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sepenps aux00:47
sepenooops, wrong win ;D00:47
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drayevargi'm always afraid i'm going to type mplayer porno.avi into the chat one day00:59
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himynameisphilI once typed sudo ports -u here and almost entered my passwd.01:35
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: mesa3d: 9.1.3 -> 9.1.402:21
Romsterthat was smart :D02:23
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: mesa3d-32: 9.1.3 -> 9.1.402:30
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iidjti just wanna say, thankyou a graham's number of times over, for crux going 64bit. was enough to get my interest, and i couldnt be happier to have a crux install.  so clear and coherent.07:10
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Romsteryou are welcome iidjt08:37
Romsterif you package anything yourself consider contributing your work by making it accessible from ports database on or any comments/suggestions or anything else.08:38
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drayevarglibdrm is at 2.4.46 now, i saw someone got mesa already09:11
Romsterand libxi i'll bump them shortly09:15
RomsterRelease because I want the cursor ioctls released,09:15
Romsteralso haswell and radeon ids.09:15
Romsterhmm might be luck for newer radeon cards09:15
drayevarg  that's not me, sorry09:18
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: 2.4.45 -> 2.4.4609:43
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: [notify] xorg-libxi: 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2, Fixes CVE-2013-1998, CVE-2013-1984 and CVE-2013-199509:43
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libdrm-32: 2.4.45 -> 2.4.4609:47
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: [notify] xorg-libxi-32: 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2, Fixes CVE-2013-1998, CVE-2013-1984 and CVE-2013-199509:47
Romsterdone drayevarg09:47
drayevargthanks :)09:53
Romsterno worries :)09:56
Romsteri have a brilliant idea, writing it up now.09:56
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xz-32: 5.0.4 -> 5.0.510:10
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Romster a script to get md5 and sha256 sums make a directory of that name and then hard link the file in that location, that way i can track multiple copies of the same name if they vary in sum for some reason.10:47
Romsterdoes make urls a little long though :D10:47
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Romsterdamn i had to respool the VHS tape it broke at the clip on the take up spool... first time in how many years ago, i had to open a vhs video tape to repair it. before playing it to burn to dvd.13:00
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frinnstnot digitized your vintage porn collection yet?14:35
Romsterclients holiday footage...14:41
Romsternah i never had porn on tapes.14:42
joacimhow barbaric14:44
joacimany fine gentleman should have a collection of vintage porn tapes14:44
horrorStruckfine gentleman born before 199014:46
Romsteri was born in the 70's but i had no porn tapes.14:49
horrorStruckrelated and lulzy:
joacimi cant say i ever experienced the dialup modem era14:53
joacimwent straight to adsl14:54
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Romsteri did for ages then i later went to adsl14:54
horrorStrucksame ^14:55
iidjthaving lived for years on 56k (or less) cultivates great appreciation for even slow adsl connections14:55
Romsteri had like 6 weeks 5 days 12 hours something of my longest ever dialup session14:55
joacimand by then, adsl had completely replaced dialup14:55
Romsterthen the pricks stuck in 10 hour seasons14:55
joacimsounds expensive14:56
Romsteryeah when i finally got to adsl i saved a heap on phone clals.14:56
horrorStruckall those people who tried to call you for a month and a half :D14:56
iidjtheh, twin phonelines got installed pretty quick once we got a modem.  ^_^14:57
horrorStruck"is danny still alive?" "dunno"14:57
joacimthe service providers are going to shut down the old phone lines soon. kinda sad. all those dialup bbs' will have to move to telnet14:57
Romsteronly those on irc or email knew.14:57
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Romsterthere is still packet radio14:58
Romsteroh and i'd love to do mesh wifi networking if i had some one to connect too around here.14:58
iidjtlol, i kinda feel like that with facebook these days...  i deleted my account, and now i am as incomunicado as those peeps who left the phonecall network in the 80s/90s14:59
joacimi never joined facebook14:59
joacimpeople thought i was stupid, but i thought they were stupid for sitting around during social gatherings checking facebook on their phones15:00
