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RomsterDigit, the installation guide on should help you setup02:50
Romsteryou mount your root at /mnt and run setup02:50
Romsterafter that edit config files including fstab and then go compile your kernel and install that and edit your boot loader and install that, then reboot.02:51
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Romstercruxbot missing since netsplit10:29
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sepenshould go back10:30
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libtool: don't remove README, FS#93810:30
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: vim: update to 7.3.131410:30
sepenRomster: crontab rocks!10:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gvim: update to 7.3.131410:31
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rmullRomster: Are you testing the new ffmpeg release?14:09
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Digithow long has crux used git to help maintain packages?   :)  nice n neatly done with cruxbot.  i like.15:37
jaegerI don't remember when we switched exactly but we've upgraded from cvs to svn to git over the years15:37
frinnst2006-10-26 Per Lid?n initial import 2.1 master17:31
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Digit:)  if my old 32bit box hadnt got struck by lightning, i reckon i'd have had crux since not long after then.  pesky lightning.  wasted over half a decade i coulda been cruxing19:52
tilmanfrinnst: import into svn, or into git?19:58
tilmanfrinnst: i wanna say that date has to be svn. iirc we only switched to git after pli left, no?19:59
jaegerI think so20:00
tilmanalso, git was released in mid-2005-ish. no way we switched to it 1 year later :]20:01
frinnsttilman: that was the first iso commit into git20:10
tilmanfrinnst: converted from svn? ;)20:10
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Romsterrmull, not yet after work i will.22:20
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Romsteryeah the first commits would of been imported from subversion22:23
Romsteri remember back then git was more pearl than C programming.22:23
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frinnstwhy would anybody waste energy ddosing an irc-network?23:16
meisternuAnyone have experience with minitube? Everytime I run it, it won't play videos but everything else works. Keeps complaining of phonon backend could not be opened. I have the phonon, and the gstreamer-backend installed.23:32

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