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pipsHi #crux.11:44
pipsMy inetd does not seems to use the user I specified for ma git daemon, I get a warning when pulling about an unable access on "/root/.config/git/attributes" file.11:45
pipsIs there anyone who already solved this ? :\11:45
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Romsteri haven't done much inetd stuff.11:54
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pipsRomster: Heck ! Thanks anyway for the reply.12:11
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Romsternp pips but soeone else may know more about inetd12:26
Romsterhey sepen12:26
pipsHopefully someone will see my question.12:30
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jaegersorry, I've not used inetd in many years13:18
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pipsShould I drop inetd to use git daemon as rc one ?14:05
pipsI like the fact that git-daemon is only running when needed.14:06
pips(via inetd)14:06
jaegerUnless you have a specific need for inetd git-daemon should be fine. With that said, is inetd running as root?14:06
jaegerand does /root/.config/git/attributes actually exist?14:06
pipsMmh inetd is running as an rc daemon, so I suppose is launched by root.14:07
pipsBut I do not want git-daemon to be spawned with root user.14:07
pipsAnd I do not have a /root/.config/git/attributes file.14:08
pipsI intend to run git-daemon via inetd as my git/gitolite dedicated user.14:08
jaegerthe error message makes sense, then14:08
pipsI agree, but in my /etc/inetd.conf I specified my gitolite user to run git-daemon.14:09
pipsSo I am not sure it should try to read this file.14:09
jaegerare you using the --inetd option to git-daemon14:10
jaegerand thus NOT using any of the --detach, --port, --listen, --user and --group options?14:10
pipsWait a second, I copy the inetd.conf line.14:11
pipsgitstreamtcpnowaitgitolite/usr/bin/git git daemon --inetd --base-path=/home/gitolite/repositories/ --export-all /home/gitolite/repositories14:11
pipsI build this from the git-daemon man page.14:12
jaegeryou shouldn't need the path twice, I would think14:12
jaegeralso, "/usr/bin/git git daemon" looks weird14:13
pipsThe base-path is used to remap repositories call.14:13
jaegerdoes this work?: "/usr/bin/git daemon --inetd --base-path=/home/gitolite/repositories --export-all" ?14:13
pipsI thought "/usr/bin/git git daemon" part weird to.14:14
pipsI will make a try.14:14
pipsWhen cloning the from the git-daemon : fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: Unkn14:16
pipsIt seems inetd need the binary AND the complete command with args.14:17
pipsSo I need the git twice but not for the same purpose.14:17
pipsThe truncate message seems to be "Unknown command daemon..."14:18
Romsterhmm i run gitolite but not though inetd14:20
pipsI can remove the last path btw.14:20
pipsIt's not gitolite run by inetd.14:20
pipsgitolite works well, with ssh.14:20
Romsteryeah i use it with ssh14:21
pipsI just create a dedicated user and now wanted to use this one to run the git-daemon command, because gitolite already own the repositories.14:21
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Romsteryou just add the keys and edit the gitolite.conf add commit and push then they can ssh in with git.14:23
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Romsterbasically they are using sshd to log in.14:23
pipsI agree, not matters with that for my dev friends.14:23
Romsterwith only enough access to push commits to git.14:24
pipsBut I would like to use git-daemon for public read-only.14:24
pipsYes. :\14:24
Romstersomething like cgit14:24
pipsAnd here come the troubles.14:24
pipsgit-daemon & git protocol seems faster/betters than http wrapper.14:24
pipsIt's dedicated to this purpose.14:25
Romsteroh not display but to be able to pull publicly... i never bothered with that.14:25
Romsteri do export files with a post-receive hook.14:25
Romsterbut that's not the git tree itself.14:26
jaegersorry, I'm out of touch with inetd config... so if you change it to git git daemon does it work using the other options I suggested?14:26
jaeger"/usr/bin/git git daemon --inetd --base-path=/home/gitolite/repositories --export-all" to clarify14:27
frinnstoh god, inetd :(14:27
pipsYes, but I already get the warning about the root attributes file.14:27
jaegerI wonder if inetd fails to launch git-daemon as the gitolite user14:28
pipsI can not understand why, while I specify the "gitolite" user to run the git-daemon, it try to read /root/.git files.14:28
pipsThat's the point I reached.14:29
frinnstcan you start it with, say, your regular user that has a proper home etc?14:29
jaegeror even with the gitolite user using sudo?14:29
pipsfrinnst: I do not understand, gitolite as a proper home, I used ~"useradd -m gitolite", don't he ?14:30
frinnstah, ok14:30
frinnsthavent read all the backlog14:30
pipsnp :)14:30
pipsI tried to stop inetd and su gitolite to run git-daemon with same parameters (w/o --inetd of course) and I do not get this warning.14:31
jaegerdoes it work launched outside of inetd? for example: sudo git-daemon --base-path=/home/gitolite/repositories --export-all --user=gitolite14:31
jaegerAh, ok14:31
jaegersounds like it's a problem with inetd... perhaps you could try xinetd14:33
pipsCan I remove inetd without removing all inetutils ?14:35
frinnstinetd is its own port14:35
pipsReally ?14:35
frinnstor, no?14:35
jaegerit's part of inetutils14:35
pipsI am not able to find it.14:35
jaegerdon't remove it, just don't enable it :)14:35
pipsI could let them live both.14:36
pipsI will make a try this evening, many thanks for the help.14:36
jaegernp, good luck14:37
Romster about time but i gave up supporting IE meany decades ago.14:37
pipsMy final solution will be disabling [x]inetd and using git-daemon as an rc daemon.14:38
Romsteri just do everything as a rc daemon.14:44
Romsternot like it's a huge resource hog.14:45
pipsI agree, but if I prefer avoid running process for nothing.14:49
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horrorStrucksecond hand marketing at its best...
