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Roomsteri'm having fun trying ot get whdd to compile needs dialog but onein opt/dialog seems to not satisfy it.04:31
Roomstergonna see if i can recompile dialog to include more stuff i guess04:31
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himynameisphilsubversion is subverting sysup05:48
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Roomsterhimynameisphil, check for the new dependency06:02
Roomsterinstall it then it'll compile06:02
himynameisphilcoo'. thanks. werks.06:06
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frinnstThe VMware Knowledge Base provides support solutions, error messages and troubleshooting guides07:30
frinnstWe're sorry, but this Document is not currently available07:30
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frinnstwell joy.. entering a password on a foregin keymap with a lot of special chars09:26
frinnstaccount locked \o/09:26
frinnstnot my day today09:26
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rauz__good morning09:32
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iidjtgolly.  the mailing list suggests the latest firefox has bloated massively in terms of spec required to compile it... if the anecdote in the mailing list is to be held as true for all with that spec10:15
iidjthrmm.   nm, all good here.  unless thats what that patch was for.10:27
joacimmine starts swapping heavily while building firefox11:15
joacimi also have 2GB of ram, but i dont think i end up using more than 1.5GB swap tho11:15
Romsteri extract and compile in ram11:24
Romsterand no one got whdd going.11:25
frinnstRomster: how big is your ramdisk?11:35
frinnsti had to increase mine from 8gb to 10 :)11:35
Romsterwhat needs 10GB?11:38
frinnsti had to do that to build firefox 23b12:16
frinnstworked a couple of times with 8, but then a build failed12:17
frinnstanyone played "The last of us" on ps3?12:24
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jaegerfrinnst: not I12:42
jaegerheyo, sepen12:42
doomicidehi sepen12:42
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doomicidethis is not the terminal I'm looking for.16:47
meisternueither that or you're talking to yourself in an empty directory16:52
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pipsBut if I run a second term from this former, it can display these characters.17:55
pipsI try to see with "env" if something differs, but it does not.17:56
pipsI am little bit lost now, anyone got a hint ?17:56
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frinnstand with that, i say goodnight!20:25
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nrxtx crux-ports and it's dependencies as seen by ldd23:10

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