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drayevargthat was harder than it had to be.. a cursor theme i really like
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wine: 1.6-rc4 -> 1.6-rc501:58
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vee_sup guys been a while04:20
nogagplzif I never saw you again vee it would be too late04:28
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nogagplzI was trying to work that as a compliment lol04:37
vee_wasnt going well04:38
vee_how are you04:38
nogagplztired and sore back, scraping the bottom of the work barrel with manual labour04:41
nogagplzhow about you04:41
vee_was going to ask horrotStruck if he would share his kernel but hes not on04:49
vee_i recall some time ago someone mentioned that crux does some stuff on bootup that slow it down...i was wondering what it does exactly05:19
tilmanmaybe he was referring to init05:26
tilmaniirc he's a fan of systemd05:26
vee_not sure if it was him, but, i do need his kernel config05:28
vee_i used his as a minimal base for mine lol05:28
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Digitso... this is new and odd.  i set my /etc/rc.d/net just like to try that out, and now, i dont even get ANY output back from ifconfig.14:16
jaegerDigit: for reference, here's a more current one:
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frinnsti usually split my rc.d/network-scripts into rc.d/lo, rc.d/eth0 etc15:13
Digitcool, and then in services in rc.conf, i'd add lo and eth0, rather than net?   man that's sweet.  i love crux.  all those years wasted staying dumb on plastic-wrapped distros15:17
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Digitteknohippietried with (and a few variations), "no interfaces have a carrier".  from the ifconfig output, i dont think it's detecting my hardware.  lo and sit0(!?).  no sign of eth0 or wlan0.  this is on lenovo thinkpad x60 tablet16:37
Digitteknohippiei'm gonna take this with patience and persistence...  and plenty breaks to de-stress.  *takes break, afk*16:38
pitilloDigitteknohippie: e1000 + iwl394517:25
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jaegersounds like you're missing kernel support, perhaps17:55
jaegerthat paste I linked is only for wired, it doesn't invoke wpa_supplicant for wireless17:55
jaegerwith that said it will still work fine, just have to add a wpa_supplicant line if you want it17:55
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v33how come every time i use unetbootin or linux live usb creator to boot crux, it keeps saying it was unable to mount the crux media. never had this issue before o.O18:35
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frinnstwhy are you using those?19:29
frinnstoh, he left19:29
frinnsthow unsurprising19:29
jaegerhe seems to like doing that, heh19:31
jaegeralso I bet he's using a USB3 port19:31
joacimdid v33 ask something?19:36
frinnstyeah but dont bother :)19:46
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v33anyone want ot be kind enough to send their kernel config? :)21:30
frinnstwhy are you using unetbootin or whatever it was you mentioned previously?21:39
frinnstalso jaeger suggested you dont use a usb3 port, if you are21:40
v33believe it or not22:09
v33it worked with a usb 3 and not with a 222:09
v33was using unetbootin because it usually worked lol22:09
teK__le me: watch a music video with "you're a whore" in its title  .. youtube: watch some senior book ads22:10
v33are you from funnyjunk?22:11
frinnstyoutube has ads?22:12
v33why haven't you gotten adblock plus yet?22:12
frinnstanyone ever tested "duplicati" for windows backups?22:12
teK__because the internets has to live off of something and even more important: cpu usage was equally high/low with/out adb+ for me22:13
v33i allow them on sites i support :)22:13
frinnstyeah but brain usage% increases with ads for no good reason22:13
teK__I even could have leetly youtube-dl'd the video so.. I watch the ads voluntarily!122:13
teK__I love that nice music + female swimmer + much water in nice pictures ad for some toilet that will wash you down between your legs :P22:14
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frinnstuh, sure its not youporn or something?22:14
teK__lol. No the url bar says youtube22:15
teK__will post the video if it will be played again ;)22:15
frinnstsounds like some wierd japanese shit :)22:15
v33so uh, getting some more kernel panics lol22:15
teK__it's froma a german manufacturer, iirc22:16
frinnstwhat does it panic on?22:16
frinnstvfs something.. ?22:16
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v33even though the fiel system and sata controllers have been built22:17
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frinnstand you built the *correct* drivers for your controller?22:18
v33yep yep22:18
frinnstwhat does "lspci -k" say when you boot the install media?22:18
teK__nice music, though.22:18
v33says im using ahci22:18
v33and when i use the / to search for it, it says yes its installed22:19
v33pretty sure i need pata_piix, which is also enabled22:19
frinnstif you get the network up and running i can ssh and do it for ya if you want22:20
frinnstin the chroot22:20
frinnsti dont understand how you are screwing it up :)22:20
v33i tried copying your kernel text file to /usr/src/linux-/.config but when i make menuconfig, it comes out blank lol22:21
v33i can dhcp and get ssh up i think22:21
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