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xterm: updated to 29516:13
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Sleepy_Coderwhat's annoying is mir could be making use of wayland, instead of competing with it.17:52
Sleepy_Codermir is a competitor to weston, not wayland (from what I understand).17:52
Sleepy_CoderI don't know why they didn't try to just use wayland at the heart of things.17:52
Sleepy_CoderI mean so far as I know, wayland is the protocol the display server speaks to tell the graphics driver to remap part of the screen.  A damaged area needs redrawing.  Weston serves the purpose of X as the display server and as the window manager (in the file shell.c).  What Canonical is doing with Mir could have been done as a compositor built using wayland (exactly as weston currently is).  I just see it as a power grab. >.<  But17:55
Sleepy_CoderI'm probably overlooking some important things here..17:55
Sleepy_Coderweston needs to become an actual desktop environment.  they treat it like a demo, like a toy.. and they're the only ones who know well enough how to create something like weston.  they need to make it more than just example code to get people interested.  but on top of that nvidia and amd need to support kms and egl with their proprietary drivers.  Mir is only "winning" because they can push out code faster using the X drivers17:57
Sleepy_Coderwith pretty superficial gains (imo).17:57
Sleepy_Codertl;dr: Ubuntu can suck it. :(18:03
Sleepy_CoderGoing to be so unhappy if focus is stolen away from wayland/weston to Mir :p18:03
Sleepy_CoderIt doesn't necessarily fix core problems :(18:03
Sleepy_Coderat least with wayland you can syncronize all that compositing for subsurfaces >.<18:05
Sleepy_Coderno jittering youtube videos when scrolling down the page to read the top commend18:05
Sleepy_Coderthat right there is worth a pulitzer :p18:05
Sleepy_Coderwhatever.  the big thing holding up wayland/weston is the lack of support from proprietary drivers.  people don't want to give it a shot when they can't get the same gaming or video decoding performance from the open source drivers.  (intel being the exception)18:06
nogagplzthat constant hiding is like a nervous tick18:07
Sleepy_Coderhave to hide, otherwise you might see my winkle18:07
Sleepy_Coder(I lurk in the nude)18:08
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teK__come to germany, we have great beer18:18
teK__at least in bavaria :>18:18
frinnst* Willing to relocate to Germany.18:19
frinnstdoh, that put the nail in the coffin18:19
jaegerI haven't used fedora in a long time... installed it on an extra machine at work today to test for some fedora users and I could barely remember how to get the nvidia binary driver working again :P18:21
jaegerGot that sorted out but for some reason the machine beeps once every few minutes18:21
jaegerno idea what's up with that18:21
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tilmanprobably just a friendly reminder that the driver is still working correctly :)18:22
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frinnstvia the internal speaker or soundcard? you should apply the rickroll patch tek posted18:36
frinnstit would be awesome18:36
Digitorbea wants to know if you guys are nice in here, nice enough to ask newbie questions.  ^_^  i think i have a hand in his choice of second distro, not long with suse.  he's fast tracking from newbie to leet tho.  help on him will not be lost.  ;)18:42
orbeastill in the install process, loving it already if not a bit in over my head. :)18:43
jaegerIf you're willing to play and learn, should be good experience if nothing else18:44
orbeaofc, that's why i like crux, great teaching experience without the intimidation of something like the gentoo handbook lol18:45
orbeai might ask some questions later when I try to reinstall, though I think I know what I did wrong my last time already18:46
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horrorStruckSleepy_Coder: it seems like you know that topic very well, which is not my case :) but that blog post of shuttleworth was really really poor... like those guys trying to sell knives sets on cable tv.20:03
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tilmanhorrorStruck: order in the next 30 seconds and get a free vacuum cleaner on top of the knives?20:21
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horrorStrucktilman: something like that :D20:29
horrorStruckour new user seems to be a nice guy:
teK__the one from our ML?20:30
tilmanhe posted that to the crux mailing list?20:30
horrorStrucknope, private reply20:30
tilmanpublishing private mails isn't cool either though :p20:31
horrorStruckin that case i really DGAF :)20:31
tilmanJOKES ON YOU20:32
tilmanyou have phoronix in your bookmark bar20:32
horrorStruckdamn someone else told me the same last time20:32
meisternuDidn't you know? Phronix is THE Linux source for acurate information.20:33
horrorStruckno one likes graphs here :(20:33
teK__that's worse than if he had youporn or something in his bookmark bar :D20:33
meisternuWhat's even worse is that you know of youporn XD20:34
teK__not really20:34
