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v33so, after everything i tried to do to fix the lag on "waiting for system to come up" failed03:11
v33turned it off, went to the gym, came back and it works03:11
v33seriously starting to think crux hates me03:12
drayevargcheck root's crontab03:21
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diverseI am trying to run an sftp server with openssh and I keep getting this error: /etc/ssh/sshd_config line 91: Unsupported option UsePAM07:03
diversewhich is a supported option07:03
diverseand its one of the main sources of what is causing my connection refusal07:05
tilmandid you build openssh with PAM support?07:12
diverseI just build it as is.07:12
diverseI didn't check for PAM support.07:12
diverseok it needs the "--with-pam"07:21
diverseI didn't think this would be disable by default07:21
tilmancrux doesn't have pam by default ;)07:22
diverseso... does that mean I don't need PAM in order to login into the sftp server?07:23
tilmannever used sftp :o07:23
diversedo you know anyone who does in this channel?07:25
diverseI wonder if Romster does...07:25
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v33stopped booting again lol07:30
v33keeps hanging on starting up system. please wait07:30
diversedamn you said it before I can say inb4 v33's "stop booting" comment07:31
diverseI am joking :)07:31
v33but seriously, im starting to pull my hair out07:31
v33i cant figure out why it wont work now07:32
diversev33: before you pull out your hair, do you have any experience in sftp servers on crux?07:32
v33believe me, you dont want any help i can provide, not that i can, since im not too experienced in linux07:33
v33you'll draw my bad luck with crux, and everything will break and catch fire07:33
v33you probably need a tad bt more than that07:35
diversewell I am not having luck either with my openssh connection07:36
v33well, maybe one of us will have some luck07:37
v33i think my real time clock is whats messing up my system, though, i need to rebuild the kernel to find out07:37
v33time for a reboot, cross your fingers!07:37
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diverseWorkster: ping07:44
diversetilman: why does crux not support pam? Just curious.07:45
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diverseargh, this is very frustrating, all the youtube sftp tutorials show using the UsePAM option in their sshd_config file!09:02
diversetilman: ping09:02
tilmani know nothing about pam09:20
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: update to 2.8.109:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mathopd: update to 1.6b1509:53
juediverse: why do you need pam for ssh/sftp? to connect to a host via sftp you need nothing more than a working ssh09:56
juediverse: no need to change anything in ssh_config, but keep in mind that our ssh is build with libwrap, thus you have to adjust /etc/host.allow09:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mailx: update to 14.3.210:09
diversethanks for the info jue, I will look into the hosts.allow file. I have been struggling without the pam so I thought that was needed in order to allow access.10:40
diversemy old arch sshd_config had it, so I thought that was it.10:44
juediverse: np, my entry for ssh in hosts.allow -> sshd: 192.168.0.
diversejue: thanks again, just to verify what that syntax means, are you allowing others in your LAN and yourself to access the ssh service and no one else?10:51
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diversejue: thats very cool. So once I make the changes to hosts.allow, do I need to restart the daemon?10:57
jueIIRC, no10:57
diverseso it happens on the fly?10:57
jueagain, IIRC yes ;)10:59
diverseI am having a lot of fun with this now. :)11:02
juejust tested it here, no need to restart the daemon11:02
diversewith sshd: localhost, I can finally connect to myself. :P11:03
juegreat, a 'sftp localhost' should work too now11:05
diverseah so you can restrict to a specific client?11:07
juesure, you can put a single ip address into your hosts.allow11:08
diversejue: lets say if I wanted just a friend from the outside to connect to my server, do I just put their public ip address in the hosts.allow?11:12
juehmm, I'd suggest to use iptables for that if your host is connected directly to the internet11:16
juebut basically it should work if you are not working with NAT11:18
diverseso I basically just do a sshd: ALL and use iptables?11:20
juehow do you connect to the internet, do you have any kind of router?11:21
diverseyeah, a wireless router11:21
jueok, so that router connects to the internet and you have access to it via NAT11:22
juewhat you need is a FORWARD rule on the router that routes the ssh port to your internal box11:24
jueyou can probably configure that with the web interface of your router11:25
diverseI have done that so I can get my friend to connect to my host, but this was before I knew about the hosts.allow11:26
diverseand when I had trouble getting it connect11:27
jueok, if your friend has a fixec IP address you adding it to hosts.allow should work11:27
jueoops, some typos, but you know what I mean ;)11:28
diverseI would just ask for his public ip and put it in there. It would seem logical to me that it would only allow my friend to connect to my machine.11:29
diversebut I am not a networking expert11:30
juekeep in midn that most people don't have static ip addresses11:32
diversedo you mean the ISP changing the public ip address occasionally?11:34
diverseI have seen that happen11:36
diverseor am I mistaken?11:37
diversejue: ^11:39
diversethen its no problem for me11:59
diversethanks for all the help jue11:59
juenp, glad to help12:00
joacimhow about setting up your ssh server with keys?12:26
joacimyou wouldnt have to restrict where people can log in from, but you can restrict who can log in.12:26
