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prologicjaeger, ping?08:41
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Rotwangtoday I'm going on vacation12:01
Rotwangno computerz!12:02
joacimgoing on a vacation? lucky you =)12:04
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prologicbtrfs-progs needs lzo added to it's deps13:35
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frinnstprologic: it already has15:50
frinnstits a semi-new dep15:50
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prologicfrinnst:  cool21:31
prologicanyone here with an nVidia GTX 6xx or 7xx card? I have a 660 now. Does a non-existent xorg.conf work well for you with good 3d/2d performance?21:32
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jaegerYeah, works fine. If you have other drivers installed like vesa, though, you might want to create just a device section21:36
prologick good to know21:37
prologicI ask because from crux 2.6 ro 3.0 there were obviously a lot of changes21:38
prologicone of which is glxgears now reports a nice steady 60fps21:38
prologicthe vsync rate of my lcd samsung21:38
prologicso it's hard to tell without installing proper benchmarking tools how good this card is :)21:38
jaegeryeah. you can disable that if you want to see what it would max at, though of course glxgears isn't a perfect test21:38
prologic*nods* I realize that now after lots of reading21:39
prologicand that it's 60fps rate synced to sync is nothing to worry about21:39
prologicbut I tried vsync_blank=0 glxgears21:39
prologicand nothing21:39
prologicso I dunno how to get a "quick imperfect test" :)21:39
jaegerI think it's vblank_mode rather than vsync_blank21:43
jaegeryou could also disable it in nvidia-settings21:44
prologicnot having ever used the nvidia-settings guy tool before21:44
prologicit a) seems to write out a pretty useless xorg.conf21:44
jaegerI never use it to create xorg.conf21:45
prologicand b) do changes (or some) take effect immediately?21:45
jaegermost do21:45
prologicand then you just save the .nvidia_settings.rc ?21:45
jaegeryou don't ever need to use nvidia-settings if you don't want to21:48
prologicyeah I think I'll leave it alone21:48
prologicI might find a real rendering benchmark tool21:49
prologicand play around with it :)21:49
prologicotherwise most things seem to work okay21:49
prologiccouple of small issues though21:49
prologica) icons are missing from xfce 4.10 for some reason21:49
prologice.g: folder icons in Thunar, etc21:49
prologicand b) Switch User doesn't work (new feature in 4.10)21:50
prologicit's just greyed out21:50
jaegeryou need to install some icon theme, xfce doesn't include one anymore21:50
prologicthat's what I thought too21:50
prologicbut I could not find one in ports21:50
jaegerI think sepen was going to add one at some point21:51
prologicok there's one in a user's repo21:51
prologicwho maintains the xfce4 collection?21:51
prologicI would have expected at least one to be packaged in there21:51
prologicahh k21:52
prologicso he's the guy I need to convince :)21:52
prologicwe should have at least one21:52
prologicI don't really care which :)21:52
prologicit's amazing how ugly things look without pretty icons21:52
prologiceven for a blind guy lol21:52
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