horrorStruckhow do you know it's shameful to know about it?20:34
teK__+ you imply to know it, too20:34
teK__he needs quite long for "well I JUST googled it you dirty dirty boy"20:35
teK__*to come up with20:35
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meisternulol, went afk but comeon, the name is pretty obvious what the subject matter is. :P20:39
jaegernot surprised by that reply, it was a rude response20:42
tilmanand pwned again20:42
horrorStrucki hadn't that feeling at all... ah well, the internets20:47
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meisternuDoes anyone have experience with the intel graphic drivers? As far as graphics ability; complete shit, or pretty good?21:23
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meisternuThat doesn't sound very good :P21:24
teK__and has support for KMS which is wittnessing, for some, better than browsing youporn21:24
meisternu*goes go look up KMS*21:25
teK__it's ok.. I can play most mkv videos with vdpau at 12% cpu usage21:25
teK__*goes go look up youporn*21:25
teK__take your time21:25
meisternuHow about game performance? Horrid? lol21:25
teK__Don't know about that21:25
teK__this is my do serious work machine21:26
meisternuThat serious work include youporn? :P21:26
teK__no sir21:26
meisternuuh huh21:27
jaegercrap for gaming, fine for everything else21:28
meisternuThat's what I thought... bah there needs to be a third guy that can keep up with the bigwigs in graphics.21:29
teK__my desktop machine has a fairly decent nvidia card and the binary drivers work fine although I did not test high-end graphics games21:30
teK__someone told me that gta san andreas will run better with wine than on windows 7/8(?) ;)21:30
teK__reminding me of
jaegersan andreas is kinda an old game at this point, that might be true21:31
meisternuI have a gtx 660 in my rig with an i7 3770k, was almost tempted to try it's onboard graphics, but from what I'm hearing.. I'm better off with my nvidia lol.21:31
jaegerits engine can be problematic in win721:31
teK__I love GTA:SA btw :)21:31
jaegerMe too, fun game. I'm looking forward to GTA 521:32
teK__same here.. GTA IV was a disappointment21:32
meisternuI swear to god, if that guy called me to go bowling one more time.....21:33
frinnstcall of duty 1 ran faster under wine than in windows21:41
meisternuI used to love that game, much better than the million they have put out lately.21:41
teK__you don't have to work.. aren't you supposed to hunt some deer frinnst?21:41
frinnstI dont even kill wasps!21:41
frinnsti started my vacation with manflu21:42
teK__get better soon21:42
joacim-I see slowdowns in gta:sa. happens when there is lots of smoke on screen22:13
joacim-or rain22:13
joacimnothing that makes it unplayable. I should try it on my i5 + hd 3000. the computer i ran gta:sa on had an old gf7600gt22:16
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Digithows the kernel compile going this time orbea?  up to testing it out yet?22:40
orbeastill doing make all22:40
orbeaits on net/22:40
orbeathis took a little bit last time22:41
orbeai think i did everything right so far :|22:42
orbeanow im on what I think I messed up last time, the lilo.conf :|22:45
orbeasomeone want to correct me if im wrong? #EEVICE# would be like sda and #ROOT_DEVICE# would be like sda2?22:49
Digitheh, i go for grub where possible, and, i confess i like having a nice auto-repopulate grub2 for my master bootloader...  but then, you're not doing any fancy multi-boot.22:49
orbeai thought about trying grub, but i want to try lilo since its convenient ^_^22:49
Digitis there mention of syslinux in the handbook...?22:50
Digitmethinks it's probably the simplest and cleanest to configure.22:50
orbeactrl+f doesn't find syslinux in the handbook :|22:51
Digitand anything else just isnt famous enough.  ^_^  grub, grub2, lilo, syslinux22:51
Digit o wait... fat only??  maybe there's another i was thinking of.22:52
orbeathat didn't work :/22:56
orbeanew error though22:56
orbeait sent me back to tty1 now lol23:01
jaegerwhat's the error?23:06
orbeaa picture would be simpler to explain, hold on23:08
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orbeajaeger, maybe you can make more sense out of this, i think i messed something else with /var part of the installation guide at least, not sure I even needed that part now
jaegeryeah, kinda looks like /var is missing23:23
jaegerYou made /var a separate partition during the install?23:23
orbeaoh, i dont think I did...23:23
orbeaprobably what I messed up23:23
jaegeralternatively you might have made a partition for /var during the install but not mounted it before running setup23:24
jaegereither way you can boot the install media and rescue it23:25
orbeai think I understand what I did now, I makde /var and mounted it without making a partition for it, didn't fully get that till now :)23:25
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Digit*reads*.  yup.  seems to be clicking into place now.  ~ u format the partitions, u put a file system on the partitions, u tell fstab about the partitions, and tell the installer wherever it asks about your partitions.  ...  did i miss any out?23:46
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