joacimwhats the point of going out if you're not even going to talk to someone15:00
Romsteroh lets facebook instead everything that happens when ya out....15:03
Romsteri don'[t get it either.15:03
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horrorStruckit's actually very sad, i very often see people sitting face to face and checking their facebook account instead of talking. looking at self pictures of people in their bathroom. saw that countless times15:05
horrorStruckisn't startpage supposed to google less tracking? it gives shitty results compared to original, which makes me sad15:08
horrorStrucks/to/to be15:09
horrorStruckhaving ricard and no more potable water. if you're french, cry for me :\15:14
horrorStruckfinding out you have ice cubes, priceless. let's start the microwave experimentation NOW.15:16
iidjti kinda prefer the results i get from startpage.  google keeps guineapigging the crap outta their own.  making it more "customised" to you... unless you're being guineeapigged at the time.15:17
horrorStruckdunno, the xkcd comic i linked earlier was impossible to find with startpage, first hit with google. i thought they used the same engine that's why i'm confused15:18
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iidjti forget the exact figures, but something like 10% are getting completely new alphaware-ish search results and layout.  i dont think it always helps.  some memes that should die, survive.15:19
frinnsthorrorStruck: yeah sometimes it gives non-google results or something.15:20
frinnstbut usually good enough15:20
frinnstbetter than duckduckgo (bing)15:20
horrorStruckyeah so far i was quite pleased but a bit disappointed in this case15:21
iidjtduckduckgo is a great idea, i am glad it exists, some lovely search innovations, but indeed, its results are usually rather poor compared to google.  i've never used bing, n never will.  seeks has to be my fave tho.  find a good seeks node and you're golden.  my old fave seeks node disapeared.  should make my own again.15:23 is my default engine these days15:23
iidjtlol, i'm doing that too.   this is the one..
iidjt and this is a handy page listing some of the seeks nodes out there.15:24
horrorStruckiidjt: thanks :)15:25
horrorStruck(even if i have no c lue what this is about yet)15:26
iidjtheh, yeah, there'll be a handy about page or something that will fill you in on some of seeks' awesomeness.  it kinda makes even duckduckgo look anti-freedomish, being all the more "sass"y.  seeks ha~  heh, i'll just let the site sell it to the curious.  i could ramble about it for ages.15:28
horrorStrucki'm even more confused now.15:29
iidjthrmm, now that its been brought up, i might as well go investigate getting it installed on my server.  :>  seeks.15:29
iidjthehe, seeks does innovate so far that its (in part at least) pushing beyond familiar cncepts and conventions.  lovely innovativeness for search enginery.  very empowering.15:30
Romsteroh seeks is another similar one to yacy15:31
iidjtoh yeah!  yacy!!!  THANKYOU!  i had forgotten the name of that one ages ago.  :) :) :)15:31
iidjtsimilar in some general ways, yeah.15:32
horrorStruckwhy didnt you seek'd it ?15:32
horrorStruckanyways, thanks, i'll have a look at it tomorrow with a fresh mind15:33
iidjtlol.  probably tried a few seeks-fu fails, n got distracted with the thousand other interesting pieces of fossware. ^_^15:33
horrorStruckiidjt:  just curious, are you new here or an resurrected old-timer?15:33
iidjtkinda both i suppose.  i never got dug in with crux, but have ALWAYS been an admirer of the distro.  i'm an utter distro-whore, and like to think having tried so many, my opinion matters, and crux is defo in my top 3 meta-distro list (not re-spun preconfigurations).15:35
iidjttbh, last time i tried crux, was probably... 2004 (??  eep!)15:36
iidjtor some time around then.   ... maybe another couple brief bounces past since then amidst my mad distro-hoppings15:36
horrorStruckso you're meta oldschool newbie???15:37
horrorStruckis it your primary distro now?15:38
iidjtyeah, sure, i'll go with that.  fits my sattirical tastes and playful dislike of excessive use of labels to forms concepts.   meta oldschool newbie.15:38
iidjti'd have to be honest and say it is my tertiary distro.  crunchbang, gentoo, crux.  ... but crux definately is the one that gets me most excited these days... hopefully it will grow in use n become my primary.  i'll learn way more with crux.  the expedient path.15:40
iidjthehe, i've probably been mentioning crux too often, and with too much hyperbolic enthusiasm around the net.  i've tried to restrain myself in here.  tried.  dont want to come across as some kind of sycophant or choir preacher.15:42
