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Romsterdiverse, done02:55
diverseRomster: thank you03:28
diverseRomster: anything new recently?03:56
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Romsterme getting some car stuff fixed.09:29
Romsterotherwise same stuff every week.09:29
Romsterliking my new HID lighitng in the car i retrofitted myself.09:29
Romsterbig improvment going from 100 watt hallogens to 55 watt 4300k hid.09:30
Romsterchanged my DFI and coil pack to a series 2, which wasn't on that engine originally too.09:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] apache: update to 2.2.2512:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mc: update to 4.8.912:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: squid: update to 3.3.712:55
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libusb: update to 1.0.1613:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups: update to 1.6.313:18
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libusb: depends on udev13:28
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rmullDoes anyone know if we'll ever be able to run revdep and not get false positives? On my system, the ports that always show up during revdep are contrib/fmod, opt/jre, contrib/libreoffice, and opt/texlive14:51
tilmanrmull: opt/jre doesn't even have any dependencies listed o_O15:36
rmullYou can't explain that15:37
tilmanrmull: how do you call revdep?15:37
tilmanin order to get opt/jre as output?15:37
rmullI just run "revdep" as root15:37
rmullI don't wrap it in anything15:38
tilmani thought revdep was called with an argument15:38
tilman# With an optional argument, only that port is checked15:38
tilmanaha, it's optional15:38
rmullI opted out15:38
tilmanwtf does revdep without an arg even mean?15:38
rmullI thought it checks all the ports currently installed, no?15:39
tilmani thought revdep lists all the ports that are dependent on $arg15:39
tilmanie everything you might want to reinstall if $arg is updated15:39
rmullI'd have to check, but I know to ensure system consistency, running it without args is correct15:40
rmullI think it recurses15:40
tilmanrmull: i'd have to debug revdep. i dont really feel like doing that ;)15:43
frinnstjust running "revdep" checks all installed ports for broken links15:48
tilmanjaeger: i'm currently patching opt/libxml2-python to make it build with my *.la-less system :D16:04
tilmanjaeger: only a couple of days after claiming how painless the la-lessness is! :D16:04
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jaegerI usually run it like so: RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep 2>&1 | tee revdeplist.txt16:16
pitilloadding "strange" library paths to LD_LIBRARY_PATH should avoid those false positives (I think this tip came from Romster_ from long time ago)16:21
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jaegeractually I wrote a patch to revdep to do that like 3 years ago but it has disappeared16:35
frinnstsyslinux is a new port that causes faulse positives with revdep16:41
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jaegeryeah, and samba since 417:00
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doomicidespeaking of prtutils, here's a little tool I wrote
doomicideit removes out-of-date or simply uninstalled packages from the port-tree18:46
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frinnstmaybe try to get it included into prt-utils?19:38
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rmullI would like some way of learning whether I'm about to sysup a port that has recently introduced dependencies. Is there a way to know about these and either make sure they're pulled in or re-evaluate whether or not I want the port?20:05
doomicidefrinnst, I'll try20:08
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rmullsepen: I think I like the concept of depupdate20:11
sepenfeel free to use my patch at your own risk ;D20:12
rmullI don't think IRC or mailing list participation should be required to use ports20:12
sepenwell, you shouldn't use sysup without reading ML announces20:12
rmullI suppose so20:13
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rmullI wish it wasn't so out-of-band though20:13
sepenyeah, me too, I'm not 100% agree with that20:13
rmullGentoo used to push news updates to users upon syncing20:13
rmullIt was useful wher there were big announcements regarding potential braekage and stuff20:13
sepenCRUX is the DIYest one ;D20:13
rmullYes indeed20:13
rmullAnyway, I guess it's not a big deal, since I'm on IRC and the ML so I see the announces20:14
drayevargteK__, what oses do you run with qemu? i got -vga vmware to achieve good results in a really roundabout way on windows xp20:15
jaegermaybe crux needs a file in ports like the UPDATING file from freebsd :P20:25
frinnstthis is how i launch win7 under kvm:
frinnstrequires spice-gtk (and its deps) and guestdrivers for windows20:28
drayevargvnc, spice, qxl, all of that stuff is unfortunately way over my head :(20:29
diversejaeger: what does the UPDATING file do in freebsd?20:29
drayevargfrinnst: this is all i do,     but i got vmware svga driver for windows xp guest from  if you run the exe with /a at command prompt it allows you to install into qemu and you can find the .inf files20:37
drayevargbut you have to disable cursor acceleration20:37
