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frinnstprt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst)00:21
pidsleythanks frinnst -- do you know why someone would want to do this?01:19
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diverseprologic_: did you get your compiz to work?01:28
prologic_not yet01:30
prologic_on holidays atm in tasmanua01:30
diversehow is the weather over there?01:31
frinnstpidsley: yeah, 1) testing 2) fix library breakage01:34
pidsleythank you. seems extreme to me, but understood.01:34
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frinnstyeah, its kind of a sledgehammer approach02:02
frinnstbut useful if you dont have time to debug something and just let it run overnight or something02:03
jaegerThe only reason I could imagine wanting to do it that way is if you don't want to hunt down the problem yourself, just brute force it02:03
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Romsterst> pidsley: yeah, 1) testing 2) fix library breakage 3) if you want to -fomg-optimise flags09:19
diverseRomster: optimizing is always a good sign, right ;)09:31
Romsteri guess so i have done it in the past.09:34
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frinnstyeah or if you use -march=native and you want to move the install to another type of cpu12:04
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elderKHEy guys.13:33
elderKI was wondering if you can get ahold of the current machine architecture within a Pkgfile script?13:33
elderKTo create like an assertion or something?13:33
frinnstwhat, like "uname -m" ?13:34
elderKGood point :P13:35
Romsterwas about to suggest the same.13:35
Romsterbut why do you need this?13:35
elderKWell, I'm packaging SML/NJ.13:36
elderKAnd they don't support eveyr platform.13:36
elderKOnly SPARC, PPC and x86.13:36
Romsteri use uname -m in there for bootstraping.13:37
Romsteronly use u can think of.13:37
elderKAye but you still only handle x86?13:38
Romsterand x86_6413:38
Romstercould alter/extend for other arch types.13:39
elderKSo someone wanting to build that on SPARC, say, would have to edit your Pkgfile.13:39
elderKThat's what Ifigure.13:39
elderKI just noted in my Pkgfile what the limitations are.13:39
elderKWhat'd have to be altered.13:39
elderK:) I'm starting to have a little repo of stuff.13:39
Romsteryeah but since i have no other hardware i have no need to extend i past them two.13:40
Romsterideally there should be seperate Pkgfiles in there own ports tress for each arch type... but that could be a pain if you end up with heaps of Pkgfiles.13:41
tilmanelderK: chances are extremely high that your port will be built on x86 though13:41
tilmanelderK: not raining on your proper-approach parade, but you can probably take a shortcut here ;)13:41
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elderK:) Aye.13:47
elderKI was thinking just having a README there would suffice.13:47
elderKBut still, you know how it is. It's always nice to try and cover all the bases if it's not too much more difficult.13:47
elderKAlso, I forget... but what's the variable for the directory that the package file is in?13:56
elderK$SRC, $PKG, ?13:56
elderKIs there one for hte Pkgfile directory?13:56
elderKI'm changing my approach :) It's not working out the way I Wanted it to. Too messy.13:58
frinnst$SRC is the "working" directory, $PKG is the, well, pkg-target :)13:59
Romsterfeel free to experiment... sometimes good things happen.14:03
elderKHm. SML's build system doesn't seem to like fakeroot much.14:03
elderKKeeps bitching about LD_PRELOAD14:03
elderKSML is a bitch to setup14:11
elderKThat is, if you don't want to run it from it's bin dir.14:11
elderKand want it to find everything.14:11
elderKIt uses symlinks and expects everything to be stored with it :/14:11
elderK.arch-n-opsys to be in the same directoy where SML is run from14:11
elderK:) Done14:31
Romsteris it binary only?14:31
elderKNot quite14:32
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elderKIt builds itself but it still expects the heap image to be in the "bin" dir.14:32
Romsteror jsut dumb on it's locations it installs too or no install at all.14:32
elderKsml just links to .run/.run-sml in that directory.14:32
elderKNo real install.14:32
Romsterdo it how firefox is done a small script to run say /usr/share/foo/bar14:32
elderKIt just creates a bin and a lib directory, crams shit in those.14:32
elderKand that's it14:32
Romstersaves dirtying up /usr/bin that way14:34
elderKYeah, exactly.14:34
elderKI'm just intalling it to /usr/lib/smlnj14:34
elderKand it's bin/lib is in there.14:34
elderKBtw, in what context is post-install run?14:34
elderKIs it run from within $SRC?14:34
Romsterit's ran on the system as root.14:34
Romsterprt-get runs pre/post install as root on the system before and after pkgmk and pkgadd14:35
elderKI'm trying to add SMLNJ_HOME to /etc/profile14:36
elderKbut, I don't want to say, sed on it.14:36
elderKso, I made a tiny patch.14:36
Romsterbest to add that to a README14:36
Romsterlet the user do that manually.14:36
elderKThanks Romster14:36
elderK:) This is what I've got so far:14:37
elderKRomster: :) You do much programming in Haskell?14:48
elderKI've been meaning to do some tinkering in it.14:48
elderKRecently bought "Learn HAskell for great good!"14:48
elderKSeems like a nicely written book :)14:48
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RomsterelderK, nope14:51
Romsteri really just packaged it for another user.14:52
Romstermight come handy though.14:52
elderK:) I've done a bunch of tinkering with SML; the functional paradigm is fun.15:12
elderKNot the best tool for the job always but fun none the less.15:12
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