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Romsternrxtx, we all now glibc is used by everything any way to omit that in the graph02:36
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man-pages: updated to 3.5208:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pyxdg: 0.19 -> 0.2510:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: zope.interface: 4.0.2 -> 4.0.510:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: twisted: 12.0.0 -> 13.1.010:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.16.8 -> 0.16.1010:56
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Romsteri noticed some parts of chromium notably the v8_base java engine was not going over distcc.12:22
Romstersome Makefile in there is not respecting CXX12:23
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Romstertime how long this netsplit will last -_-12:52
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: kmod: updated to version 1412:53
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Romsterthis is bad :/13:20
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Romster-j16 as well13:46
Romsteri'm confused though is user the normal time used and real is what? i can gather system is kernel time spent?13:47
frinnstuser49m10.116s <- right up until the build failed13:51
teK__that's only because you don't like chromium13:51
Romsterlol why idi it fail?13:51
Romsterah fuck13:51
frinnstdunno, the debug output gets so scewed with make -j flags13:51
Romsterbrain malfunctioning13:51
Romsteryeah it makes it hard to see13:52
Romsterscroll up a mile ago for the real error13:52
RomsterUser is the amount of CPU time spent in user-mode code (outside the kernel) within the process. This is only actual CPU time used in executing the process. Other processes and time the process spends blocked do not count towards this figure.13:52
frinnstafk, food13:52
RomsterReal is wall clock time - time from start to finish of the call. This is all elapsed time including time slices used by other processes and time the process spends blocked (for example if it is waiting for I/O to complete).13:52
Romsteri still don't get it, is the total time real?13:53
frinnstreal is real, no?13:54
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Romsterif real is real why is it shorter than user13:55
jaegeruser is CPU time which probably means multiple cores13:57
jaegerand doesn't include the blocking time, etc.13:57
jaegerway more complicated than that, I'm sure, but I bet that's the essence of it13:58
Romsteroh so that's why it's always larger on more cores. i get it's probably some complex algorithm14:00
jaegerYou could test that by running it with -j1, I suppose14:00
RomsterCPU time != real time though14:01
jaegerI would expect cpu time to be less than real time in the case of -j1, though14:01
Romsteroh i also read more threads the higher user time is14:01
RomsterUser+Sys will tell you how much actual CPU time your process used.14:02
Romstermultiplied by threads14:02
Romsterif the process has multiple threads it could potentially exceed the wall clock time reported by Real.14:02
Romsterso real is real time.  user is cpu time14:03
jaeger"wall clock time" makes it pretty obvious to me14:03
Romsteryeah that one is obvious so is sys, user always baffled me14:04
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drayevargso chromium doesn't build at all? i wonder if updating nss to 3.15 would help18:02
drayevarghi nrxtx18:02
nrxtxchromium does not build?18:03
meisternuI know what will fix that, install Firefox. :P18:03
drayevargyeah, i've been using firefox forever, just responding to earlier chat18:04
meisternuAh ok, late to the party.18:04
drayevargi think i was asleep when they were talking about that. ;(18:04
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frinnstdrayevarg: i use a newer gcc + probably other "experimental" libs18:45
frinnstalso, dont update nss to a newer version if you run the current firefox18:46
drayevargi'm testing chromium build without the nss upgrade, on my dinosaur laptop i'll get the result in about three years from now :)18:46
frinnstfirefox 22 wont build against it18:48
tilmantry xombrero (fka xxxterm) if you haven't yet18:59
drayevargi use spectrwm, of course i've tried it19:00
frinnstyeah tried it a long time ago19:01
frinnstnot my thing. i use my mouse too much for it to be useful19:02
frinnstgcc 4.8 is *very* verbose with its warnings19:04
tilmanwatch house of cards if you haven't yet19:06
frinnstaye, wonder when season 2 will air19:06
drayevargok, i like kevin spacey, first i heard of this19:07
frinnstnetflix exclusive19:07
tilmanit's like game of thrones without the war and incest and dragons19:07
frinnsthey its US politics - ergo: war19:08
tilmandrayevarg: seriously, check it out. either you'll be hooked after the 1st episode or ... ;)19:08
drayevargok :)19:09
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frinnstso chromium fails on nss 3.1519:21
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drayevargi was just guessing, since i saw net/base/ error: invalid conversion from 'char* (*)(const CERTName*) {aka char* (*)(const CERTNameStr*)}' to ... in your paste19:26
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frinnsti never even looked at the paste :)19:26
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tilmani guess the only reason why the house of cards guy plays video games is so that netflix had a company to pay for the series :(19:38
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meisternuAnyone have any ideas why this is failing? I'm banging my head. I have all the dependencies listed installed and up to date.
tilmangcc is called with -DG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED there20:23
tilmanlinc.c:204:2: warning: 'g_type_init' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/glib-2.0/gobject/gtype.h:669) [-Wdeprecated-declarations]20:23
tilmantilman@brimstone [/usr/include/glib-2.0] > grep -r G_THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL *20:24
tilmanglib/deprecated/gthread.h:  G_THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL,20:24
tilmantilman@brimstone [/usr/include/glib-2.0] >20:24
tilmanmeisternu: -> it is trying to build the software without relying on deprecated glib stuff, but the gthread crap it is using has been deprecated since20:24
drayevargthere is a patch in flaveur's orbit2 httpup sync that is not applied in the pkgfile, orbit2-deprecated.patch20:24
meisternuAh, so would I add to the Pkgfile something like patch -p1 < ..orbit2-deprecated.patch ?20:27
drayevargi'm testing it20:27
meisternuAnd thanks tilman for sniffing that out, sometimes compile errors don't give me a very clear answer as to what's wrong.20:28
tilmanmeisternu: no worries20:28
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drayevargany luck? lots of the source files still have  -Werror-implicit-function-declaration20:57
meisternuI may be doing it wrong, but I can't even get the Pkgfile to patch lol21:05
drayevargyeah, same here21:05
drayevargbut i manually edited what it wanted to do and it doesn't help21:05
drayevargfound a git version that builds
drayevarger sorry
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meisternuawesome, thanks man. Wonder what he did differently.21:22
drayevargremoved -DG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED from all the makefiles i think21:23
meisternuIsn't it possible to add a git repository to a Pkgfile? By adding it to the source area?21:24
drayevargi think you leave the source=() field blank for git packages21:24
drayevargunless it calls a*.patch21:24
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meisternuThan under build you'd git clone and cd ORBit2, ./configure etc etc21:25
meisternuYea looks to be the case21:28
drayevargyeah i just did that
drayevargit's sloppy because there's a way to check if you already have what it wants to clone but i never researched it21:33
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