drayevargtook me really forever to find that link20:37
teK__drayevarg: I controle my instances with spice these days20:37
teK__never payed attention to the vga switch20:38
drayevargyou guys must actually be doing something useful :) i play games that don't require 3d acceleration mainly20:38
frinnstthe qxl driver allows you to resize the window and dynamically change the guest resolution20:39
teK__wanted to recommend qxl, too20:39
teK__frinnst: you better now?20:39
frinnstno, i think im dying :)20:39
joacimi could never get into dwarf fortress. always wanted to tho20:39
frinnstim soo out of shape20:39
frinnstthus no immune system20:39
drayevargi tried dwarf fortress a bit, my favorite roguelike is ADOM20:40
jaegerdiverse: provides the user with notes about updates20:40
teK__frinnst: then get off the computer :o20:40
frinnstteK__: how does one do that?20:41
frinnstyou mean, use the playstation instead20:41
teK__sudo shutdown -h now20:41
frinnstor maybe watch tv?20:41
drayevargi'm not high enough level to go outside20:41
teK__go to bed and get some good old fashinoed sleep20:41
frinnstmoar coffee!20:42
orbeamaybe someone can help me understand how i'm supposed to edit /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf so i can have wireless connection working on my crux?  I edited /etc/rc.d/net for dhcp with the help of section 6.1.5 from the handbook.20:42
drayevargdhcpcd will take care of resolv.conf and /etc/hosts you probably don't need to touch at all.. i use wpa_supplicant then dhcpcd20:43
diverseso frinnst, is coffee worth dying for? :)20:45
orbeadrayevarg, i guess i should read the wpa_supplicant manpage :)20:45
drayevargall you really need in /etc/wpa.conf is network={ssid="" psk="" }   with your appropriate fields20:45
drayevargcan run it with wpa_supplicant -c /etc/wpa.conf -i wlan0 for example20:46
drayevargonce it works add -B to background it20:46
rmulldrayevarg: Heads up, the location  you want to use for your config is at /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf20:57
drayevargdid that change in crux?20:57
rmullI think so, because the new dhcpcd can hook up to it automatically20:57
rmullWhere did you see docs for /etc/wpa.conf?20:58
drayevargah yeah it's a symlink now20:58
drayevargcheck the current .footprint20:58
tilmani tried civilization, my favourite fps is quake20:58
tilmandrayevarg: df isn't a roguelike ;)20:59
drayevargi think the adventure mode is pretty roguelike-ish20:59
tilmanmeh, fortress mode is the thing!20:59
drayevargthat mode confused me.. but i like how you can grab people's tongues and stab them at the same time in that game21:00
drayevargi should probably run rejmerge once in a blue moon21:00
tilman"urist mcurist needs alcohol to get through the working day"21:01
drayevargorbea: does ip link set wlan0 up error at all? hopefully you don't need firmware21:03
orbeadrayevarg, im still trying to grok " all you really need in /etc/wpa.conf is network={ssid="" psk="" }   with your appropriate fields"21:03
orbeanet config is a bit over my head :)21:04
orbeai think i understand the rest though21:04
frinnstwtf, why is beyonces face on every pepsi can?21:05
frinnsttoo bad they didnt use this image:
tilmanshe mad?21:06
teK__she made bad poo poo?21:06
teK__photoshop, anyone21:07
frinnstbut my brain automagically translates that image to the above21:07
drayevargorbea: yeah, sorry. my run-on sentences suck. check the wpa_supplicant.conf man, psk is your password, ssid is the name your router is broadcasting as, my neighbor's ssid is streetrat ;)21:07
tilmannice brain you have there21:07
diversefrinnst: you mad, bro?21:07
frinnstabout what?21:08
orbeanow I get it ^_^21:08
orbeai think at least...21:08
teK__btw frinnst what did you do to get host-side qxl support?21:10
drayevargit's just that wpa_supplicant has a ton of things you can enter that for the average home user can get autodetected21:10
frinnstteK__: nothing on the host, or what do you mean?21:11
orbeadrayevarg, im alrady there, slowly making sense of it :)21:11
drayevargorbea: in that first example scan_ssid=1 and key_mgmt are on by default or auto-detected21:12
diversefrinnst: about me stealing your coffee, thats why!21:12
teK__% qemu-system-x86_64 -vga qxl21:12
teK__Error: QXL VGA not available21:12
frinnstworks for me, dunno21:13
teK__stupid internet21:13
frinnstdoes qxl appear with qemu-system-x86_64 --help|grep vga ?21:15
diversefrinnst: I was expecting you to do this:
drayevargit works with this pkgfile i stole from you as i just tested .. i have some mysterious console show up that looks like gdb
drayevarg^ teK__21:16
drayevargbut i just did qemu-system-x86_64 -vga qxl with no other arguments21:17
frinnsti use the opt/qemu port21:18
drayevargsound crashes my vm on multiple distros with the latest qemu for some reason21:18
drayevargregardless of -soundhw option or QEMU_AUDIO_DRV env variable21:19
frinnstnever tried using sound with qemu21:25
drayevargit's pretty bad21:25
drayevargbut i don't like the bloated virtualbox for some reason21:26
drayevargplus -usbdevice tablet is awesome21:27
teK__installing spice libs ....21:27
drayevargdo either of you guys have this in your dmesg by chance? [    9.712819] kvm: VM_EXIT_LOAD_IA32_PERF_GLOBAL_CTRL does not work properly. Using workaround21:36
