumping that, but i didn't think, but i did test and breakage was minimal for me.09:15
Romsteri'm not sure09:15
Romsteri assume if ports work on gtk3 fine i don't see why not use gtk309:15
sepenwell, I assume if gtk2 comes from the iso we have gtk2 in the mainline09:16
Romstermeanwhile qt5 is out but dunno if anything even uses that yet09:16
Romsterwell anything that goes on the iso can't be bumped to gtk3 yet.09:17
Romsteranything else though. i don't see any problems as long as it's functional.09:17
sepenso we should wait for next release to think in gtk3?09:17
Romsteri'm not sure09:17
sepenI just talking about names09:17
sepenvte is the mainline to me, which depends on gtk2, so vte3 could depends on gtk309:18
sepenbut for now I want to keep vte with only gtk2 as dependency09:18
Romsteryeah, like python3 and python09:18
Romsterany plans for vte3?09:18
Romsteri plan to test sakura on gtk309:19
sepenwell, I need to install gtk3 before ;D09:19
sepengo ahead if you want09:19
Romsteri can make it myself and place in in contrib for sakura. if it proves stable.09:19
sepenmy safe-crux doesn't have gtk309:19
Romsteryou can take over vte3 when ever you like09:20
Romsternot hard to install gtk309:20
Romsterall packaged09:20
sepenRomster: it would be fine, I've in mind to start maintaining those gtk3 dependent stuff after the new release09:20
sepenRomster: I saw that it depends on gtk209:20
Romsterprobably so it can coexist with gtk209:21
sepenseems a good work09:21
Romsteror gtk3 uses parts of gtk2 i'm not certain09:21
sepenlike we did for qt4 in the past09:21
Romsterqt4 was more prefixes and symlinks though09:22
sepenI have in mind tools for migrate gtk2 based source to gtk3, could be that?09:22
sepenthat happened for qt3 source/apps to qt409:22
sepenqt4 in the past depends on qt3 for this reason09:22
sepeniirc ;D09:23
Romsterqt4 ports needed some path set so it could find it.09:23
Romsteras how gtk3 works programs just look for the pkg-config for gtk309:23
Romsterso no real effort. except having to keep gtk2 libs and having newer libs for gtk309:24
Romsterlike anyting that uses python3 should use the python3 shebang line instead of python09:24
Romsteras python is at 2 and so is gtk at 209:25
Romsterfor now. until such times that changes.09:25
frinnstgtk3 only depends on gtk2 because it makes them coexist much better09:25
Romsterirritating part is the name= for each number of ports.09:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: serf: initial import (required by subversion 1.8.x)10:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] subversion: updated to 1.8.010:07
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Romstersubversion seems to get more deps i'm glad i use git10:29
frinnstadded one, removed one10:34
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RomsterJul  2 23:47:13 fire uptimed: new uptime record: 79 days, 03:17:4314:00
Romsterheh my firewall hit a new record14:00
Romsterused ot have a years of uptime at one stage.14:00
horrorStruckwow chromium now has -lite archives, what an incredible improvement :\ 109M   /home/pkgmk/distfiles/chromium-28.0.1500.58-lite.tar.xz14:12
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: 2.21.10 -> 2.21.1114:15
horrorStruckah crap, just cleaned up my distfiles directory from *.partial leftovers, which sould be avoided when you're actually downloading some 79M source from dead slow gnu ftp :P14:16
Romstersepen, libunique has a automake error
RomsterhorrorStruck, lol nice one14:25
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frinnsteew, emailing a customers username / password in cleartext makes me feel all dirty15:45
tilmanfrinnst: nasa now has a copy :/15:50
frinnstnasa? :D15:50
sepenRomster: thanks I'm gonna take a look15:54
frinnstmail was sent to office365 and i bet it left the country. so FRA already read it15:54
Romsternasty way to send passwords...15:55
frinnstalso, was anybody surprised to hear about the NSA thingy? They have had known programs for shit like that since the 90s (echelon)15:56
Romsterat least encrypt it with some key you previously agreed on like over the phone or something.15:56
frinnstalso they are building a huuuuuuuge datacenter15:56
tilmani'm surprised people think that google is a NSA front15:56
frinnstRomster: i wanted to send the username as email and text the password but he refused15:56
Romstersms is no more secure either.15:57
frinnstyeah but you REALLY want to get access to that useless acount to tap two separate networks and then piece it all together15:57
frinnstits just an active directory temp password15:58
frinnstbut i doubt it will ever be changed15:58
Romsterhere's an idea send half of each on both networks :D15:58
frinnstwell, maybe to something like "password11!" or something15:58
Romsterclient security does not exist :S15:59
frinnstno, its fucking frustrating15:59
Romstertell me about it.15:59
frinnsti generate "random" passwords through /dev/urandom that end up looking like this: qMCPmi5+bfvAmgqR16:00
frinnstto be fair, its too complicated to remember16:00
frinnstpwqgen is nice. outputs to something like this:16:00
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ pwqgen16:00
frinnstalias pwgen="for ((n=0;n<10;n++)); do dd if=/dev/urandom count=1 2> /dev/null | uuencode -m -| sed -ne 2p | cut -c-16; done"16:02
Romsteryeah that's pretty good but it'll get reduced to barry1 or something :D16:03
Romstermust sleep later.16:04
teK_you stupid.. little... I will teach you to use foreign special characters.....
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sepenRomster: I finished to build libunique here, but with bacon as default backend17:13
sepenxfce4-notes-plugins depends on libunique and worked fine here17:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: subversion: added -j1 make option again17:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libunique: fixed build issues and switched to bacon as default backend17:15
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nrxtxnvidia binary driver + preempt_rt might have fun together ... another bad thing to test ;)18:55
drayevarg"Controlling a laser with Linux is crazy, but everyone in this room is crazy in his own way. So if you want to use Linux to control an industrial welding laser, I have no problem with your using PREEMPT_RT." -- Linus Torvalds18:57
drayevargthat made me laugh18:58
nrxtxonly use software you trust ;)19:22
drayevargtilman: finally found the right /etc/asound.conf settings for the radeon laptop, it's working well now :) if the hdmi is card 0 (default) then you need defaults.pcm.card 1 defaults.pcm.device 0 defaults.ctl.card 119:59
drayevargsince unfortunately removing hdmi support from kernel disabled all sound devices20:00
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