frinnstor just use an allowed group13:05
frinnstAllowGroups, AllowUsers13:06
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Romsterdiverse, i've only ever used scp never sftp.13:55
jaegerthey work the same way in terms of access and libwrap13:55
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Romsteryeah they all go though sshd14:01
Romsteri've been out all weekend. man midnight already monday now.14:02
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Romstercrux stuff will have to wait longer.14:03
Romsteranyone want to help me with some stuff. feels as if i have todo everything myself got car stuff to fix still. other projects i haven't done anything too due to lack of time.14:07
Romsterthink i need a holiday but even then, i can't for at least 5 weeks due to others taking holidays at work as of this Monday.14:08
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rauz__has anyone running crux 3.0 as openvz container ?15:52
jaegerNot I15:53
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Digitteknohippiethnx pitillo (for the "e1000 + iwl3945").  fairly sure i have them installed in my new kernel, and yep, networking success is definately closer now because of it.  :)16:29
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v33good (insert time of day) everyone17:08
v33who ever maintains lynx, i freaking love you17:15
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v33never mind,spoke too soon17:24
v33still hangs on bring system up. any ideas on what would cause this?17:24
doomicidev33, what hangs? sysvinit?17:25
dexsdaAnyone using (internal) mobile broadband? Does any utilities exist that would ease the setup and switching between WLAN and WWAN?17:25
v33doomicide, i guess so. it just says system coming up. please wait, but never does17:26
v33occasionally it bitches about /usr/bin/setfont not having a directory, but i dont think that'll stop it from not coming up17:27
doomicidev33, maybe edit /etc/rc and put in some echo commands to determine at which step it hangs17:30
v33oh man, this is just asking for me to break it lol17:37
jaegerwhere's it hanging?17:37
v33its saying system is coming up, please wait.17:42
v33and it just stops there17:42
v33prior to me getting rid of hwclock in the kernel, it wouldn't boot up at all, now, it takes another restart and comes up17:42
jaegervery odd17:44
jaegerUnfortunately not enough to even guess17:44
v33googled around, nothing really came up17:44
v33it does complain about setfont and load keys not working, would that cause the system to not boot?17:45
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v33perhaps it would be best if i just reformatted and started again17:48
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niklaswe_gaah.. I dont like apple now..18:42
niklaswe_I have forgot my firmware password.. and I cant reset it.. I must hand it in to an apple store / reseller18:43
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weebeaim trying to mount a cd with my crux, so i type mount /cdrom and get "mount: can't find /cdrom in /etc/fstab so i look in fstab and there it is, /dev/cdrom /cdrom with the options ro, user, noauto, unhide, anyone know what im doing wrong?  its probably something simple....18:58
Digitteknohippieare you trying just "mount /cdrom"?  you need where on the file system you are mounting the cdrom device.19:16
Digitteknohippiemount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom19:16
weebealike i said, it was something simple, thanks ^_^19:17
Digitteknohippieas for getting it sorted in fstab... idk.  make sure it is actually called cdrom.  idk how clean n simple its kept in crux, but many distros i've been on the past have called my optical drives the strangest things.19:17
weebeaactually no, it failed :/19:17
Digitteknohippieneed to "mkdir /mnt/cdrom" by any chance?19:18
weebeayea, i just might heh19:18
Digitteknohippieand remember your fstab is read when you boot in, and wont automatically mount things in there when you edit n save the file19:18
weebeaits called /cdrom in the fstab19:18
weebeayea, i read the options, cdrom doesn't mount automatically :D19:19
weebeait mounted!19:20
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v33so i formated crux and worked lol19:55
v33maybe something didn't copy well19:55
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v33everything pretty much works except for keyboard/mouse and bumblebee20:54
v33think its the same issue i had last time...forgot what i had to enable to make i work20:55
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v33now, if only bumblebee would work lol21:53
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jaegerDigitteknohippie: regarding the comment above about needing to specify the mount point, if you have it in /etc/fstab you can get away with "mount /cdrom" or "mount /dev/cdrom"21:58
jaegerassuming the options are correct21:58
Digitteknohippieyup.  figuring out what's right first with mount has spared me many an overlooked derp in fstab.22:02
weebeajaeger: then was the mount /cdrom failing because I forgot to do mkdir first?22:03
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Digitteknohippiecoulda been.  cant mount to a directory that doesnt exist.  ... at least i dont think there's a way.  ^_^22:12
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v33any tiling manager suggestions22:19
rmullv33: dwm22:21
v33i've been using dwm for a while...haha22:22
v33thought maybe i'd switch it up eh22:22
rmullDoes dwm not do something you want?22:25
v33it does, just felt like trying something new22:32
v33meh, ill stick with dwm then22:32
jaegerweebea: probably23:17
jaegeron the other hand the error message "can't find /cdrom in /etc/fstab" indicates otherwise23:19
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