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frinnstwow, 3.11-rc1 is totally broken for me :)00:36
prologicin what way?00:36
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v33what was i suppose to install so transmission--gtk wouldn't bitch abut schemas?01:03
v33sheeit. i broke mplayer too lol01:29
joacimarent there some post-install scripts you need to run for those schemas?01:30
joacimi can remember something about that when i made a package for gnome-mplayer01:30
jaegerglib-compile-schemas /usr/lib/glib-2.0/schemas01:30
jaegeror something similar01:30
joacimglib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas01:31
v33glib schemas BAHH01:32
v33remember it was something schemas, ran a search, nothing came up01:32
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v33thanks :)01:36
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diversepitillo: I got a problem with e17, it gives me an error saying it can't find
diversewhen starting it and building it01:59
Romsterdiverse, revdep your system i broke stuff on icu update02:02
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diverseRomster: what package was revdep provided in again?02:04
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diverseRomster: how should I run revdep?02:06
diversejust revdep?02:06
joacimjust revdep02:06
joacimand rebuild whatever it tells you to rebuild02:07
diverseso basically prt-get update -fr $(revdep)02:08
diverseRomster & joacim: thanks again, you saved my ass! ^_^02:16
diverseI should have wrap this client in tmux, so I can open it back up in X without leaving.02:18
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Romsterreally i broke everything -_-02:21
drayevargdon't stress over it :)02:22
Romsteri'm not doing the same mistake with boost :)02:22
Romsterpending update i'll hold off for crux 3.102:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: squid: update to 3.3.806:50
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blueskyHi Folks: I installed CRUX 3.0 all went well, as expected I doont have wireless drivers for Belkin WiFi USB adapter F7D1101 with Realtek RTL8188SU chipset, I tried compiling realtek drivers I get Error 1 and Error 213:02
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frinnstbluesky: we need more info than "Error 1 and Error 2"13:07
frinnstis that adapter supported in the linux kernel?13:07
frinnstyou may need firmware for it13:07
blueskyI will get back to you on that later, I am on another OS now. Thanks13:07
blueskyI had checked wireless foirware for realtek etc, firmware us rtl_8172_8188ce_8192_us_linux-2.6.60-20121104.13:09
frinnst <- ugly but working firmware port13:10
blueskyWell Since I am currently on ArchLinux, I can make package on ArchLinux for the same arch and install it on CRUX?13:11
frinnstdepends on the package i guess, there are probably some library incompabilities in some places13:13
frinnstcrux "packages" are just tarballs13:13
blueskyI am downloading it, I will compile it after loading it on CRUX; Thanks13:15
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blueskyHi Folks: I was here asking about WiFi drivers for Belkin F7D1101 USB adapter with RTL8188SU chipset, I did download and install all rtl *.bin /lib/firmware; Thats how I think it is; When I use ifconfig -a; I only see lo and sit0, which are not my interface, I didi set up /etc/rc.d/net for dhcpcd14:01
blueskyiwconfig; I get lo, and sit0 no wireless extensions14:02
blueskyon my ArchLinux Belkin USb WiFi Adapter is enp0s24g8u314:02
jaegerDoes 'lsusb' show it?14:09
jaegerNot only do you need the appropriate firmware file(s), you need kernel support14:09
blueskylsusb does show it. I did pick realtek wifi option in make menuconfig14:12
blueskyOK will try something and get back Thanks14:15
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weebeajoin spam doesn't look quite as disruptive in weechat ^_^18:57
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joacimwhat do you mean?18:59
joacimi think irssi handles netsplits better19:00
weebeai haven't tried irssi yet, was comparing to hexchat19:00
tilmanthere are irc clients other than irssi?19:03
tilmanwtf you talking about19:03
joacimi just use telnet19:04
tilmanno you don't19:04
tilmantoo much hassle responding to PINGs :)19:04
jaegerRomster: is down?19:05
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blueskyHi Folks: I was here a while ago, asking about WiFi drivers for my Belkin USB adapter with Realtek 8188SU chipset, I recompiled with WiFi support and am  able to load rtl8187.ko upon boot, modprobe and insmod rt8187 drivers. However, my interfaces listed are only lo, and sit0, neither of which are my USB adapters?19:30
jaegerwhat does lsusb say your wireless device is?19:35
pitillobluesky: check dmesg and check if it cries when modprobing the module... may be you can find some info there19:35
blueskylsubs lists it as Belkin USB adapter with realtek 8188SU chipset, Will try dmseg, what should I grep like ?19:37
jaegera bit of searching sounds like 'r8712u' is the module you want19:39
blueskyThanks will try that and get back to you folks, If I face an issue; Thanks19:40
jaegergood luck19:41
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Romsterjaeger, 3 hours ago they were upgraded and rebooted seems my site isn't back up, i have notified my host22:46
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nogagplzsplit net soup22:47
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Romsterdamn script kiddies again22:47
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looop_hello, is there a i686 crux iso?23:27
looop_I only see 2.8 i686 iso not 323:28
jaegerthere isn't for 3.0, no23:29
looop_it's ok if I use 2.8 ?23:31
jaegeryes, 2.8 still works23:32
looop_ok, thank you23:32
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