orbeadrayevarg, so my ssid would be like 2wire###?  if yes, then im not sure why its not parsing it?21:36
drayevargorbea: yes, ssid="2WIRE###" <hit enter to make it look better> psk="yourwifipassword" <hit enter> }  < -- don't forget to close the network={} block21:37
orbeaoh crap, i think im missing the "" lol21:38
drayevargyeah they're mandatory21:38
teK__frinnst: spice has to be installed :-)21:43
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drayevargi wonder why it works for me, locate -i spice shoulds only /usr/ports stuff21:50
teK__% qemu-system-x86_64 -vga qxl -drive file=ubuntu.vdi,if=virtio21:51
teK__zsh: segmentation fault  qemu-system-x86_64 -vga qxl -drive file=ubuntu.vdi,if=virtio21:51
teK__retry: works21:51
drayevargmaybe you have to specify the -sdl switch21:52
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orbeadrayevarg, maybe if you're still around you understand what im missing still?  the wpa_supplicant command is giving this error now, "wlan0 failed to initialize driver interface"22:44
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drayevargorbea: try wpa_supplicant with adding -D nl80211,wext22:48
drayevargalthough sometimes it will still connect with that error, you are looking for it to say something like completed [auth]22:49
drayevargorbea: what card is it anyway?22:49
orbeadrayevarg, not that savvy with hardware, i just got a lenovo t420, its all new to me22:52
orbeaand I just found that solution on my own and tried it as you suggested it, says the same thing22:52
drayevargorbea do lspci | grep Net22:53
drayevargyou might need to go into your kernel and enable cfg80211 wireless extensions capability .. in menuconfig it's under Networking Support > Wireless > cfg80211 wireless extensions capability22:54
orbeayea i could of missed something like that22:55
drayevargit's not on by default, it's old now22:55
orbeathe grep gave me a ethernet and network controller info22:55
drayevargit's not broadcom is it?22:56
orbeai dont see that22:57
drayevarghighlight the line from lspci | grep Net and shift + insert it into here please22:57
drayevargor copy paste, dunno what terminal you have22:58
orbeaim using a desktop to irc, the laptop is not connected, i can type it out, hold on22:58
drayevargoh ok22:59
drayevargi'll look it up22:59
drayevargdoes it say ericsson, or sierra, or huawei? or wimax?23:00
orbea00:19.0 Ethernet Controller: Intel Corporation 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection (rev 04)   03:00.0 Network Controller Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (rev 34)23:01
drayevarghmm that's not a wireless card i don't think23:01
orbeait was working with crunchbang live :/23:02
drayevarglspci | grep Ether anything different?23:02
drayevargah ok23:03
drayevargAdvanced-N 620523:03
orbeajust listed the first one23:03
drayevargthat's that wifi card23:03
drayevargyou need the iwlwifi firmware23:04
orbeathis is in the kernal right?23:06
drayevargbut there is a port for it, iwlwifi-3945-ucode23:06
drayevargif you can get wired access on that machine23:06
drayevargalternatively you can cd /lib/firmware ; git clone git://   after installing git23:07
drayevargin case the former option doesn't work23:07
drayevargmy wifi card requires firmware as well which is not included on crux iso23:07
orbeai'll have to look for a wire for wired, but I think i can do it23:07
drayevargor copy it from another cd or usb whatever ;)23:08
drayevargif you have that archbang disc23:08
drayevargyou just need the stuff that's in /lib/firmware/iwlwifi* all those .ucode files23:09
drayevargi recommend the git option in case you have other proprietary stuff23:10
orbeaheh, i'll just make an archbang disc, my wire is really short lol23:10
drayevargdmesg | grep -i firmware should mention something about it23:10
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orbeadrayevarg, it gives me this: [Firmware Bug]: AcpI:Bios _OSI (Linux) query ignored   and  pci_root PMP0A00:00: [Firmware Info]: MMCONFIG for domain 0000 [bus 00-3f] only partially covers this bridge23:16
orbeaand then some trackpoint firmware23:16
drayevargorbea: do you have anything in /lib/firmware ?23:17
drayevargand does lsmod show anything with iw in it?23:17
drayevargor ipw23:17
orbealsmod shows nothing :|23:18
drayevargi think you forgot to do make modules_install in your kernel build23:18
drayevargcd /usr/src/whateveryourkernel ; make modules_install23:19
orbeai remember doing that, but maybe i didn't :/23:19
drayevargthat's weird ;) you should have at least some module23:19
drayevargip link set wlan0 up works for you or?23:20
orbeacannot find device23:20
drayevargwhat about iwconfig?23:20
drayevargdoes it show anything besides lo?23:20
orbeasit0 and no wireless connections23:21
drayevargyou checked off all the intel options in device drivers > network device support > wireless lan ?23:23
drayevargor asterisked them i should say23:23
orbeai probably missed that, was my first time configuring or compiling a kernal23:23
orbeai should probably do that step over23:23
drayevargthe default kernel config doesn't check any wifi cards for you, while ou're at it do the wireless extensions capability thing mentioned earlier, but you'll still need that firmware23:24
drayevargit should get easier after that ;)23:24

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