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weebeato mount a hdd with ntfs (an external in this case) do i need something in the kernel or some package?00:09
jaegerthe kernel has an ntfs driver but it's not as good as ntfs-3g, use that instead00:11
jaegerntfs-3g does need fuse support in the kernel00:11
weebeai have firmware i need for wifi on the external, guess I'll just move it onto a cd and do ntfs-3g then, thanks00:15
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jaegerIf you put it on a CD it won't use NTFS00:32
weebeayea, just thought i should use the external since I had it :)00:34
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Worksterjaeger, just a heads up ntfs-3g does not use fuse anymore, also if if ntfs-3g is installed, mount will find mount.ntfs-3g and use that instead of the inbuilt kernel module.05:59
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Digitntfs-3g ftw indeed.12:54
jaegergah, why is wicd so terrible?13:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xscreensaver: 5.20 -> 5.2213:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ddrescue: 1.16 -> 1.1713:50
Romsterjaeger, did i do something wrong with wicd still?13:51
Romsteror is it just being a dick13:51
Romsterjaeger, also thanks for the diff, but it's just as easy to let me know the version it's currently at. than all that work. no effort on my part to build it.13:51
jaegerI don't know that there's anything wrong with your port, it's just that wicd blows13:53
jaegerI've never seen it work on any machine13:53
Romsteri really ought to get crux on this laptop when i can be arsed to do that.13:55
Romsterif you find a bug let me know i'll patch it.13:56
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: mesa3d: updated to 9.1.514:31
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niklaswegood evening19:26
niklaswehow are you doomicide ?20:02
doomicidefine, what about you?20:27
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