horrorStruckdunno about crunchbang but aren't gentoo and crux totally opposite on the design level?15:42
horrorStruck(never really used gentto but love the overall worj they're doing for OSS)15:43
horrorStrucktime for me to /quit :)15:44
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iidjtin some ways yes.  if two systems were very similar, i'd be less inclined to have both, and would just pick the best of that sort.  hence the three i've got.  crunchbang for easy ootb grab n go.  gentoo for the useflagerry etc.  crux, because i want a clean coherent simple understandable and thus powerful system i can keep light, n no "curiosity package installs" bloating it up.15:44
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iidjtcrunchbang lowers the bar on getting going.  gentoo lowers the bar on access to some of the more advanced stuff.  crux lowers the bar on how much unecessary cluttered incoherent obfuscation there is in your way to understanding your system.   ^_^  or something like that.15:47
iidjtcrux satiates that dessire in me for a slackware, arch, or openbsd.  and more.15:48
Romsteri see15:52
Romstertime for me to get to bed too.15:53
jaegerI like crux as a hobby... we do some things with it that I don't feel are particularly useful, such as removing NLS, but it's fun to work on as a project15:57
tilman"it doesn't have stuff that i don't need" so what, having an extra 20 mb occupied on your hard disk doesn't mean shit15:58
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ApatheticHELLO THERE16:02
iidjtmeans shit to some hd.  some poor poor small hd.16:08
jaegergood times16:42
Apatheticyou guys have any screenshots of crux?16:58
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tilmanthe 2nd one even shows #crux!17:17
meisternuis that an email conkey on the right?17:18
tilmanmeisternu: uh, i guess you could call it that.;a=summary17:21
meisternuAh cool, something you made? I dig it.17:22
tilmanmeisternu: v2 is even cooler!17:27
tilmanmeisternu: the balls are dropping from the top to the bottom, decelerating along the way w/ alpha blending ofc17:28
meisternutilman: Now that's very cool, and you have way too many email address's.17:29
tilmanthose are mailboxes/directories17:30
meisternuAhh ok, that's a little better :P17:30
tilmanmy mail organization sucked back then. today it sucks too, but in a different way17:30
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iidjtXD seeing screenshots containing snippets of chats that one wants to chime in on...  rrr.  i'll just presume someone told em what i'd say shortly after the scrot, for my peace of mind.18:52
iidjti clicked on the solitary community link on the links page, and got to:
iidjtis this crux's way of saying there are no registered users... or do i just have something blocked there preventing me from seeing the rest?19:03
frinnstyou are blocking something19:05
frinnstbut that map is not very accurate these days19:05
frinnstit might have been ~7 years ago :)19:05
tilmani remember cptn creating a crux facebook group back then19:11
tilmanseems hilarious now :)19:11
tilmani mean... fn facebook19:11
iidjtwhen i saw the facebook link, i thought i should start up a #CRUX following on diaspora.19:11
tilmanall 3 diaspora users who also run crux would be pleased i think19:12
iidjtWOAH!  that many!  i didnt think there'd be a crowd19:12
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jaegermy most recent screenshot just looks like MATE, nothing too unusual19:28
jaegeryeesh... a user just sent me a quote for a $12k workstation19:31
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bloouupWhy Crux over say Slackware?20:15
doomicidebloouup: From the top of my head: Cleaner ports system, optional dependency resolution20:17
drayevargslackware is not source based, seems totally different to me20:18
doomicideThere are so called slackbuilds, afaik widely used in the slacker community20:18
drayevargyeah, i've used slackware for a few months before but upgrading is really difficult20:19
drayevargbut it's great to keep you busy :)20:19
doomicidehaha, I tried it once but I just need my dependency resolution20:20
bloouupyeah I don't get that.20:20
bloouupwhy not have dependency resolution20:20
drayevargthere is a flavor of slackware called salix, i liked it but it's lacking a community20:21
drayevargit has slapt-get which does dependencies20:21
drayevargalso slapt-src20:21
bloouupalso I think slackware really missed out on a prime naming opportunity with their package manager.20:22
bloouuplike how could they not have called it "slackage"20:22
bloouupit's almost too perfect.20:22
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Apatheticwhat did they name it instead?20:50
Apatheticwas it pacman?20:50
doomicidepacman is arch's pkg manager21:01
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