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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium-pdf: fetch the .deb file manually09:26
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frinnstvacation, bitches!!10:39
teK__exams, bitch11:23
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jaegerteK__: that page throws an error in chromium with the text "1" :P12:35
jaegerI guess it's related to the comment in the thread about the username?12:36
rmull_Anybody else unable to build the latest core/kmod with undefined reference to `_Static_assert' ?13:43
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rmullI have gcc 4.7.2 - do I need the newer one?13:46
rmullIf anyone has a prebuilt gcc 4.7.3 package I would love to download it13:48
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Romsterkmod built for me ok14:07
teK__jaeger: that's the whole point, yeah14:11
jaegerteK__: ah, ok14:11
jaegeryou didn't give any context so I wasn't sure :)14:11
rmullRomster: Thanks very much, I'll try that out and rebuild kmod14:33
rmullHuh, same error when building kmod with new gcc14:37
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jaegerare you running the standard toolchain? no weird glibc/gcc/binutils?14:45
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/kmod#14-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.14:45
Romsterok here14:45
jaegerI assume since you just installed the gcc package that it's normal but what about the others?14:45
Romsterperhaps odd cflags?14:45
horrorStruckhaven't followed the beginning of the discussion but it's a good idea to rebuild libtool after a gcc upgrade14:48
Romsterand boost if you happen to use that.14:48
rmullhorrorStruck: I'll try that14:49
rmullah, maybe I have a stale ccache entry14:49
rmullor something14:49
rmullI'll let you guys know if I figure it out, thanks for the suggestions14:49
horrorStruckhmmm 50$ on ccache14:50
Romsteryeah changing gcc versions on ccache can be fun14:50
jaegeryeah, always a good idea to disable ccache when troubleshooting14:51
rmullccache fixed it, thanks14:51
rmull$50 to horrorStruck14:51
Romsterwhich is why i set this in /etc/pkgmk.conf14:51
Romsterexport CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK="%compiler% -dumpversion; crux"14:51
horrorStruckkmod doesnt support static build anymore14:51
Romsterthat way i can use multiple versions of gcc and crux and the one ccache.14:52
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: tzdata: updated to version 2013d14:52
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: gettext: updated to version 0.18.314:52
rmullRomster: Good tip14:52
Romsterbut changing that invalidates all the cache.14:54
Romsterit's like adding salt to every hash in ccache.14:55
rmullYeah, that's fine14:55
tilmanhorrorStruck: why is it a good idea to update _libtool_ after a gcc upgrade?15:28
horrorStruckjaeger: was tzdata already complaining about existing dirs or the Makefile patch needs an update? it builds fine anyway
horrorStrucktilman: because gentoo said so :P
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jaegerI did have to update the patch, perhaps I did something wrong15:33
jaegerAh, those lines did look odd to me but they were in the original patch so I preserved them15:33
horrorStruckerrors are ignored so no big deal but just in case :)15:34
tilmanhorrorStruck: mmh, i'm not really convinced :D15:38
horrorStruckbetter safe than sorry :) arch does it too IIRC15:39
jaegerdoes gentoo also do stuff like libtool slaying? I'm out of touch with it these days15:40
tilmani IGNORE *.la via pkgadd.conf15:40
tilmancan't say how much pain it has spared me tho ;)15:40
Romsterlibtool application has hardcoded paths towards GCC internal libraries15:40
Romsterthat i did not know.15:41
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titanmechhi folks21:00
titanmechI was wondering if you guys could tell me where i am going wrong with my crux instalation in VirtualBox21:01
titanmechthat is, if i describe the error to you21:01
frinnstthis is what i imagine jaeger's nas at work is full of:
frinnsttitanmech: probably21:03
titanmechI couldnt get grub to work, so i removed it with pkgrm, i edited lilo.conf but when i reboot grub still shows up, and drops me to a grub rescue screen21:04
frinnstdid you run "lilo" ?21:04
titanmechyeah i ran lilo, the output was : fatal open /boot/vmlinuz no such file or directory21:05
frinnstyeah, thats your problem. you need a kernel for it to work :)21:05
frinnstthe installer doesnt install a kernel per se, only the sources into /usr/src21:05
frinnstyou need to compile your own21:05
titanmechI thought i already compiled my own using the make all && make modules_install part21:07
frinnstwell, you need to copy the kernel image to /boot21:08
frinnstif you run "make install" it copies the bzimage to /boot/vmlinuz and runs lilo for you21:08
titanmechI ran those cp commands also21:08
frinnstobviously not, since you get "fatal open /boot/vmlinuz no such file or directory"21:09
jaegerfrinnst: we do MRI, not CAT, but I like the concept :)21:10
titanmechI must have made a spelling error, because i definatley ran those commands. I will try again21:10
frinnstjaeger: doh :)21:10
joacimi'm really lazy, so i run "make install" after compiling a kernel. it moves the relevant files to /boot and reruns lilo for you21:10
jaegertitanmech: check in /boot, do you have the bmlinuz file there?21:10
jaegerer, vmlinuz21:10
jaegercurse you, fingers21:10
frinnstjoacim: yeah me too21:11
frinnstit also moves the old vmlinuz to vmlinuz.old21:11
titanmechNo i dont have a kernel there, so i must have made an error. Now worries i will try again, and joacim i made a note of what you said for future reference :)21:12
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Romstertitanmech, in adition to make modules_install you need.22:42
Romstercp arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz && cp /boot/22:42
Romsterproviding you already edited /etc/lilo.conf22:42
titanmechThanks Romster - im going through the installation again, and i copied your advice22:43
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